If Jesse Pinkman made worse life choices.


Worse life choices then Jesse??? What has OP done :(, even more meth?




How does this comment only have 6 likes lol


Like fucking skinny Pete and giving birth to this dude?


You look like you do drugs, to be honest, and it's not a great look. And I say this as a person with several piercings and tons of tattoos, so...


Yeah, it’s not the tattoos or piercings that give that impression. It’s more the skin texture, eye hollowness and the style choices that really solidify the aesthetic.


The dried mouth crust in the last picture is really the cherry on top


Maybe he just finished a mini powdered donut ☹️




hahaha oh yeahh


Terrible clothing style and hair wow. I absolutely hate those ripped skinny jeans. Maybe go on Pinterest and pin some outfits that will be more flattering to you. You look like a meth addict from the early 2000s. I also think you should shave your chin hair. Then go out and meet women!


Homie you look like meth.


Exactly! If Meth was a person…. Maybe not. People like meth, even women.


Feel like Meth would be Pete Davidson. Something about him is off putting but so alluring


You look like you do serious drugs and are trying to be a rapper....


He does look like he says the n word lol


🤣🤣 and then gets his ass beat by a black guy and wonders why too


Coming up with goofy scenarios in your head makes you look stupid as fuck


honestly dude, wtf did you do to yourself. Everything about your style is horrible, while you naturally have very nice features, you put yourself in the dumpster with all that.


Came to say this. He’s not exactly a 10 and I don’t think he will be but a change of wardrobe would do him wonders


Dressing like an adult does wonders.


Me too. The cow print jacket, for example, has got to go my friend. My 8 year old niece has the same one.


Start by losing the knit caps. Like today.


Just... Get rid of that horrible facial hair. Take off all the jewelry. Natural hair color. Cover as much of the facial tattoos as possible, consider removal. Dress with clothes that are age appropriate. And yes, that all sounds like boomer shit. But if you want mainstream appeal that's the play Or you can keep doing what youre doing op and find someone that vibes with it. There's nothing wrong with all that stuff but it's a niche market


On point




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bro.. your not even THAT ugly you just look a little unkempt I would suggest finding a style thats a little less... (i dont want to sound mean and everyone should wear what they want but if you really want to look attractive) douchy. just do your best to take care of yourself and remember, everything comes with time and consistency. :)


This^^^^ you are handsome, you just need a a different wardrobe, and shave a little more. Someone said Pinterest. Please go on there and create a new style for yourself. Ripped skinny jeans and wife beaters are out. But real talk you aren’t ugly. Get your hygiene up a bit and style more to your body type.




What does “wigger” mean


White.... Hard R


bro said 80% of the n word


Actually 84.33%




Bitch being low key racist while looking like a whole meth addict LMAO


lmfao its a white person that acts black. or trys to be ghetto


“Wigger, or wigga, is a term for a white person of European ethnic origin, who emulates the perceived mannerisms, language, and fashions associated with African-American culture, particularly hip hop. The term is a portmanteau of white and n*****”


So you’re not ugly but your whole persona makes me uncomfortable.


Cons:facial hair, the stud on your cheek, your clothing style. You give off toxic wife beating or manipulative gaslighting kinda vibes.


I like how you give a list of cons and then totally skip the pros all together. 😂


How is facial hair a con? Have you never been outside?


His specifically.


Thin, wispy facial hair is never ever a good look.




Bro your not ugly you just look like your trying real hard to some people be it maybe your just trying to express what you like as far as style but Maybe add mystery and simplicity to your outfits. I think women are attracted to stability and alot ofnthe time chick's like guys with your style because they have alot of money and charisma. I used to be just like you and started wearing a little bit more simplistic clothing and also took out my piercings. It's like demand and supply. Make women demand you with your words and thoughts. Maybe dressing a little less rapper like would alow them to not come to conclusions but also allow them to focus on your personality and also allow them to see younhave confidence that doesn't need to be heightened by clothes or style. Wear a fresh white t and some simple pants that fit a little tighter and bring your mind to the table. Some lady's Maybe just conclude that guys that dress loud are compensating. Women want stability and excitement so look like a dad that knows how to have fun. Maybe I'm going off a little to much but that's my opinion bro.


Tell me you’re an island boy fan without telling me you’re an island boy fan


You look dirty as fuck like you bought a pair of pants in 1998 and you never took them off. You have hardware punched all through your face, acne scars, mouth crust and you look like someone beat you up. Your outfits don’t make you look gay, because most gay men that I know look well groomed,clean, have great style and look good. You don’t look good.You need hygiene, unripped clothes and get rid of all those ugly piercings.And, don’t call women feeeeemales.


Brutally honest love this. This is what this sub should always be


I don't think you are ugly at all. But it's going to take a specific woman who is interested in a man with your sense of style.


Are you a politician? You have a way about you. Kudos.


Being a Redskins fan definitely does not help. Edit: I realise this might ruin the upvotes on my post but my original statement was not political. Idgaf about about the name of the football team. I just meant that no one would be interested in someone who was so utterly content with failure since the Redskins have sucked more ass than a Dyson brand enema for the last decade.


Ngl brother you look like you just realized you couldn't make it as a SoundCloud rapper and came here to post this. Serious advice is to switch up your style. Dress more appropriate for portraying confidence and stability.


Look like a methhead.


Looking at your replies to people trying to help you, you’re doomed dawg. You call nice clothes “dressing like a fuck boi” you call women “females” it’s more than just your looks and your outfit. You gotta change your way of life bro. Good luck


Wtf dude, lose the facial hair. Start exercising and find a heroin addict gf that you'll get along with.


That is so mean. Its not cute to bring drugs into this.


Stop trying to grow a beard because your genetics won’t allow it. Stop getting random ass weird tattoos and piercings. Have a normal haircut and eyebrows. Stop wearing weird ass clothes. And that’s just about appearances.


Your style is cringey af


And whoever you are going to for your tattoos...stop. good lord.


Indeed. Not everyone can nail a 3-dimensional Friday the 13th slasher tattoo on your temple!


You look like a junkie


you have very good face and eyes, i like the Jordans in pic 3 and the outfit ... emmm but the hair ... just go hegemonic with the hair ...just regular hair , a short fade on the sides hair because u have the face bruh


Your style is bad. Like really bad.


Refine your style. And yeah shave your facial hair for now. Also just look into your kind-of style just cleaner and leas loud. You can still look fresh but right now your styles seems a little much. You may like it but you may always be able to find more confident in style adaptation.


The facial piercings are feminine. Shave. Your clothes just look dirty.


Is that a tattoo of Jason from Friday the 13th with a knife going into his eye on your TEMPLE?! ….Yeah so maybe something about that serial killer slasher tattoo on your face is keeping the ladies away.


I don't think you're ugly, I just think your style gives off trashy vibes.


Honestly i dont think youre ugly. You have a unique style and I’d suggest looking for a partner in areas where this will be recognised as a positive thing, because it is. You’re not a model but neither are most of us. But if you feel too debilitated and disempowered in the first place you’ll never get anywhere with woman. Source - I’m a woman.


From a woman’s perspective, I automatically would think you were a street dope dealer or a heroin user just by your get up. I’m all about embracing one’s individuality but you’ve got to understand that not everybody is going to like and agree with your style. You are who you present to this world though. If you want a pretty, sweet lady with a clean history, I’d suggest dropping the “street” style clothes for a more tamed casual business type look. I’d suggest keeping the nose and ear piercings but take out all other facial piercings..they take away from your masculinity. I’d also look into getting your tattoos connected ie a full body tattoo look would really help give you that “I’m the man” type of look that lady’s are interested in. Youre short but don’t act short lol. Have some knack about yourself and command respect by your body language. Good luck.


Style is out there. Piercings aren’t great either. Probably wouldn’t of got a tattoo on my temple either. Dress kinda weird too. Not ugly just some bad choices.


6/10 but if I saw you in my neighborhood I would think you did drugs.


I think you're style doesn't match. The tattoos do not match the clothes, the piercings don't belong in your face. I don't know. You look unauthentic.


It's not that you're ugly, it's your style. Yes, you are no Brad Pitt but so are most men in this world. Those tattoos and piercing are not doing you any good. Most women are probably cautious because of those tats and piercing. So I suggest getting rid of them. Because your face features are not ugly in their essense


You know I’m ugly lmfao I thought this was to be brutally honest YALL only being a lil honest & expect me to take the other half as a compliment lol


Wack style for sure.


You look like you spent all your money on your tattoos and piercings. Then used your spare change to go down to the salvation army where you buy your clothes by the pound in a trash bag.


Bro you'd look great if you hadn't gotten the face tattoos, it makes you look like a meth head my man


So you’re not too ugly, that lifestyle makes you ugly.


Nr. 1, you're not ugly, I don't know who made You feel this way but they were wrong Nr. 2 It's your life so you'll get a girlfriend when you will want or be ready for. People expect You to have a girlfriend... And? That's their problem, not yours. You'll find one when the tine comes. Honestly, I just think You should work more on your self developement become a better version of you and all things will fall in place, You will see.


Best comment.


Well thank You, I really apreciate it.


I mean, yeah, you're a little ugly. But if you came up with a smile and a nice attitude, that counts for a lot with most women. You could totally be the cute kind of ugly depending on your personality. Just saying.


Your style reminds me a little bit to these rappers like lil peep etc. I don’t think your ugly but I would start changing some things, you need new clothes and find a new style that you like. Fix your hair; I personally would try with a more natural color and I would find a cool haircut. Also fix your eyebrows a little, let your eyebrows grow I know a clipped eyebrow look badass all on their own but it makes you look like you do drugs or you were in jail. Shave. Some women are going to like your style others don’t, I don’t know what kind of women you like but if you want to find a normal girl I would change all of these things


There's nothing wrong with your natural looks. I suspect a good number of women are turned away by the style and head/neck tattoos. It's stereotyping, but you have the 'look' of someone who would be angry, unwilling to take responsibility and generally scary. If the title is a good indication of your general attitude, I also get a whiff of you blaming women for not falling into your lap, which is not far off from seeing them as something you are owed/entitled to, and that's fking terrifying to a lot of women way more so than the tattoos and such. A fashion (and possibly attitude) adjustment are probably all you need.


It’s beating a dead horse given this comment section but no, you’re not ugly, but you are impressive. Impressive, because at every point where you could make a creative choice about how to present yourself or modify your appearance, you managed to make the wrong one. Please watch [this video](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s6v4kT1aD7c) from start to finish. Then skim [this](https://peteandpedro.com/blogs/the-pedro-post/the-8-best-haircuts-for-men-with-straight-hair). I don’t know how you’ll fix your eyebrow but I think you can can just shave it then regrow with minoxidil. I can’t tell for sure from the pics but you seem a bit below average in height, so you should also consider lifting to give yourself a nice physique to try and counterbalance this, the folks at r/fitness have a great wiki for this. Facial hair is attractive when it grows in thickly, but extremely unattractive when it grows in whispy. You’re is on the whispier side, so I’d clean shave for a few more years until you’re able to grow an actual beard.


The beanie is defs a homeless look


I’d say lose the drug addiction for starters


Hit the gym then you won’t be ugly ever again


I think the gym will hit him back.


Of course it will, but he needs to keep it constant, he needs to fight like a coward that’s desperate to change or die trying


You look like smrtdeath in the red haha


You’re not ugly. It is- atm- your style.


First step in being handsome is being yourself. I see that you wear a beanie in almost all pics to hide your hair. If u yourself don't like revealing your hair, how would someone else like it? Firstly remove your beanie and all your piercings. I'm sure girls will line up and u can enjoy life


You're not ugly my guy. Im thinking your problem is more based aound how you present yourself and how you behave.


Cut the soul patch tidy up your eyebrows and get some new clothes bro and take those piercing out from under your eye not a good look and go see a black barber and ask for a low taper fade on the sudes


your facial hair is not good. go clean-shaven. get rid of the facial piercings. dress better. dont dye your hair bright colours.


Maybe ask your mom to drive you to kohls and have her pick out a few outfits for you


Don't listen to the slagging off the cow print jacket - that's probably your best photo. It helps that you're smiling though. You look a lot older than 22, you have a gaunt face and the facial hair is adding a lot of years to you. You could invest in skincare. Sunscreen and moisturizer can do wonders. Only about 2 percent of guys look good in a vest. Just don't do it. There's nothing wrong with you. Smile more, be confident and take care of yourself (and shave)


I don't agree with a lot of these comments. I think you have very attractive features. You have a great nose and very handsome eyes. You have a cute smile as well. I don't like the facial hair and maybe some of your style choices. It just looks like you need to take care of your health more like drink more water eat healthy and exercise and it'll show :)


If "Hey man an i get a cigarette" had a mascot


You look pretty methed up!


If lil pump was a Caucasian crackhead...


Your not ugly, you just look like a crackhead. The tattoos (especially on your neck) are just bad. Your style really isn't working for you. I would try a more "standard" haircut/beard/eyebrows and dress up a little bit. The hat is a definite no.


Lmao I’ve seen girls date the ugliest mfers I’ve ever seen. Ive also seen girls date the poorest sap on the street. The only logical conclusion is that your personality sucks or you suck at communicating/behaving. Have you tried finding a hobby and learning everything about that hobby and actively participating in a community that partakes in that hobby?


You look like you’re gonna try to sell me a catalytic converter and go buy an 8 ball with the money. You have nice features but you’re making yourself look really trashy. Hit up your local NA meeting for girls if you’re not planning on changing the way you present yourself. Also your jeans look like they’re soaked in piss.


Your style is the problem. You can still keep some of the creative aspects of it…but try to dress better.


You dress like an idiot but your not ugly.


It’s your attitude that’s ugly


You ain’t a ugly dude. Take the piercings out your face and dress normal. Then work on talking to lady’s.


You look normal dude. Stop trying to look like a gangster.


Not ugly. But vibes of trying too hard and the wrong kind of style. Don’t grow the stache till it’s a STACHE. And beanies make you look thug no matter what. Throw on a nice flannel with a nice haircut and you’ll be fly as hell.


The face jewelry can go. Other than that your a solid looking dude.


Your cute honestly, I don’t why these people are saying all the things they are. You have tattooss and piercings cuz that’s your style but to me it doesn’t take away from your natural good looks. People really love getting a chance to talk ill on others. Dude the only thing you genuinely have to change is your perception of yourself cuz you’re literally such a cutie and I’m. It saying that out of feeling sorry at all. I wouldn’t comment at all if I thought you were ugly. You just gotta find a girl who likes a tatted up dude that also has piercings but you gotta work on that confidence. As a girl I promise we love confident guys. Don’t be fake confident cuz it shows through. Genuinely gain confidence to the point that you couldn’t care less to ask ppl what they think of you and you WILL get a girlfriend 100%. && don’t let girls take advantage of you if you’re a nice guy cuz they will and they’ll see through your insecurities. Like I said you are CUTE. You opened a door for ppl that are more likely insecure themselves to come and ridicule you. F these ppl lol.


I don’t think you’re ugly. I think you have a unique style. Own it. If you have confluence then it projects that vibe out there.


Move to California or Florida you will fit right in


I like your new gutter punk aesthetic and you’re kinda pretty, must be your personality.


No your not ugly at all . Your personal style might be considered a little off putting. You look much older then your 22 years, that could be a a consideration as well. Maybe sit back and examine you life as a whole and see what you can or whatcyou are willing to change about yourself., I know you are asking yourself why do I have to change? Well the simple answer is: life is hard and we live in a cruel world that is not accepting of a lot of different things.


Maybe it’s not your flesh suit. Maybe it’s your vibe. People can be shallow. They don’t take into consideration the soul that animates the flesh. Ever see a dead body? Repulsive. Even a fresh one. They don’t move. It’s unsettling. No matter how beautiful that person was when they were alive, their corpse will repulse you. This is because the body is vacant. No energy. No life. Physically, you have a unique physique. That doesn’t translate to ugly. But perhaps your behavior is off putting to people. Something you are unaware of. Body language is the first language we speak to someone. It sets the vibe. I’m not saying change who you are because you are not good enough. But maybe do research into body language and psychology. Understanding social queues is important. Maybe someone has expressed positive feedback to your energy and communication but you missed the queues and subsequently a romantic relationship. Do your shadow work. Look inward. Be honest with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Smile more. Smile with your eyes. Be genuine. Compliment people. Express interest. Not too much interest. Respect. Read. Small talk is still big. I end with this, you are not a dead body. As in you are not repulsive. But how you express your energy matters more than you know. Maybe the way you dress devalues you. You look like you lost some weight. Take care of yourself. You appear to work in a warehouse, that’s tough work. I would know. Has your life always been hard? I’d say things will get better, but that’s up to you. Best regards.


Its just your style bro its fucking awful you got great facial features tho. Whats your height? That could be a factor too. Anyway stop dressing like a junkie and start dressing like a normal human being.


You remind me of the guy from the scum bag Steve meme. You should really shave and dress differently and take out the piercings.


Man I ain't no Tom cruise, but I think it's dressing like Highschoolers Desk. You're style is all over and it seems to be random. I get not everyone can grow a thick beard? Go clean shaven. And the Random Red on your eyebrows? You do have a 'style' but it's not one I think the target audience wants. Source: I wear Kilts and it's a 'read the room' situation.


You like you'll be un-employable anywhere other than fast food or a tobacco shop once you hit 35. Women are looking for stability and a solid earner even if the won't admit it.


You are not ugly AT ALL ! People may say that because they don't like piercings and all that, but I'm imagining you with all that gone, and you still look really handsome. You also look like a really nice, kind person. I'm hoping that's true. You have a nice smile, your eyes are your best feature and what I look at first. You actually look approachable and like someone I would ask for directions if I got lost. You have your own unique style and it actually looks amazing on you! Not ugly at all.


You’re style is too over the top, dog. Plus If you’re on reddit that means 9/10 you’re not where the women you’re going to attract are. You dress like a plug meaning the only joints you are going to get are in the hood bro or on college campuses. No reputable chick is going to fw you looking like that unless you rap. Most people judge books by their cover, sorry. I was in the same boat except I didn’t give a fuck, and it worked for me, eventually.


Hey u fuckin asked. And saying you have never done any drugs, I don't think anyone would believe that. But I'm ugly as fuk too so I know how u feel.


You’re not ugly, but your style is awful. Way too much going on dude. Wear clothes that fit you, take out the face piercing, don’t fuck with your eyebrows and stop trying so hard to look “cool.”


You simply don't have drip. Also, you need "hunter eyes", search up how to get them. But it seems like your main problem is weird outfits.


You're not ugly, you actually have really pretty eyes. But your style makes you look like a fuck boy and that would deter me from sleeping with you.


Shave the facial hair, get less piercings, and dress more suave and I'd be down


You’re not ugly. Some of these fucking comments are just plain mean. I like your nose ring 🙂


U look kinda feminine! Hit the gym and use minoxidil and dermaroller for beard growth


Your eyes are pretty, change wardrobe get a skin care routine and grow your natural hair out till it falls right past your face and don’t dye it and I promise you’ll get a gf


The clothes are a bit too ragged but it’s your style. Maybe you could switch that up a little?? For the most part, I do like the ink. You’re eyes are nice. You’re a good looking guy but you’re too, I’ll say “casually” dressed. You could also lose the hats but I’m afraid of what you’ve done to your noggin. The one pic of you with the hat off, the hair is a bit too much. Maybe a good cut and no color would look a bit more appealing. Too much of an Eminem look and unless you’re making his money, another style may be better for you.


bro, you need to clean up. you could be a good looking guy. stop wearing stupid shit. get rid of the dumbass piercings. you dont need to spend a ton of money to dress well. go to ROSS and get some nice slim fit button shirts, nice pants and shorts. just clean up dude. start exercising everyday. start with :30 of cardio / day. incorporate some weights. find a sport you can get excited about. stop spending money on stupid shit. noone worth anything is impressed by your Louis bag... when I see that, I think youre a moron. not "oh wow, he must be doing so well". the biggest flex is making people wonder. turn heads and have them wonder. advertising with obnoxious clothes and obnoxious material things just confirms suspicions. "this dudes a clown".


You look like a troll - signed, your friendly Reddit troll (different kind I suppose)


Face is not ugly but you dress and groom like a fuckboy which gives most girls the ick. Also you look shorter than 6' which is a huge red flag for 90% of women.


Ngl brother you look like you just realized you couldn't make it as a SoundCloud rapper and came here to post this. Serious advice is to switch up your style. Dress more appropriate for portraying confidence and stability.


It's interesting bc I think that your actual features (face, size, build) are all solid af - but my god your sense of style is really not hitting the mark Shave up, remove all piercings, start dressing Harry Styles slutty, remove all hair dye, get a nice haircut, take off those FUCKING beanies, and remove the face/neck tats over time. You have serious potential to be great looking but you're essentially taking a very nice car and turning it into a dirty, Mad Max-looking piece of shit lol Oh and go to the gym


I think you're fine, you just need to tone down the face metal and never use the tank tops unless you're in a gym or at home. Also remove the shiny near the eye and use smaller ear piercings. And if you really like dying your hair red, why cover it?


Try to Wear dress with a little more class and not like a mumble rapper and tone down the piercings. Carry yourself with some confidence. Your base features look fine, but you style make you look like a poser , I wouldve guess you just got out of rehab or prison and most chicks dont want to deal with that. Unfortunately how we look on the outside matter quite a bit until you actually start getting to know someone.


You are very handsome but the style is just fucking unbearable.


So your telling me I’m expected to wear a tuxedo all day every day to look good with church shoes? Fuck all of dat, that ain’t me


I can see why but, I mean it is all about who you want to be with, and trying to mirror them to be near them so they date you. (you can learn to talk to and be comfortable around them) Look at the type of girl you want to date and what they do and like and try small steps to involve yourself in that every day join clubs and groups that do those things or pay for classes to learn more about them. like if you like reading and writing or pottery or painting... GL and remember your look isn't permanent it's a state of mind.


Your personal style doesn’t seem authentic. Tattoos and piercings are fine but you’re not taking care of yourself and that’s the most obvious issue




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You present yourself as someone who is not stable or mature, women need that to feel emotionally safe in a connection. Women who are at a similar mentality as you can be attracted to you but women have a whole network of men to choose from whereas men with low-med status do not as much, nothing personal. You are not physically unattractive but you are emotionally unattractive, what really attracts women is a mans character not his simple appearance, sure its eye candy, it can get you in the door but if your your core is ugly and you lack the ability to protect, provide or please your women your relationship will not be sustainable. Not saying your core is ugly or your a bad person but the presentation of yourself doesn't help. I recommend reading books on the subject


As a woman I would totally marry you if you changed your style, get rid of piercings and die your hair normal color


as a conventionally unattractive female myself, I’ve accepted it. Youre attractive, but not in a conventional way, and you have to firstly accept that. I see how you can improve by changing your style that still fits your physique, either grow a full stacie or remove it entirely, and the beanie is a no go (I’m sure there are better options).


Maybe it’s not the looks, hace you tried working on your personality?


Bro tats and piercings are on point. The problem is not your looks at all. You’re probably awkward and turn women off. I would say talk less and be nonchalant when approaching women. After you bust one off the rest will come like water.


You're not ugly, you just look silly. The colored hair, the racing striped eyebrows, the piercings, the wife beaters, the accessories the extravagant skinny jeans, the posture, the band-aid on the face, the fuzzy facial hair. All of these things make you look like you make bad decisions. It doesn't matter whether or not that is true, you won't be able to change a girls mind if she perceives it that way. It didn't take me long to realize from just a few ladies telling me that rocking a toothpick out the side of my mouth is a bad look, take it from me a fellow man when I tell you this. The good news is that you can modify all of these things. The tattoos are a much more difficult and expensive thing to modify but baby steps. Lose the bandaid, rock a clean shave, you have sharp features on your face that need to be highlighted instead of hidden by fuzz, lose the beanie cap and cut the hair to a clean fade with natural color, wear relaxed fit jeans, not baggy. A brown leather belt without a crazy attention grabbing buckle, your eyes are "up here" as they say. Start wearing sleeved shirts more, short sleeved tees or long sleeve button ups. Long pants are always better than shorts. You got this.


There's nothing wrong with your style. I don't know why people are criticizing that. It's not unusual to see people dressed like you. You look like the typical rapper with a hypebeast/ urban/street wear style. I can 100% assure you that it's your personality. I wouldn't advise you to change anything about yourself besides the facial hair but even then it's not something I would consider a deal-breaker.


Homie you got a full blown bandaid on your head. Get healthier, dress your age, and you will be fine


Bro you aren’t inherently ugly, but the style choices bring you down. The piercings and tats are only gonna attract a specific group of ppl. Same with your clothing. Facial hair isn’t the best tbh but it’s your choice. You have nice bone structure and you can always focus on jim, and getting tan.




Not ugly


i’d say you should get rid of the cheek piercing - maybe dress in clothes that fit- and i would DEFINITELY shave the facial hair . this is just coming from a dude. so i’m sure the women here will have some more suggestions but bro you will be 5x more likely to land a job by doing those things


You don't naturally look bad, it the piercings, hair color etc. that ruin it.


You’re attractive, you’re just doing too much. Chill w the teenage street style and go for a more simple look. Get all the diamonds out of your face. Keep the piercings if you want, just get some steel. It’s just giving ~flexing w not much to flex~ vibes.