Eat and get laid off. Snitches get $20

Eat and get laid off. Snitches get $20


Hey bro, I was gonna quit, so... you wanna catch me eating 3 times?


The buddy system, I like it


Quitting with an eligibility for unemployment loophole. On 2nd thought, this policy is based


Yep first thing I thought of was the unemployment benefits. Then the $60 I’d make for my friends.


And you make more on unemployment. Win-win


Not anymore, unfortunately. At best you get like, 60% of your pay.


Worth it to get sacked from that shithole.


Is it? Because they’re most likely making minimum wage with these context clues, and 60% of unlivable is pretty damn scary 😅


60% + mowing neighbors yards is more money than min wage.


Or shoveling as the case will be soon, also raking, but all is dependent on location of course


Technically infinity% more than 0.


You generally don't qualify for UI if you were fired for breaking a company policy. Of course, that would be more complicated if the policy itself is illegal, which this one might be depending on shift lengths, non-food breaks, location, etc. For the record, I'm not defending this position, just don't want anyone to expect UI when they probably won't qualify


In some states, you can qualify for UI even if you were terminated for breaking a company policy. The behavior has to be willful misconduct to disqualify you from benefits. Eating on shift hardly seems egregious enough, unless there is another mitigating factor, like you were snacking at the operating table.


Also it isn't up to the company to decide if you get unemployment it's up to the unemployment agency. I was let go "for cause" in January of last year. I filed for unemployment and my former company fought it saying I violated company policy. I had a phone interview with edd and they ended up giving it to me. Even if I was refused I could have appealed and had a hearing before a judge about it. I've worked for enough companies that have LOVED telling people they cant apply for unemployment. One place got pissed at me because they cut everyone's hours to bare minimum and I advised everyone they could apply for unemployment benefits because they were available for full time hours and weren't getting them. Quite a few folks applied and received them.


It's absolutely ridiculous that it's even possible for employers to fight unemployment in the US. Should be none of their fucking business.


Someone once told me that a high number of people listing your business as the reason you need unemployment can trigger audits and investigations to make sure the company is legit (and owners/managers are not just "firing" their buddies so they can collect money while not working) or isn't breaking workplace laws.


Unemployment insurance is a tax and the rate is set by risk (how many of your former employees collect).


Business pay unemployment insurance. After X amount is paid out the company has to pay more. A greedy boss who dosen't pay their employees what their worth isint going to want to pay a former employee for "nothing".


Yes, that just screams "indentured labor" to me. We can fire you whenever we want, and you better be meek and grateful or we mess up your UI. And don't you dare to leave. You don't get to decide, we get to decide. If you leave on your own no UI, no reference, no nothing. And to top it all of: Non compete clause. So if you leave, better find a new field of work


Really great point!


"Why were you fired?" "Eating during my shift." "Jeez, that seems a little extreme, doesn't it?" "Yeah, well, a pepperoni feel into the patient's chest cavity."


"How did the surgery go?" "Not so great. I have permanent heartburn and my breath inexplicably smells like pepperoni now." ​ ​ \*\*hugz\*\* 🤗🤗🤗


In my state and at least a few others, breaking any company policy can constitute wilful misconduct. It doesn't really matter what the policy is, since, in theory, the "misconduct" is just the act of breaking the policy. I believe this is basically the same in all or most states, but I don't know that for sure. That said, "generally" was definitely an important word in my first comment. There's a lot more nuance to all this stuff.


Can confirm this is not the case in all states. My state tends to favor employees since they want people to get back on their feet again quickly. UI helps with that. However, UI is not guaranteed if you are terminated for misconduct or if you quit - only if you are laid off. So you are taking your chances. That being said, a bunch of my former colleagues were terminated for willful misconduct at the beginning of the pandemic and even they received UI.


If you go back and read the sign it does say anybody who gets caught three times will be laid off not fired lol.


Yup! That's the best part! UI for everyone!


The day I (as a young child) learned the difference between fired and laid off was the day so many things made so much more sense.


Federal regulations entitle you to unemployment if you quit if the reason that you quit was due to no fault of your own. For instance, if you quit because your car breaks down and you can't reliably get to work, you're still entitled to benefits. If you quit because you simply no longer want to work or because you don't like the job (but there wasn't a constructive termination), then you may be denied benefits.


I didn't realize that was a federal regulation. That's helpful info. I wonder if eating would count as no fault of your own.


God bless this great nation. Anyone else feel like we're living in hell?


> like you were snacking at the operating table Hey, that liver looked good and I was hungry. Dude's still got 3 lobes left.


Some states, like mine, allow unemployment for quitting. Have to prove just cause and this would qualify.


All states have to allow it, as it's part of the federally-funded employment insurance plan. That being said, you can't just quit because you don't like the job or don't want to work anymore.


I’ve been in the union for 35 years, I have quit,been fired and laid off. My union has always fought for my unemployment. And I have always gotten my money,even when fired.


That's great. Unions are badass


It's my understanding that the time and energy needed for an employer to oppose unemployment is generally not worth it. So much so, I'm anecdotally aware of a cashier who stole money from their drawer, got caught, immediately fired and the big box retail employer didn't bother opposing the application for unemployment insurance.


I've represented a bunch of claimants in UI disputes, so I know there are a good number of employers who are invested enough to oppose UI benefits. I don't have any numbers about how many go unopposed though, so I don't really know how common it is. Anecdotally, I'd say that local businesses are more likely to oppose benefits than the big corps. That may just be coincidence for me though


Anecdotally, and whatever the circumstances, would you say the employees are granted or denied UI more often than not?


If I had to guess, I'd say a majority are granted by the office and go unopposed by the employer. But then, I'd also guess that most claims which are either initially rejected by the office (and then appealed) or opposed by the employer go on to be denied.


"Laid off" means not fired for cause. Though it's probably not what they meant, it is what they wrote.


I love it haha


Plan it out. Get like 10 buddies to all find you eating at the same time. Huge argument over who gets paid.


This got me thinking of soldiering during the industrial revolution


Take it one step further...abuse the system to make it get revoked...make everyone catch everyone eating 2 times...+40$ for everyone at least if done properly.


It doesn't say you have to catch someone else eating. You could report yourself twice and collect a $40 bonus.


"hey I caught myself eating during work hours. $20 pls n thx"


⬆️This is the perfect answer. Pull this off and post on malicious compliance!


Find another co-worker who also wants to quit. Make $60 * 2 = $120 between the 2 of you!


One of you won't be able to claim a 3rd time because you'll have already been fired.


You gotta time it right. Make sure the 3rd time for both people is done almost simultaneously.




You know how much pizza you can buy and eat during your shift for $120?


All 3 of you can get fired by reporting each other. $180 worth of pizza and still all of y'all get unemployment


Did we find the infinite money glitch?


Ehh. Not quite.. dev's can't entirely fix this one so they put a soft cap on it. It'll only supplement you for a month or two in most cases. At which point doing the glitch is almost as much if not more work at times than actual work.


You can get two warnings without being fired, so it's at least $40 each.


If you've ever been fired, please briefly explain why. "I ate lunch."


"Get out of my office."


Dave was there with me. Can I get $20?


*3 times


And we split the $60


Better to split the 80 by reporting each other twice, or the 100 by doing it five times total resulting in one fired individual.


Same. You can also catch me eating twice before boss lays you off. Somebody else will be happy enough to use my third strike lol


It's free real estate




Can I report myself and get the $20 to buy myself more food to eat on the clock?


Up to 3 times


Then it's more than $20 and hopefully a less shitty job


2 times


>Can I report myself and get the $20 to buy myself more food to eat on the clock? Pure gold. r/maliciouscompliance ETA: Have my free award, you clever rando.


Borderline r/deliciouscompliance


Can’t disagree with that!


Infinite money


Well… finite. $60 is finite.


Well you can always suck someone’s dick. Nothing is finite with this attitude my friend.


Do you want the poor sod, who's getting sucked, to die? Because that attitude will lead to death by snu snu! Always remember: The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.


"Sorry about your diabetes, Sara, I really need the extra $20 for some Nat Shermans later. You understand."


Exactly what I was thinking! I am type 1 and can’t use a pump. They might get a lawsuit.


i get low blood sugar spells daily as it is. so... fire me or i'll forward the concurrent medical bills to them.


Right? I need something now and then if I am constantly running and doing housework! Can’t imagine being at work and having my lifesaver get me fired! Lol


due to my workplace's policy, if my lows get too bad where i'm pretty much not functioning, they absolutely have to call an ambulance for me. absolutely grates on my nerves, considering that's a $150 copay.


Hey man, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but you gotta do everything to prevent that from happening. I've been a T1 for 26 years now, so I get it, they can definitely happen unexpectedly, but I gotta look out for my homies. Good luck with this dogshit disease. <3


i do what i can, but sometimes i dont even feel it. my current meter/sensor set has been useful in detecting highs and lows.


Only 150 for an ambulance??!! That sounds like a steal


the insurance really isnt bad. but if its something i can mitigate on my own, given time, then it annoys me. even a can of soda takes about ten minutes to have an effect on me in these cases.


They absolutely could in the US under the ADA. Diabetes counts as a disability and they have to provide reasonable accommodation, i.e. can’t force you to have a seizure and/or die because they don’t want you to take a 5 minute break. It’s sad laws like that have to exist. Because you know if they didn’t, tons of sleazeball managers wouldn’t give a shit if they put you in the hospital.


You’re absolutely right! They don’t care what so ever. Makes me so mad!


My work told me I couldn't eat on the shop floor. I worked in a supermarket. I had to go to the first aid room to eat and inject. In a job that depended on me being available at all times. Literally would be eating in a dark tiny room and have coworkers shouting for me over the headset and I'd have to reply 'sorry, eating sweets'.


I am sorry you have to put up w that crap!


Thank you! And I left that store over a year ago and left the company a few months back. The place was a mess. Now they're severely understaffed because so many of us left due to poor management. I also found out from a doctor who had to sign me off for the new job that half of what they were doing was illegal.


Just die and have your family sue. Genius plan.


Pregnant women would have an issue too.


Nat Shermans shut down dude. I had to quit smoking.


You just know there's one employee that's going to cash in that $20. Gross.




“Manager”. I.e it’s prolly frickin’ Tery with no more authority than a card with a barcode on it only usable to authorize removing items from a till.




yeah no one likes Tery. He once got the lemonade cooler banned from the break room because it was too refreshing and the condensation kept getting his party sign-up sheet soggy. NO ONE CARES TERY, NO ONE IS GOING TO YOUR TEA SOIRÉE ANYWAYS,WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS KIND OF THING TERY


I have the opposite problem, I got an override card bc I have a low level supervisor position and the cashiers seem to think I'm their boss lmao.


To be honest I'll probably offer a co-worker to snitch on me if he gives me half of that 20


You all rat each other out 2 times, then you all quit and find a better job


Rat each other out three times, and collect $60 each *and* unemployment from getting fired!


I'd report myself.


2. collect $20 3. stab self for being a dirty rat


Everyone tattles on everyone else twice and gets a free 40$ bonus


I am 95% sure this is illegal Edit: hot damn, some of y’all racist


"Laid off" implies they aren't even going to bother following up with unemployment.


Actually "laid off" usually implies that someone *will* qualify for UI. "Fired" (especially for some articulable cause) generally means you're out of luck for UI. Of course, it doesn't really matter what the employer calls it, though, what matters is why you're let go.


I meant they won't bother communicating with the unemployment office.


Had a business do this, they default in your favor after a month.


My buddy got his unemployment because wal mart failed to file their counter claim by ONE day.


wait, why do they want to claim anything anyways? isn't unemployment paid out by the state? is it to spite an old worker or...


If they have too many former workers file for unemployment, their premiums go up (companies have to pay for UI). So, if they put the effort in to get them denied, the company saves money.


I can tell you firsthand that fedex doesn't give a shit. Just don't show up one day when they refuse to cut your hours and youll get to ride a year of unemplyment. fuck them.


> after a month Yeah and the cool thing is how forgiving landlords are about rent, so that a month is definitely fine ^/s


YUP. I get quite upset when people are like "how are people missing rent with +600 on their unemployment" It can take literal months to see actual money.


In my state, where unemployment insurance is a scheme funded by businesses in the state, if you don't pay into the scheme you might end up on the hook for the person's unemployment!


Sorry I am not following. What state is that and how did it end up in the hands of businesses? In my state, the DOR administers UI. Maybe I'm missing something?


Their grammar was horrendous. I also couldn't understand what they were saying


Thank you, sometimes when I read stuff like that I think I'm losing my mind. UI being a scheme by businesses.. well, I'll reserve judgement until I get a reply from the poster. Not holding my breath.


I think I can explain what they meant. Your employer pays unemployment insurance in the event that you get laid off. I don't know where they live but where I am, I believe they have no choice but to pay it. If they don't and you get laid off, the employer is on the hook to pay your unemployment instead of the state paying. I'm assuming by their wording that they mean where they live, businesses do have a choice if they want to pay it to the state or not. Please keep in mind I'm not well versed in this shit, I may have gotten something wrong with requirements and someone will probably correct me. I'm just going off what was explained to me when I was laid off.


The scheme is run by the state but paid into by businesses as part of a state run insurance program. That means if you don't pay in you're on the hook for anyone you let go that qualifies for unemployment benefits.


That is what he is saying.


Wait yeah, I think you're right. I think I misinterpreted the comment. My bad, u/TheWisconsinMan


I always thought “laid off” meant they were eliminating the position at the company and “fired” meant the position still exists, you just won’t be in it


Where's the racism OP?


It definitely should be illegal regardless, but I can't think of a specific (us federal) law that makes it illegal.


Seeing the Chinese text at the top leads me to believe that this place employs many recent immigrants (if this is in the US). If that's the case, they're probably also betting that their employees aren't familiar with the laws.


That is not simplifed Chinese which is what the mainland uses, it's traditional Chinese so it's most likely a Hong kong or Taiwan place.


Brother, I have type 1 diabetes which has an entire list of employer requirements in the ADA and this would be a BIG DUB for me. They'd get absolutely fucking nailed by the DoL


Step 1) Get a Job here Step 2) immediately sue their asses


I have a feeling this sign is posted at a place where eating on the job is a health hazard. Maybe it's at a food warehouse or slaughterhouse.


looks like a restaurant to me, that door is a standard pass through for restaurants and it's usually some asshole FOH manager losing their mind that staff wants to eat something while not on a break. If you are ever in a restaurant and see this sign leave no one there is happy lol


Hold up. You get BREAKS in food service?


When I worked in food service, the only time you could take a break was in between shifts if you had a double. If it was busy, they wouldn't even give you that.


You mean the double cigarette break that your manager fills with talk of work anyway at like 4:45? I remember those


You mean when you previously weren't a smoker but took up the habit because it was the only way you could get a break?


Yeah. I wouldn't even get a double. It was 2 shifts with a three hour break in the middle. The break was just long enough that it was pointless to go home. So yeah, there was that break, but I was also at work from about 8AM to 11-12 that night.


Ahhh split shifts. I do not miss serving at all. My job also had shifts called ‘DV’ which was a morning shift, but you stayed til nighttime but you were the first night shift to get cut to go home.


You have federally mandated laws requiring you to be able to but they skirt around that. Is it slow at a certain point? Thats your break.


I just assume no one who works at a restaurant likes their job or is happy. Ofc, I can't afford any restaurant where there might be happy workers.


I’m happy.. when my shift is over!


I had tons of good times working in restaurants, but it can def be alot


I've worked in a few restaurants with this kind of policy. No cash bonuses, just the termination part.


"During work hours". I used to work in a place where we couldn't have any food or drink on the factory floor, one of my coworkers used to ask me to cover for him for a few minutes on the odd occasion so he could go to the locker room or canteen or whatever to hand a chocolate bar when he felt his blood sugar running low. If they don't allow for snack breaks outside of designated hours, they could be causing serious problems for some people.


I used to work at a bullet factory. No food on the factory floor was taken *very* seriously because of the hazards that came from lead poisoning. Water was a must, but had to be kept in certain areas and there were restrictions on what type of bottles you could have (had to be sealed, and you had to be able to open it without touching the mouth piece). Eating on the floor would get you a write-up because lead poisoning could potentially shut down the factory, which was obviously a big deal.


All the employees should band together and rat on each other 3 times. They all walk out with an extra 60 bucks and get unemployment. Sounds good to me. r/maliciouscompliance


Exactly! "Awww jeez boss, looks like you'll need to hire a whole new crew all on your own. Good luck!"


>"Awww jeez boss, looks like you'll need to hire a whole new crew all on your own. ~~Good luck~~ Fuck off!" FIFY 😉


"Have fun running the entire store/shop/whatever **all by yourself** for a few days/weeks."


Unionize for sure, when the boss fires an individual everyone goes on strike till they're rehired. With enough action everyone will eat for free.


Id say we all agree to catch each other exactly twice. Maximum profit for zero actual consequences.


Is this in food or pharmaceutical manufacturing? If it’s not for compliance reasons, they can fuck off.


Answering this relatively top comment, no it's an Asian grocer in TX. ​ Weird policy because at the other Asian grocer nearby, there's a small table near the back of the store were I see employees gather all the time and eat a few snacks.


They must think customers have an issue seeing employees eat and will shop at their market because of this policy


Those customers can fuck off and die.


There are so many things customers are supposed to have an issue with, but generally don't: I don't care if you listen to music while you stack the shelves, I don't care if you are eating, drinking, or chewing chewing gum, I don't care if you sit down while checking out my groceries like they do in every other country I know.


When I worked at a grocery store, we had a break room of a dozen tables, vending machines and a TV It’s absurd to think employees don’t deserve breaks and food - just typing that felt disgusting. The mere idea that someone isn’t allowed to eat is disgusting


Even if it was for compliance reasons, giving cash incentives for snitching leads to a shitty work environment.


Thus is what I want to know.


If I understand right you can get unemployment for being laid off. This ain’t the threat they think it is.


Places like this will probably mark "resigned" as reason for leaving, even if terminated.


The great thing is that you can fight that. I did and won.


The real problem is that they would actually say you were terminated for violating company policy, and you'd be screwed for UI. That's assuming the policy is legal in the first place though, which is questionable


Often you just need to ask for proof of the policy and then proof of the infraction. They will side with the claimant if there is no proof. An unsigned write up is not proof.


I've actually practiced law in this area, so I know the ins & outs reasonably well. A policy doesn't even have to be written down to be effective if they can prove they enforced it consistently and the employee knew about it (basically). On a practical level, you're often right because it takes more time/effort to prove these things if they're not well-documented in advance. I've also only practiced in one state. UI law is based on federal legislation, so it doesn't vary a ton between states, but it does some. So my experience could differ from yours.


Not true. I received unemployment after quitting a toxic job.


It's not actually 100% that simple. I got downsized in April, but my old employer tried to claim I was terminated later in June. EDD scheduled an interview with me and told me that the employer needs to prove that I acted to deliberately harm their business. A week or two later EDD found in my favor and my claim payments resumed on time.


I read a lot of the comments here, and the biggest takeaway for me is that the laws around employment seem spotty and confusing even across so-called “civilized” countries, and that we need a better, fairer system


Smells like rat shit to me.


I'll pass on narcing all day everyday.


Being laid off doesn't sound bad


That was my thought too. Lol


To put towards the bill for their stitches right?


Quick way to end up with one employee


Everyone takes 2 turns eating and getting reported, pool all the reward money and order in a bunch of food for everyone’s Friday lunch. Then walk out after the midday feast.


Time it for when it’s busiest.


Nice but do it on a Monday. Let the manager sweat through a few days without employees, instead of giving them Friday afternoon and the weekend to find new victims.


This is definitely the year of the bounty hunter




Fuck. That. Noise.


Hope that 20$ covers the price of stitches.


Laid off and terminated for cause are two different things. This should be known by employer.


Yes, laid off means they will hire you back before a replacement. It’s like a factory losing a big job and the need to lay off a large portion of their staff until (if) business picks up again, then hire them back. Being laid off also entitles you to UI. I noticed a similar weird thing with “resign” instead of quit. “No HR Karen, I am quitting, not resigning, I’m a punch press operator not a disgraced executive.”


Snitches also get stitches.


Someone's boss is a bastard


The fact that they have to print "employees only" in Chinese says a lot. I'd guarantee they're the type of scummy Chinese place that uses illegal immigrants, pays them pocket change, and has them sleeping in cots in the back. It's more common than you'd think. A few months back the health department busted a pretty good local Chinese buffet and they had cots in the back for the staff.


I want to do this at my business just to weed out the snitches


Nobody wants to work anymore.


This retail pet job I was working awhile ago didn't give any breaks for the 6-7 gour shifts we worked which meant no lunch break and you were expected to at best snack inbetween customers and If not, you'd get into a lot of shit. The job was horrible, super toxic and I got a few horror stories from it.


Everyone should join together and eat and snitch ull be getting free 20 dollars and you all get to leave a horrible work environment once laid off.


mmm Authoritarian Capitalism


*Image Transcription: Sign* --- [*Under a sign that reads "Employees only" in orange is another sign that reads:*] ### WARNING! [*The above text is in purple.*] #### ALL EMPLOYEES MUST NOT EAT DURING WORK HOURS! [*"NOT" is the above line is in purple and underlined.*] RECEIVE A [*in purple and underlined*] $20 REWARD [*end purple and underline*] IF YOU CATCH AN EMPLOYEE EATING DURING WORK HOURS! EMPLOYEES WITH 3 WARNINGS WILL BE [*in red and underlined*] LAID OFF [*end red and underline*] WITH NO EXCEPTIONS! --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Everyone should eat and snitch on each other. They can't fire all of them. What a stupid rule.


Employee A reports employee B A: $20 B: $0 C: $0 Employee B reports employee C A: $20 B: $20 C:$0 C reports A A: $20 B: $20 C: $20 Rinse, repeat X2 A: $60 B: $60 C: $60


You can get $60 and then get fired? Sounds good.


Oh no, please don't lay me off from the worst shithole on Earth. I'll have to resort to working literally anywhere else.


Everyone rotate and fink on everyone. Everyone will make cash and eventually be fired- but this might give them a month or two to find a new job AND potentially a few hundred bucks.