What gyms have you found not to be welcoming? That's messed up. I train Brazilian Jiujitsu, and no one seems to care what people do off the mats.


jiu jitsu > boxing both as a sport and culture of the community imo, my unsolicited advice is switch tracks for bjj


Citadel Martial Arts in Downtown had a non-mens class on Sundays pre-COVID.


That’s incredible! I’m definitely going to try and sign up for a class this Sunday. Thanks for the tip.


Boston boxing in allston. You won't find a better, more accepting community with great fighters.




I live in Somerville, I can travel pretty much anywhere the MBTA can get me


Sorry for the late reply. I will DM you with a recommendation!


Hi - found this thread after a search. Mind DMing me the boxing gym recommendation as well? I'm also on a search for a new gym!


>I find a lot of gyms have an environment that’s not very welcoming to trans/gnc folks ive trained at just about every gym in the area, finding this statement hard to believe.. all the instructors/fighters are almost always cool and laid back are you trying to learn how to actually fight or just work up a sweat/get the (superior) work out on?? edit: LOL at being downvoted despite trying to help


Macdonald academy for martial arts in Watertown