Nico just doesn't have the offensive power to break Percy's defenses, or the defensive power to tank Percy's attacks. The only chance would be that ghostification thing he did to Bryce, but that A. was not something he did consciously, and B. barely worked against a far weaker demigod


Also I can't entirely remember how that worked, but wasn't he only able to do that because Bryce had been banished? Essentially losing his connections to life


Exactly, there’s so many extenuating circumstances it’s barely even worth bringing up


I got Percy for this one 😅


percy 4 sure 😅


Percy, by sheer experience alone


I love Nico but honestly? I think PErcy would win


Wait wait wait... are you actually asking? Nico wouldn't stand a chance, theres a reason behind him losing too, its Percy Jackson.


It’s not really a question of if Nico looses. It’s more of a question, how fast does he lose.


Interesting take, i think it would be the same for Nico, I'm not sure about Nick though


Nico admits that Percy is the most powerful demigod he’s ever seen, and that likely includes actual Heroes (Achilles, etc) he’s met in the Underworld. That’s a huge endorsement, frankly. Nico is a powerful player, definitely capable of giving anyone a run for their money. But in your scenario he would get one or two tricks off, at best, before Percy had him drowning in sea water. And even without the ocean? Percy still would mop the floor with Nico. It’s not even a question.


He’s more of a necromancer really, and I don’t really see how armies of skeletons are going to conquer the ocean that Percy controlles. Like one big wave and oops all of your minions are now gone lol


I think saying Percy is more powerful than Achilles is going too far. Perhaps Percy with the Curse of Achilles can win, with extreme difficulty, but he could (although I believe not, but let's say yes) So if Percy with the Curse of Achilles would have difficulty (or not even win), it's impossible for Achilles be defeated for Percy (without curse). At least, I can't see such a thing. After all, as we saw in The Last Olympian, the curse makes almost the entire body of the bearer invulnerable, perhaps literally (he resists and fights on equal terms with titans, including Kronos, although he lost). Other than that, it gives great buffs to strength, speed, etc., it should even improve your senses. So, given all the brand advantage, and even more so with Achilles who has more experience than Percy, I don't see Percy defeating Achilles. This quote from Nico, about "the most powerful demigod", I don't think is something to use as an argument to make that claim. After all, Nico only talked to Achilles, but he never saw Achilles fight. Therefore, I think this was only valid for the demigods of that generation.


I mean, Nico doesn’t really *have* to see someone in the Underworld fight to know what they were capable in life: reading the lives of the dead is something Nico is very good at. That said, he would have an intuitive understanding to help him form his opinion. As for Percy…at the time, Percy was still untried. Currently? After single-handedly fighting multiple Titans, Giants, and receiving full training in the Roman Legion enough to be raised to Praetor? I think Percy has a fair enough chance to take Achilles.


yall are so delusional with these bold ahh statements saying Percy could take on Achilles 💀


I mean he might be able to drown him if he has access to a large body of water, but purely sword to sword, Percy gets curb stomped


Why not? He could drown him.


I don't think Nico is capable of "reading the life" of a dead person, literally speaking. I find it even more unlikely that he could measure someone's full power and ability in this way, I don't recall him being explicitly shown doing so. Reading someone's life I think is beyond Nico's powers, because as he is the son of the lord of the dead, it makes more sense for him to read and know exactly how the person died or when he will die (which he already showed). He has dominion over death, not life (at least not fully). This thought of yours is even paradoxical, if you stop to think about it. Yes, you're right. Percy gained a lot of post-war experience against the Titans and Giants and all of his training so far, but in return he lost the Curse of Achilles. Currently, speaking specifically of physical attributes, he is weaker, but more experienced. Even if Achilles loses in fighting experience (I'm not saying you mean it, I'm just guessing, it's a hypothetical situation), he still has a huge advantage in physical attributes. It's not an advantage Percy can overcome with experience alone.


Gotta agree with everyone else and not just because Percy is the best he would just win—


Near the ocean? Percy slams. Nico's best chance is to do what he did in HoO or summon skeletons. The skeletons would be destroyed, Nico loses. Unless Nico goes in automatically with his most powerful move, he loses.


And even then the most powerful move in question may be ineffective because we don't know it's limits. It's likely only able to work up till a certain level of power or will


Based on sword fighting skills, Percy takes the cake


Based on everything else, Percy also wins.


Nico would tell you without hesitation that he would lose.


percy had nico pinned while he was half conscious. percy wins


Percy for sure but what if the fight is in underworld?


You're forgetting that Percy can also control the water of Styx!


Yeah Percy might win but home ground advantage has to count for something


True. But with so much water there, i have a feeling Percy would feel just at home. 😀


Are we forgetting that Percy knocked out all of hades’ men when Nico captured him in a dungeon in TLO???


12 year old Percy beat the god of War in a 1v1 after a handful of weeks of training MAYBE three hours a day, less than two months after his mother "died". Yes there were mitigating factors, but c'mon. Nico gets smoked.


Nico is a pretty good and powerful character, butttt. . . . . he has Percy "beat three titans and a lot more stuff which would take an hour to explain" Jackson as his opponent.


Not even a question. Percy can command far more destructive power than Nico. Nico isn’t fast enough to tag Percy and ghostify him, or do anything to him really. Percy would blow through skeletons like tissue paper, maybe some earth walls but that’s temporary at best since Riptide is celestial bronze and can shear through steel and stone like butter.


I think Percy would win, Percy is older (ignore the lotus casino) and has a little more experience, and better powers overall i think


Percy Jackson is the most powerful demigod of all time... obviously he would win, no question. It's just a matter of how long Nico could last


Now I'm personally of the belief that people treat Percy as far stronger than he actually is, but even so I'm certain that it's not an exaggeration to say that Percy could crush Nico with one hand tied behind his back.


I feel like you’re a good person to ask this to then. It’s been years since I’ve read the main series and the rome sequel. The way I remember it was Percy was by far stronger than any one else by the end. I was a little confused by this question because of that. Is that not the case?


I meant in the sense of people who claim that Percy could solo gods or that he by any means actually posed a threat to Ares in TLT. Not to mention exaggerated claims like Percy blood bending even though he only wondered if he could. In terms of living demigods, he still is probably the strongest. Just not on the level of actual gods.


Yh he never was on the level of gods was he? Getting close with the Achilles boost but still. Firmly strongest Demi god tho


Depends on the win condition and if there are rules. Nico would have trouble beating Percy in a straight up fight, but he can always just shadow travel to China and never return. Percy would need a friend like Mrs. Oleary or Hazel to help him catch up, assuming he can even find out where Nico went. Shadow travel OP.


Running away via shadow travel is forfeiting you don't just leave a duel


No plot armor? No protagonist power? Nico


No he still loses as it's near the sea he could just be drowned


Do you think nico Don't know that? That boy survive tartarus for a reason and alone.


That's one thing but this is in Percy's home turf. No demigod beats him there. Nico is powerful in his own right I'm not saying he's weak but Percy is in a whole different league. Percy's sword skill is way better than Nico's and unless he turns Percy into a ghost which he can't because he doesn't know how, he did it to Bryce unconsciously and never did it again as far as we know it might have been a one time thing as he was exiled which is the roman equivalent of death or for, some, worse. Anyway as I said before he could be drowned in seconds or blood bended the heck out of or just have his body shriveled up as hi is still 70% water he could still shadow travel but he probably couldn't do it fast enough and even if he did he would be severely weakened. Enough to be killed.


Power wise I'd say they're on the same level but nico is more emotional and doesn't have as much control as percy would but that can work in his favour too. Skill wise in say Fighting or thinking on the spot percy straight up


percy would easily win even without the ocean. with the ocean he would sweep the floor with nico.


Nico is going to lose but I think he's lasting the longest compared to any other living demigod and is one of the few that could survive a real fight


Well, Hazel once said that Percy was the strongest demigod she ever saw from reading his aura. But I find that the winner doesn’t always have to be the strongest. Sometimes they can just have one ability or the enemy can have one weakness that they can exploit. Nico’s ability: he can turn you into a ghost and bs ish you to the underworld. (Oh wait, I just read what the guy below me wrote…Nevermind.) Percy for the win


Prime Nico vs Baby Percy is still a very close fight, cuz Baby Percy literally beat Ares weeks after discovering his parentage. Anything other than that, Percy stomps 10/10


Percy. Because Nico strength does not lie in his direct combat skills.


nico for 2 reasons: 1) he can literally turn anyone into a ghost, right then and there, that’s what he did to that guy (forgot his name) in blood of olympus. 2) bc i hate how people treat the lost hero bc of its lack of percy, and treating percy as the absolute most powerful being in the universe which he is not.


Percy is so overpowered in the series that by the end of HoO he only would lose to : Gods, primordial entities, plot related reasons. Nico is not even the most powerful child of hades/pluto at the moment. Hell, Percy doesnt even need water to win this. Its messed up but its a fact


Percy has all the plot armor in the world, so..


nico because he survived tartarus alone