The "terrible twos" are definitely a thing with cats too


I'm definitely noticing that lol


Yes when they near two, I still have the scars both physically and mentally....


My male cat would randomly attack us before he got neutered. It was kinda scary because we could just be sitting minding our own business and he would come up to us and start biting us hard all because he was sexually frustrated. He constantly called out for female cats. Now that he’s snipped he’s a lot calmer but still his hyper old self.


Mine is 4 and got fixed as soon as he was old enough and he still gets like this from time to time. He is mostly sweet but sometimes gets over stimulated and gets "attacky." I think it's just a boy kitty thing. I never had these issues with females.


My female cats are much more attacky than the male cats I had growing up lmao


My black female cat did this. I got her from the shelter when she was 1 and she had a label on her cage saying “HIGH ENERGY!” She’s 5 now and she’s mellowed out a lot, but her anxiety in some situations never got better, so she gets Prozac daily.


Mine wraps his paws around my wrist and tries to bite. He also chases me around the house sometimes and bats my heels. When he’s overstimulated. I call him a sheepdog.


My female cat also attacks sometimes but hers is when she smells other animals - she is a barn cat so she’ll go completely feral and then in like 2 hours she’ll feel guilty and try to harvest all the love


My kitty will definitely go into attack mode. And chomp. Hard. Mom’s cat doesn’t and hes a boy, so I think it depends on the cat


Our cats, males and females, all fixed at a young age, have all done this a bit. Some of them like kicky sticks, some attack pillows, and some just go crazy on the scratching post. I think it just depends on the cat.


My male was super aggressive about charging out the door before he got snipped. Like he didn’t care if you were there, he would run under you and nearly knock you over. Once he got the procedure it was so much easier to get out the door within a few weeks


Especially with orange tigers. I have 2 one is 15 the other is 8 months. Oh the stories I could tell.


I got a Cat that was the most vicious little shit when he was only days and weeks old, he hasn't changed. He is still an asshole even without his balls, he is only a little over 1yo but I don't expect him to change.


I adopted two male kittens at 3 months old. Both neutered. They attacked me with claws and teeth so badly day and night. I couldn’t wear shorts because my legs were so marked up. I grew up with cats but none of them behaved this way. The attacks stopped around 10-12 months. They’re now 18 months and much more chill.


Terrible twos are very real. Also from experience having both, orange and Manx are dumb bois.


The Chads of cats lmao


Oh maybe that’s why mine is bad when she wants to play, lol


Definitely!!!! My boy was so rambunctious


The biting is probably both testing boundaries and teething-at 5 months he’s getting his adult teeth, they tend to get bitey around this time, but it’s not permanent. And as far as sitting with you, most cats I’ve gotten young go through a fairly independent phase. Unfortunately that lasts longer with some cats.


Ok thanks! I didn't know they went through an independent phase. That's good to know.


Also, every cat is different. Some will want to snuggle all the time. Some will only want to sleep near you. Others will drop in for snuggles on their own terms and take off when satisfied. I have one that would practically live on my lap if I let her. Doesn't matter if I pick her up or she comes on her own. I have another that loved to snuggle, but only on her terms. She will almost always bolt if you pick her up.


My girl cat only snuggles when it's cold. And, as with everything she does, it has to be her idea.


My cats are snuggling since it’s cold and I think they don’t think I know.


My boy is very particular about his snuggles. He’s the very definition of “will drop in for snuggles on their own terms and take off when satisfied,” but he wants to be in the same room as you at all times. He’ll always be on the couch NEXT to you or sleep on the foot of the bed NEAR you, but the second you grab him and demand snuggles when it isn’t on his terms he’ll wiggle away and go right back to where he wanted to lay down in the first place


I have one that is very similar. She wants to be wherever I am. She will regularly climb in my lap when I'm on the couch, or she jumps up on me when I go to bed. And she can be relentless about being close to me. But she almost never wants to be picked up.


Cats are so silly and have such unique personalities! It’s one of the reasons I love them so much, though. I’ve never met a cat that acts exactly like another cat I know


I had a cat go from the absolute snuggliest kitten (cried if not being held) to a pretty aloof adult cat who only rarely snuggled.


I’ve had it go the other way too. Aloof kitty who refused to be touched. Had emergency surgery bc of urinary blockage and spent the next ten years by my side 24/7.


I’ll let you know when mine grows out of his jerkface stage. He just turned one on Tuesday and we aren’t on speaking terms today because of it😂😂


Mine is 13 years old and occasionally still bites me if I'm taking too long to feed him. Little shit. I love him though!


Mine is almost 5 and she jumps on my head in the morning if I don’t get up early enough to feed her. She will then walk up and down my back or side depending on how I’m laying. She’s normally super sweet but she doesn’t play when it comes to food.


I feel like I was put on this earth to proclaim the wonder of the auto feeder. My boy demands breakfast at 5 am, and now he gets his automatic snack then while I snooze away. It’s been a life saver, even though I work from home, he’s always got his kibble on time! Cuts down on the worst of the goblin behavior


We looked into an automatic feeder but she gets wet food in the morning and we haven’t found one we ideally like. They all require the freezing of ice packs and such. She’s only food centered during the week when I feed her (I get up earlier than my partner for work). He feeds her on the weekend and she usually lets us sleep till 8:30 or 9 on the weekend. We also keep her up later during the weekend and that allows us to “sleep in”. The best is that during the week, after I feed her, she then runs upstairs to snuggle with her favorite person. She loves laying in bed with him and getting pets.


This is why mine get their "cereal" in the morning, and wet food at night. Our alpha keeps trying to push it back but we hold firm to not before 10am or 11pm for feedings.


Nice tactic. I’ll bring this up with my partner to see if this would be a good routine while I’m still working from home.


My in-laws cat used to walk on top of me and touch noses to wake me up to feed her. Mine just yells at me to wake me up 🤪


Oh she does the yelling too. She actually announces herself when she walks in the room. So at 6 am, she comes in with a loud meow and jumps on the bed. I got lucky this morning. She fell asleep between me and my partner at 6 this morning and didn’t start sad crying until 7:20ish when I got up. Her other favorite thing is to sniff my hair and try to bite my hair tie while I’m asleep. My partner often catches her doing this and stops her.


One of mine slowly pushes a single claw into the side of my head while her siblings spectate.


That’s horrible. Mine has jumped on my head with claws out once and she knew she did something bad.


My 11y girl, who was my bottle baby, will curl up with me and purr/knead/drool happily--then take a bite out of me! Then she looks at me like 🎵I know you loooove me anyway🎵 WTH! I mean, she's right but WtH!


Omg, you use "jerkface" too? Our Adolph loves to look at you like you smell putrid, and it's usually because he wants to do something he's not allowed to do. He yells back at you and calls you names, I swear. 7 and still rude as hell.


I call that 'stink face', but I think I'll throw jerk face into the mix now too!


If you day it with enough attitude it becomes a really cute name, actually lol


Neutering will calm him down. He's a teenager and all these new hormones flooding his system. Give him some time and if he bites stop that activity and redirect to a wand toy.


Ok that's what I was hoping. The vet recommended waiting till 6 months but I wish I would have already had it done.


My vet also recommended 6 months, but around 4 months, her behavior changed and she seemed bothered, so even though she was smaller than the recommended weight, they performed the surgery. She was completely fine and the behavior ceased.


I did mine after 12 weeks, after my vet advised to wait 12 weeks after birth. 4 months seem like a really long time tho.


I think we agree on the point I was trying to make- that OP doesn't need to wait until 6 months to neuter their cat👍


Also, just be very very gentle. Nothing makes jerky cats more jerky than any kind of roughness or nastiness


Very true! Be chill and gentle with them and they’ll learn to be chill and gentle. If you startle them a lot, harass them to play or use your hands as the toy…it just teaches them to be on the defensive all the time and to think hands are toys. Or any loving human limb…definitely a recipe for scratches. Also, try the calming cat air fragrance. It’s hit or miss on if it works, some cats it does and some it doesn’t. But I’ve known cats that really chilled out after their humans got it.


Depending on the vet they may want them to be 3 pounds or 4 months. Cats can become fertile by around 6 months, so it's best to do it before then. Also, with male cats it's important to get them neutered before they start spraying (marking their territory). Otherwise you'll wind up with spots of cat piss all over the house.


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Neutering helps alot!!! I just got sneaky pete neutered and he's a cuddle monster now....oh and he's put some eunuch weight on.


Omg your cat is so darn cute! I never had an orange cat until we found our cat Worf. He used to attack our feet with the fury of a thousand shitstorms while we slept. Walk up and just start biting. Beat up our two dogs, and chase our 9 year old. Worst cat I've had in my life so far, but I have a soft spot for angry kitties. We thought neutering him would calm him down after he snuck out through the basement window and lost an eye fighting something. Now we joke that he's meaner now. Sometimes, even if they are fixed, I think some cats are just jerks. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)


That is odd to me. The only limitation I heard from my vet was a weight/size limit. And as soon as he was big enough, we got it done! I thought there was a positive effect on doing it before those hormones start to come it, so I feel like waiting too long could put a damper on that effect effect? I’m not a vet though so…


It's odd to me too. Seems like cutting it too close. That's exactly what I was wondering. And if you do wait till 6 months, do they maintain any of those hormone charged behaviors? Every vet I called quoted me 6 to 8 weeks out on neuter appointments. I didn't know they were that far out and now it's seeming more like an emergency. I really don't want to deal with spraying.


Even if he reaches puberty before neutering, unwanted behaviour like spraying, fighting and roaming will go away quickly when he's neutered. Boy cats have a slight increased risk of urinary tract blockage if they are neutered early, waiting let's the equipment grow a little more so the urethra gets a little wider. Probably why the vet wanted to wait. But neutering before full puberty definitely has great advantages too. I had to push a bit with my vet to get them to do it before six months.


Agree with all of this. [This guy](https://imgur.com/a/bA5tdWb) was completely feral and about one year old when he showed up for food, and it took a couple more months after that to get him into a trap so we could TNR him. After getting neutered and recovering for a while, his behavior completely changed to the point that he’s a fully indoor cat who sleeps on my pillow


I really honestly couldn’t say since I had my boy and girl done way before that point… but I believe even if they do reach “puberty” before sterilization that it can still minimize their desire to spray. Take it all with a grain of salt though! And honestly a lot of vets where I live are simply booked that far out, I’m not sure how it is in your area. Maybe that’s another element to it?


I asked my vet why they won’t neuter my kitten until 12 weeks. He said there can be complications when they get older with blocking (I think that was the term?) in the urethra. I wanted to get mine neutered asap because my other cat was neutered at 9 weeks. I wouldn’t wait 6 months.


Nah. The earlier you can do it the better.


Yeah my boy started playing a little too hard before we got him fixed, went back to normal afterwards.


Teenagers are crazy! My orange boy went through a phase where he wouldn’t let me pick him up, and he’d jump out from around corners and attack me. He’s a super chill love bug again. But he was definitely pretty rude for a minute.


Can confirm. Also have an orange rowdy boi


After he's a year old, and fixed, he will most likely calm down. One of mine is 2 years old now and sleeps 20+ hours a day. Be ready, be patient and understanding.


yes omg so one of my cats, percy, who is a marine coon russian blue mix, was SO MEAN as a kitten and i mean like to the point where we were scared of him and thought about re-homing, but oh am i glad we didn’t. it took a bit but he has definitely matured and is SO NICE now. even to new people. he’s still rambunctious and naughty sometimes but he is so much better. i didn’t like him at all when he was younger, which i feel horrible saying but he was such a brat, but now he’s one of my favorite pets. it’ll get better, is my point. just love your kitten


Thanks for the honesty. That's how I'm feeling right now, so that makes me feel better.


Also, it sucks now, but you will miss this phase when he grows out of it. So try to enjoy what you can!


So I got a highland lynx male kitten. He's about 5 months old. I read this breed is supposed to be affectionate, playful, and dog like. Sounded great. He's never been cuddly when he's playing but when he gets sleepy he would usually come lay down next to you. He sleeps in the bed always between the pillows. He has zero issues with being picked up or petted. But lately he doesn't seem to want much to do with me. He hangs out in his cat tree or on the side/coffee tables, but doesn't sit with me anymore. He also bites, a lot. Is this just because he's a teenage jerk and hasn't been fixed yet? He's got an appointment in a week to get fixed. I'm hoping that and some time to grow up will help. I really wanted a lap cat. My sister has a Russian blue that loves to sit with you and be petted. It's so nice. How do you know if a cat or kitten will turn out that way?


He is a teenager. He probably needs alot of playtime and stimulation to get that kitten energy out. Note: I am writing this as my own little orange monster just used me as a springboard for the fifth time in a row.


The best way to guarantee you have a cat with a particular personality (i.e. lap cat) is to adopt an adult cat who has demonstrated the desired personality trait. Kittens can have wild personality changes, a cat over two years is usually more stable (barring trauma).


Yeah, that is a good point and the route I'll take next time.


Just curious are you a guy? My six month old male kitten seems to be more hostile toward men. Idk if it’s a dominance thing but he’s sweet with me and I’m a girl


No I'm a girl. He's definitely more aggressive with the biting with my boyfriend though.


You can better estimate the personality of a cat when you adopt them later on in their lives. It’s one of the many reasons people will suggest adopting an adult cat, or a senior cat. Of course a change in environment or anything in the home can trigger behavioral changes as well. Ultimately it sounds like he’s in a state of immense hormonal change, which could be why he’s biting so much. Your vet may have the best advice for you, since they are a professional.


In the future if you’re looking for a certain personality, don’t get a kitten. Reach out to a cat rescue and let them know what kind of a cat you want. With kittens you have no idea what you’re going to get! You could end up with a grump who needs a daily dose of Prozac to not pee all over your house (ask me how I know LOL)


He’s a teenager. Definitely look into getting him fixed as soon as possible. This is a pivotal age.


He's got an appt on the 22nd. The vet recommended waiting till 6 months but I think I should have done it earlier.


It’s completely safe once they’re over 2lbs


What type of bites are they? My almost 4 month old kitty opens her mouth and puts her teeth on our skin with almost zero pressure and pats/swipes us with her paws with claws in and there are no marks when she stops. This is essentially sibling playing and love bites and a sign of affection and love towards the human so that is good if that is what your kitty is doing, but if it is more aggressive then maybe take your hand away immediately and say no quite forcefully. If he didn't have siblings with him when very young then he wouldn't have learnt how to play nicely.


With me they are mostly "soft" sometimes hard. But he really enjoys going up and biting my boyfriend, hard. He will just be sitting on the couch minding his own business and the little orange monster sneaks up and gets him good. We are doing the firm no, withdraw, and ignore approach. Based off the comments I think I'm going to add give him a toy to that as well.


He's just a teenager. He'll grow out of it before you know it, especially when he gets fixed. Lots of play time to burn the kitten energy, toys to redirect away from biting/clawing at you, and positive reinforcement and you will have your dream cat before long.


When picking a kitten from the shelter, find one that will let you cradle them with their tummy up. If they tolerate it, there’s a VERY good chance the cat will be a snuggler. We had just learned that trick before we got our cat, Puck. At the shelter, he was curious about us. When they took him out of the cage to let me hold him, I put him in the crook of my arm, and he actually started to purr. Since he was a kitten, he didn’t want to stay real long, but that trick worked. He has turned into one of the the cuddliest cats ever.


He's totally fine with being held with his tummy up and petted. He used to come sit next to me on the couch and sleep on his back and let me pet him. Now he only comes sit by me when I have food or treats. That's why I was curious if this was just a moody teen phase. I don't have a bunch of experience with kittens, so I thought I'd ask.


Aww.. just give him space, use your sweet voice only, give small treats to woo him, and walk away when he communicates disinterest in being touched by you. Pay attention to his body language and back off when he says back off, i.e., ears are flattened, tail is thumping, or he moves away from your touch— “No” means “no”! And make sure you are always the one feeding him. He will come to you on his terms and he will crave your touch as long as you don’t insist on touching him first. Also, he could be injured somewhere and cats are great at hiding pain (survival instinct). You might be unknowingly touching him where it hurts and he stays away from you to avoid the pain. As long as you’re the primary feeder, he will come to you when he wants to.


You can try giving him something to bite for now! My older cat used to be really aggressive and would full-on attack me. I slowly trained him to attack a large stuffed animal I started keeping nearby, that I'd offer him instead. I started to notice the body language when he wanted to attack, and would offer it earlier in the ... Rage-fest lol. Then I'd praise him for killing the poor stuffed animal and reinforce with a couple treats. When I got my lil baby orange guy, I started making the same habit for him right away. I just keep stuffed animals about the cats' sizes around to redirect their aggression. Once they're done I try to figure out why they got mad and resolve that. Redirection and praise works WONDERS. My orange guy is almost a year old now and he lets me know when he's pissed by killing a stuffed animal in my general direction, or really going at it on a scratcher and staring me in the eyes with rage-lasers hahaha. I always tell him he's a good boy then leave him alone


Ok I think we need to incorporate the stuffed animal. We've been doing the no and not engaging him but I think the added toy would make a world of difference, because he's not being mean, he just wants to play. Thanks for the tips!


Everyone is giving you GREAT advice!! I Volunteer @ & foster kittens for them. Have been fostering for 10 yrs. Neutering will def get rid of anything hormone related. We neuter/spay cats when they are 2 lbs. Wonder why your vet recommended waiting to 6 mos. I know in some large breed dogs (great Danes) neutering is delaying bc it can stunt their growth. Never heard of that in cats though. Also, please use wand toys to play with your beautiful boy. Using your hands makes him think they are toys & he can attack them @ will. Even when you are reaching to pet him. Watch how your Bf plays with him; aggressive paying is always a no-no. It makes for an aggressive cat. I know you have the neuter scheduled, it’s a quick recovery. Talk to vet/nurse/tech about your concerns. They’ll probably give you similar advice, but it’s always good to hear it from “pro.” Best I’d luck to you & your beautiful bundle of energy! ♥️


One thing I’ve found that really helps is to not use your hand to play rough with them.. It tends to make them bite and they can get a lot more aggressive from it.. So I only use my hands to pet them.. If they start to bite when your petting them then just stop petting them and after awhile they will def get the message..


All kittens go thru a stage, one day this will not be the case and you'll be able to reflect on how much the kitty has grown. I miss my kitty's kitten phase, all except the 💩 smell that could wake the dead in the middle of the night. Play with your friend more and tire them out they'll sleep more and be less restless


Not to be all cat-racist, but in my experience, orangies can be especially weird. Incorrigible and rambunctious, but so so cute and clever. Edit to add: and that is a very cute orangie!


I seriously had no idea color mattered... What color is cuddly?


I'm completely making this up as I go, but I'd say grey ones are cuddliest! Tuxies are the smartest, btw. Purrly anecdotal.


My sister's super cuddly cat is gray..... So maybe there is something to it


The biggest sass jerks are tortoise shells. I had one that was the meanest lady ever but I loved her so much I got another one a few years after she passed away. Our new lady is also spicy and salty which makes it extra great that she likes me (a little).


Aww are they yelly? There's a neighborhood tortie here who likes to complain at me if I'm somehow late to my own patio to see her. Cats are so weird and fun.


They call it tortie-tude lol. And it’s very true in my experience.


Hah I love that


The opener made me laugh out loud! Thank you for the much needed smile. Also, I noticed my orangie I had growing up was pretty rowdy too. I wonder if that’ll be true for my current Siamese


I have a similar theory about oranges. I got mine at about 5 weeks old; he’s 14 years old now and still extremely gregarious and rambunctious. He’s somehow simultaneously the best and naughtiest boy. I just adore him.


Not all cats are lap cats. Some are very independent, and will come for pets when they want to, and then are happy to be by themselves. One of my cats came and sat on my lap around 3 times in 11 years. Also, just to note, that neutering before maturity can have knock on health effects as they get older.


Congrats you now have a cat.


Nope, he is orange, they are jerks. Smart, amazing animals yes, but jerks still. You gotta love them. I had an orange who was terrible and awesome at the same time. Broke my heart when he passed.


Discipline him like his mama would by (gently) grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and redirecting him from what he is doing. They understand that as “NO”. When they’re little you can pick them up by the scruff but soon after about 6-8 months it’s better to just use their scruff as a guide to just move their body (gently). Make sure you support their weight if you do pick them up.


Your job is to parent the little dummy. Mama cats will hiss and pop the baby when they bite too hard, scratch too hard, play too hard, etc. Don't be afraid to hiss and give a little butt pop. Don't be afraid to yell "no!"


He’s really cute, love the sass in that second pic 😂


That means he's turning into his final form


Yup, like a goddamn kids, they are cute but become a jerk when they grow up


Cats can be jerks. It happens. We love them anyway


No, he’s Orange. They have weird personalities. Mine doesn’t like to be pet anymore (but loves to cuddle at night!) and he likes to lay in his cat hammock and stare at me disapprovingly. He also is very demanding. He’s a jerk, but he’s my jerk. You know?


Wait, that is a thing? I seriously had no idea color mattered... What color is cuddly?


I’m not sure, but mine is very cuddly, and I have had orange cats in the past that love to be pet, but all of them had fiesty, gregarious personalities. Like others have also stated, he’s probably also going through the teenager phase!


Nope, that's a cat lol if you want love and attention get a dog. Having a cat is like living with a small villain.


Do you have only 1 cat? I recommend getting a second kitten/cat; mine was always aggressively playful for 2-3 hours each day; until I got her a sister; now they both play with each other, zooming around the house and wrestling, and I never get attacked by them unless I initiate 'playtime' with them.


Aw- he's just misunderstood lol


Super cute! 100% Normal.


My kitty is 1 1/2 and refuses to cuddle anyone during the day, but at 4 in the morning she likes to meow in your face and sit on your stomach. Weird


This phase breaks most wannabe parents.


Yes. Around like 1.5-2 my two kits were complete aholes. Doing the opposite things they were taught, fighting. Then they just stopped one day all of a sudden lol


Nah, he's orange. They got that spirit in them. Just like redheads


She is so cute!


Don’t worry, they’re just acting out, it will go away after a little while. As for the scars on your hands, those are forever.


Remember cats need training too. If they do things like swat while you walk past or play too rough you need to put a stop to it and DONT encourage bad behaviour even if it’s cute.


Nope. This is the rest of your relationship. Strap in.


Yes. They get over it.


My 1.5y boys hang out with me when they're exhausted from exploring, but not on me. Last night the least cuddly one curled up near me on the couch and then stretched his paw to touch my foot and started purring. I am a puddle of goo. There is hope. ....but they have been jerks for a while now. They have tested every boundary as intelligent idiots do. We've found it useful to try to have basic commands that eventually hammer home: "off the table" when on table, counter, nightstand, works on all elevated surfaces they shouldn't be on "scoot your butt" get away from this area be it front door, hot oven, open window, basement door, my feet in boots, etc "drop it", "no scratch", "no bite" and the always useful "NO" using their first and middle names. I highly recommend having a middle name; there is really no other way to get the tone of voice just right. Otherwise you are negatively saying their name over and over and they just tune you out or get a negative association with their name. Oh gods, it takes a while to train sometimes, but they do settle down. Your jerk is freaking adorable.


Owner or an orange tabbie male. He has been neutered as soon as it was safe to do so (can't recall exactly the age, but around 6months maybe?). He was a fucking jerk for +1 year. He got A LOT better after he was +3yo but from 1 and a half-ish to 3-ish yo, he was seriously such a dick, lol. He's still a little shit now, but it doesn't compare to what he was a while back. All this to say, I've been through it. It's "normal", I think. Edit: Oh and what an handsome lil fella btw!


I'm learning from comments that orange cats are jerks. That explains mine 🤣


Too much orange. My orange boy is a total jerk but we couldn’t love him more.


Dang, I guess I really lucked out with Loki. He's been 10/10 chill since day one. In my experience, having had 9 kittens over the years, that almost all of them go through the terrible twos/naughty teenager stage. Kittens, just like human littles, like to test boundaries. I can't scroll through all of the comments right now so this may be a repeat suggestion, but Jackson Galaxy and The Kitten Lady YouTube channels have a lot of great advice for curbing naughty kitty behaviors.


My ginger cat is a real character. It might be an orange tabby thing. Mine is the sweetest snugglebug but if you love on him too much he bites. He also gets more play aggressive with the other cats and us if he doesn't get enough toy time. He's a year old. Needs a lot of mental stimulation!


Cats are sweet and little sociopaths/psychopaths and just plain assholes . I own a cat


He wants to hunt and you’re the only thing he can try to hunt 😂


Owww so cute😍


Cats are jerks. It's party of their charm. When they're not jerks they seem extra lovely cos they've just spent the whole day being jerks


I guess my sister won the cat lottery then. Her cat is so damn sweet and cuddly, its just not fair.


There's an inner jerk in there biding it's time. Even my sweet natured gorgeous 18 month old female cat who is all purrs and cuddles, well we have our mum's cat while she waits to be allowed to cross the border and my cat just very casually innocently blocks the doorway so mum's shy cat is trapped in one room. If my mum's cat follows her around, she will walk under the dog cos mum's cat is scared of the dog. Jerks. Sweet, cuddly, jerks.


Welcome to cats lol


That phase is "cat" lmao


Don’t call him that!! 😡


It’s a Ranga cat. They’re born to be a menace dude!


My kitten has started to climb our screen door recently and he’s 7 months😂😂 Hopefully they soon will calm down!


OMG he is Garfield!


He eats like Garfield. If it's on my plate, he wants some. Even veggies. It's weird.




Haha yes it will go away probably, my young cat is just over a year old and she’s just now mellowing out a little


He could also be a jerk. My guy is 13 now and has spent the last 12 years trying to be the boss. It was alright when it was just my wife and I, but he straight up bullies my kids. We've only given him love and he's responded by trying to be the alpha. He can be the sweetest guy unless he decides you jeopardize his spot at number 2 (because I'm the big cat) or if he feels like trying to take me down to be the big guy. It's hard, it can feel like he is Schizophrenic sometimes


It's not a phase It's a transformation.


He’s… so…. Floofy!!


Jackson Galaxy on youtube is the best resource on the planet imo


Why are his ears so small?! Is he an unusual breed?


Highland lynx. His ears are curled back just a bit at the tip. They look like devil horns when he swivels them. Which apparently is appropriate.


He’ll calm down once he’s fixed, my crazy guy went from 10 to about a 6. I can live with 6.


At least he’s a cute little jerk. His behavior will likely improve once he gets fixed.


Congrats you archived a jerk)


Play with him a lot. They have so much energy, and right now he is "supposed" to be learning how to hunt.


A few words of advice: When he starts getting crazy, ignore him. Also teach him the word “no”. Cats aren’t like dogs but they do understand boundaries, they’re just assholes about it. Lots of positive reinforcement when he’s on good behavior. Treats and lovey pets. Redirect high energy behavior (like attacking your limbs) with playing with a mouse or toy. Try to find him a toy that he can rabbit kick viciously. After intense play sessions, reward with a scoop of wet or dry food. This satiates their predator instincts and whenever my boy gets this routine he’s much more chill/snuggly after. Good luck! Although with age he will mellow out, do expect regular cat asshole-ness forever. They’re just crazy psychotic little beings and we love em for it. Congrats on your baby!


Lol "Temporary" look at that face! Little Hellcat


Nah, cats are jerks. But they’re the best. Get used to it lol


Yeah definitely, Mike it was the same way and honestly he still kind of a little bit of a dick LOL but yeah if he’s not neutered once you get him neutered he’ll chill out a bit and also making sure he gets a lot of playing time and making sure that you use toys to play with him and not your hand will definitely help


It can be! Buuuut some cats are just buttheads! I had a cat for 14 years got him at 8 weeks old and he was the most amazing cat ever! He loved to be held he loved to sleep on my pillow at night the cuddles was amazing he would wait by the front door every day for me to come home from work! I miss him so very much. I had him put down over a year ago due to his cancer coming back and his ibd was so so bad


Aww I'm so so sorry. I know how that feels. I have the exact same story but with a Labrador. That was one of the hardest things I've done. I still get upset about it and it was 3 years ago. Cancer sucks.


It definitely was very hard! I was pregnant with my second baby at the time so it was even worse on me! But he is still with me I have his ashes although I can’t cuddle him I feel better knowing he doesn’t hurt no more


Those ears! That cat is cute as can be….even as a jerk, I’d have a hard time being mad at him!


I just walk away and ignore them for a bit if they are being mean. Seems to have worked quite well for my 2 cats


My colleague has a dog currently in it's dog teen years and it is being very much a teen - moody, testing limits, but still a sweet puppy when it wants to be!


His ears are so.unique tho


Notice me love me Listen to me terrorized the house in the middle of the night while you lay in bed fearing for what I'm doing after getting up and checking for the 12th time. Ya its just a phase will pass in kittens.


No. He’s becoming a cat.


My 13 year old tired snuggle bug was an absolute menace to society when I got her at 1 years old she would literally fight us for our food climb the door frames, the curtains, us, every wand toy we bought her was DESTROYED in a day, she could LEAP and flip like I’ve never seen a cat leap and flip, shred house plants. Just an absolute psycho, she’s been the chillest laziest snuggle bug for probably almost 10 years now.


Just a cat


I noticed with my cat that they'll be a jerk around a year old, basically it's like a cat teenager.


Yes, most grow out of it


Heyyyyy an American bobtail! I have a Japanese bobtail. Very cool cats and they definitely have a unique personality.


I always think kittens are cute devils; cute, but devils…


Aren’t all Kids Jerks as they grow up..?


I had to get a second cat to help my first cat understand that claws and teeth hurt. She tamed down a lot after that and loves the constant companionship


same thing happened with my orange cat.


Yes. This to shall pass.


Nope, I just got a kitten and she’s 6 months now and she acts like she owns the place. I’m nervous for Christmas. It doesn’t help that she’s a tortie.


\*Kitty\* and \*Jerk\* are interchangeable terms. Aren't they??


yea thats how younger cats are


Redheads are worse in their terrible twos than any other cat. At least in my personal experience. Anyone else notice that with their ginger kitties?


Teenage kitty.


Orange cats are jerks, but in the best way possible. My orange boy is the jerkiest / sweetest cat I’ve ever had.


Sorry to inform you, it’s just the beginning! It will stay a jerk for the rest of its life. It will just get funnier with time, because your cat will get experience in it!


My black cat used to lay on his back and pull himself along using his claws on the couches. If your foot was in the way, that was a you problem. He does not do that anymore. Just takes a few years to chill out.


He has such small ears!


There’s a period of kittenhood where they’re like naughty Toddlers yes but try not to let them rip the ass cause then they’ll learn it’s okay. We ignored our little dude when he was being an asshole and moved him to his own toys and eventually he stopped being a bum


Oh, yes. God, yes. My kitten, turned into an annoying jerk. But now, a 1.5 years later she is so chill. Of course I got another kitten so now my first kitten gets to experience what everyone else had to.