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Do gunshots echo?


Yes. Though, gunshots that are close enough to worry about are usually loud and sharp enough that you might not notice the echo. Talking about being in the woods or even an urban environment. If you hear it and an echo then it's either not super close or there's lots of stuff between you and the source of the noise. Edit: this also applied to fireworks, so that's still bullshit. Fireworks usually aren't as loud as guns, though, so I GUESS you might register the echo from closer in? I can kind of see where they're coming from, but they're using one bit of advice ("should I worry about that gunshot?") in a completely unrelated situation ("fireworks or gun?")


Thanks! Here is to hoping that this information will never be relevant to me


I have a better point of view: if you hear a gunshot, you have not been shot


Unless you're been shot, in which case you've been shot


In most first world countries, you have a better than 80% chance of surviving a single handgun wound. This of course depends on where you were shot, but as a general statistic is pretty surprising.


In all but one first world country you have a better thsn 99% chance the moron next to you doesn't have a gun so . . .


What first world country is that?


Good point, former first world.


That's the spirit


I’ve *fired* a shotgun and heard the echoes coming back to me, although the shot is louder out front than for the shooter behind the gun. Shotguns may be slightly different to rifles though. I imagine it’s situational to the acoustics of the environment, much more than the source of the sound. Whatever, we’re all agreed that the claim that you can tell the difference in this way is bullshit!


> fireworks usually aren't loud as guns Haha tell that to the past me who was at the river side bar when dickhead McGee dropped one off the nearby bridge and blew branches off the tree that overhangs it. Fucking almost had a heart attack and shit my pants.


Don't people shoot people from really far away sometimes?


I’ve been close enough to fireworks to confirm that, when you’re close enough and they’re big, loud fireworks, you cannot hear the echo unless you’re searching for it. It can even be impossible to find an echo if they’re too low when they pop. At the end of the day, a bullet going off and a firework going off are essentially the same chemical exploding in the same external environment, so they’re gonna sound the same give or take to the untrained ear, even to the trained ear in many cases. Claiming that these sounds are different enough for a normal person to tell the difference is like saying “if a pear falls out a tree, it echoes, but an apple will not echo”. It’s just demonstrably false! Both will echo in an echoey environment, because that’s how sound works!


Yes, loudly. If you're shooting somewhere remote it's not hard to hear. Hunting mule deer is a good place to hear your shot echo, it bounces back from the surrounding mountains.


I was going to say, go to the mountains on the next peak across from a shooting range and tell me if it echos. Spoiler- it does


Do gunshots echo? Seriously?Clapping your hands will leave an echo. Why on gods green earth would a discharge of gunpowder capable of launching a lead projectile at supersonic speeds not leave an echo? EDIT: Never mind, Just got the joke.


Oh please excuse me, oh almighty echo expert, that I’ve never heard a gunshot in real life and was curious.


How is whether you ever heard a gunshot even relevant? An echo is a sound-wave traveling back from whatever it hits. So any sound-wave with enough energy will result in an echo. A hand-clap will do so, as will e.g. a whip-crack. Given the right acoustic conditions, even the human voice at normal speaking level will result in an echo of some sort. So why would you think that a high-energy sonic discharge, like a gun-shot, was somehow immune? Seriously, I'm not trying to be a d\*ck, nor am I trying to poke fun at you. But of course gun-shots echo. In the same way that I don't need to be told that the exhaust-gasses of a rocket are likely to be kind of on the warm side. I've never seen a rocket being launched in real life, but still.....


Maybe, maybe on a technical level every sound has an echo. Yes, some sound waves will travel back from whatever they hit. But my question was obvious meant practically speaking. If I clap there may be some waves traveling off the walls and my body but you can’t hear them. If I shoot a gun on an empty field, there is nothing (except my body) to bounce off of, hence I want to say that there isn’t an echo.


And how, pray tell, does the technical level differ from your practical speaking? It's not that 'some' sound-waves will travel back, they all will. It's not like some sound-waves get tired of the corporate rat-race and retired to California. And yes, if you fire a gun at a perfectly level field, you will never hear an echo. But that doesn't mean guns don't leave an echo, it just means that level fields aren't particularly conducive to echoes. I could bring on Manowar to that same field, and they wouldn't leave an echo either, despite them being the loudest rock-band ever.


All sounds echo. It doesn’t take and expert to realize it


Please do explain to me how a sound echos if there is nothing to echo off of. If I were to stand on a theoretical, very thin mountain and tell into the void, then nothing would echo.


Got me there. I guess I was referring to “nearly every realistic situation imaginable, including only a floor in a vast expanse, rather than impossible situations contrived to be pedantic”. I’ll try to be more clear in the future


No need to be snarky. Either I’m about to learn that I’m much more deaf than the rest of the population or 99% of sounds don’t produce a _hearable_ echo. Sure, some waves might bounce back technically but no one hears those. Y’all talking about all sounds producing an echo, as if it doesn’t take very specific circumstances for everyday sounds (voice, clapping, footsteps) to echo


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Hey! You're a fucking idiot


Right. A firework also would not echo in that situation, which is why the statement that fireworks echo and gunshots don't is bullshit. Certain circumstances have to exist for anything to echo. Sound waves can't just decide that they don't want to bounce off of buildings because they came from a gun, and sound waves also can't just decide that they *do* want to echo even if there's nothing to bounce off of because they came from a firework.


Yes they do. On new years one of my boyfriend's neighbors decided to empty three clips into the sky. They all echoed


Every single sound echoes and most of what you hear is an echo. Sound is a wave that bounces off every surface it hits and continues to bounce until it runs out of energy. It also does this at the speed of sound. For most of what you hear you are also hearing it echoing off every nearby surface at the same time.


Absolutely Source: live near sanctioned hunting grounds. Twice per year, every year, the sounds of war come echoing from the deep behind my backyard.


I grind up duck bills and put it in my gun powder to reduce the echo.


You need to get some gizzard in there if you want it *truly* silenced.


I just tell it ‘shush’ before I fire.


Every sound echos. Whether or not the human ear can distinguish the echo is the question.


This is good information. Here's another useful bit of info: If you drop an iPhone into a pond, it will create ripples, but if you drop an Android phone into a pond, there will be no ripples. So if you see someone drop a phone into water and wonder what kind of phone it was, just look for ripples. \*Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damages caused by sharing this wonderful piece of information that may or may not be completely made up and nonsensical.


Ah, but you forget that if you drop your Android phone into the pond, they can still track you via log-in, which obviously has a carrier-wave. And then they'll force me to submit to a vaccination which will do no good whatsoever, and yet the 'government' will be able to track me....... Or is that Apple? Aw crap, now I have to dump ALL my phones. /s


If a duck shoots you it does not echo.


Wasn't Echo a dolphin?




I’d say it was unclear whether he was a bunnyman, or merely hung around with bunnymen. Possibly the phrasing “Echo AND the bunnymen” implies that he wasn’t a bunnyman, otherwise it would just be “The Bunnymen” or “Echo and the fellow bunnymen”.


It makes my soul happy to know that you and a few others knew wtf I was talking about.


It's news to me that there is a type of sound that doesn't echo.


I have neighbors who are crazy and paranoid and they shoot their rifle into the woods around my house.they say they hear people in the wood,specifically our other neighbors


Tumblr moment, spouting bullshit because everyone is too lazy to use common sense or Google


Gunshots echo 100% Was playing catch with a football and had the alley streetlights shot out in a “drive by” and fell on me and my youth shelter roommate. That was so loud. It definitely echoed and was just annoying more than anything. Living in America is the greatest /s


i live in West Virginia: the front of my house faces a mountainside, and the back of my house has a small neighborhood and below that neighborhood is a hill that leads into a river which is next to another mountain. i’m surrounded by mountains and forests. lots of hunters. gunshots echo. shut up, quirky tumblr-ers


Gunshots sound nothing like fireworks


He’s thinking of a duck’s quack


I can having been both on a shooting range and at a fireworks show where the fire works did not burst at the correct height (I was pelted with a bit of shell shards) that both do echo. The big concussion fireworks definitely echo and if you are a bit too close they might just rattle your guts a bit.


Sometimes it's a violent regime firing into a crowd though