Roblox vs Capital One vs Microsoft SWE Intern

Roblox vs Capital One vs Microsoft SWE Intern


Roblox new grad TC is 250k, and its career progression in terms of pay and promotion timeline is significantly higher than Microsoft or C1. Culture doesn't seem much worse than Microsoft either. Seems like a pretty clear choice to me.


The thing preventing me from choosing Roblox is that a lot of their interns last year didn't receive return offers for full-time.


In that case MSFT


Yeah but once interning there, you can go anywhere else.


i think the same could be said for microsoft. the only thing that's questionable is getting a return offer from roblox, which generally is important if this is your last internship. this year, <50% interns got return offers. at microsoft, the number of interns doesn't exceed the number of full-time spots available (in fact, every team that has interns needs to have a full-time spot available for conversion if the intern performs well). at roblox, this isn't the case (this year there was a very high >90% manager approval rate, but a much lower offer rate) if you don't get a return offer, you need to re-recruit, which sucks ass (i had to do this bc i chose roblox over amazon). i don't recommend taking such a gamble when microsoft is a good company to work for. new grad interviews are 2-3x more interviews, and onsites normally take all day, which makes it a lot harder to get a full-time offer (seriously, don't underestimate the difficulty difference in getting a full-time offer vs an internship). if you weren't looking for a full-time offer though, I would definitely go with Roblox over Microsoft.


That TC is mainly stock appreciation from the IPO id imagine it has come down a bit


It was accounting for 0 appreciation. That was a genuine 250k


Definitely Not capital one


Why not? Genuine question don’t know much about it


Roblox and Microsoft pay much more for fulltime. C1 is at best below 150k TC


Yea I underestimated how much roblox and Microsoft pay wow


Low pay and not tech company


Uhh check levels it’s definitely not low pay


Compared to Microsoft and Roblox it is


Microsoft seems like the safest bet, but like others have said, roblox will probably net you the highest overall TC. Congrats on your offers regardless.


Choose Microsoft for easier full time conversion.


Roblox if you want to take a gamble for a higher TC, Microsoft if you want more security in terms of getting a full time offer. I would honestly go for Microsoft and then try for Roblox as a new grad. They seem to lean towards their new grad candidates more than intern conversion. And as for Capital One, you shouldn't even look at it, they don't really reward you in any real way for sticking around. They're also not a tech company no matter how hard they're trying to be one


Put this same poll on Blind and I guarantee it'll skew towards Roblox heavily.


Roblox by a mile


resume please?


If your goal is to maximize your chance of an extremely high TC as a new grad, go with Roblox. If you want a safe bet at a solid return offer, go with Microsoft. Just be mindful that if you choose Roblox, you're going to have to work extra hard this summer to secure a return offer as opposed to other companies.


People are trolling on this poll. Go to roblox. I worked at Microsoft and honestly it ain’t shit. Fb or G vs roblox is harder but roblox here is a no brainer