Salesforce vs Capital One

Salesforce vs Capital One


A lot of people are just gonna pick which one they prefer without reading what u said. Sounds like u enjoy Cap One a lot more so I would go with that. They are known to be good at teaching best practices and ramping up new grads :)


Yeah, I do like the amount of agency new grads have at C1, it’s just idrk what’s gonna look better on my resume in say a year from now


Sounds like Capital One is the much better choice … idk why people aren’t picking it


Does Salesforce not give you the remote option?


Recruiter told me that company is fully remote till 1/31 (my start date) but new grads should ideally come in for mentor ship and whatnot, he wasn’t super precise on the details but from my understanding there is no fully remote option for new grads


Hi OP, I’m interviewing with Salesforce rn, do you mind sharing the processes before the offer? Like how many rounds of interviews? Thank you!