How bad is it to withdraw after accepting an offer?

How bad is it to withdraw after accepting an offer?


At most companies you would probably be blacklisted from working there in the near future but honestly Amazon goes through so much churn that they won’t really care.


I don't see it being that big of a deal. Companies back out on employees all the time... why shouldn't employees be able to back out from companies?


I think for interns it's a different story because I haven't heard of any company that rescinds a signed offer when they find a better candidate


Finding a better candidate, maybe not... but I've seen plenty of signed offers rescinded after a background check, for example.


Have you asked for an extension on the deadline? I'm pretty sure you can expedite the interviewing process for the other companies too if you ask your recruiters.


As said, Amazon has a rule they don’t extend deadlines. But also, no amount of expediting can make a 2 weeks process fit in 4 days (at least not that I’ve heard, and I have asked recruiters.)


Some schools have student-protection policies that either require or strongly suggest that companies follow the school deadlines. My school has a deadline for November 1st and I was able to extend my Amazon offer, but a company I interned at last year didn’t honor it.


Amazon never extends deadlines, so their best bet is expediting the other companies


It depends on the company. I did that with amazon and they didn’t care, they even tried to get me to change seasons. A smaller company would probably dislike it because they actually have to work hard to find good people.


Not a big deal at all. Ive had this done to me and I’ve done it to other companies. No big deal.