how did you spend your first year CS salary?

how did you spend your first year CS salary?


Pay my parents' mortgage so they don't have to worry about money so much. They have no retirement savings :(. They sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I. If my Dad hadn't gotten that old 286 for us way back when I was 5, I never would have gotten into CS to begin with.


Your mom and pop are heroes 👏


Yeah, they are really great people. Gave us a good childhood, helped pay for business ideas, and in general just very supportive. Made sense to give back.




Yeah the one before 386


It was a microprocessor at the time. Specifically 80286. There should be a wiki article for it.


I'm a recent CS grad (last 5 years), and in our computer architecture and microprocessor courses we had to learn a decent bit about the 8086 and even writing MIPS programs. Was pretty tedious, but gave me a hell lot of appreciation for how easy it is to program with higher level languages like C++/Python.


Yeah, exactly! And of course for me, this was pre-windows operating system, so to do for anything I had to write scripts in dos. Really helped to prime my brain for just how you get around your computer in command line.


Handwriting assembly on x86 is especially hard because you only have 6 general purpose registers (ESP and EBP are already used for the stack), so you have to manually keep track of spilled variables.


This is my dream, but I have to work for 5 years :(


i lived a little bit larger. you know, updated my wardrobe, ate out a little more. but mostly invested in S&P 500


Ate out a little 👀


Paid off student loans. Took a vacation to Japan with friends. Built up a nest egg. Bought a lot of programming books. Bought a new coat. It gets very cold in NYC, if you don't have a good coat with a hood, it'll cut to the bone. All in all, good choices, I regret nothing.


You were able to pay off your loans after one year?


Yes, there were a few factors. * My parents helped me smooth over the cracks so I didn't need to take federal unsub loans. Around 2k per year. * I went to a state school with a decent CS program, well known in NYS, but somewhat not well known outside of it. (SUNY Stony Brook/Buffalo/Binghamton) In state tuition, and room and board, is very low in comparison to private unis. One of my friends went to NYU and their school costs were double mine. Factor in financial aid and it was quadruple or quintuple. With the way unsub loan interest worked it may go to 10x by the time you pay it off. My loans were ~20k, and that was on the high end in my friend circle. * Post graduation, I lived with my parents. My first job was in NYC so there was no reason to move out while I was still getting my bearings at work. Until I received my first paycheck I was a bit paranoid as well. * I'm more frugal than the typical millennial. I actually used to believe otherwise since I ate out every couple of weeks, but then I found out how many people in my age bracket have outstanding credit card debt...


Good for you man. You definitely killed it in terms of money management. I'm hoping I can pay mine off within 4 years of graduating. I've racked up quite a bit because of switching majors multiple times when I was younger due to undiagnosed ADD. Plus salaries up here in Canada aren't quite what they are down there


Thanks. You got this, just don't make any insane purchases and you'll be fine.


Pretty easy if you have a CS job… average entry level programming salary is $80,000 and average student loans is $30,000. After tax, you have $60,000 in disposable income. 50% savings rate put towards loans and you’re done in 1 year. If paying off student loans is your priority. OP probably gets paid above average salary and had below average loans


Yep. Basically, I was paranoid that I'd be fired at anytime and become a jobless junior in a tough market for juniors (again). So I made settling debts my priority. When I was searching for a job, I could feel my debt on my neck like an albatross.


I paid off my 30k student loans after my first paycheck lol. The sign on bonus was crazy.


wow japan




Paid off my student loans, paid rent/food/utilities, full money in ESPP and 401(K) and other random stuff, and mostly paid off a car (it was a base model Toyota Corolla). Very boring, but that was 21 years ago, and my current financial self thanks me every day.


I bought a hellcat. And saved the rest. No regrets


Dumbass me thought you meant the plane for a second lol


I thought he meant the tank lol


Faang salaries really are wild, my T72 gets terrible mileage but I never get stuck in traffic


Damn y’all are fun. I’ve never seen a CS kid in a hellcat.


This is what I’m talking about lol, my second week as a developer I went and bought a 392 challenger 😂


This is goals, would love a hellcat/C8 Corvette/ 2021 Supra


I was looking at a C8 Corvette as a first year dev but these shortages ugh


Hopefully that’ll be solved by the time I can finally make some really money lol. Crazy how much over MSRP they are/were going for


I personally dont think the Corvette pricing will get better, its an absolute masterpiece of a car for the price. Unless you end up custom ordering and wait a year and a half very slim chances of finding the trim you want for MSRP.


I bought a 3 year old WRX lol


your insane but you win!


here I am thinking how irresponsible I am spending $6k on a second car LOL


Hellcats are $70k how did you manage to get one first year???


24% APR type beat..jk but car loans


Wtf are you guys getting paid for junior salary!! Every other comment is about people buying houses or maxing their investments!!


I’d imagine it’s pretty simple. If you are single in a low cost of living area you should be able to do all of that if you are smart with your money. Say you make 65k a year, after taxes maybe 55k. Renting a room + utilities = $600/M so $7200/Annual, Food = $250Month so 3000/annual, all insurances = 300 month so 3600/annual, phone = 60 month so 720 annual, car = 400/month so 4800 annual. Then +|- 3k for whatever. This leaves you with about 33K, MAX Roth IRA contribution is $6k annual, now you have 27k to do whatever with.


I earn about 27k after tax and not accounting repayments of my student loan. Fuck me right.


Damn, what you do for a job?


Junior web app dev in UK


Well UK explains a lot, I don’t know why y’all make so little compared to the US


I spent most of it on booze, birds, and fast cars. I wasted the rest


Safe to assume you aren't referring to the kind of birds that have feathers?


They're quoting a Welsh footballer. Or no wait I think he was from northern Ireland. George Best.


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Yeah he meant chicks


Safe to assume you aren't referring to the type of chicks who have feathers?


and here I was thinking this dude bought like 20 parrots and parakeets


what i was looking for😂


>cars Cars, plural?


People on non US salaries --> 😭😥 Jesus do US devs really make thay much in the first year to afford these kinds of expenses?!


Thanks, I was looking for this... I'm from Eastern Europe and I'm like: Do I have any idea what I did with my salary? Like paid my bills and not ate any more instant ramen?


What is the average salary of a Junior Dev on Eastern Europe?


In the UK it’s in the low to mid 20s.


like $10k a year. yes, ten. however you can get raises every 6 months and some bonuses sprinkled in year round.


True. Also just paid the bills. Once my gf/now-wife started earning as well we made some nicer vacations but yeah... My first salary before taxes was 2650€/month. Ending up with about 1700 net. For reference, our current flat is about 1200€/month (not yet including energy, internet etc.). Back then we had a cheaper one though (still about 700). On the bright side there's no student loans and parents can survive on their state rent and medical expenses are no issue either.


Dude I was an intern 1.5 years ago and I'm now making \~$70k while working a flexible part-time schedule (still have one more semester of school). I definitely don't deserve the amount of money I'm making as I feel that I got super lucky, but.. yes. And that isn't exclusive to being a dev, just Tech/IT in general (Speaking as a sysadmin)


170k-200k+ USD for new grads at top tech companies in US


It's not just devs. Pretty much any "good" job in the US will pay a lot more than in the EU.


Built up a 6 month emergency fund, maxed out Roth IRA, started building up 401k, invested in a bunch of mutual funds and ETFs mainly, bought some real adult furniture, bought some real adult clothes.


same but instead of furniture I bought clothes and a laptop cause covid. tons of beer and food though... like so much food delivery... its not even funny for first time I ate pizza like it wasn't a luxury


That valuable life lesson that when things aren’t rare you stop appreciating them


We've been doing quite well (by our standards) in my household lately, and so we found this high-end-ish restaurant near us that does uber eats delivery. It costs like 2x-3x our regular takeouts but we decided to treat ourselves. The first time we did it we felt like we were in heaven, the best food I'd had in years. We got a bit overzealous and we ordered again the next week. It definitely lost its charm a little bit. Now we try to keep a buffer time between ordering from there, at least 3-4 weeks so that it still feels like a treat.


Yup. I love getting my nails done but it was always an occasional treat and now its like oh shit I could do this regularly. But that would make it feel less special.


Literally same, but lived at home with my parents to save on rent…


Oh I also lived with my parents during the height of the pandemic. Not so much to save rent, but it def helped with that emergency fund.


nice, rest and vest




Idk why down voted was funny




No shame brother, gotta take advantage of the Cs money we worked so hard for.


Wow, terrible, I'd hate for that to happen to me. Where? Where do these escorts exist?


Same here! Gotta spend smart


Cocaine and hookers


but you charge it as client entertainment on company card?


But it is client entertainment


Ah, the classic! https://youtu.be/btAbU1sPqIM


What a hero that guy is


Reminds me of Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio's lunch in the Wolf of Wall Street


Paid off credit card debt that I racked up paying for tuition my final year. Bought a car with cash. Went on a couple trips. Paid back my girlfriend (now wife) the money I owed her in rent my final year in school. Started paying student loans and saving for a house.


I’ve had a list of “goal” adult purchases for a few years (during school) that I’m going to buy, but in total that’ll probably be like $2k. New pots and pans, relatively humble espresso machine, new standing desk and chair that are better sized. I might buy a new gaming PC (maybe another $2k). Besides that I’m just going to max out my 401k to the match, throw some into my IRA, and maintain the emergency fund I already have. Very much a “treat myself humbly” goal lol


I'd recommend an eye doctor appointment added to that list. Uni really messed up my eyes and getting them checked was huge got me.


Omg, hugely relatable. I've also been procrastinating because of COVID, but now that my city is pretty safe it's just because I'm lazy (whoooops lol)


You ever hear of only fans


/u/brainer1000 Investing into Vanguard index funds, my 401(K), and my Roth IRA. Long-term investing for the win :-)


What index funds do you recommend? Been hearing a lot about VTWAX and VTSAX


/u/LostVoyagerr I don't recall the acronyms off the top of my head, but it's a Boglehead's 3-mix fund ( total U.S. stock market, total International stock market, total bond market, something real estate ). Seems like a good bag of asset class diversification.


How much you invest per month? What percentage of your TC?


/u/switching_j0bs Hi switching\_j0bs : I do not want to accidentally give you financial advice which may not do you well or is open to critique, but I highly recommend you read a book titled "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, authored by Jack C. Bogle". The rest will work out here :-).


Cool, yeah I actually wasn't looking for advice, just a data point to see how others are doing it. But thanks for the recommendation.


VTSAX (mutual fund) SPY or VTI (ETF) any of these will make your future bright. If you’re under 40 I wouldn’t worry about bonds. If you don’t care about learning about investment much just pick one and pile everything in there. You’re set.


Global All Cap :-)


Put a lot more than I should have into crypto. Bought lots of furniture and tech for my new apartment. Have been investing into index funds.


what kind of tech


Probably a robot girlfriend.


Robot Vacuum (Mova, would highly recommend this brand), Air Purifier that connects to wifi (automatically detects air quality and adjusts fan speed), 65 inch tv, Samsung Odyssey G9 (49 inch 1440p 240hz monitor (can only do 120hz from my laptop tho)), Logitech MX master keyboard and master 3 mouse, automatic soap dispensers and an HP Office jet Pro 9018e printer, TP Link Wifi 6 router.


This guy techs.


“Robot vacuum” riiiiiight


Sucks the stress right out of your day.


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Pro tip tape a fleshlight on the top of it


Do you have a dishwasher/dryer?




Show off


which automatic soap dispenser and air purifier do you have or rec? my wife would love those


Air Purifier: [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GKVS2N8/ref=ppx\_yo\_dt\_b\_search\_asin\_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GKVS2N8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Soap Dispenser: [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08J5MX16Q/ref=ppx\_yo\_dt\_b\_asin\_title\_o00\_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1](https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08J5MX16Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) ​ This is minor but I like that the soap dispenser charges via USB C. It does have a small led that that flashes light every few seconds. It can be a little annoying in a very dark room but overall would highly recommend.


Just got the G9 last week. It’s so sick


I've been investing a lot into crypto lately, seems to be a better deal than index funds and the whole crypto tech scene really cool and exciting. Learning a lot of things lately. Maybe in terms of ROI: Crypto > Stocks > Index funds = ETF = Mutual Funds


>Maybe in terms of ROI: Crypto > Stocks > Index fund This is working right now. People usually invest in index funds because it's easy to do, and is lower risk, especially over long periods of time. Getting consistent returns over long periods (10+ years) by picking specific stocks is pretty hard.


Incidentally, that's also the reverse order of risk.


Student loans, stocks, a fancy gym membership, canoe and shit ton of clothes/shoes, next on the list is a gpu (4 months in) 😂


~~Strippers~~ philanthropically helping young women go to college.


So it looks like most people here did the responsible thing. I'd say the first 6 months of my CS salary was completely burned after I maxed out my 401k. Last 6 months were a lot more tame. First 6 months I lived at home while on a faang bay area salary. I was 20 at the time and had no debt or anything to worry about. Just a biweekly sum of money to burn because I had no plans to save until I was 22 anyway. I bought myself a new workstation desktop with the most powerful parts available at the time. I got myself a bunch of bicycles. I got a sports car and paid for it in full. Invested in a bunch of etfs. I also have my company stocks that vested and kept those. I lived like a king... until I kinda got bored of it and wanted to grow up and move out. Last 6 months I've been paying rent living in an apartment, saving the remainder and spending half a grand month on non food living expenses and maintaining all the toys I got. I don't regret my first 6 months and realistically at 20 I didn't really have any commitments or anything and didn't really think about my future much. But I've found that the time I spend with others is a lot more fulfilling and I'd much rather do that. TLDR: bought a bunch of toys in the first 6 months and realized stuff doesn't make me happy so I moved out and started saving.


As someone who did all the reasonable stuff, the only reason there’s a lot of us in this thread is: we can’t wait to tell people what we did.


wait what? how were you already at FAANG at 20?




How are so many people making life changing salaries in their first year? It took me 3 to have anything more than bills and food. I'm 4 years in and still growing my emergency fund from 3 months to 6 months worth of expenses.


MongoDB LEAP call options


couple small vacations. but mostly stocks and maxing 401k. lil bit of crypto.


sounds cool. how's crypto going, idk a lot about it but i heard there's a bull market?


yea, on a run for the past week or so. btc just hit all time high again.... prolly drop 40% in a week 😉.


I stayed one night in the Hotel Ritz Paris even though I’m from Paris. Treat yourself bro!


How much did that cost ?


25k euros


That's close to what I earn in a year 🙈


Either you added a zero by accident or you really went all out. That's probably as much as you can reasonably spend on a night there, it isn't hard to get a room there for a week at that price.


He probably added a 0, lol. And its silly to pay the full price to stay there - people let their company pay / pay with points. Ive stayed in the ritz for 6 months and in the end its just a hotel, I would not pay their fees myself.


What the fuck


ha! best answer here


Just living. I make pennies (working at a small Japanese company)


put it in crypto thanks hungry skeleton vitalik


Paid off all my student loans and debt. Making 95k isn’t fun if you have 30k in debt


30k in debt isn't fun period. Congrats on paying it all off!!


30k pump those numbers up those are rookie numbers.


Most went to furniture and home decor. My gym membership also ate a significant chunk of it. I went to Disney & Universal for a week. I had my 401k maxed, but did not invest much. Year 2 I got smarter - I invested and started paying down my student loans. For me year 1 was a leap from growing up middle class to becoming upper class. I didn’t know the rules to excel at it yet. Income was a luxury, I did not see it as a tool. Year 2 for me was like, now that I have money how do I wield it?


Bought a brand new WRX. Maxed my Roth IRA. Contribute 20% to 401k. Buying crypto. Spend the money on things you enjoy responsibly.


I dropped every spare penny I had into my student loans. Then I totaled the car my parents were letting me borrow, and I had to start making car payments. Thankfully, this was all many years ago, and all those loans are long gone. The only money I’ve borrowed since was for my house, and that will be paid off in less than a year.


On a $3000 gaming laptop


Eating fast food more often , buy expensive running shoes , new pc, paying parents rent and helping them change the shower + bathtub.


Took a trip to Italy, put 10% in 401k, got an apartment in a high rise downtown, put the rest in bitcoin lol.


Looking forward to becoming a software developer after seeing these replies


Drugs ( not joking ). I spent basically 100k on drugs


What kind of drugs?


What is that 401k people keep talking about? I am not American so I don't know.


retirement savings account available through your employer...you can contribute up to $19.5k a year to it. typically an employer will offer some type of match based on a percentage of your salary. Usually about 4-6%.


Adding to that dude, it’s pre taxed money you get to invest into the market. So you also pay less taxes on your total comp


after reading these comments, I have not been maximizing my investments…my money literally just sitting in the bank…


just move it into SPY or something, thats what I do. I dont to anything with my money at least let it grow by 10% a year safely


So far I’ve been putting a ton more down on our mortgage (set to pay it off in 10 years instead of 25 now) , bought a ton of theatre tickets without gasping at the prices , bought a ton of stuff for remodeling , and we will use some of next year (I got hired in July so I’m counting it 😂) for our first trip to Disney oh and a CRAP TON of puzzles / video games / toys /board games….ok so my list sounds crazy but 😂 Edit : reading through others comments made me realize I didn’t add that I maxed both my and my husbands Roth’s out


Curious why you’re paying off your mortgage early? With interest rates so low, that money will typically do better on the market than paying off a mortgage early.


Couple reasons - A. I already do a decent amount in the market and have done well and poorly 😂 B. My income is completely “whatever I want to do” money so I’d prefer to cut down our month to month bills as much as I can . Funny you mention the market though cuz I’m sure next year I’ll do a lot more because after a year my boss pays for you to talk to a stock broker and all that jazz (idk I do everything myself right now)


Don't talk to a stock broker. The cost isn't in the up front cost, it's in their terrible advise in many situations. Any stock broker that advicing anything except a low cost (<0.5%) index fund is talking shit.


disney! congrats😂


Thanks! We have a 2 year old so we want to take her next year around Christmas time 😄 and to be fair I’ve only been once ever 😂


Bought a Tesla (I love the instant acceleration it’s like owning a personal roller coaster), maxing 401k, maxing Roth IRA, got a nice $2k 1b/1b apartment in Seattle area. I have no plans of buying a home until my TC x 4 can actually buy a single family home in Seattle.


I’m about halfway into my 4/5 months into my first year now. I’ve saved maybe 5k, bought a used car (I’m a huge car guy so that’s really an entertainment expense not trying to flex on people), I’ve moved into a more expensive rental, and I’ve bought lots of power tools (I do woodworking). The first couple months I blew a lot of my money on bars and restaurants because I was still living in my college town and had cheap rent, but I don’t go out as much anymore. I’m hoping to save 1,000 a month toward a down payment for a house/wedding costs. My gf and I have to be married to buy a house, but we have to spend like 10k to get married which pushes back the house timeline. Very stupid if you ask me!


Build myself my first gaming PC


I did not...


My car imploded a few months into the job and I needed a lot of dental work.


My first 3 months salary was only $65k/year, but I jumped to $90k/year after that. Since the switch I: * Am paying double the rent as I was before to move to a much nicer neighborhood. House is about the same level of niceness and the same size, but there's less gunshots. :) * Bought a new used car. \~ $20k. * Bought multiple household appliances we've been putting off for years. New air filter, vacuum, food processor, some pots and pans, probably buying a stand mixer soon. * Bought my fiance a guitar for Christmas and a sewing machine for her birthday. * We haven't actually done it yet, but we've put back money for a vacation. * Eaten out much more liberally than before. Like someone said in this thread already, pizza's no longer a luxury! * Not paying off student loans yet, but setting aside those payments in a savings account right now while we wait to see what happens. * Been buying tickets to events (music, sports, and the theater mostly) without it being a big deal. As someone who grew up poor, I feel like I'm living in luxury. We're saving a decent amount right now as well, but it's hard to get over that mindset of feeling guilty every time I spend money on non-necessities.


Student loans and a convertible, I didn’t really get a high salary though.


Student loans, new car, and new golf clubs so far


Which clubs? And how do you like them? I'm playing on Majek hybrids for seniors to replace all my irons because my swing speed is slow and lazy. I swing like it's Sunday and the ball flies like it's Friday night. Just picked up some 20+ yr old Orlimar Trimetals to replace my woods for the same reason. They're taking a little longer to get used to.


Bills. I havent been able to save a single cent my entire career and everyone else is having tons of fun


Paid off debt, moved to another city and bought a bigger house(Mortgage.) Then bought my parents a house with the money I got from my old house. Still the same cars, same clothes, same spouse and kids though. Also, torn my ACL a year before my CS job but had to wait till my insurance started to have a surgery.


Married here. Most went to bills, some saved, some spent on vacation.


Paid off my student loans in 6 months.




Paid off student loans, put money into savings. Kept living like I was in college. I worked in the middle of nowhere though.


Payed out all my students loan


Paid off half my student debt, paid off my used car, contributed quite a bit to my 401k. In the end I was left with just enough for bills and a little disposable income for myself. Looking back it was not very much (60k/year) but it was more than I’d have ever dreamed of making at the time. I felt like I was on top of the world lol.


Kept paying rent, put the rest into savings


Used my starting bonus to pay off my high interest Sallie Mae loan🥲


Still spending it. But so far, 401k, new leather jacket, new suit, new phone. Some nice Tea. New shoes. New boots. Probably going to save a lot of it for a down payment in the future. But in terms of fun things… I don’t have a lot that I need. Not a car guy.


I haven't graduated yet, but I have an offer and will start in September. Here's what I want to do: Help my parents cover the cost of my sister's education. They were kind enough to send me where I wanted to go, and I want to repay that and ensure my sister can go to the school of her choice. I love cars, and my current car has a few years left in it. I'm going to start saving up for a Tesla Model 3 which I'll purchase when my current car dies. My girlfriend and I are moving in together, and she is also going to be a software engineer making the same amount I am. If we put both of our rent budgets together, we can get a really nice place. For a bit less than that, we can save money and get a nice place. We want somewhere comfortable and nice where we can host people a lot. Can't wait to have our own place! We also like to travel a ton. Will be starting a travel fund. We're moving to Seattle, so I'll get some clothes that will let me run/hike in the rain. I'll build an emergency fund for a year's worth of basic expenses. Save and invest the rest! Just broke it down on my post tax income, and it definitely seems doable. This is very fun. Love planning for the future. I love seeing what everyone else is doing too!


Alot of pew pew


Well at 55k right now yearly. Low compared to what a lot of you make but the Midwest is the Midwest. Honestly it all goes to bills. Child support, student loans 25k ish, rent, utilities, etc. It actually doesn't even cover everything and might have to get a side gig. Remember youngins, wrap it before you tap it. 700+ a month is no joke for one kid in a previous relationship. Not too mention I'm happily remarried and have a 2 year old now too with some severe eczema issues that costs a pretty penny in meds each month. F in Chat boys, adulting sucks sometimes.


Bunch of hookers and cocaine


expensive rent in the city, nightlife, food and clothes also a nintendo switch i maybe used for 30 hours


I’m in my first year but I’m maxing my 401k as far as my employer can match, building a 6 month emergency fund, down payment savings account, and emergency fund savings account. I haven’t really changed my actual spending except that I don’t have to split the restaurant bill with my girlfriend anymore.


Real estate / stocks


Built a gaming PC and started a savings account


Mainly just bills, Netflix, and way too much fast food.


I am saving this post and I will comment mine when I get my first salary :)


On my first year Saving


Lmao I don’t even know but I certainly didn’t save any of it


Bought an air purifier, air fryer and a paper shredder


buying groceries, paying rent, paying bills... happy to have a job after graduating during the crash of 2008


Got a dog and bought a luxury car. Invested and saved the rest.


Half to rent, a fourth to debt, and a fourth to bills / savings. Not in big FAMANG, so my salary is more tight budgeted.


i’ve spent literally nothing out of the necessary. Rent: $1500(includes cable and internet). Car: 260 + Insurance:90 a month. Food: 500ish (I eat out a lot) Save the rest or send to family if they need it. I only have a bed a couch and a desk in my apartment. I’m not good at decorating and don’t see the point in buying new clothes and stuff.


Still looking for my first opportunity but honestly-- people always talk about golden handcuffs but there's a specific quality of life that I'm aiming for, where I'm spending 2-3k on rent at a medium-nice place (live in nyc), and eating out maybe twice a week on nice dates for whoever I'm seeing, and have a tesla (just to lean into the cliche tech bro aesthetic). Outside of those things, I've been poor for most of my life, so I don't really have any desire for an extravagant or extra showy lifestyle, so after that car payment and rent it'll likely all go towards retirement. To get there though I'm gonna focus down my loans/old car payment/credit card debt (only 5k, way less than some of you guys in his thread holy shit). Hopefully I can get that done within the first two years!


On rent and food.