I suggested it to my therapist and psychiatrist, who then did the official DSM questionnaire and diagnosis. And not gonna lie, it pisses me off that I had to be the one to find this disorder by googling my symptoms. I’ve been with both my providers almost a year and the idea of this never even crossed their minds. I’ve had other therapist in the past question the possibility for BP2 and rule that out and the fact that they didn’t then go.. hmm perhaps it’s cyclothymia then makes me mad- I could have been treated so long ago vs just the past couple months. I know this is anxiety and anger talking and it’s not really anyone else’s fault but I do feel it’s another failure of the care I’ve had my whole life which has been subpar. Then I start spiraling thinking about the whole point of healthcare in the US and probably the world, and I start getting mad at systemic issues that I can’t change. But also there’s so little info about cyclothymia. I have yet to find a therapist who actually knows much about it (im staying with mine but I’ve been searching for another who actually knows anything about it). There’s barely any studies done and the one specialist who wrote the Cyclothymia workbook died and I keep thinking, took what could have been years more of work letting others know about this with her when she passed. So long answer to your question but TLDR: find a therapist to suggest this to and they’ll test and diagnose you (even better, find a psychiatrist who can actually prescribe the meds you’d need).


My experience with cyclothymia is exactly what you described. I have a family history of bi polar, and my manifestation is not nearly as severe as theirs, so I kind of wrote off the idea of a mood disorder and just thought this was normal. I finally mentioned it to my doctor, and when she heard the family history, she immediately thought I had bi polar, but referred me to a psychiatrist for a second opinion. The psychiatrist diagnosed me with cyclothymia, and validated that what I have is not normal, and just as real or a diagnosis as bi polar. I started medication, which took awhile to stabilize but now 6 months later I can really tell a difference, and would highly recommend seeking help!


I would definitely recommend tracking your symptoms. There is a condition that is a severe form of pms called pmdd. It caused one to two weeks of low mood, irritability, low self esteem, anxiety and physical symptoms. More symptoms as well. Depending on the person either some days before or right when you get your period it puts you in a good mood. You feel the fog lift and feel like a completely different person. Energy levels come back. I also am in a place where I question if I have Cyclothymia because I experience similar symptoms. It became more of an issue when it was happening outside my cycle and I don't get a period for 6montbs. I wasnt just a wind of energy that felt good. It's been racing thoughts I can't keep up with. I feel on top of the world and like I can do anything. I wouldn't be worried but I struggle with severe fatigue so it's very unlike me to feel that way. I used to question it because I wasn't impulsive or had huge highs. For me just felt like someone who got a wind of energy. Now it feels like toxic energy, i start to feel paranoid that people are watching or following me. I feel like I can't keep up. I talk faster and get all these ideas. I want to speed which I don't. I want to spend money. I think the question is it affecting your life in any way? For me my symptoms started to become scary. I'm waiting because my symptoms don't fit the criteria. I tend to have really short episodes. I also don't have the money right now but I hope to do more research. Another thing I'd get your hormones tested, your thyroid, and basic labs done. Rule those out first. Pmdd isnt a hormonal imbalance but a sensitivey to the shift in hormones. The only way is to track your symptoms for at least 3to 6 months. There are some good mood trackers online I use called emoods. I really like it. It's hard but really make sure you track everyday. Maybe set an alarm. Hope you find clarity and answers


For myself, I see it as inborn temperment and being raised by people who were raised in families with lots of untreated mental illness which lead to irregular attachment. These irregular attachment styles are the root of my ability to attach or not attach to the world and my sense of energy.