Times have changed man...

Times have changed man...


ello mate. Just drinking me tea and crumpets. If you think this here meme is absolutely bonkers, go ahead and upvote it. If this meme is a tosser, downvote it.


*laughs in captainsparklez*


Gotta miss filthy frank.


Joji was a nice transition to the late teens stage of my life, so it wasn't so bad




New album coming soon


Joji is doing pretty good, his current career has a chance of having a way longer legacy than whatever he was doing on YouTube


well he achieved eternal legacy of filthy frank and pink guy, he retired at the top


And now he’s on the top in another field




11.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify; I'd say that's the top.


Impossible. Filthy Franku legacy cannot be matched.


Honestly, papa franku pulled the plugg just before the shit hit the fan. His channel would've been fucked over twice by the current youtube. Maxmofo said it himself, he got out at the perfect time.


Not even current youtube, I feel like a lot of what he did would have been torn up by media and the news now. Even before whenever it would make the news they didn't have nice things to say, but I feel like he was one bad meme away from a school shooter making a filthy frank reference and shit hitting the fan. ​ Edited after a second thought: I'm not really saying that our media system is cucked (Though it kinda is?), but the kind of shit you say as a popular youtuber gets scrutinized a lot more it seems in this Post-Filthy-Frank world. Look at the Paul's and other youtubers, some of them hit mainstream TV during slow periods or get blown the fuck up on Twitter. All Filthy Frank had to deal with was people getting mad on Tumblr.




I wish he brought back the hunger games series


Cries in popularmmos


Bruh popularmmos was the first mc youtuber I discovered


He still pulls around 400k views per video.. I think he’s doing relatively well considering he’s only been stuck doing Minecraft


I looked at his videos and I see no difference it I thought I was watching videos that were years old but no. He literally changed nothing


he and jen got a divorce


Thank god he's still here


I love the fact that his YouTube name came from him losing a bet to a friend or something along those lines.


I haven't seen any of his vids since I was like 13 or so but I remember that it was extra funny since his previous name was "PROSDONTTALKSHIT" which is a bit of a contrast.


*cries in ihascupquake*


*rip stampylongnose*


Wait what happened? I thought his channel was still going decently strong


L for Lee, one of his best buddies underwent some controversy and therefore he left. People speculate that him leaving caused many kids to leave Stampy as Lee was quite a popular person.. There were also many other reasons but this one was the most impactful


I thought Lee left because he broke up with his gf and he was going through a tough time with depression.


You should maybe look up what he did


He had some sexual assault cases against minors right? Damn bro, never thought he’d be that person. Especially since he’s the one who delivered stampy’s cake


He wasn't actually convicted tho but was accused and left stampy so he wouldn't tarnish his rep


Didnt all those charges against lee end up being complete bogus though? Stampy continued his series for a long time, but at some point he just didnt enjoy making that same content anymore im fairly sure, which is one of the reasons he stopped. EDIT: He hasnt stopped, he just uploads less frequently.


He stopped his lovely world series almost 2 years ago, and 5 years ago l for lee left after underaged sexual assault allegations. After that, views tanked. over the past month though he has been doing "relearning minecraft" streams which have done much better than his last 2 years of content only hitting 10k views at most.


He didn’t stop doing it 2 years ago. He just doesn’t do them as often as times change


[Here’s ](https://youtu.be/CcFPcUj-Ivo) a good explanation. I promise it’s not a rickroll


this made me shed a tear




Been watching Cr1tikal since 2012; feels good to see his increased popularity lately.


Penguin0/cr1tikal? I just recently started watching him so yeah


Highly recommend his "the real" series. His older vids are the shit since I personally don't care as much for streaming clips and shit but I still watch it sometimes.


I actually stared watching him like 1 or 2 months ago. I like his commetary mostly. His review of that cringe ass tik tok hospital is also funny


So much of his channel is just criticizing dumb shit and it’s entertaining af


But he's pretty big on YouTube right? I don't watch his streams but I always love his videos


My boys Ryan Higa and Matthew Santoro... never gained another 1M sub for the last 5 years


Nigahiga have been basically just podcast and dear Ryan right? I think his loss of traction is probably due to running out of ideas


Yeah, and people (like myself) subscribed to him for his unique take on topics and issues. He's arguably the most creative and wittiest YouTuber out there. There's been a few things that happened in his channel (him launching his own energy drink, one of his crewmates were involved in a very malicious activity, and I think he's going through a mid-life crisis). His podcasts and Twitch streams just don't don't appeal to me as much as his Dear Ryan vids


What malicious activity?


Paco, a new guy. Ryan commented about it on a Twitch stream and that's when I started to do some digging as it's been a few years since I last opened an RHPC video. Basically, he sexted with a girl who I think just broke up with her BF, and then they had consensual sex, to which the girl completely regretted doing afterwards. I didn't really follow with the drama, but everything's discussed in both the girl and Paco's twitter accounts.


Most of his videos are of high quality and he spends a lot of time on them and deserves more attention, imo. But yeah, lately he hasn't uploaded as much. However I did see him livestream minecraft on twitch last week or something.


Its not that he ran out of ideas, it's that he kinda started to hate it


He actually said that he was forcing vids and that he shouldn’t be doing that so he only does a little bit when he does they are great.


He takes a long time (1-2 months) to make his videos, but YouTube promotes frequent uploaders so his channel disappeared off YouTube recommendations and he lost views.


Ryan Higa was easily one of the best original content creators out there. It is such a shame that he wasn't able to sustain it, but I understand him not wanting to force content as well. His "How to" videos genuinely made/make me laugh so hard.


I’ve always wondered what happened to Ryan. Haven’t seen his stuff in so many years.


He's pretty much quit youtube and streams on Twitch now


pewdiepie laughs with his new 9year old army




People change and adapt bro. They can't just stay edgy forever especially now that YouTube got wayyy stricter than before. It's either you quit like Frank or go with the flow like Felix. I miss his 2016 persona too but oh well floor gang ouh I guess






ah shit here we go again


What a fucking ni-


ce guy


you just grew up, just like i did. I still watch his recommended videos sometimes, his early minecraft episodes were interesting. Overall though, his humour is something i no longer love so much


You stopped watching them. Every view matters.


Their channels didn't grow old, we grew up


Redness then darkness then whiteness. Da da do do do do do do dooo suuubsceiiibe!


m a n i miss tobuscus happy wheels


A tear just rolled down my cheek.


He still makes videos just dosen't get many viewers since the bs.


Makes alot more on Twitch though. So atleast he's doing what he loves


I immediately thought of him.. I can't watch his new videos anymore.. they aren't the same..


Ever since the fake allegations he’s seemed a little colder which is sad


Did anything ever happen with his sexual assualt allegations? I remember years back there were tons of rumors about that and girls coming forward


Pretty sure it all came out to be false allegations but the damage was already done.


That's honestly so sad to me. You know what's more destructive than a nuclear bomb? Words.


He was super duper talented.


Going and watching Bajancanadian nowadays makes me so depressed. Mitch's content has hardly changed and he's the same awesome dude but it's clear his audience has moved on and grown up


I honestly wish he diversified, he had a great personality and great jokes but he never diversified into other games or other content.




He is such an awesome dude tbh. He defo has the potential to move to other games and still be popular. He just never made the switch Edit: it’s good to see so many Bajan fans. He really was the shit back in the day!


rip pretty much any let's play channel other than jacksepticeye markiplier or dantdm


I feel good for DanTDM. he has a good career/ channel, and a son now. he could probably retire soon if he didn't love his fans so much. he still gets millions of views. I've been watching him since the old mod review days.


And he’s still trying! It’s great. He made a movie, did like performances, is still uploading, and is most importantly being a good person. He made a vid addressing the blm movement and HE BLURS OUT HIS SONS FACE OUT OF RESPECT FOR HIM. I had to capitalize that because it was so selfless and food


I love watching DanTDM. I have membership. Why simp over twitch thots when you can support someone who helped make your childhood.


I too have been watching him since then and I think the reason his channel is still relevant is his ability to change his content. When minecraft faded into irrelevance instead of playing a then dying game, Dan played different games, and now that minecraft is popular again, he has returned to what his channel originally was: a minecraft channel. He's smarter than people like stampy anyway.




What’s wrong with popularmmos?


He and Jen had a divorce around a year ago.


Yeah Jen wanted kids and he didn’t and they dicorced and it’s sad


They’re still on good terms atleast




I feel like they don't have the same energy they used to have a few years ago though. Before, Patt actually sounded excited to his videos, now he just sounds, dull


He was always a bit mellow


That's why you should always talk these things out before getting married


They did and said it wouldn’t be a big deal. That’s what they said in their vid at least


He still gets views


Their videos just aren’t that good anymore


Probably because you're more mature now




Maybe. I could still watch lucky block races for hours tho


ExplodingTNT anyone?


I haven't heard that name in years


Now that's a name I've not heard in a long, long time


Lmao i remember writing in the comments "when i get a computer i want to be in your videos" but now that i have one... well I've grown up


I miss Nanner’s content. I’ve seen him play with Hutch and a few others on Warzone but... I miss all the happiness he spread.


I feel bad for Seananners. He invented/pioneered gaming on YouTube and was quickly surpassed by some of the people he inspired. It was sad to see him plateauing for so long while others kept rising. A true hero. I guess I dont feel too bad though. He left on a good note and I think he believed it was time to advance his career, and move on to something else. I know he started investing in real estate, I dont think he ever wanted to keep doing youtube forever.


What happened to him I always loved his old videos and he was One if the first YouTubers that i could not stop watching and after looking into it a little i just guessed it was adapocalypse from him stop posting his 3 minute wonder videos was that it or was it something else


The hidden:source content was absolutely wonderful. Nanners always seemed like he was having a blast playing anything.


I still remember one of his black ops videos where he was wishing people a happy Thanksgiving.


Cries in smosh and ryanhiga


Smosh get over 5k views, they just, aren’t good anymore


Is Ian even there anymore? Seems to primarily use the blonde dude now


Ethoslab gang


Etho still pulls ~300-400k views these days. I’m glad to see he’s still doing well for playing mainly one game for so long. He’s almost on Episode 550 of his Let’s Play series


And he joined Hermitcraft which brings in a whole new community


Yeah I was kinda surprised to see those videos getting the higher view counts but makes sense


He did season 3, 4, 5 but skipped 6 and joined for 7 which is probably a factor to those vids getting more viewers. His content has been consistently good ever since he started tho


Nah man, he's still about as strong as ever. The rest of the old Mindcrack crew though...


I miss Etho and Bdubs spending months making cool maps just for the server to reset


RIP any channel that did funny videos with Gmod


The Yogscast did and still do to some extent. Not as popular as they once we're, but still pull upwards of 300k views


I'm glad the Yogs have stuck around, even if some of the community is tired of the GMod. Twitch seems to be their focus now. The main channel has survived really well for a channel so old, but lot of the individual creator's channels have nearly died.


Vanossgaming seems to be doing well for himself but man i cant watch his stuff anymore. Ive just fallen out of it. When i was younger his shit was god like to me. Was also one of the first youtube channels i ever watched.


i ounce searched up a youtuber i used to really like as a kid turns out hes a pedophile true story lol




Shane dawson


He likes underage cats too?


Laughs in markiplier


But we miss old Mark. New Mark is just as good but is just different. Long live Markimoo!


Old mark is really good


He really is. I think my favorite Mark is 2018 Mark


I've seen the opposite happen... The guy went on a hiatus for marriage and religion purposes, nothing happened much, he said he became a Christian, everything was alright. I would say that if he wasn't making fortnite vids day in and day out, he exploded for some reason, from 8 million to 10 million... I was pissed. I thought he cared about the older fans, he had so many ads it was un-enjoyable, he doesn't play with his older pals anymore it's a mixture of different games mostly Minecraft and fortnite, he doesn't look the same or sound the same, he puts Soo many ads and looks and act like a scumbag, now whenever I want to look at some nostalgic vids I go to the first Minecraft YouTuber I saw... Edit: I'm surprised a lot of you know who I'm talking about, the first mc YouTuber I saw still has all of his YouTube vids which I'm glad about. The youtuber is skydoesminecraft, oh man the herobrines mansion brings back happy memories when machina was still a thing


Ssundee, right? Didn’t he go on a long hiatus and come back looking like a poorly copy pasted Ali-a?




Ssundee disappointed you as well I see....


I do miss the old personality, oh so very much, my heart aches


Hey chuggaconroy is still going strong today. Also his pokemon mystery dungeon series as of writing is super good


I never stopped watching chugga, hell he's playing in the background right right now.


Always had been


They do Fortnite videos now Big sad




Rip chimneyswift11


Where were you when you came out to the Minecraft files for the last time 😢


Rip Fpsrussia


That is a whole controversy. You can find Kyle talking about his prison time in clips of PKA.


Feel bad for skydoesminecraft


I feel so genuinely bad for him. Friend was a pedo, other friends backstabbed him, his girlfriend was the worst, and having his baby kept from him. At least he seems happy now. I enjoyed his nostalgia craft videos though.


Yea and hearing the keemstar interveiw felt really depressing


Yea, the guy really deserves to be at peace. It also didn’t help that he got caught up in drama with KSI.


Paulsoaresjr :(


The man who got me into Minecraft. I came looking for this response.


I miss cobanermani456 or something


Hes been gone for 2 years i think


That or they changed and their channel is unrecognizable




I miss watching Antvenom. He was one of my favorite Minecraft youtubers out there. He still makes videos, but I really miss his old days. F to him


Hey guys! AntVenom here, and welcome back to another Minecraft video


KYR SP33DY dude used to get millions of views :( his Black Ops 2 videos were the best


RIP Slamacow for no posting


Ok so just so you know he is making these farmer in the sky videos for the composer of PvZ 1 which are non Minecraft animated videos for her game rakuen


i miss you papa frank


Lol DanTDM IS STILL GOING STRONG HE IS THE BEST!! Been watching him since I was 11 I’m 17 now lol


I’ve been watching since 2014 when he did mod showcases, those were the days


Yea, I miss Dr. Trayaurus ;-;


I miss Ian and Anthony




RIP to Sethbling's channel. This man is the entire reason I'm good at computer programming, my first coding language was Minecraft Commands which I learned from watching him. He'll always be my #1 youtuber even though he hasn't touched minecraft in over a year


Rhett and Link are still killing it though.


they're very strategic.. They're not afraid to change things up but still keep the heart of what they do in tact.


Cries in Nerd3


Being subbed to Dan for years now has been a rollercoaster through all the rebrands and such. But this newest era, I guess we can call it "post-Patreon" has been the best stuff in a while


Forrestfire101 and Pizzamovies, you will be missed but not forgotten.


RIP Minecraft youtubers


RIP Pat and Jen's marriage, though I respect their decision :(


Jerry and harry have entered the clickbait area while being build battle sweats. Stampy is making videos, but is no longer popular. Ibalisticsquid is very weak Skydoesminecraft is even weaker than stampy with getting views. Dantdm is still going strong. Explodingtnt quit one year ago. Pinksheep is somehow alive, however has moved to roblox. Popularmmos is still strong. Captainsparklez will never unalive. Unspeakable (does he count as a classic youtuber, idk? Maybe?) feels like morgz. Jelly is going pretty well. Jerome is as weak as stampy and similar to popularmmos. Paulsoaresjr needs help. And i think thats it. There is a lot of content left to watch.


Mattshea has amazing eyebrows


Can we get stampy another million view video? Remember Dan? PopularMMOs? Still surprised CaptinSparklez is still relevant, but he is pretty good Edit: I know Dan still gets a million views, I meant to say can stampy get it. But do you remember Dan and PopularMMOs. sorry /:


Epicrapbattlesofhistory :(


Their 2 most recent videos got 15,000,000 and 23,000,000 respectively. I'd say that's pretty damn good!


They’re still kinda around, they just take longer to make videos since they put so much into production


I miss Tobuscus.


sometime it's also because they are not the same anymore, just like SMOSH, they just feel not the same anymore.


RIP Epic Meal Time, I'll always be absolutely disgusted by your eating. Rest easy my boys


How about all videos private except for two poetry slams and some political ones. And a 3 year old video about "big plans to return"


Man called ssohpkc. I followed all the creatures but he was my favorite. Uploaded a game play every day. Was always really funny and had great content. Every once in awhile he would take a break. But then as time went on they became more frequent until one day he just disappeared. Eventually he came back and ended one of his videos saying he would be posting soon but never came back. Everything with him has gone dark. No social media nothing. Even his girlfriend went dark. I check his channels every once in awhile but it doesn’t update. I miss him.


He’s been uploading again recently.


Well, they can become stale after a while


I feel like rooster teeth's going down this path recently.


theRadBrad is still going strong and I love it.




I miss blitzwinger.


I feel Vanossgaming is going in that direction. At least he’s got his music career now.


I miss Lewis and Simon, originally BlueXephos then they changed their name to Yogscast, those were the good old days


batman9502, his paper mario series made my younger days so much better


Just get the guy some Molk Josh!


My boy Etho still pulling strong


Stampy long nose


Kinda sad to see no Yamimash on here. RIP Yami.