If you really like her and want to continue then tell her. You should decide whether to be direct or whether you want to be abit more subtle and tell her how you like to be kissed and hope she gets the hint. If you are not that bothered or have got the ick following the bad kiss then just dead it, say you’re not feeling the spark or the kiss lacked chemistry for you and leave it.


give it some time, first kisses are never perfect. Next time you kiss, try to slow it down on your end and she might get the hint to slow it down as well. You use your tongue and maybe she’ll follow. If the issue persists, you may just have to talk to her about it. It is highly likely that that kind of talk can hit a nerve, but just make sure you affirm how much you like her, tell her some kissing techniques you like, ask what she likes, and then have fun finding out what works!


Teach her how you want to kiss.