Doordash canceled the order just because of a shake

Doordash canceled the order just because of a shake


Generally, I wouldn't contact support on something like that. If it's missing just one thing like that just ask the customer, see if they want a drink or something as a replacement. If they don't answer just complete the order and you have record of letting them know it was unavailable. I'm surprised support cancelled it because if that to be honest.


I typically would contact the customer but the employees weren't telling me what I could substitute it with. The Five Guys near me has some really rough employees 😅


Plus at $5 a shake ain't no 1.99 pop gonna cut it.


Some restaurants in the contract they have with doordash it says no editing of order and they have to cancel it. Customer can reorder without the missing item. Not sure the rationale on that but it's a time waster for everyone


The customer can decide what happens when something is out. It will give them the option when they order to say “cancel the order if item is unavailable.” Most likely what happened