Question for you drivers, do you guys double check the order and make sure everything is included before leaving or do you just grab and walk?

Question for you drivers, do you guys double check the order and make sure everything is included before leaving or do you just grab and walk?


Drinks are obvious. Anything that’s not, I’m taking what they give me and leaving


i dont because they close the bags and im pretty sure i can get in trouble for messing with it


I always check for drinks. Anything else is the restaurant's business.


I check to the best of my ability where I can but places that close it up I have to just trust it. I never open boxes because that’s nasty. Pay attention to the order listed on your phone and if it looks and feels right just go




I rarely do food orders anymore


I sort of check. I check the app to see if the order has drinks, salads, or deserts because they might be on the side or in a second bag. If a receipt with order details is attached to the bag I look it over to see if it matches the app and that the bag is the appropriate size and appears to contain the right number of items. I don’t rummage through the bags or anything and check each item.


I don't check inside the bag, but sometimes I'll ask the worker if everything is in there, particularly if the order asks for easily-missed items like sauces or whatever. That way, I don't break DoorDash's standard of keeping bags sealed, and I have something as a short response and direction in case the customer isn't happy with something the restaurant didn't do.




drinks only - same places forget the drinks.


We are all forgetting, there a couple of long standing issues with drinks. There are a lot of new drivers out there as well. Checking the itemized list is a no brainer. But within those itemized lists, some restaurants don't specifically list the drink. I had a proprietor tell me the other day after asking what specific soda the customer was wanting, that I should check my list. It literally just said soft drink. In Taco Bell orders, that drink is somewhere in that long list of mods. In Wendy's, Burger King, etc, a drink will be present with Combo's. In other places, no drink comes with combos. Papa Johns, you need to read the stickers on the pizza box if it is even readable. Sometimes the label doesn't print like it should. I can't tell you how many liter sodas I've caught. And in others, such as merchant orders, there is no itemized list at all. Requiring you to read the receipt and checking there, if a receipt is included at all. Some restaurants will refuse your request for a receipt. Checking a receipt should be done on every order anyways, but for new drivers, this isn't necessarily a practice yet developed. Then on top of that is the driver, whom may also find later, a drink in therir cupholder, in which was forgotten. As far as food, it is absolutely unsanitary to go thru someone's bag. All we can do is read our itemized list if present, compare that to the receipt, and count items and compare at best with a see thru bag, paper we cannot, sealed, we cannot.


Fuck no, I just grab the food and leave. My ratings are good.