Not sure if you ever got this working but I came across this I'm assuming your hi-hat works correctly when using it just with the DM10 itself and your issue is only within garageband recognizing the hi-hat controller pedal. Keep in mind that garageband does not recognize midi CC#4 which is common for hi-hat control (and which the DM10 is default set-up for). You will need to change the hi-hat controller code to note only. To do this press the UTILITY button and then press F3 (TRIG). Highlight the option "HiHat". Using the value dial, spin it to change the NOTE+CC#4 to just NOTE ONLY. Be sure to press the store button and F1 to save the configuration on the DM10. I hope that fixes the issue. Again, welcome to the forum. I'm having an issue where my hi hat doesn't register at all in GarageBand on my Alesis edrum


hey thank you for this reply!! This was the exact solution to the issue. I’ve been using logic with no issues but i was always curious what was going on with the hi-hat in garageband.


I'm having the same issue :(


ah that’s weird, let me know if ya figure anything out