[PC] WoW Refugee joining ESO

[PC] WoW Refugee joining ESO


Why did you stop ESO 3 years ago? I am also a WOW refugee and I never gave ESO a chance despite playing almost every other Elder Scrolls single player RPG and Fallout single player RPG.


To be completely honest I never really played it. Maybe 10-20 levels and went back to wow because I was still enjoying it back then. It was more of me not giving eso a chance due to wow being my game at the time


I can relate. This was me and every other video game of the time between 2008 and 2013.


Addiction is a helluva drug


That reminds me of a quote from pure pwnage when Jeremy gets addicted to WoW: "you have to balance your time playing the game and your time thinking about playing the game".


I did the same. Came over from wow about 3 years ago. Played for a few days. Uninstalled. Went back to to wow for a month and then just quit altogether. I came back last winter. Leveled up a couple classes. It’s so much fun. For a new player. I would suggest picking a zone. Do the whole story and take your time. It’s not wow where you need to power level. That all the quests are junk fetch quests. All of eso is voice acted. They are really incredible.


Seriously play through in [order](https://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/jb09k5/ever_wondered_whats_the_right_order_of_all_the/), I am glad I mostly did.


I didn’t have this chart the first time through sadly. But this looks like a great idea to use for an alt. Appreciate it!


Do that with your main. Then you'll never have to do it again. It's freaking looonnngggg. And you can buy full skill lines and skyshards for your Alt accounts once you've completed them with your main account.


But it costs a huge amount of crowns to buy the skills and shards.


Yeah but eventually you'll make a lot of gold and you can trade good for crowns (items in the crown store) there's players who buy crowns with the specific reason to sell to players for gold. I play on PS I know it's 100-1 (I think it's more in PC) which sounds like a lot but once you start getting into the groove of making good isn't bad at all. You can also save your free(not really free) crowns that you get with ESO+ every month.


It's honestly not worth it on PC. 900 crown for like one zone's skyshards is a dumb price only very few people can afford to pay. That's like 500k+ gold.


Yeah that's too much. But from what I understand PC players make a lot more gold. You'll figure it out. You'll be surprised how much gold people have when I first started playing I didn't think I'd ever get to a million gold now I'm spending hundreds of thousands on Motifs for the Grand Master Crafter achievement.


Saw this when it was posted but forgot to save it and i haven't been able to find it since TY so much!


Follow-up question from a new player: I‘m planning to finish the whole Aldmeri storyline and then the rest of the two main storylines. After that I want to start the extensions. Does this make sense? Might be a weird question, but I‘m now Lvl 41 already and only as far as Greenshade in the very first storyline. Is it unrealistic to say that I want to complete EVERY map for 100% or will this plan take several years?


you did not say how many hours you played so far. Its doable


Just do the storyline quests from each zone in that order is my advice. No need to do every quest, but the storyline are worth it for understanding bigger things and references later.


Welcome aboard, dont let the META swallow you, itll just wear you out! Have fun


Never been one for researching the meta. Appreciate the welcome however!


> Just wanted to stop by and say WOW. HAH!


That the same. Wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not. But it was brilliant nonetheless.


Welcome! I've met many WoW refugees at this point in the game. The ones who succeed and have fun are the ones who LEAVE THEIR WOW experience, prestige, and need for end game behind. Reason I say that is because I've met a handful who do wow endgame and they come here and try to treat it like WoW, they end up burning out or becoming really toxic. Most are entitled feeling like they deserve to be in endgame without jumping through hoops like: Dummy Parsing Experience in hard content Leveling skills Leveling cp Getting the appropriate gear and maxing it out And learning the game I've helped a few out only to be stepped on and forgotten about because they refuse to let go of their WoW prestige- they truly think because they did x,y,z in WoW that they know better than people who run vet dlc trial trifectas here. The ones who came here with a blank slate have succeeded. They took similar experiences- and the knowledge that was useful and applied it in their own unique way here. (All MMOs share similar qualities to a degree). They jumped through the hoops they needed to. They were humble and willing to learn along with experience the hard and easy content in this game. Take it slow or fast, but play how you want. But when it comes to end game- jump through the hoops the community set. Enjoy the vast world created and the fun content here. Welcome in!


Thanks for the advice! Luckily when I came to wow for the past few years I’ve been altoholic and a collector so my need for the mythic raiding has gone for the most part. Really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given here and will definitely keep it in mind. But I get what you’re saying 100% just running around zones exploring and getting immersed in that story, exploring delves, trying different weapons it’s been where the fun has been for me in this game. So excited to keep exploring!


Eventually you will get caught up in the clusterfuck of endgame here soon- so enjoy the simple life before it. I promise you- you'll get your times worth. Happy to have you here man!!!!!


I played solo for 2y ears until I really got into end game. I'm glad I did. Now I've done almost everything (besides a ton of PVP content and


I've been playing since a few months after launch (off and on, but fairly consistently overall), and I still haven't got into end game, haha. There's a world of content here for casual solo players, that's for sure!


YASSSSSS Another altoholic!!! WELCOME! ESO is great for this because CP points are account wide. Also gear binds on account, not character, so sets that don't work for one character can be used by another. Free Advice: Make a couple of characters now and level their riding skill up each day. It takes 6 months to max it out, so start now, you'll be happy you did. Don't worry about leveling them. Your biggest challenge is going to be sticking with one character while you build your CP up. And yes, you absolutely want to do that before you start trying to level alts. CP builds up quickly and as I said before, it's account wide, so every character you have will be able to use them regardless of level. a few hundred CP makes new characters a bit OP (and in my mind fun). Another reason to push one character is to build up your crafting. Crafted gear is actually really good in this game, having one character capable of enchanting and making potions for your other guys is really helpful. Because of how motiffs work you'll want to have one guy with the ones you gather. You can use them to transmog gear on any character, but for crafting writs, the character has to know it (so not account based). Welcome to ESO!


I question how good they were at WoW when they come with that attitude. Anyone who raids seriously in any MMO should be prepared for a long grind to end game. And I think ESO has comparatively few hoops to jump through, not like FF for example where you have to work through a ton of RP content. I think it's the action combat that humbles a lot of 'veteran's of other MMOs. The APM can be way higher than they're used to, or able to do. But of course that can't be a failing of those players, so they argue it's the system that's bad and not them.


Exactly that- a person I pretty much hooked up with vmol skin, hms in vet dlc dungeons, and their first 160 armor set is treating me like crap. (Guy is a WoW dude). I also hooked the guy up with vet trial groups willing to accept him. He.... Refuses to listen to endgame players here. He invalidates their experiences by bringing up his wow healing experience saying he knows more about healing than them lol. It got toxic really- the guy also is doing his best to be off meta and wonders why he struggles to get into the majority of teams for vet trials- not to mention the guy is only 500-600 cp. He also ignores me now since we 'didn't run content together,' and I thought the guy was a friend but he just used me and my help. Now that the guy got what he wanted im in the dirt ^_^. All in all the guy refuses to go through the basic hoops and complains each step of the way. Keeps using his WoW endgame experience and mythic bs to invalidate endgame players here and uses it as his entitlement to be an endgame player while he just started.


The light attack weaving is stupid imo, but it certainly does take practice, and something i never would have picked up without watching lucky ghost, or some one similar


Mashing buttons on cooldown sounds totally brainless to me.


Have you even played a tab target mmo in the last decade? Its been a long time since you just pressed cooldowns and spammed shadow bolt. Which uh, this game uses a lot. Every class has a spam button, and also light attack which does nothing interesting for gameplay besides adding extra apm. But with the hard limit of 5 abilities you need something else to do.


There are a couple builds, DoT cro/den that don't use a spammable. And light attacks are also a core part of certain abilities like building stacks for merciless resolve. But the way you describe it, ESO sounds like an easy game. There are so few abilities to use and you're already accustom to not spamming buttons in other MMOs. I guess so many players are choosing not to be good at it because it's, uh, "stupid."


ESO is game for intellectual amebs, who play in mmo to play solo lol. If you looking mmo choose GW2, FFXIV or WOW. If you looking boring single player game with feche quests, with voiceacting and broing, easy mobs + dead brain rotation and ugly aniamtions with graphic from 2008 then... Yes, ESO is your game. Have fun! :D


All that stuff has correlation in wow, unless you mean lfr/flex raiding idiots who think its real endgame and not just a loot pinata.


There's a correlation- as I said there's shared aspects of all MMOs, but there's many who come with an entitlement to do endgame FRESH OUT THE GATES without GOING through the hoops.




Fellow WoW refugee here, my experience has been the same! I wish I switched to this game a long time ago. Have fun! :)


Copy/Pasted from my comment on another WoW Refugee's post. Figured I'd repost it here in case its of any use to you. . . Well first of all, you didn't make a wrong choice. I used to play WoW and quit after Mists of Pandaria. I started playing ESO all the way back at PC beta and have been having loads of fun since. That being said, it ain't all good. The Community- ESO's community is very polarizing. You'll meet some of the chillest people while playing this game. But you'll also meet some of the worst too. The chill people will be happy to play with you and support you if you ask. They'll teach you and if you befriend them they'll sincerely care about you. The worst people unfortunately are toxic as hell. They usually take the form of elitists who will say the most horrible things to you even if you're only guilty of being new. My advice, keep the chill people close and block the toxic a-holes immediately. The Company- Zenimax Online Studios is not much better than Blizzard I'm sad to say. The company is guilty of many of the same things Blizzard is but its not as widely known. I do have a couple friends that work with the company though and have interacted with the staff on multiple occasions. General consensus is that the guys actually doing the work are super chill good people who care a lot about the game and the players. They listen to what we say on public forums and do their best to make the game what we want it to be. Unfortunately their bosses go by a different playbook and only care about short term gains and making as much money as possible. Sometimes what the good employees and the players want does get into the game but most of it is shut down by the lazy corpos who don't really do much work. Oh and stay off the ESO forum. The toxicity is terrible there and even the staff are toxic. They aren't toxic with words mind you, that would get them fired. No, some of the staff there are toxic with how they enforce the rules and will stalk you on the forums waiting for an excuse to ban you if you ever say anything they don't like. The rules are vague enough that you can be banned for just asking the most simple questions in the most polite way possible. The Monetization- ESO's monetization is really bad. But it could be much worse. There's paid DLC, a (not really) optional subscription model, and even gamble boxes. While you can technically play A LOT of the game for free after the first purchase they also make it so its incredibly inconvenient to not give them more money. All the coolest cosmetic stuff is locked behind microtransactions. The subscription is optional but it'll drive you crazy not having it after a while because your inventory is still waaaay too small even after fully upgraded. This is because the subscription has a "craft bag" that has infinite storage and without it you'll be constantly dealing with all the crafting components you collect filling your inventory. PVP- I love the PVP in ESO much more than I ever liked WoW's. Particularly Cyrodil. Think Arathi Basin but with seige and destructible castles. There are a lot of players who complain about certain item sets claiming they're too OP and not balanced. If you ask me though the pvp is really well balanced and the true issue is with how the players go about pvp, ie, zergs or cheap tricks. PVE- Honestly, WoW's PVE content was better over all but ESO does PVE better than WoW when it comes to two aspects. The first being that the quest dialog is fully voiced which I think a lot of people take for granted. The second of course being the combat system. Endgame and Replayability- Unless you're one of those players who needs a constant flow of new content to keep playing you'll never get board of this game. It may not always be your main game but you'll find yourself coming back from time to time if you really get into it even once. Thats all for now. If you have follow up questions you're welcome to ask.


Welcome to the community!




When I first started playing ESO, I would say it's similar to WoW. I hope you enjoy the game!


Glad you’re one of us now!


I came from WoW two years ago and I'm never going back. ESO respects my time, I'm never forced to do anything, I never feel like I'm falling behind because I take a break or just have to take my time. I can do a dungeon because I want to, not because I have to. Even random dungeon finder is actually good, I play a tank together with my DPS friend (we convinced another friend to join us in the future) and the most satisfaction we had in the game was teaching two total newbies how to do a vet DLC dungeon. It wouldn't be possible in WoW because timers and the fact that you have to do a dungeon every week almost force you to kick people, plus I would only take people with the highest item level which doesn't even exist in ESO.


Welcome to Tamriel, friend!


For meta, that only matters for dlc end game. So don't bother with it unless when you wish to tackle harder content. (vet dlc dungeons and raids and solo arenas) otherwise the game is pretty chill and casual.


Also pee vee pee


>pretty chill and casual What? I am also a very new player (level 33) and never really played another MMO. I have played lots of "hard" single player games like DS or Sekiro but these are nothing compared to the world bosses in ESO. Ive only done 3 so far but for two of them I really need hours. I gave up on another one who spawned many little mobs dealing tons of damage. Or are these fights made for multiplayer?


World Bosses are meant for multiple people to tackle at once. Usually I see people asking for help with specific world bosses who also share the daily quest associated with the boss for said help. There's a couple in which you can tackle solo (the first one off the top of my head being in Eastmarch near Wittestadr), but a good chunk are very difficult solo.


That is only the world bosses and even then when you hit gear cap and get a decent build going they are easy to solo, at least ones from the base game.


Ah okay thanks. So i just skip them till I am level 50?


You don't have to, you can take them on solo or with other even now. Just keep in mind, some are harder than others. You also need to know how to dps, block and roll proper. Skill, light, skill, light attack and ult as soon as you can. Block if you can't roll and you should have a decent chance. Also depends on classes, some classes lower level have it a bit easier than others. Even then, honestly it better to go quest around, getting skyshards and what not.


Thanks a lot for the advice.


Sure hf mate.


You'll need to use tamrieltradecentre.com for the trading. ESO is grand in many ways - but trading/auction is not centralized like WOW.


Just wanna say welcome. If you're on pc eu I'm always glad to help however I can.


As a fellow wow refugee. It was a breath of fresh air coming to eso. 2 biggest changes for me were going from rampant awful boosts making my wallet BiS for all content to my wallet being a buff (mostly for crafting). And ESO is a great adventure game and leveling was fun whereas wow I had to find other players to do alot of content and leveling was a chore.


I can recommend you to try using a controller, had great experience with it so far (1500/2200h played)


I came to PC from the PS4 and while I loved using the controller on the console, butI really hate the controller UI/UX in the game on PC. I have tried various add-ons to try to keep the keyboard/mouse UI/UX but they are so out-of-date that they do not work.


Quit wow myself pary from burnout, partly from blizzards deciding to fuck me out roughly 700$ worth of game tokens after 15+ years of supporting multi boxing and changing there minds only because they couldnt monetize it directly after people started doing it with tokens. But yeah i kept getting bored with ff14, and other tab target mmos becausw the pve endgame was trash compared to wow. I love the sand box nature of this game.


>i kept getting bored with ff14... becausw the pve endgame was trash compared to wow. Well that's a spicy take.


Memorizing the void zone pattern is hard. If you didnt have a simon says or a bopit as a kid. FF14 end game is just bopit with extra steps.


You can say that about ***basically*** any MMO pve content. You can simplify it all down to "don't stand in red shit". Obviously if this were true however, and not a gross misrepresentation, vet and raid content would have a 100% clear rate.


Its literally the only mechanic in ff14 pve endgame. And i said memorize, not react to. You have to memorize it, because if you are reacting you already died. Obviously you still need to perform your role effectively. But you should have learned how during dungeons and story raids.


FF14 PvE endgame is trash? Lmao wait are you serious right now? Having actively done mythics and ultimates/savage that’s a hell of a weird take to make


It is easily the most boring, 1 dimensional, samey bullshit endgame of any mmo I've ever played. Tera had better pve. Tbc had better pve, in 2007. If youve done even 1 boss in ff14 endgame youve done literally all of them. Dont stand in the void zones, dont get knocked off. Which is just dont stand in the void zones. And you have to memorize the void zone pattern because if you react to it instead of predicting it, you die. The rest of the game is pretty good despite the horrible gcd.


This is one of the worst statements I have read on an mmo take in a long time so kudos on that I am willing to bet you’ve done literally zero FF14 endgame based on what you are saying


Have you played anything beyond story modes? Alliance raids arent much of a step up. Literally all of the actual raids are 1 boss in a room with a floating platform and the same bullshit, learn where to not stand so you dont just 1 shot this. Stacking and spreading is not a different mechanic if thats what you are getting at. The biggest issue is that due to inherent flaws in their netcode left over from giant bag of shit that was 1.0, you cant be reactive. You need to move before there is any visual indication you should, or you die.


Dude.. Alliance raids are literally similar to LFR from WoW They are not meant to be hard and they are not endgame content so why are you discussing them? I am talking about actual endgame content being Savages and Ultimates


Yeah me too, but alliancw raids and story raids are the only ones with mechanics beyond playing bopit.


How many savages (current tier) and ultimates have you cleared?


Current tier? Zero, quit that game years ago because every single raid was the exact same shit with a different model standing in the middle of the room. And every time i check out endgame videos to see if anything changed in the lasr 2 expacs, they havent, so i decide its not worth paying for the expac to sit through the tedious story, do 5 mans then quit for another 2 years.


So you are speaking with knowledge of the endgame talking down on it while not actually having any experience with playing it? How can you be taken seriously in that context? Like I mean not even trying to be offensive, purely in context


No refugees allowed!!! Haha Just kidding. Welcome


Enjoy the views. Enjoy the story.


I did the same.


I haven't played ESO in a while, but from what I remember - if you wanted to maximize damage, you had to weave in light attacks between spells. Is this still the case?


Is your @name literally @wow_refugee or something similar? I’ve seen someone with this name running around lately hahaha


No I didn’t go that far. Ign is kynylita


New World in 6 days bud, also Black Desert Online is amazing. ESO is weak af.


I will be trying new world for sure. But after my beta experience it’s combat is just not for me at all. But we’ll see if I end up enjoying that one as well


Yes it’s skill based targeting combat, not just pressing tab to lock on mindlessly


And yet you continue to hang out in this ESO forum.