Why would you continue to sit somewhere that you consider "triggerin"?

Why would you continue to sit somewhere that you consider "triggerin"?

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I think this was posted before, but the original op explained that this guy tried to sexually harass their friend and when he got called out he started faking mental illnesses in order to not take accountability for his actions


That's a guy??


I genuinely thought that was a chick too. Not sure why they are downvoting you.


Because even if you thought that, there’s no reason to say it, especially when it can be damaging to someone who deals with gender dysphoria


Oh.. Psh come on You're basically looking for things to get offended about. He wasn't saying it in a rude manner.


You can dislike him but there was absolutely no reason to say that mate


I thought they were a witch.


To your credit they did tag it #malewitch so you’re half correct.


Come on, it's not like they were being mean. Can't someone be surprised that they got the wrong gender? I also thought they were female when I saw the video and was surprised to find out otherwise.


I honestly thought it was a girl too




I **genuinely** thought that was a girl. Sue me. Guys can't dress and act like that and then get offended because their gender isn't readily apparent. Because it very clearly isn't, here. Gimme a break.


Why is he sitting on a crusty mattress under a bridge?


Bed bugs to keep as pets.


Harry Potter if his magic career didn’t work out


Didn’t this asshole rape someone’s friend and started pretending to have a mental disorder because of it?


Found the post https://www.reddit.com/r/fakedisordercringe/comments/mxi5jy/knew_this_guy_for_4_years_never_had_tics_started/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Pretty sure OP might've been faking DID/OSDD reading the replies again lol


It's the bare feet for me


Lol I don’t understand what going on?


the guy is faking a "tik attack" as the place triggers them for some reason , this is a repost but the og one has way more context,


If you watch closely, midway through the first "tic" the video very subtly skips. He cut halfway through the "tic" so he could knock his glasses askew - then "catch" them to set aside a few seconds later.


Why is this man sitting barefoot on an old mattress that's sitting on the sand under a bridge?. Nasty ass fuckers.


Bro put your shoes on that not hygienic


why do I keep knowing people on the sub personally I really don't remember him having any tics


He didn't have any tics until it became a trend, 'had' them for a few weeks, then forgot about them completely when the trend died down, he really is just a pathetic excuse of a human being


That's actually pretty close to what my tic looks like, except mine is pretty sparse. People with this kind of tic don't typically refer to it as a tic attack because we don't have the severity of tourettes where it is extremely intrusive and disruptive of daily life- its just something that happens occasionally and has minimal affect on our daily lives. Of all the things to fake, why tics? Tics are arguably one of the hardest things to fake, it's clear when a movement is voluntary even to a vast majority of NT people. I don't get it :/


It’s not clear though because sadly even those of us with real tics get accused of faking these days


That mattress def got fleas


I really wish a homeless guy would run up right now and start screaming nonsense are them


Brb gonna go hang out in a city dump and lip-synch.


They don't look very triggered


So I was taking a walk the other day. And I saw a dude. A white dude. He seemed to be a bit frustrated, as though he’d dropped something and was having a hard time finding it. So after watching him struggle for a while, I decided to go up and lend a helping hand, you know. “Hello, sir. May I be of any assistance? Seems to me that you have lost something. I would like to help you find it.” He replied, “Oh yes, you have lost something. You’ve lost… your song.” (Kendrick doesn’t deserve this)


If you had trauma or whatever, you don’t do this. Avoid triggers ffs


Hey your second pair of glasses fell off your birds nest, just quietly and totally spasm free put them behind you and then return to twitchytwitchytime


I can understand going back to a place that's traumatic for you to try to heal. I did it a few weeks ago and alot of my pain cleared up which I'm happy about 😁


damn man just put on SOME DAMN SHOES BRO LIKE WTF DOG