no, I don't think I will

no, I don't think I will

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oh my fucking god that is seriously one of the worst ones ive seen


They think stimming is just shaking their hands vigorously and all so wholesome and I hate it so much.


That is one of my stims 😥 but I actually HAVE a diagnosis unlike these jokes


My brother has Asperger’s and does things similar to that!


Same, though for me it usually only happens if i'm excited or panicking, and even then it's not nearly to the extent that's in this video.


No and I would NEVER video it but yeah mine is also when I am nervous or excited. (Was excited and doing it in Spirit halloween for example lol) it's more flappy or twisting at the wrist


Feel bad for you man


Uh okay idk why 😑


No, being grouped with fakers because of your stims, I apologise if it came off the wrong way. I no way mean any malaise against your stims.


It's not wholesome.


Why do they always look like that....? The "I left the e-girl in the oven for too long" look?


They intentionally want to be different and alternative, and what differentiates you more from all the "mainstream normies" than having a neurodivergent brain? Especially when it's fashionable to dress in the same "different and alternative" clothes, you gotta up your game to show how you're not like everybody else.


This is exactly it, it’s also why mental illness can be associated with lgbt. LGBT is different from “normal” in their mind. Also it’s a pretty accepting place. These people want to be different than “normal” people but they want to be the same kind of different as everyone else. It’s ironic.


Well, alienation is at an all time high. Nowadays it's not just the economic kind of alienation from a purposeful job which Marx spoke about, but an alienation from social spaces and culture at large. Most social interaction takes place on the internet, where everybody lie and only present a fake version of themselves, and our culture is all about consumerism and feeling negatively about environmental and social injustices and problems. It's enough for anyone to feel like they weren't born into a world where they belong. It's hard for a young teen to realize that they feel like they do not because they are wrong, but because the world is. They haven't ever even known a world where social media isn't the core of everything, so no wonder they feel like they're going crazy and just want it diagnosed.


I know I’m super late to the party, but this is an excellent comment and spot on. I think the disruptive impacts of the pandemic have also served to amplify an issue that was already manifesting itself pre-COVID. Anyway, great comment. I just wanted to say that, even though I didn’t see it until a week later, ha.


That's actually something I'm reckoning with right now. My mom used to call me out for this when I was in my teens. She'd say stuff like, for example, "you just trying to be different," when I didn't want to wear stuff from American Eagle, like everyone else my age. I think part of it was wanting to be different because *I am* different. But another part was definitely sensory issues. Lol undiagnosed* Autism had me like... *I was diagnosed at 18. I'm struggling with whether I genuinely like punk music or if I started liking punk because I was, I dunno, expected to...? Cos I was recently listening to my fav NOFX CD, and I just...wasn't feeling it. Tastes change, for sure, but...it's hard to explain.


My first thought when I saw this was “Do they fucking clone these girls?”


I think it’s supposed to look like the way they draw hentai girls, with unrealistic heavy blush. Other than that I really don’t know


I think the way she’s dressing is fine and doesn’t have anything to do with this. Her behavior however is kinda offensive and stimming can be really hard to deal with and isn’t some quirky thing




This girl reminds me of another I've come across, loadedbakedpotato / Kannah Bliss. Check them out. I can't with them.




Since when does bad makeup = slutty


Slow down there Mr nice guy


blush = slutty. Ok 😍


Silence incel


What are you doing with your life




that’s a lot of words to say you don’t get any




lmao why tf u goin on a rant abt girls being slutty when shes wearing a big ass baggy t shirt


incel behavior


dude what are you even talking about


Please eat your own dick.




Shut the fuck up lol


I love how she fixes her hair in the middle of it lol


i think this was our warmup during PE class


so forced


She looks like one of these toys that vibrate and jump up and down


I took a moment to stop bouncing my foot for this


I was bouncing my leg while reading this thread, and you made it stop. Damn you


Damn girl that's a crazy sunburn


Her lips have burned to a crisp too. Please pray for her recovery


she should invest in aloe vera


I looked at their account and all I have to stay is what the hell is that makeup look they use all the time.. it looks like sunburn. I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, or if they were attempting that anime blush look and put way too much on.. either way that looks ridiculous.


no fr…ive seen girls do that kind of makeup before and it looks cute but she’s wearing way too much and way too dark of a color it looks bad


why do they look constipated?


Cos they c onstipated


When I used to be on tiktok, I saw some of my kinda online friends stimming cause they felt “stimmy”. I was like “bro why do they look like they’re having a seizure-“.


Hm. What does stimmy mean? Asking for a friend.


"Excited", but not necessarily in a positive manner. I used to be a teacher for a class with neurodivergent kids, so I saw a lot of it (we had a tonne of fidget-toys, which were very popular). Imagine it like that there's a direct link between brain activity and limb activity. When the brain starts working hard, there's an itch in your hands and feet to be active too. Fighting the urge to move them about requires what's practically a physical and mental effort.


Did it look like the video above?


I work with children with autism and no it doesn't look like this at all. it looks like they aren't trying to do it while this person looks like she's putting in effort. from my training I learned that the repetitive motion is soothing and subconscious. if you ask a child to "sit with a calm body" as we are trained to say, you often get the reaction of "...???? oh!!" because they barely realized they were doing it.


When a student was working and stimming on the side, no. Usually just one limb going at it, and their focus obviously being on something else than the movement. Though when one of the kids (15-17 y.o:s) got excited in a social context, sure, this could happen... Like with anyone. It's not exactly strange for a young teenager to jump a bit and wave their hands to show excitement, no matter how divergent or normal their brain is. The best psychiatrist in the world couldn't say whether this girl has or hasn't got ADHD based on this clip. There's a reason a neuropsychiatric assessment takes many, many months and involves EKG, EEG (measuring heart and brain activity) and bloodwork. Though to my understanding, the psychiatry here in Sweden is hundredfold more careful about giving out diagnoses compared to American doctors.


I actually don’t know. Maybe that means they felt the need to stim?


It's when you feel a buildup of energy that is released by stimming.


I know comments about people's physique and looks is always bad, but did she really paint a huge sunburn on her face?


As an Autistic person, I call bullshit on this.


As someone with an autistic sister, whose been surrounded by people with disabilities through her school and different activities, never once have I seen ANYONE with a legit disability “stim” like this, am I the only one?


As someone with autism, who has went to special schools most of my life, I have only yet seen ONE guy who did something similar to this, but everyone else would only like fidget things in their hands, and that's pretty much it. Even the one guy who shook his hands in the air, even grew out of it after turning like 16. It's so obvious that these tik tokkers are just trying to emulate an over-exaggerated stereotype of what stimming actually looks like, because they don't even know what it is


My son does stim by flapping his hands around but not so rhythmically and it's more of a twisting motion. Also he's 2. Most people grow out of it.


I knew one, very autustic person with similar stims, but she did it clearly uncontrollably and naturally. She walked around making sounds and flapping her hands and didn't seem to notice it.


Oh yeah it's quite clear the girl in the video is controlling it.


She looks like me when I have wet hands and no dryer or towels around.


My friend's nonverbal son does this but it only lasts for a few seconds and his arms are fully tense, unlike this girl. She kinda flops her wrists around and her expression is like nothing I've seen either. Instead, she's halfway to an ahegao face.


As someone with an autistic brother, I partially agree. He does flap his hands and jump around, but it’s wayy more natural. You can tell it’s something he’s doing to get his energy out. Also, he usually only does it when there’s some sort of stimulus happening. He’s more sensitive, so it could really be something as casual as someone talking a bit louder, and he’ll jump or sway around harder in his seat. Because of that, he’s literally stimming basically anytime he isn’t asleep or exhausted


That doesn't mean it doesn't happen all that means is you haven't seen it personally


Are you the girl in the video or something??


I think they're a simp, protecting m'lady from evil for attention


Wtf is this shit?


These fakers think they have found a way to make fun of those who are autistic, etc., be noticed, and claim victimhood. But they just look cringey.


Why is her face so red?


I’m assuming from her clothing style it’s heavy blush she applied across her nose and cheeks.


Why is it so common that they’re all dressed the same with overt makeup on?


“Lost highway” tiktok edition


she looks like shes in pain


Imagine showing this video to anyone from the 1600s


“Demonic possession!! Burn the witch!!”


I can’t imagine 1960


this is **so** stupid


It is good to take a break to shake your wrists and feet every once in a while if you've been sitting and working infront of a computer for too long. But calling it stimming?? No. I hate that word now. It is worse than "moist" now.


I have autism. That's not how stimming works.


When your teachers in elementary school try to calm you down by telling you to “shake it out/off” lmao


rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose


if she was really stimming then how tf she have time to fix her hair makes no sense 💀


People that genuinely stim don't do it for a camera. They do it unconsciously while watching or thinking if something they actually find stimulating... This the stunning. These fakers are so fucking infuriating


I do that stuff that's not always stimming


Man, I wish I could do stuff like that and not feel like a fraud.


Can anyone tell me what stimming is?


Stimming is repetitive or unusual movements or noises. Stimming helps some autistic people manage emotions and cope with overwhelming situations. - Source, I'm Autistic.


Oh, okay. Thank you. Makes what these people are doing so much worse. Ugh.


Are all self-soothing gestures stims now? For fun I have been comparing these stimming videos and gestures for things I have done in past ie still doing. Moves to calm down, things to do when anxious, moves to shake off the excess energy when body feels like its too much. Why everything is now labeled as stimming?


there is also this thing called fidgeting. It's normal human behaviour. The thing is, in autistic people it's uuuh stronger?


Yeah, I know that. But why everything is now stimming, and not fidgeting? Not everything is stimming, and it looks like that now everything is called stimming.


I've spent a lifetime trying not to look red and shiny, I don't get this make-up look at all.


Hello fellow Autistic person here I know her stims in this video look mega forced, but I honestly used to follow her before I deleted TikTok to avoid seeing all the fakers. I'm pretty sure she legitimately has autism and I think she's mentioned being diagnosed but I could be wrong. On some of her other content she posted she talks about autism in a pretty accurate and relevant way to those who actually have it. Ik she dresses exactly like other fakers on this subreddit but I don't think this video alone had enough evidence to condemn her as a faker. If it matters to people I was diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's specifically ik that's a dated term) at 18 and am now 21 so I feel like I know someone else who's autistic when I see them and hear about their experience. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong especially if there are videos with lots of evidence of her faking. I'd hate to be supportive of someone who is actually faking for clout. Those type of people need to be called out for stigmatizing the autistic community.




This pisses me off so much. I was just a minute ago rocking back and forth while shaking my body and my friend was like “geez rough day huh?” Cuz it was and my stimming was taking over my body. And I only have adhd I can’t imagine what it’s like for those with more


Nope I’m not gonna


Anyone know the song?


It’s ‘First Love/Late Spring’ by Mitski!! Hate how they did my girl so dirty with this vid lol


I have followed this girl for a long time, before her makeup got kinda out of hand… Yeah she looks kinda funny, but I don’t think she’s faking autism, she has an official diagnosis and I’m pretty sure she got it when she was younger. She mentions this in one of her tiktoks I saw months ago…. Edit: ya this girls account is sketchy, older stuff doesn’t add up. Forget all said before.


I find the claim a little suspect. In March of 2020, she was 'diagnosed DID', and then that suddenly went away by October of 2020. Then in early December 2020 she did a video with her 'daily meds' in it, but all the orange script bottles were empty, and there were two eyedropper bottles with essential oil labels on them. She moved the box to try and hide the empty bottles and then she switched to her "PRN" meds box, which was a closed shoebox (probably empty), considering if it was as full as she implied, there probably should have been something visible through the hole in the box lid. In Mid December, she suddenly has BPD...then it goes away, and then on 12-18 she now has tics, and says stims are consciously controlled, but tics arent. ..then there's her video about having touch sensory problems and having to wear a compressions shirt and weighted vest? but.. two videos from the same day have her in a different outfit entirely. The clear rubberbands around her ears to give her 'elf ears', and DRAWING on eyelid creases and eyebrows is a bit over the top too.


Yeah after I commented I was like “hmm I better check her account” I watched through all her shit and now I agree with you. I forgot to edit my comment.


Wdym by went away?


Also seriously where's the bpd stuff have i missed something?


https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8hyBstC/ Ermm i think you're missunderstanting the bpd thing i don't think she's ever claimed to have bpd I think this was about her being annoyed at Trisha paytas so adding tags


I thought she has autism though?


They act like stimming is something that happens on command lmao and not just in sensory overload


Why do they all dress like they're some fucking anime character


Love how she puts her hair back and rest for a split second before starting again.


isnt stimming involuntary though? cause in my case, anytime i stim it definitely is involuntary.


This girl is a mess. She claims to have multiple disorders as well as an eating disorder. Smh.


okay blush in that style can be so cute but why did she do it so dark she looks crazy


or like she got sunburnt lmaoo


why does her makeup look like raggedy anne lmfao


I guess I'm not understanding, she actually has autism? Yea it's cringe but it's not fake


Mf over here thinks stims mean doing a pe warm up


Her face is the shade of red my 11mo daughters face gets when she’s getting a big poop out.. poor girl needs some prune juice or something.


I don't see anything wrong with this. Stimming is a *voluntary*, if *necessary* action for body regulation (like drinking water or using the bathroom- you need it to regulate yourself, but you choose when you do it almost every time). While it's a bit strange that they're doing it for the camera, when I shut myself off to stim and blow off steam, I'll often jump up and down and shake my arms like that to get the nervous energy buildup out. Some of you guys seem to be going the opposite way and declaring that very real stims that are frankly quite popular in autistic people (can say this as a diagnosed autist) must be faked just because you see them a lot.


Oh no, I would never join a emo thats faking. As a autistic person that is not how you stim.


There’s no one set way to stim


I follow her insta. She claims she has DID now. Recently she got a new split named Mouse, and Mouse magically took over her insta for a while.


She’s also a DID faker, apparently.


God that's bad makeup. Like I know the look she was going for and she missed it by a mile.


This isn't stimming. It's mental illness.


Why do these morons always wear this kind of make up...


I didn't know Bella Poarch was a personality.


I will say, anyone can stim. Neurodivergent ppl are just more likely too. To my knowledge, I'm not neurodivergent and I stim whenever I get really excited or something. I could be wrong tho so feel free to correct me.


yeah, i did hear that tapping your foot is a kind of stimming but its just more common so its seen as normal. people without disabilities can stim too.


I've done and seen larger stims tbh like bouncing your leg in anxiety or jumping up in down in excitement. I think small children are more likely to stim as well. Its pretty interesting


Ermm, she isnt faking like seriously she isnt


you are in like every thread of her. im seriously wondering if youre a white knight.


Because I don't think she's faking?


She isn't faking so i have no Idea why you're all dog pilling on her because you have literally no proof of her faking, because she isn't


oh? would you like to show us some proof that she isnt faking? a few of us has given you some very valid points on why shes faking.


I have it Just gets ignored,also i haven't seen any actual evidence of her faking beyond someone here saying she is and that to them it looks wierd or that "most people are faking so i assume she is" is also said as aparant evidence , see how these posts have very little real evidence and its all anecdotes


no actually. i saw someone tell you a very logical answer. when stimming its to process information (thats why when you have breakdowns you stim), her staring straight into the camera while stimming is impossible if it isnt for a few seconds. stims often always look different too, you always see fakers having the same stereotypical stims. i know you mentioned you dont like this point but id just like to bring it up to you.


I’m fairly sure this person has autism. I get that it seems forced but if you go through their page they explain things quite a lot and I’m pretty sure it’s not fake. Just my opinion but OP should delete this.


Sure *peels off skin*


it’s funny, all fake autistic people think the only stim is hand flapping but stimming could be staring off into space, hitting your hands off things, making noises like clicking etc but not many people know about them


this is so… embarrassing


That looks like a nasty burn.


They drive me insane


She looks like she got hit with a toilet seat


I checked out their tiktok, every single video entails some sort of video on a mental health disorder, Autism, DID, Tourette’s, PTSD have all been mentioned along with their Service Dog. Personally I don’t agree with people making mental health their soul personality trait. Also when people upload videos like this do they even realize once you upload it it’s out there for literally anyone to see. I don’t know my stance on this user other then having a slight headache after viewing their page for 5 minutes.


What’s on her face


She’s trying so hard to make it look believable, but it’s not.


Real life Wojak


i saw one vid where some girlfriend was forcing her \[neurotypical\] boyfriend to stim as a couples activity thing??


there are very few faces that annoy me as much as this one. i blame this makeup tho, always reminds me of some mischevous cartoon character


Is stim just shaking your body?


As a former scene kid I gotta say, this new makeup trend sucks


Me after I washed my hands when I was a kid because hand dryers are too loud and I didn't like using paper towels:


Close your mouth, please.


what is this


Lots of people are (reasonably) talking about her red face but what's up with the frozen half-open mouth thing she's doing??


i hate her so much she’s the main person that started the fakers




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(this is just me personally) i got fuckin aspergers. i stim through just flicking my fingers. why do these people always think it’s such…. aggressive movements?


out of everyone on tik tok i think this persons face is the most punchable


Mum come pick me up I’m scared


I am uneducated, what does stimming include?


So she has two tiktok accounts. and the second one she says she has POTS, MECFS, Chronic Migraine Syndrome, Celiac, and CIPS in her ribs. She also says she treats all of these problems daily with medical marijuana. (but she doesnt claim to have ASD or DID, or BPD, etc like from her first account..) People with POTS by definition have difficulty with tachycardia. Hell, claiming to have chronic migraine requires 15+ days of migraine headaches per month, for at least 3 months continuous. CIPS is supposedly a severe complication after organ transplant resulting in *damage to bone structure and pain resulting from it*. If she has CIPS in the RIBS, how is she jumping around and flapping like this?


I don't mean this as a joke where's the bpd claim even come from?


I hate her mouth, it looks so artificial


Something else that annoys me about their account, there are SO many comments under their videos “does this mean I have autism?” And not once have they made a video to address the, idk if mass hysteria is the right words here because their videos do suggest that to do these things you’re autistic but I also don’t want to suggest it’s because people are panicking or scared they’re autistic as if it’s a bad thing (cause it’s not), comments. There’s these types of comments under every single one of their videos. “Stimming” is something anyone and everyone CAN do. It’s just using your body as a reaction.


That feeling when your comfy autist day is ruined by this shit


I don’t hunk you could make it look any more staged






That is the most deranged looking makeup I've ever seen


i really really really don’t like this chick in particular


Does she have scarlet fever?


k I like over blushing but that looks like a fucking red line god damn


she looks like she sleeps inside a microwave


Her face says it all, she's not stimming...


Why no one has a ugly stim like biting your nails or pulling your hair?


So my ADHD sometimes makes me stim. It’s not intentional. I can’t turn it off and on. It’s also not a tic and isn’t abrupt and disruptive. The most recent one for me is a blind move similar to the woah from back in the day, lol.


These kinda things really bother me. You can’t just record yourself with the intention of showing off your stimming. You don’t even notice it most of the time. If you record yourself to purposely show stimming, then it will either be fake or embellished.


She’s not faking tho…


She isn't faking but people just dog pile on