Fc6 has a lot of faster ways to get around the map, so you don't experience as much of it on foot as 3. You could miss things that way. Horseback, vehicles, air vehicles, air drops and copious fast travel points let you skip large portions of the map if you choose. Maybe more of the interesting things are tied to marked treasure hunts or other side quests (of which there are a lot) that 3 doesn't have. Fc6 map is much bigger and I think it has just as many things to discover. There are small towns and a city which don't exist in previous games. Just the other day I discovered a sign saying no sliding , which revealed an interesting luge like setup down a mountain and allowed me to get the slide for xx seconds achievement, and I beat the game weeks ago, just been doing insurgency every week.


It looks good but after 2hours it looks the same. There is no variety.


Yeah that was what I was afraid of, I’ll still give it a go. Thanks for your feedback


Cool map with different biomes but I HATE THE FOG BULLSHIT, it gives me nightmares to the Frontier from AC3. At least, let the fog dissapear after capturing all FND bases or finishing the story like on Ghost of Tsushima.


Its to big to be honest unlike other games the lack of outposts that you claim for the resistance really lets it down. in fc5 for example each outpost was unique and fun now you just role up to a checkpoint in a tank and blow everything up in 10 seconds. in fc5 everything was on a ring of main roads so chances are when you are driving around you are going to find stuff but thats not the case with fc6 you have to go out of your way for basically nothing