I just drop my luck to min and farm weapons off the first 10 enemies, then repair with the stack of repair kits I have.


If they’re the improved repair kits, you can just fire at an enemy once with any weapon and repair before another shot. I’ve got hundreds from the Queen on my main so this is the best use of them for me.


True, you can do that but I have tons of basic repair kits and I also make caps for caps challenges at the same time or to just top up my caps, so repair and then sell extra weapons is generally what I do.


Well that explains why every single one was above 100% yesterday.




There’s Dave, protesting life again.


Just link your character to whatever the freebie custom world is, use your repair kits and unlink again.


Double down on repair kits as well. Use a regular one on something and then use an improved one on the same item. Counts twice.


think anyone who uses a tesla rifle didnt have a hard time doing this one. " fix guns 10 times" ok thats 1, 5min event. on a side note if you want npcs that wont fight back, you can beat up the npcs at emmett mountain.


Brahmin at the wayward are my go to. I fix them at the overseers camp then drop them there.


You are the hero we never heard of.


This has worked in the past if I just want to get it done quickly. Right now I just use a Tesla, it breaks stupid fast.


The overseer camp is also good u can hit the brahmins there and go across to repair


You're a god😩


For me I set my protectron to scavenge weapons and ammo and repair them 🤷


The downside of that is weapon repairs are resource expensive, particularly adhesive. Signs are just wood.


Is there any way to get the robot, or do I need to wait till it comes into rotation in the shop again?


I don't actually know the answer to your question but you can always just put a ticket in to buy something not currently in the shop.


That’s a hell of a lot more work than going into your pip boy and scrolling through using repair kits. 🤔 An no I have never spent atoms on kits. Between SBQ, scoreboard and atom shop freebies I always have more than enough.


if you bind the weapon on fav,you can inspect it and repair it in the fav wheel


I’ve read of this one many times but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I guess my weapon perks are such that I can bash away endlessly and never get enough damage to make it to the repairable stage. That, and my high luck meaning everything I find is over repaired in the first place.


> I’ve read of this one many times but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. Same here. Not bashing on the advice, but this gets posted a lot. And every time I've tried it, it hasn't worked for me. Even when I unequip all my perks. So I guess this post should probably have a 'YMMV' footnote attached to it. This advice isn't even needed right now anyway. Weapons are breaking left and right at the moment. Hell, just take a Tesla for spin for a few minutes, it'll be completely broken in no time.


>everything I find is over repaired in the first place I get this with weapons that I find and/or are drops for me, but for some reason not armor 🤷‍♂️


This is life changing info. Here I am using expensive mats to repair shit. I don't remember but are these signs considered 2h weapons cause there is an atom challenge to repair 2h weapons I am currently on.


when doing so, check the random encounter spot for a possible rare plan right next to the miners monument fast travel point. from spawn, turn left til you see the red trailer laying on the side. jump over it and behind the tree next to the road is the spawn point.


Also custom worlds.


I just do Super Mutants and use those worthless repair kit we get.


Or maybe you have unlimited resources fron scrap box and your weapons and gear actually need repairing. Just saying.


Just go kill some Blood Eagles they will drop weapons and armor you can repair then either sell or scrap it


Only works on low luck builds. On builds with 15+ luck (achievable with high luck and/or unyielding) the condition for looted weapons is between 90% and 140%, so most looted weapons can not be repaired.


I think mine is around 9 so possibly why its not an issue for me. I repaired some random power armor pieces last night from some frames I found but ouch they eat a lot of aluminium to repair. I'll use standard kits next time.


Aluminum and black titanium. Black titanium is not something you just casually find. You gotta go looking for it, and using what little bit us non power armor users have for 250 score feels painful.


Nah I had to get rid of over 500 BT to the NPC Vendors to save stash space. I kill to many Mole Miners its all in there gear.


I have a Vampire's Gatling Laser that breaks after it goes through about 3 cores, repair dailies are easy.


I normally just repair weapons that come out of the Raider Collectron box


I wish id known this before when i went traveling across the map to get 1 piece of Asbestos to repair my SS Armor just to complete a challange


Poseidon energy also have a bunch of signs in and around the camp at the entrance and some within the perimeters. And theres also some not too heavy hitting scorched to make them damaged with.


Alternate option: In your CAMP, install a Collectron (if you dont already have one) and set it to "Ammo and Weapons". It'll often collect trash melee weapons that require on steel to fix, at about a rate of 2-3 per 30min i think so you can collect all of the needed stuff while you do the rest of the Dailies.


Easier just to skip it.


We need an “I’m healing you Dumbass” emote or maybe one that just exclaims “Friendly Fire”


Be warned if you have high luck they will be all repaired.


I think thats why he is saying to use the signs to bash the settlers.