Having both DLP and HB is too safe. Change the DLP to B2B so he can join the attack when the time is right When you have HB, just have at least one of your fullbacks on attack. You can remove work ball into the box if some of your players have good long shot No need to go wide all the time, if you turn down your width, your AP will be more involved


I'd say they HB is mostly redundant in a counter attack system, no need to be dropping off to aid possession when you're trying to be getting forward fast. I'd switch to a DM with a B2B instead of DLP.


DLP and B2B will be fine Not sure he really needs the AP, maybe just CM on attack


Yeah CM on attack would work great, love having a great ball carrier in that spot to transition quickly and disrupt the defence when counter attacking.


Wingbacks(support) instead of fullbacks. No need for fullbacks in such a defensive structure. Make your dlp btb so you can make more advantage of crosses. You will say its working fine but this would make it better which is what you afsked for.


If it’s working just fine then I don’t see any reason to change it


Get yourself a keeper that can play SK, wb on support, DLP on the bottom with CM/AT OR BBM and then a bwm above him. It looks like you’re going counterattacking and this will allow you to press higher up the pitch and create counterattacking opportunities. If you’re lower leagues I might experiment with the BBM because attacking midfielders aren’t very developed, and you can usually find a guy with high physicals which I find OP until like the Championship.