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What I hate about the summer club World Cup is that it happens in between seasons. The stats get split and whatever goals scored in the group stage is lost to the previous season


There’s an easy way to avoid this, just never win the Champions League like I do… Can’t get knackered in the Club World Cup if you never qualify.


You don't need to win the CL anymore in order to qualify for the CWC. The new tournament, planned to start in 2021, would be held every four years instead of annually, would feature 24 teams and 31 matches. It would include all UEFA Champions League winners, UEFA Champions League runners-up, UEFA Europa League winners and Copa Libertadores winners from the four seasons up to and including the year of the event, with the remainder qualifying from the other four confederations.


Can confirm this is already in the game bc I’ve qualified as a runner up a couple of times in my current save


>It would include all UEFA Champions League winners, UEFA Champions League runners-up, UEFA Europa League winners and Copa Libertadores winners from the four seasons up to and including the year of the event *other continents in tears*


They’re scared of the ConcaChampions dominating




What happens if 1 team wins the UEL twice in a row, how will they decide which runner up will play Or even if 1 team wins the UCL 2 times in a row, it will mean the competition is a team down, do they just pick the 3rd place team for that season


What if a team wins UEL, then runner-up CL and then wins CL. Glorious! ​ Or maximum chaos, the same 3 teams win UEL, runner-up CL and win CL for 4 years straight and then also the same Libertadores winner for 4 straight seasons, with the same runner-up.


Uefa Coefficients most likely.


What if a team wins CL twice in 4 years? who get's the last spot?


Europe, Europe, Europe, South America, leftovers


That's Man City way.


>Club World Cup is a joke FTFY.


I thought this is a common knowledge.


I usually don't care cause I'm on holiday aswell.


Only register players who are going to play. Don't gegenpress with max intensity every game. If you play a weaker team do a full rotation.


Unless you’re me, in which case you dominate the whole competition and lose the final 1-0


yes but register only the players that will play, and then the next day 2 players injured, then you register a player coming back from int duty and suddenly he's staying for a month longer


Training. Set up the training as soon as it let's you. Usually gets me thru the Cup


How much do you train?


I just set the weekly training to pre season as quickly as I can. I think that can be after the first game of the competition. Your players will still be knackered but can just about make it thru


I did that once and they were all physically destroyed by the first game so I just threw the towel as quick as possible. Now I just vibe through it with recoveries and team bonding. I just imagine them recovering taking a nice bicycle trip, a bit like in the world cup where they don't really train much


Only bright side is the same applies for the ai teams. So you can walk the final if you get there because they’ll be 20% condition. 😂


Didn't work for me. Psg and Man City prepped properly for it with friendlies so were in much better condition. Only way to manage this is to get your players match sharpness up before it.


Which is realistic remember Liverpool playing back to back games one in the club World Cup and a league cup game.


I don’t understand this, I’ve seen this posted a few times and started to worry when I played the club World Cup recently, but for me yes everyone was tired so I changed the tactics to make it a little less intense and won the tournament without any injuries, surely it’s a case of overdoing it with the tactic intensity rather than it being a bug or have I just got lucky?


It's a case of overdoing it with the amount of matches. Honestly, it's FIFA's and UEFA's fault. The new format hasn't been played irl, yet. But there will be so many players complaining.


We saw this in real life already with the last Nations League. And to know that next season will be even longer, with more games, the World Cup mid-season - and to know that *everything* will continue to expand with more teams and more games and more more more... this is like a big giant experiment on how to break the players. Or alternatively, it's simply an (of course unfortunate and moneyhorny) Americanization of the sport, with more games, bigger squads, more substitutions, not unlike the NFL or MLB.


Europeans have never tried to change the American sports to match theirs. What the heck is wrong with Americans?


According to Netflix, it was British teams that first started paying players, charging to watch games, selling club merchandise to raise money...


You are 100% missing the point.


I’m real life yes it will most likely be a problem but in the game it isn’t that big of a problem if your rotating and changing your tactics to be less demanding of the team, it should be relatively easy to get through without serious injuries


How do you do this? Are you in a league that’s in-season during the competition? It’s always in the middle of my players summer break


There would be training spaces either side of the games for whichever players would be playing


Not sure tbh, but I can’t even rotate my team, I literally only have 3 substitutes available as the rest of my players are away on international duty


I’m using man united so basically all my players were away on international, ended up having to us mctominey as a striker


Was he smashing them in?


Genuinely surprised me, he was in a target man type role and scored 3 goals in 2 games before I got an actual striker back to use upfront


Makes sense if opposition's players were in international duty tooo


I was the same, only thing I did was reduce the trigger press and tempo, put the passing directness higher and the mentality to cautious/ defensive to let them rest a little


Nah, idk what you did, but I use a very low intensity tactic for the club World Cup and by the third game none of my players are fit enough to play anymore. The bug is due to how the game perceives training, it can only hurt you and you don’t get the benefits of recovery/rest (but the AI does). With a low intensity tactic, and about 20 players available, I don’t even have enough players by the third or fourth game to put on the field.


I experience the exact same in FM20 - not sure about FM22. The game doesn't give your players any condition recovery between games... or it's extremely low. AI teams don't seem to suffer this as much. I end up playing against an almost fully fit Barcelona in the semis or something. I've tried scheduling a normal training regime vs only recovery vs nothing at all on different occasions, but nothing helps. It seems like something definitely bugs out because you're technically between seasons where your players shouldn't even be at the club... kind of how injured players don't recover condition until they're back in proper season training.


I don’t know then, I also only did recovery for every possible open slot in between games if that’s any different from you but for me it was 100% fine


I’ve tested using that method, as have others, and it doesn’t give any real recovery benefits compared to rest. Doing any real training will tank your team even more.


I dont know how none of my players got injured then 🤷🏼‍♂️


Personally, you’re either very lucky, your game didn’t process the CWC like it does for everyone else, or you’re exaggerating. The game doesn’t recognize your players are training for any purpose other than gaining more fatigue. The other benefits and negatives of training don’t get applied because the game thinks the players aren’t back with the team. By the third or fourth game, your team will be almost entirely in the yellow (if you’re lucky). It’s still possible to win, but getting 0 injuries and winning is kind of hard to believe.


Believe me or not I’m simply stating what happened in my game, why would I have any need to exaggerate when I came here to try help because I didn’t know if people were doing something different


You don’t need to prove anything, one of the things I mentioned is that you’re just very lucky. I don’t think I’ve won a club World Cup without suffering something like 6-7 injuries at the least. Most of the time they are minor injuries tbf. I’ve also had single CWC games where, using no training and low intensity tactics, I’ve finished the game with 5 players on the field. The competition is verifiably bugged.


More than happy to show you as it was only recent that it was played so I still have the fixtures and results table which would show injuries I believe


AFAIK recovery training just limits chances of injuries due to workload. Rest is what will help most.


There’s no difference in CWC between the two because of how the tournament is bugged.


I mean, it's not just about winning the competition or not. Yes you got kinda lucky, I also turned down the intensity of the tactic and whatknot, but they still got injured. Too few players, literally everyone is on international duty once your teams becomes good


It’s also not taken very seriously in real life Uses your u23s and backups, they should be good enough to win it and even if they don’t it doesn’t matter.


Some games are literally 1 day apart, like how are they supposed to play 2 matches in 3 days and still get rest and train also?


Yeah I learnt this the hard way. Next time around, used jt to trial some U23s & fringe first teamers but it's ridiculous what it does to your players fitness & health.


Wasnt the schedule improved from 3 games in 7 days to always have 3 days of rest ? With full rotation and giving players rest from the training you should do a lot better


Yea I try not to bring any of my senior players when I can help it


It's the only time I genuinely cheat. I 'remove all injuries'.


fully rotate your team each game, use non gegenpress tactics in the group matches, they are normally very easy, no matter what your players will be tired in the final but so will the ai. Remember to give your players a full week holiday when the tournament is finished.


By the way, they also seem to rest worse? I managed to give them 3 days rest and they haven't rested at all. ​ Yes it's terrible, for AI as well. They just play random players and they get injured 💀


Could have ended your sentence 3 words early, no?


Does it really matter?


Yep , several times that ivlost my 3points cuz that.


The last one I played my game with Madrid ended up with 6 players going off injured, not only does that knacker your players but then if you’ve got arranging pre season friendlies delegated to your staff they set up an entire pre season after so your players are needing a rest way before Christmas (in leagues with no winter break)


Just use preseason to assess youth/fringe players. Rest your main XI. Sub the full team at half time. This is ofc easier if you have a huge loan army/squad (I regularly have 30+ players on loan per season).


Register players needed for 2 separate XIs, make a low intensity tactic (I just adjusted a few bits on my usual tactic). Switch between the 2 XIs as needed/each game and switch out the majority of your training slots for recovery sessions (this was particularly effective and I do the same in the stickier parts of the season like Christmas etc). Worked a treat for me in my second or third comp, ended up in the final with a basically fully fit team against a half dead Liverpool (iirc). May have gotten a little lucky with scheduling in the latter stages, but ended with the win and no injuries as far as I remember. GL next time round!


I had to play in fm19 I think, a CL final where 90% of my players were on international duty, against City who had twice the amount of players I had.


My tactic is to play my 2nd team for the group games then 1st team when it comes to playing the European opponents. The player recovery glitch seems to diminish when you get to the end of the season at the end of June so matches after that aren’t such a slog. The good news is the AI players suffer too.


Some games are literally 1 day apart, like how are they supposed to play 2 matches in 3 days and still get rest and train also?


I just won it with a Swedish team because of this exact thing - everyone else was knackered when I played against them so I just started my freshest players and waited til the 60th min and went full attack/Geggenpress, bringing the best players I had off the bench (if they didn’t start). A lot of the time the opposition finished with 9 or 10 players due to injury and I’d score 2 or 3 goals in the last 5 mins. First non domestic trophy!


My board never really care about this trophy that I have noticed so I just take a team full of U20s and U18s and don’t even try and win it.


Haha amen! Was going to post something like this last week. Ended up winning the CWC but half of my team were on holiday and the other half were playing with their arses hanging out.


the worst is that you can be unlucky and play the last 2 games in the group meaning you will have like 3 games in 6 days or something, but if you play either the first game then second or third you can atleast rest for knock out/other group game.


I remember when I first played FM many versions ago (I think 14?) I found by accident players on trial would be eligible for CWC. I just would use a few players on trial in the competition even when I was a European team, but managing in MLS I bolstered my team with stronger players to compete better


Similar thing happens in Norway. I have to play league games. But 16 of my players are away on international duty. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I just sim through all of it lol. Couldn’t give a fuck


Yes it's a hassle. Honestly, the Club World Cup wasn't a needed invention. I understand the football world isn't just Europe and South America, but let's face it, that's where the best teams and players are. No one wants to see European and South America clubs playing against African and Asian clubs except fans of said clubs. Also, pretty sure only European and South American clubs have managed to win the competition so far. What was wrong with the Intercontinental Cup? It was a fun one game final(well it first had two legs) that pitted the European Cup/Champions League winner against the Libertadores winner.


Always sim it


They're knackered cos you've left them from end of season to the club world cup with no games then thrown them in against teams who are fully match fit cos they don't have a summer break. I've made that mistake before as well, get some friendlies in in advance of it next time and you'll be better prepared.


Just spam rest as trainingsessions betweem games. This will work.


Select your youth squad and get knocked out first opportunity


Yeah, my BETA save was with PSG and the CWC was a joke, had to field 90% of my players from the Youth Team as everyone was on holiday, got absolutely battered by Chelsea.


Absolutely agree, it's super frustrating when you can't select a fit squad. Usually I compensate by playing a lot lower intensity in the first few games and not training at all between games, but that doesn't not make it literally the worst lol