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Financial status: okay


I noticed that as well. A bit strange with 400 million in the bank


Inflation must’ve been crazy in 2042


Maybe SI is trying to tell us something...


yeah, something doesn't seem right here at all imo ​ edit: 5 million per week on wages, for context i believe Man City spend 3 million in real life.


Real Madrid have 4.7 million a week so not too outrageous


Euros or pounds? Still 3 million pounds is like 3.5 million euros. However there have been plenty of documented cases of financial fraud, so city probably pays players more than that


Yep it’s my wages, mainly because I like to hoard wonder kids and send them on loan haha


If OP spent all the transfer budget (probably impossible) the club would be 600million I debt. Maybe that's their logic?




Spend it all, and watch the board panic


I think the board will adjust the transfer budget and wage budget before your bank balance went too low. I test it myself and the board completely deducted the transfer budget from 1B to 0 when I have negative bank balance.


Do every transfer at once and give them ridiculous pay, leave ship and see it burn into administration.


Buy all the good players at your next club during the sell off


i tried this in the past when i had a billion euros budget, i spent all the transfer budget and wage Budget, i was more than 400 mil in the red and leaking money every month, in December or January i got a suspicious new 600-700 mil sponsorship. apparently the game doesn't really let you go bankrupt


Yup, happened to me with Colchester, although on a much smaller budget.


Buy Msguire for 1 billion 🤣


United would reject


is this a german club management thing or why cant i wrap my head around your budget being more than double of your overall balance


Owner: Joan Laporta /s


I hate it when you get into the billions and they still cant afford to upgrade the stadium etc. Like clearly after having multiple billions in the transfer kitty for 20 years I dont want to spend it. Take the money back and build me a stadium!


Yep, I can’t build a new one as I had one built in 2025 and I think there’s a 20 year rule or something? It only holds 32k now so desperately need to upgrade it haha


2042! Nice! How has your save been going?


Going pretty good, I’m managing Salford City, got them promoted to the premier league in 3 consecutive seasons right at the beginning of the save, won League 2, won League 1, then won the play offs in the championship. Have won 6 PL, 3 CL, 4 FA Cup, 3 Carabao cup, 1 Europa League, 1 Europa Conference league, 1 CWC, 2 super cup and 4 community shields. It’s going quite well I would say


What keeps you going this save? Where will you stop


First objective was to try and win a quadruple, I achieved that just now in the previous season, now I’m trying to go a full season unbeaten and set a new record of longest run without losing. I usually don’t last anywhere near this long in saves but I’m just really enjoying this one for some reason


What is the record for the longest winning run?


Are you constantly replacing the problematic players, or did the transfers already get stale and you don't really care because your budgets are insane?


It depends how problematic they get, normally I just set a huge price tag on them and they agree to it, but if they really are trying to force a move then I’ll get rid. I just sold my Box to Box CM to Bayern for 180m and he’s only worth around 80-90m. I never make big signing I just sign youngsters and build them up by sending them on loan then I’ll keep whoever is good enough and sell the ones who aren’t.


Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one, but my prices ain't going up that much no chance. Clubs aren't willing to bid even 30 mil for my 46 mil rated midfielder. Then his value dropped to 26 mil a week later, and he's now into his last year of contract, so his value is 15 mil. Feels like I missed out on so much money.


I have a similar long term save, over 20 years in, current motivation is getting the new stadium the board have finally agreed to named after me (early development, name TBC), then after that I want to beat the record of most prem wins with my York side!


Haha you're smashing it well done mate. Did it take you long to start winning in the Prem?


Won my first premier league in 2034/2035, finished 2nd in 2029/2030 and 2032/2033. First seasons were just mid table finishes around 11th/10th, never been in a relegation battle.


I started with Dulwich Hamlet but took over Salford second season (after I missed promotion), in the Championship now after consecutive promotions (league one champs, league two playoffs) Season hasn't started yet but my budget is so low in comparison, no way I crack the top half.


I was shocked how quickly I got to the premier league, the free agents paid off massively for me I just tried to sign the best ones possible each window


I'm doing a Salford save too. Took over from the start of the game, 3 back to back promotions, winning the league 1, league 2 and finishing runner up in championship. First year in the Premier league i finished 11th, won the Carabao cup against City. Second season i finished 5th, missing the champions league by 2 points but clinched the conference league trophy fairly easily, i was surprised at how dominated the competition, conceding not even a single goal until the final against Sassuolo. I'm currently in my third year in the Premier league and on course for another 5th place finish and I have just dismantled Real Sociedad 6-0 in the Europa league semi final.


Have you had a stadium named after you yet? That’s always my target and only happened once about 4 years ago…


Nope I haven’t, I’ll be able to build a new one in 3 years time so hopefully they will do it then


Oil money




I did salford saves aswell. Of course it's salford


What the fuck, I didn’t spend any money at Man Utd for 7 years and only getting 200mil with our finances really good


Every year I do try and buy the best wonder kids for cheap, loan them out for a few seasons and then sell them on for profit or keep them in my team depending how good they are


I do that with man United too but my chairman must hate me


I once had a mate who had a similar budget when he joined Real Madrid, he spent it all to help him win his first silverware after 10 seasons of bumming it around lower divisions of Europe. Not quite sure why the signed him, but everyone gets lucky sometimes no?


Not too shabby. I’m close to a billion US with my Inter Milan save. Took a while and careful building, but I got there lol




How long has this save been going on? In game years.


As the year progresses, some team budget are getting ridiculous and unrealistic. Dortmund once had 600M+ in my FM20 save in early 2030s.