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It depends for me, I literally roll dice at the start to pick my club & sometimes I just don't feel it after a season or so. It's kinda weird but I've found clubs where I settle immediately & stay for the whole save & clubs I can't stand being at.


Depends on the save I'm trying to do. A journeyman save encourages me to switch clubs. Start off unemployed and work my way up the football pyramid either by promotion or taking a new job. Glory hunter save. Start at a top club, win the domestic cups and move onto another big club in a different country. See how many domestic cups I can win.


I love switching clubs mostly because I love the process of assessing what my squads like, best tactic to use etc and then rebuilding the club to fit more my style. Only issue I have is when I stay at a club too long, I get attached to many of the players and then miss them when I move, especially as I set a rule for myself to avoid purchasing any players from my most recently left club.


Managed a south east asian club for 10 years, went to ligue 2. Lost interest. Went to bundesliga 2, lost interest. Went to league one, got promoted, offered a job for Sunderland who manage to get into Premier League. Relegated in the first season. Got back again and finally lost interest and restarted the save.


Yeah I can’t switch clubs halfway through, always gotta stick with the club I started with and build them up


yeah doing some stuff again like refreshing the staff, have players get used to your tactic, get used to new players, etc is boring fr


i would never leave my club


Yes, mainly because of all the setting-up you need to do at the new club. Assesing staff, players, tactics, SET-PIECES, youth players. At my current club I go through so fast but it takes years to reach that speed if I switch teams. Its so much easier and laid-back, and chill to stay.


Depends on the save - sometimes i'll do an Unemployed Save, and in that I will constantly move clubs. Usually spending 3-5 years at most at any club. It keeps things interesting as i'm constantly building clubs and revamping their squads. It's also very interesting to me as the clubs always seem to just nosedive when I leave


I get too attached, im doing my first journeyman. I can already tell you - leaving Augsburg will be hard 😟


Don't leave. Augsburg always manages to avoid relegation no matter how much it looks like they will fail this time. So it's just logical that you will always stay with them no matter how much it looks like you'll do a journeyman career.


I'm actually starting getting bored of no team wanting to steal me out of my club. Started in the 4th division. Got to the first division, really good results every season, always exceeding expectations but no other club shows interest in me. A lot of mid table teams had their coaches fired but nobody asks for me ): I don't know why, but I don't feel any special attachment to the team I'm managing and I honestly just want to go to another team so I can grow myself as a manager. I'm also on a ridiculous low wage...so that isn't definitely the problem...it's sad quite honestly :(


I usually set out a project at the start of taking over a team and once I've completed it I move on. Or if I get bored or if the board keeps screwing me over. It's fun building up to teams to surpass them with another team later


Nope. I always play career saves, and typically don't stay at a club over 5yrs. Often I'll leave after a season if I did what I wanted at the club or the board honks me off.


Depends... like although I am a through and through glory hunter. and that's how I play FM, so, If at a club, i am not getting enough transfer budget to strengthen the team(usually a major factor), or i feel like i have spent enough time at a club and its time to switch, or i am getting a salary raise, I jump ships. Plus, you spend a couple seasons at a club and you can have a couple of staff with you, so the more clubs you jump(in this case), you can easily establish a good staff roster after 2-3 clubs.


Yeah I'm the same, might have to try a journeyman save for a change. Cool to holiday overnight and see how they do without you though


Its very hard for me as well. I really need to have the mindset as I start the save that it will be a journeyman save. This way each club Im at I have very clear goals and where I want to go next. My current journeyman save I did 4 years at JDR Stars in South Africa, won African Champions League, and Im now at my 2nd year on Deportivo Guadalajara in Mexico. I hope to win North American Champions League in the next couple years and will either go to Argentina to fight for Libertadores or China for Asian Champions League. By then I hope to go to Europe and win each of the top 5 leagues, and 5 champions leagues with 5 different teams. This is a very long plan for the save, but it keeps it fun and goal oriented. I dont allow myself to mess around and get too attached to players. I still became a legend and got a bit too attached to JDR Stars so I check up on them regularly, but the save keeps going. Im not having a very good experience in Mexico so I might resign and move to Arg or China earlier. There's also a freedom to it.


I never switch clubs; once I start with someone I get attached and never want to walk away. Inevitably, I get to the point where I try to resist buying players and focus on developing as many players as I can from my academy. I'm at that stage now with my Newcastle save (its 2050) and I couldn't imagine walking away from the pipeline of attacking players I'll have coming through in the next couple of years or so. And then after that, the next generation and so on... Its impossible for me to walk away from.


I always do my yearly Grimsby Town RTG. I got quite pissed with another new owner coming in and refusing to back me despite my 3 successive promotions, so I quit. I went to the media and in the first question about the owner I said and I quote, “he can go fuck himself, after all I’ve done for this club, I’m repaid with shit and stubbornness, fuck the board”. I like to remain loyal, but if I’m not happy I too just end the save. I then did a unemployed journeyman that started at Telford, promoted them to the VNL, left them in a playoff spot to join L1 Bolton. Brought them up to a playoff spot, got shut out and lost 3 games in a row even though I had an aggregate xg of about 7-2 over those games. I then quit that save as I wasn’t really motivated by that anyways. Then Grimsby got promoted irl and i got motivation to restart the Grimsby save from scratch. It’s okay to end saves. The whole point is to have fun.


I usually just see out the three year contract then move on. Unemployed for a bit and then more than likely back to Bundesliga. That league has a hold over me and I don’t know why. Alternatively I like starting at a team like Man United winning everything I can there then going to a smaller club in league one.


The registration rules are awesome


Im the opposite. I've been with a club for 6-7 years, took them from the Hungarian 2nd Division to a regular in the Champions League group stages and if I don't get a group of death manage to advance to the Euro League quarters. But after a few seasons of PSG and City buying every talented young player I got for cheap and subsequently ruining their careers by paying them 50k/week but not giving them any play time and refusing to loan them out I get frustrated and feel the urge to move on. Happened to me when I started in the Swedish 2nd tier, now in Hungary and in the beta in Italy. I feel at some point the game you reach a barrier with each club where it becomes a grind much more than fun and that's usually the time to move on to the next one and let the board ruin your previous baby.


I rarely switch clubs, but in my last save where I started with the Glasgow Rangers, won the league and had a decent run in the CL I got an offer from Lazio who had a bad first season ending on pos 10. I talked to them, expecting not getting the job but I got it so I thought, well fuck it and did it. I was able to keep SMS, Immobile and Luis Alberto after joining them and then went on to win the Serie A in every year so far in that save. Lately we won even the UCL. The year after the UCL win my board for the first time ever expected me to win the league officially. hahaha


I just hate leaving a team full of 15-22 year olds and ending up at a team full of 29-35 year olds like the AI love to build.


Yep - I can't do it. I've tried doing journeyman saves and just get bored a few games after taking over my second club. If I get sacked, that's it - game over.


Literally can’t stand leaning a whole new group of players. What can you do when you get fired or contract ends. Gotta move on. My contract is up this season, I’m moving to premier league from mls. In a journey man save I’ll get a coaching job lower tier. I guess that’s how that works


Depends on the gap between jobs really, I did a pentagon challenge this year and was successful. However this meant I was only spending 2 seasons at each club which wasn’t enough to build any kind of legacy or connection with the players. In future if I do a journeyman save I might wait to leave until I’m a club legend or get sacked.