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Well, not really. Because the scouts and agents are usually pretty accurate on predicting whether the WP application will be successful. So if you choose to go after the player even after being told the WP will be an issue... What infuriates me is the same scenario, but then a big six club come in and make an offer for the player after you have everything agreed and they go to him and he sits in their reserves and never ever plays once, when he would have been a key player for you in the Championship or even at a club outside the big six in the Prem.




Fair play. Was mostly thinking England. Ironically enough, Norway is one of the main leagues I'm looking at for my next save... Now I'm wondering lol...


I haven’t had any issues getting WP in Norway after getting promoted to the 2nd tier or the 1st


This. Telasco Segovia is the exact type of player I like so I go for him in every save. Sometimes I’ll get him and he’s a god for me. Then the other half of the time, everything is agreed and Arsenal or Spurs pop up last minute and steal him away. He then doesn’t play a minute for them, goes straight into their reserves and they refuse to loan him out. Fucking infuriating


Yesterday I signed a player, me being in Championship, from a Championship team. Scouts said me he will have it's work permit approved. He doesn't. I signed because it was a bargain. I put him in the loan list. He goes on loan to Blackburn...


Highly recommend management outside of England


I always get lured into England but the WP and insane winter schedule sucks.


brexit means brexit


I play in Holland so its not really a problem


Taking players on trial for a few weeks to uncover some low league gems, only for countless previously uninterested teams to immediately usurp you as soon as you offer a contract.


Just legions of scouts with binoculars camping outside your training ground


Also very annoying is this nobody wanting to be first team player and not willing to compromise, despite being an absolute nobody…


So get them to sign then drop their playing time


Just sign them then loan them out for a season, usually gets them a work permit by doing then


Yes, pre-season talks with the team


imma not lie this is one of the reasons why I don’t do saves in England


Yes - this happening and then you loaning them out to a club to get a work permit and instead they don’t register/play them.


i can tell you exactly what's worse accidentally letting them sign without looking at the fact their work permit got rejected


I don't know if someone said it or no bit it happened to most players I bought in my Luton Town save. Basically I bought alot of u-18 player and there work permits don't get approved at all but still sign them. The work around I found is to loan them out to a diffrent European league( any thing inside the top 30 leagues will be enough that is not English) for half a season then reapply and they get accepted. This saved me a lot with a Algerian, Ivorian, Egyptian and even Peruvian players that I bought.


Ever had a bunch of your scouts unearth a 5-star wonderkid, which is then confirmed by your DOF, only for you to sign him and realize it's actually a 3-star player? The answer is NO - because if you had, you'd realize it was the most frustrating thing ever


It hurts so much more when you have a limit on the amount of foreign youngsters you can sign, then you find an even better regen you can't sign...


I hate managing English teams after brexit.


Or finding an ideal player signing him, then finding someone even better and having to tell myself Not to sign him too.


I don't get it ^(/me hiring only players from the region I'm in)


Or signing the player thinking they'll be prefect back up so you let some old timers go and then when the signing screen comes up you realise they won't be joining for 12/18 months because of their age...


The only thing that has annoyed me more is giving a contact extension to my start player (400k because I'm Liverpool) and within 4 months of the new contract teams are watching him and he's really interested in leaving. This would not happen in real life at all, let alone one of the best players in the world at a big club.