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and maybe that's why they winning the league 10 times in a row in RL


It’s why they are so against outside investment and oil money because with their huge membership advantages the league in Germany is basically rigged in their favor


And maybe some fans who own clubs in Germany would prefer their clubs to be fan owned and try their best, even if they lose with integrity, rather than sell out to a oil billionaire/dictatorship. Also, I don't think "rigged" means what you think it means.


this ​ as a dortmund fan id rather see bayern win 100 years straight than even consider to go the sellout plastic premiere league route


True that. I could take not winning if it meant we didn’t have pep rolling in to spend fuck knows how much to be the so called goat. Oil money is just trash and has ruined football; the Germans have an amazing systems and it’s no wonder they have an abundance of German talent coming through in their league


It's got nothing about with "membership advantages". Some time ago there was a thread on r/soccer explaining why they are so dominant, and the short version is a mixture of good management and having some of the richest sponsors in Germany (they're the flagship club from Bavaria so they get they have the exclusivity over Bavarian sponsors.


It's not rigged, Bayern has just built something fantastic. Source: I am a fan of a different BuLi team and I'd rather they dominate because they're simply better than everyone else than have foreign influences and oil money come in.


You triggered some with this comment but you are 100% right. Yea Bayern did it the right way with Uli Hoeness’ business genius. Now though they are aggressively leveraging their position to squash any sign of competition by buying out competitors essentially when they take all their best players. Bundesliga has become unwatchable and irrelevant now. The only way to make it interesting is to allow outside investment.


ITT: People who care about the Bundesliga commenting on why they enjoy the league, and people who never watch the soccer and pretend it’s some bottom tier garbage


You’re right I never watch “Soccer” I have been watching bundesliga since the early 90’s though and remember when multiple teams had a chance to win the league going into the season. Now? I can tell you who will win the league for the next 5 years. You see the difference?


Uli literally said days ago the 50+1 rule needs to be scrapped off to allow more private investment


He understands it will benefit the league as a whole. Kudos to him


Directives from Bayern literally said days ago Germany needs to end the 50+1 rule and be more open to private investments


Bayern is broken in this FM. Every my save they make 200mil+ transfers every season. No other club do this.


They always try and come in for my top players too, everyone talks about PSG but for me it’s Bayern every window bidding 100-200m for my players


Same. Which doesn't reflect irl bayern very much


On RL they making a great decision on every transfer.


Yes, in my current save, Bayern kept spending money over $100M on a single season since 2020 until 2027. on exception on 2022 spent $97M and peaked over $450M on 2024. Bayern even bought player every season for over $150M on one player, damn.


Bayern once bought my entire backline after unsettling them.


meanwhile ​ they did not even reach european football this season for us (27) ​ they broke as soon as neuer süle and especially lewandowski left for free


Any clue how to increase commercial revenue ?


Increase your club reputation, be lucky, maybe have a good owner. One of the biggest frustrations is that you'll almost never reach the heights of the other clubs in terms of sponsorship income. I had a save last year where I won multiple Champions Leagues with Feyenoord, and our sponsor income was still lower than Ajax.


affiliate clubs in the US, Japan, China etc


The problem here is for affiliation they come up with EU clubs only. I have never seen any club from outside Europe.


When you make the request for an affiliate club, choose "We should find an overseas partner to increase our profile in another country."


Actually when I go to that option to Board Request>affiliate club, it just shows request is accepted and a bar is shown on the club vision screen which shows the progress. >"We should find an overseas partner to increase our profile in another country. Where can we trigger this ?


Who are you playing right now? Even if you have too many affiliates, I thought you would still be given the option of trying, so it's quite odd that you can't trigger it. Quite possibly a bug as well.


I can try to request but it doesn't give the option to specify to go for foreign clubs like in China, Japan, US etc. It always gives the option for European nations like some clubs from Norway, Belgium etc.


I wonder what your club’s reputation rating is. Needs to be pretty high, I think. I snagged a wonderkid from Korea and was then able to gain an affiliate in Korea a year after acquiring him. Went on tour in Korea the following season and have been raking in the money.


My favourite cash cow. They buy my goodish players having amazing seasons for 100+ mln € each year. So i can have space and money for real wonderkid world beaters


Damn same as me haha. I loaned their player with obligation to buy for $11.5M and then after 4 season they paid for over $120M. Also this guy is a defender


I gave them Samardzic and Carnesecchi for a combined 200 mln. I was heartbroken for the goalkeeper, but he would have put up a fit if i didn't sell him. I had a placeholder for one season, and i managed to find a 5 star potential wonderkid goalkeeper already at first team level, 60 mln. Hope to keep him longer, now that money is not an issue.


They're rich as fuck in my saves as well, there is one season where they spend 600 Mil in one single transfer windows, and then 400 in the next transfer, and it keeps going on and on and on. Can you believe how they have Karim Adeyemi, Vlahovic, Frenkie De Jong, Mbappe, and Chiesa in one single team? Not even Man City and PSG do that in my saves, luckily tho, they always bottled the UCL.


It’s sad in a way, there a lot of amazing clubs in German football, with tonnes of potential, but so many big leagues nowadays have a big two at most, while Bayern run away with it. If there is another winner anytime soon as long as it’s not Leipzig, I’m happy just for something different


How is any bundesliga team in the next 100 years supposed to compete with Bayern when they buy out their competitors every time they shown signs of being able to challenge them. Do you guys enjoy seeing the same team win for 30 straight years (it’s going to happen)


I do not really mind since I am using Bolton on this save. But yea like you said, it does not really have and competition for the first place. Their objective on other team maybe competing for second place?? Do not really know


In my save Bayern is kind of a mystery. They have a lot of money, a very good team with big salaries, huge transfer budget, they dominate their league, but they are a joke in CL which they never won. Even back when I could just be 2nd in Ligue1 25pts behind PSG and taking 3/4-0 everytime against them, or that I had to be flawless to give a challenge to the english clubs in CL, whenever I played against Bayern it was EZ-Peazy. I actually just knocked them off 4-0 on aggregate in 1/8 final with a B+ team (funny enough on the pitch they had 3 former major players of mine which were still under 30 yo)


Maybe they choked and have a really bad algorithm on the CL. But on my case, Bayern also dominated in Europe competition. Winning once and being 2nd once in a span of 6 years.


Blaze it.


I'm playing as Mainz. Bayern just went unbeaten for a season and a half. I've only recently been able to score against them yet they still draw or win. Vlahovic has seamlessly replaced Lewandowski; Musiala is tearing through the Bundesliga and will probably do so for a decade.


I took the dortmund job in my save in 2035 and won 7 straight bundes and 2 CL, then left and they won another 4 bundes and still Bayern have twice the commercial income of Dortmund


I also had a save that I competing with Dortmund and winning 5 straight years and after I leave Dortmund, Bayern really dominating again


TIFO did a good video explaining all commercial revenue they’ve managed to set up outside of Europe and compared it to the rest of the Bundesliga. Well worth a watch. Great example of why you need to get commercial affiliate clubs abroad 😉


Yaa I remembered the video. Really good explanation why Bundesliga have something like that


I think they get divised up based on the teams performance over the past 5 years or so. So its an egg and chicken situation


if you play for long enough, then celtic becomes the real deal in terms of cash flow.... RB FC Salzburg too.... these teams are untouchable domestically in most cases


I'm hunting them down with Cowdenbeath, just got promoted to Championship.


Even after 10 years of beating them and winning a few CL, they still have 5x my annual sponsorship money. Has anyone ever overtaken them on either sponsorship or commercial?


I believe no, I am on England using Bolton. I realized this when I had this email on the inbox mentioning Bayern have this kind of income


420, nice


LMAO I did not realize it until you point it 420!




Herta really came close on my save. They have been making a lot of purchase on costly player.


$420m. Nice.


Definitely really nice




Looks like my save haha, but just managed to win the league on 95m p/a on wages


Looks like Premiere League teams can not even compete with Bayern, [Photo](https://postimg.cc/WDhh7rLB)


I spent almost 420 million with fc bayern in my second season with em. Thing is they are gonna spend loads given the players are young and are around the age of 22 to 24 https://imgur.com/WDwzFRm.jpg