Definitely a possibility but don’t have your hopes up


it’s possible. I have straight hair and my body hair has become a bit curly/wavy and much more coarse since taking T.


Definitely depends. My hair went from very, very loosely wavy pre, wavier for T, and post? Holy *shit* my hair curled right up. So, actually, *estrogen*, or maybe lack of testosterone, made my hair super duper curly. It has yet to go away after over a year post T.


My theory is that it's from the scalp getting more oily, since hair doesn't really grow fast enough to account for the fast changes some people have seen. If you want to see if you can get curlier hair I know there's special hair methods you can do for that (if your hair is actually curly and straightens out from your current hair care). That's just my theory though so I'm not sure :)


My pin straight hair has become curly as I have grown it out. It was hard to tell that it had texture until it got to be 3-4 inches long.