From what we know we really can't say if it's returning to its roots. It's just a similar setting as the first one, but gameplay-wise I seriously doubt it would be similar to that game.


God I hope not. The first one was boring as hell and way to repetitive, but I seriously doubt anyone would even consider making a game that limited in the modern age. I would bet my house that they’re trying to recapture the feel of the era from II to Syndicate.


Possibly, or it is just another assassins cry wildlands open world just in the 'familiar' setting.


I thought that they were splitting the franchise and that the other one was the formulaic open world one, with this being more in line with the old AC. That might have been wishful assumption making on my part of course.


I’m 90% sure I saw that as well. An AC studio working on old style ACII-IV type stuff and then the rpg style we got from Odyssey and Valhalla


the setting will be thing similar to it's roots, but gameplay will definitely be like the recent games, including all the awful stuff that no one wants, like the extensive grinding, maybe "crafting" materials or weapons (that they will give you the option to buy) and possible micro-transactions to cut corners in the game.


They laid out the plan in the assassins creed forward. This one will be like the classic AC1-Black Flag. The story will be linear and they removed the RPG elements. The new AC project red that's set in Japan will be like origins-Valhalla. They are splitting them up and probably gonna go the COD route where they try to release one a year. My issue is that I just went back and played all the classic assassins creed games. I played all of them from AC2,Unity, and Rogue. I just hope they don't go back to the archaic combat style. It's so boring to just sit there and counter every single enemy over and over. I loved the stories, but they just feel outdated. While I do prefer their linear story, I much prefer the combat from the new series.


I agree that they could make you have to work for the counters better and try to push actual combat. But it is fun to get the opportunity to feel like an OP master where you can counter the shit out if everyone and be untouchable from time to time. But I hated the newer combat style in Origins where everyone was just a bullet sponge with a health bar. While I liked some of the newer combat elements forcing you to do different things it felt repetitive without the wow factor of fancy moves and lacked a feeling of power in being able to just end enemies quickly.


I think they should keep the new style of combat, but keep it the way it is in end game. It sucks at first, but then by the end game, you're killing people with two or three good hits. I think they should do that and just keep your max health very low for balance. Make it where you can take two or three hits per fight. Maybe five max


Everyone is gonna have different opinions. I like to think there is a balance somewhere. I personally liked the combat changes in AC 3. I miss being able to take people's weapons from them or fight with your hands against armed opponents. Unity originally ruined the series for me, Syndicate brought me back, and Origins is the last one I played.


People praise origins, but I honestly think it's the weakest out of the new three in terms of gameplay.


Did they make more combat changes in the newer 2?


To an extent. I just think the games are better all around. I much prefer origins story, but the combat feels cleaner in the other two. It's not much different, but just feels better.




AC Red will be like the new ones? That's such a bummer, I was hyped for a classic stealth AC in Japan...


Like I said, those style I much prefer now. I just hope the story doesn't suffer. For some reason all the new ones are just forgettable when it comes to story. Especially when you connoisseur it to AC2-Recelations, Black Flag, or AC3.


Damn they actually fooled you.


They'll find some way to fuck it up surely. I've learned with ubisoft these past years that it's better to lower your expectations.


Agreed. After the game releases and we see all the "features", then I would consider buying the game.


You don't pre-order anyways!


With all those in-game purchases they had in origin-Valhalla, I’m worried what they’ll do to the game to push their store again.


As a new AC player I think the games are great. I've played black flag which will forever be my favorite but origins was amazing imo and odyssey was not bad either. I don't understand why people are calling the games 'terrible'.


I'm just gonna let the ultimate gamer take the wheel on this one. He explains better than me [Exhibit A (a bit outdate)](https://youtu.be/UOgvbS4GkF0) [Exhibit B](https://youtu.be/6rjYXEYpuDo) [Exhibit C](https://youtu.be/eFAgO5WKnQA)


I do not think your Exhibit A is the video that you intended. The other two are solid though


Oh fuck Fixed it


Not really.


Just a few coins please sir I beg of you, nah I really hope the beggars and crazy people don't come back


I hope the random encounters from Unity come back. Made the world seem more alive and added a little extra something you could do quickly while traversing to whatever objective you are going to.


lmao they were all the same


Yeah but it didn't take away from the point of them being there in the first place. It was a welcome change over the beggars or kids getting in your way.


sure but just liked they improved upon older ones in unity this time they should be even better more spontaneous


Well yeah obviously I wouldn't want it 1:1 come back after all this time but I want the return of that style of encounters to return.


yeah world should be as lively as possible lmao downvoting comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


The downvoting wasn't me lol I agree with you. Weird thing to downvote.


i guessed it was not you but thing that surprised me that it really isn't much of a comment anyway just saying something actually similar to what you said i think there are people that is doing this to pass time 🤣🤣


lmao what kind of idiots are downvoting this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Went through and upvoted you comments boss




its okay upvoted for you, ignore how its still -2 now


You're the hero I aspire to be


you're just like me if you did the same


you guys gave me hope


I hope we get "YOU THIEF! I'LL HAVE YOUR HAND FOR THAT!" back.


🎵 "My family's sick and dying" 🎵


I've become really bored with the current ones with it's repetitive open world gimmicks and subpar storyline so I do hope this one fixes those issues for me. A more narrative storyline focused assassins creed game is what I always would prefer.


Valhalla has the best story and lore since 3.


not imo, one of my least favourites.


it depends. new engine and stuff? yes bring it on. same ass gameplay as the last years + a new setting? hell no.


I think they said it’ll be more like Unity in terms of gameplay, which is cool imo


Ass gameplay, yet one of the highest reviewed and best selling AC games made. Let me go play AC2 and fall off a random building bc parkour is meh. Hey, maybe if I get into combat I can stand with a circle of dudes around me and counter -> instakill until they're all dead.


I played all of them and I don’t really see them making this one any better




Excited for the same as always? no thanks, maybe in a sandbox world it could revive


Man I still haven't finished odyssey. It's just so fucking big.


Odyssey is the first AC game I've ever spent time in really, I'm in love with it lol


Yea Odyssey is really nice game like Valhalla and Origin but they aren’t classic AC game that’s why some peoples want to see original ac game


I tried playing 1 and 2 a long time ago, they were why I never played another till my buddy convinced me to try Odyssey on gamepass, guess ac has something for everyone. Crazy amount of negativity in here, kinda wild lol


They should make assassin's Creed 9/11




Not really. I'm in the camp that actually likes the new open world RPG games. Excited for Codename Red though.


Sorry, you lost me at "assassin's creed". I might have been interested if I heard this a few "Creeds" ago, now I'm just tired.


No. I vastly preferred Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla’s gameplay.


You are a fool if you think this is 'returning to its roots'. It's just a similar setting. If you are still buying these games you are the problem with the gaming industry




The people who replied pretty much sum it up correctly. It's just copy and paste with a different background. I did play odyssey when it was on sale and relatively enjoyed it, however I got so bored I rushed to finish the main quest. The last good game was black flag as it innovated the formula after going stale with Ezio's story. Just let it die... Best games I've played in the last few years have been new IP's that don't just tickle my nostalgia for playing the same thing again. Its a new experience and has surprises along the way. Tell me the last time AC surprised you?


I think its just nice way of saying... You like recycled games and buying them, which pushes the company to keep churning out repetitive games. Recycled games don't mean better. It's tiring. Players need to notice that and boycott those same old creed games. It's becoming too much alike akin to 2K basketball or WWE. Same shit, different year. I haven't played ANY single AC since black flag because I feel black flag was the epitome of AC games since then. Valhalla was catching my attention but BAM RECYCLED STORYLINE AND GAMEPLAY. I hard passed it up. Red or Hex, I'm hoping it's awesome, if it's recycled. I'm completely done with AC regardless if they change it up in the future.


You can add how they rewrite history too, like in valhalla. Burning a church with is town ? Yes no problem ! Killing one priest in the burning church ? What are you doing fool ! Stop or you will be desynch. Wtf man ? Also the fact that all nordics people are good, but anglo saxons are bad. Also the fact that you just raid all england, you stole and kill. But the people will see you as "the liberator" lol Most boring game ever, and I liked Oddysey.


Its the gameplay. That's all I can say, man.


Lol hasn't it always been like that in AC games that they made a weird portrayal of who's good and bad? Except the Borgias of course.


All you fuckers want innovation and hate change. Pick a lane.


Ill be watching and awaiting the user reviews


The stories just don’t compete with what people are expecting now. After playing RDR2, playing Odyssey felt so bland. Ubisoft need to create a more dynamic story to make me want to play more than a few hours


I wish they do , but I won't get my hopes too high


I'm very burnt out on ubisoft games in general, If it ends up revitalizing the franchise in a god of war type way ill check it out, otherwise I just don't care anymore.


I really wished they followed the original assassins storyline, since they are returning back to the Middle East. The real story of assassins with Hassan-i Sabbah is much, much more interesting than anything Ubisoft's talentless writers can come up with. I mean they'd probably have to tone down the religious themes to avoid controversy but it could still work perfectly.


Ass creed ended for me at the ezio series


Unfortunately not , loved Odyssey and Origins. Loved the open world, loved the RPG. So sad that hot Basim will not be on my list of games to get, really liked his character and voice in Valhalla. Valhalla was boring though …. I hate parkour, thats why I don’t play Tomb Raider, parkour is absolutely nasty!!


I'm excited from what I've heard about it especially that they will have parkour like how it was in Unity. If they actually take their time to make this have minimal or obviously preferably no bugs then I could see this being a fantastic game. My biggest hope is that the expedite the whole becoming an assassin thing and don't wait the entire game to have the main character become one. It was my least favorite part of the Kenway Saga even though I liked almost everything else about them.


I don't know if it's true or not but they said mirage was supposed to be Valhalla dlc scaled-down so don't expect much of it


I don't think straying far from the root is the problem. Let me explain. Do you remember the original game in which you go to town, do a bunch of repetitive side missions, kill the bad guy, then do it all over again? Fast forward to Valhalla, what changed? You still do a bunch of repetitive side missions, kill the bad guy, then do it all over again. The problem is not with the gameplay itself, personally I find all AC's gameplay serviceable, but the lack of context and variety is. What I'm trying to say is, NOT straying far from the repetitive root is the problem. Black Flag tried to do new things and it was one of the better games in the series, albeit still copy-and-paste a little bit. Variety (naval combat, exploration,...) made it more tolerable. You can strip everything down as much as you want, back to the first AC gameplay even, but if you still force people to do bullshit content for 10+ hours, it's not gonna be better.


I will always look forwards for a good game, but honestly, between how samie Ubisoft games had been with their checklist icon open world and their workers abuse history. My hopes are so low that to find it I need some speleology equipment and a canary at this point, I will always hope for the game to be good but I will not assume it will be good.


I get a feeling it's recycled, I played odyssey because it felt like it would return to its origins. HOW WRONG WAS I....so I'm hard passing this. I'm more excited for Red and Hex if it's recycle gameplay. It'll probably be my FINAL NAIL ON THE COFFIN for any assassin creed games.


I'm hyped already🔥🔥


I doubt it will "return to it's roots" in any meaningful way, but it would be cool if it does. I'll probably love it either way though, the setting sounds really interesting and I've liked the whole series so far (including the weird action RPG turn recently, although I wish that had been a spinoff)


I've lost the hope I had on Assasins creed


Lolz "roots". Ubisoft Logo 😂😂😂😂


Guys,how do we tell him


No, nothing Ubisoft exites me anymore sadface


No for two main reasons. Ubisoft making questionable decisions on recent games. Somehow screwing up And secondly becausd no chance I'm ever paying full price for one of their games again. Absurd price drops and even very shortly after release makes me a patient man.


Return to roots, isn’t wearing a red sash. I’ll believe it when I see it


Everyone complained about the franchise becoming boring, now they're complaining that it isn't what it used to be. People make 0 sense.


It's probably going to be Valhalla in another country, not sure about going back to its roots


Yeah. I always give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt for their new games. I'll never pre-order from them though. But if they're going to disappoint me it will be via YouTube.


Ah sweet summer child. It's Ubisoft...


I stopped playing around AC3. I miss feeling like an actual assassin. I've always said I wanted them to mix AC with Hitman gameplay.


Is that what is happening?


Sarcasm? Didn't they recently announce that Mirage doesn't even have modern day sections? That's the polar opposite of returning to its roots. In the original game, modern day sections were more important to overall story than the history flashback sections.


I’m not excited for their return at all, regardless the kind




I wish they would do pvp again. The hunting games were so unique and intense. Looking over your shoulder while trying to act as casual as possible. Knowing when you were on a hot streak that there were multiple people trying to hunt you down. Not to mention all the power ups and stuff which were super cool. God I loved it.


I'm very excited. I stopped playing after AC2 almost solely because of this


being excited for a Ubisoft game? nope I've learned my lesson a long time ago


No, Ubishit Games all suck ass.


Personally. I think the "return to roots" is silly. When Origins released it was a fresh take on a stale formula, when they say "return to roots" is it just going to be the same ole song? No RPGs elements? Crowd blending? Tailing missions? That sort of thing? I think I'll pass on this one. Odyessey was pinnacle AC for me in recent times.


As excited as I am to play the new one I really enjoyed the open world versions but I'm excited to see where they take the franchise moving forward


Yea just like saints row returned to its roots...🤣 People believe anything big corpo tells them.


Ubisoft has got to be the DUMBEST gaming company known to man. We saw all the HYPE around mirage and the game not being a shitty RPG anymore, the community has not been this excited and happy in a while. How does Ubisoft respond? They give us Japan which hyped us up even more and everything was right with the world. But NOPE they go back to boring, empty open world, RPG.


AC Valhalla is great game, so I hope going back to it's roots doesn't mean endless collectibles and main story diversions but does mean more assassin type gameplay.


It’s a mobile game


no im not , i dont want a new ac game, ubisoft cant make a game that u can enjoy 3-4 weeks, most of the recent games are enjoyable only for few days, after that, u just collect same shits and same missions


Not that much. I mean its Ubisoft, they will screw it up no matter what


Ubisoft has been spiraling downward for quite some time. Do not get your hopes up.


Is it returning to its roots, though? Setting aside I'd like to see the gameplay here.


Not in the slightest. These games are a snoozefest.


Couldn’t care less, ubisoft shovels bullshit


Can’t wait 😍


Another boring game


I really don't get how people are so worked up about all of this. Assassins Creed has always been good, despite all these side stories. Like, I love the old games, but the newer ones are somewhat better to play.


I liked more last 3 parts of series.


I am just going to wait and see. You hear about Ubisoft "returning to their roots" seemingly every other year after they mess up with a franchise. To be honest, I have gotten very bored of the Ubisoft Open World (TM) styled games, because they have literally copied and pasted their design philosophy into nearly every game they have touched. From Far Cry to The Division to The Crew, if you look at them objectively all of them have the exact same roots. Climb this tower, observe the surroundings to find side quests, and go do side quests. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. I loved Assassin's Creed until Black Flag and I realized that the entire franchise was doing just this. I could barely finish Syndicate by the time it came out and took literal years off from playing anymore of them.


I’m excited about running around Baghdad


It's yet another AC game but with a twist! Fanservice! Seriously, uf fan service is enough to make people tolerate Ubisoft's copy and paste open world formula for another 5 years then gaming did change for the worse. It's just anither AC game. It will be like all others. Be it old style gameplay or rpg, it doesn't change the fact that the open world will be filled with Ubisoft style meaningless collectibles, bloated story, open world so big only so they can market it and not because it adds to the game in any valuable way and time savers for the people that don't want to waste their time but have no problem wasting their money. Ghost Reacon, Assassin's Creed and Far Cry. All feel the same because, even when they change some things (like AC becoming an rpg for some reason) it still feels the same because Ubisoft will always Ubisoft. This is just a desparate attempt to keep their stocks from going down. It's like a battered horse with some make up. Sure, it looks nice. But it doesn't change the fact that this is the same old beaten horse that is being brought to life fmevery year for another shallow Ubisoft open world game.


Can't they do a modern take on the franchise.. Like maybe WW1/2 era or even during the Cold War. That'd be cool.


Nope because that map location and architecture was all boring like the sand they live on .


I will play it but I am not pre-ordering!! I still won't forgive them for the launch of AC Unity


No. This series is dead, I don't even try to be awared of it


No, I liked being far too strong in Odyssee and Origins. Granted, those could have been released as different franchises but still lol


Not really. Ubisoft took that step after Valhalla reviews was mixed. After they squeezed everything they could out of open world. So guess what? "Return to roots" time!