True enough. To this day the Japanese population is pretty racist. It’s just not super obvious because they don’t tend to be around other races. Japan is a bit of a soft ethnostate. They’re also a warning to people to idealize ethnostates. Their population is aging rapidly because no one’s fucking. Their culture is centered around what the fascist ideology strives for: work, don’t care about your own happiness, work, don’t be degenerate, work, don’t try to have a social life, work, work, work for the state. It’s why their population is miserable, isolated, and can’t connect with other humans enough to get into a relationship. No wonder they have such a high suicide rate. Japan is the best case scenario for an ethnostate… and it still fucking sucks. They’re miserable, sexually repressed (hence all the weird porn), super isolated, and their economy is beginning to crumb. At least hentai spawned from their misery. So I guess it was all worth it in the end.


It's not just Japan. All of Asia is like this with race. It gets especially strong when it comes to Korea/Japan/China though.


They're to varying degrees. Prime example is that my friend from Japan was literally never taught if any of their countries war crimes in school (he stayed in Japan till junior high) and his mother wasn't aware of Nanjing either, or any of their other actions in the Philippines. Koreans on the other hand do learn a lot about what the Chinese suffered in ww2, again based on a friend so I can't personally attest. to how accurate these sources are. Of course being Chinese personally we never learned anything bad about our government after the 50s but that's because we're an authoritarian dictatorship. Japan calls itself a liberal democracy, however their government and social hierarchy is anything but.


Koreans do that because they can't outright teach you to hate Japan. In turn, there's a lot of animosity between Japanese and Koreans. I've seen it every time a kpop band tries to do stuff in Japan. The blog posts are filled with racist insults, most of them agree in that "go to South America, they want you there, we don't want you here" idea. Some celebrities, like [Matsuko Deluxe](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsuko_Deluxe), even said the same, that if kpop groups found it difficult to be successful in Japan, they did not have to stay. This was filled with that animosity I mentioned too, and her general tone was very disdainful. I laugh at the idea of Japan calling itself a liberal democracy though. They are a monarchy still, ffs. And yeah,there's a lot of problems with chinese and certain topics of their own history. I remember how Zhang Yimou's films would keep depicting the poverty and general social issues that China faced and how they banned him from making films in China, only to "forgive" him (probably due to his growing fame in the west) and have him direct Beijing 2008's opening (iirc) ceremony.


Monarchy and liberal democracy aren't mutually exclusive. Just look at Scandinavia.


The UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway etc. all have kings or queens. Since it is the people who have power to select the governors and royals can't act against people's will it doesn't really matter.


Monarchies in Scandinavia don't have much power in important stuff, I'm pretty sure.


Yeah and guess how much power the Emperor has


Even less, constitutionally speaking. The Japanese imperial household is in effect the human, national figurehead version of a Christmas tree. Sits there and looks nice and makes people feel cozy about things, but otherwise has no actual use or impact. The US occupational government only kept them around so the Japanese hardcore didn't use it as a rallying cry for a tide of kamikaze terrorism or worse that the Americas constantly shat themselves about before the bombs. Actually looking at the two, the Germans--also an infamously servile and cowed people post war--were the bigger issue, going by actual acts of terrorism/resistance. For a fanatically imperialistic society, Japan turned to passive and servile occupied people very quickly. And there was seen no more need to overturn that apple cart. The Americans saw no need in the end to indulge the last, ultimate act of spite which could have upset that happy little balance.


They have none at all. But whenever a new government is formed, they have to formally ask the queen to accept it. But she can't say no, so


How is Japan a monarchy? How much of an influence does the emperor has on the administration of Japan?


It’s much like the UK. The Emperor is the head of state, but the head of government is a prime minister. The emperor himself has little power. However prior and up to WWII, they held more of a will over its people and the direction of the nation.


A lot of European countries still technically have a monarch but you still call them democracies. > “They are a monarchy still, ffs.” I hereby disqualify Denmark Sweden Norway U.K. and Belgium from being a democracy.


Yeah, we don't vote at all, we just have Her Royal Majesty Queen Margrethe II. And we have to go on a damn crusade next year, i don't wanna


It's very much different from the UK and other constitutional monarchies actually. While the Queen has limited, but actual power and most of her sovereign roles are delegated to the government by convention. She's also the commander-in-chief. Compare that to Japan, where it specifically says in the constitution that the Emperor has no powers related to government and the prime minister is the commander-in-chief.


**[Matsuko Deluxe](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsuko_Deluxe)** >Matsuko Deluxe (マツコ・デラックス, Matsuko Derakkusu, born October 26, 1972, in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese columnist, essayist, and TV personality known for his cross-dressing stage persona, as well as his pro-gay remarks and sexuality. After graduating from Tokyo Max Beauty school, he worked as a salaryman. Inspired by LGBT activists, he changed careers as an editor and writer on Japanese gay magazines including Badi and Barazoku. Before being discovered by essayist Usagi Nakamura, Matsuko Deluxe had quit his job in his late twenties and became a NEET. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/greentext/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


>and became a NEET. Alright then.




Oh so that’s why kpop groups always make japanese covers of their songs


Monarchy =/= cannot be a liberal democracy. Though I would prefer an Australian as the head of state, the fact that ole Lizzy up there is still our Queen doesn't really mean much these days. Much more interesting would be how Japan has essentially had one party in power since WWII and how a borderline fascist organisation called the Nippon Kaigi essentially has links to every prominent figure in that party. Great place to visit as a tourist, even went there on exchange when I was younger. But God I don't envy the Japanese.




are you and your partner white?




Yeah that explains it, they have a fetish for white skin(not just them but most of Asia)


Not necessarily. Filipinos apparently love America and Americans. It has had a really big influence on their culture.


I mean have you seen Japan and modern Japanese cultural lol


>It has had a really big influence on their culture. No wonder since they were american colony up until japanese invasion during the ww2




>all of Asia is like this with race. Incorrect.


Whu whu whu wait a minute. You mean that making sweeping generalizations about entire cultures of people is not okay?


There's generalizing, and then there's generalizing a few billion people.


When I was in small town China (this didn't happen in Beijing/Shanghai etc) I was no joke fetishised by the locals. Groups of girls/women would come up to me and touch my fair hair or ask for pictures taken with me. I'm very tall and very north European looking, and while it was quite endearing and harmless I realised they'd never seen a white person before and they had no shame about pointing and staring. I wonder if I were from Nigeria if I'd get a similar reaction.


Not similar reaction, it’d be different because they tend to look down on darker skinned people


It is somewhat more accepted there with the notions of "racism is just created by Americans to insult people". Not just Asian but any highly mono-ethnic country could fail to understand other H. sapiens species aren't really aliens. Such beliefs probably come from lack of experience and fear of different cultures.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_suicide_rate It looks like Japan is better than US and many other countries.


Killing yourself is a way for American to express their freedom, don't lump them with incel ragequit shit that Japanese do.


You killed yourself because you hate yourself. I killed myself because I can. We are not the same.




The most shocking thing here is the huge difference between women’s and men’s suicide rates. I mean, I knew it was big, but this big? And consistent in every country?


Something I've heard is that women attempt suicide more, but men are more successful in their attempts. edit: oh hey, there's a [wikipedia article](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_differences_in_suicide) about this.


Let me translate that for you. Women attempt suicide with non lethal methods as a cry for help. Men blow their fucking heads off because they want to die.


That's true, though I also think there's an element of men generally being better at actually managing to kill something when they intend to.


dudes rock


Rock is one of the oldest methods though highly outdated in this day and age.


we just keep winning how can women keep up smh


Teach me your ways, for I must kill myself without being dragged to the hospital again


also the womens suicide attempt rate is high because they survive and do it again meanwhile every male death is a unique individual


Another thing: Since women use less lethal methods, they also tend to make repeat attempts which counts as another suicide attempt so that tends to increase their number quite a bit.


> Men blow their fucking heads off because ~~they want to die~~ asking for help is seen as weak and emasculating FTFY


> Open up finally to the women in your life that have been telling you to. > > Open up, cry a lot. > > Wife no longer interested in sex > > Catch daughter on phone with boyfriend joking about her dad crying like a little girl > > Wife wants divorce, says you both have "drifted apart" in the 6 months shes been ignoring you since you opened up > > Be a man, pull the gun out of the drawer > > Be a man, put a bullet in the chamber > > Be a man, walk out of your empty house onto your dock so you dont make too much of a mess > > Be a man. Squeeze your eyes shut as you squeeze the trigger > > Be a man.


Yes, it is like this in every country. Men are in crisis. Of course, saying as much makes you a Mens Rights Activist (bad) and your opinion (facts) are dismissed.


I'm military and have worked with many people who have been stationed in Japan, about half of the guys I know who were single during their time in Japan have gotten married to Japanese women, apparently it's a big thing with Japanese men not paying much attention to women and women not finding them to be attractive, for a variety if reasons Japanese women find American men to be very attractive, especially American military. Okinawa is supposed to be a massive exception, due to Okinawans being very proud of their Okinawan heritage and the fact that U.S. service members have done some extremely fucked up and well publicized crimes against locals.


Japan sometimes creates insanely weird and niche subcultures. A particularly infamous one are the 'jiggers', who go out of their way to emulate black hip-hip artists right down to blackfacing. Also if you look them but, be careful to specify Japan because otherwise you WILL end up with parasites eating out feet.


In about 20 to 30 years Japan's economy will go to shit because their current working population will be too old, and the birth rate isn't enough to replace all of them.


It's already stagnating, being overtaken by Korea and China. Japan was set to be a superpower back in the 80s/90s.


I’ll save their population single handily


Don't think that's gonna help, chief. Single handed action is what got them in that situation in the first place.


I don’t know about “don’t be a degenerate” part.


Sexual repression leads to increasingly bizarre fetishes. That’s why there’s so much weird Japanese porn. Despite how freaky they seem in private, they are socially shunned if they even bring up vanilla sex publicly. If you’re a kinky and/or horny person, you’d be miserable in a culture like Japan‘s.


They sell porno mags in vending machines outside of subway stations that many men read on the subway. They also sell porn at convenience stores after a certain time.


Who tf reads porno mags, it’s 2021


The Japanese have a huge comic-consuming culture. They like to support their artists.


Finally, some good news.


Ha wait till you hear about how publishers treat their artists. Goes right back to negative.


They're making a push to eliminate those as well since 2019 to culture their image in prep for the olympics. Soon enough there won't be any of that stuff in larger cities/public areas, especially since their customer base is dying off. Also if you think people aren't judging dudes reading porn mags openly on the train you're out of your mind ;)


they literally censor penises and vaginas...defeating the whole point of it...no wonder tentacle porn is so popular because it cant be censored and it looks like a penis


You’re fucking clueless. “The Japanese population is aging because they don’t fuck”? LMAO It’s because we’re fucking broke you dumbass. Just like the US and many other countries. No wonder we have a high suicide rate? Do some research and try compring with other first world countries. It’s not that different. Some of your points are valid but most of them are a bunch of stupid stereotypes you’ve gathered on the internet and have no clue about. Fucking cringe as fuck. And let me tell you that most of us don’t even watch hentai. I bet incels from other countries like you are more fond of that category of porn. God I fucking hate Reddit when people think they know shit about a different country because they’ve read stuff on the internet.


"most of us don't even watch hentai" lol


Its true, believe it or not. TENGA, a famous fleshlight manufacturer, did a survey and found out that less than 10% of Japanese males watch hentai. It matches with what I’ve heard from my Japanese friends who I grew up with. Probably higher if you only ask younger people, but it’s definitely not the majority.


Damn dude. But Reddit told me that Japan is a heaven for furries! /s I fucking hate it whenever Japan and East Asian relations come up on Reddit. No one knows what they are talking about and it’s all just “she said, he said”




Thanks for calling this bozo out. I’m pretty sure lots of people on Reddit just Google results to answers and then just post what they find. Karma whores..


I just want to correct three things and add some insights. > don’t be degenerate, work no, they're working to have money so they can be degenerate, albeit in private. > don’t try to have a social life, work this is backwards too. in adulthood, their social life circles around their work. being stuck up to boss who needs to be "the boss" in their social life, so the boss always asks subordinate to drink after work. > work for the state they aren't communist or socialist or leftist or whatever the hell american thought about working for the state. they work for huge ass big corpo (zaibatsu)—or oligarch. they literally sucked to dry for work to those corpo. > sexually repressed (hence all the weird porn) I might argue that having a penis parade or medieval tentacle porn painting isn't sexually repressed, though. if any, they're too open about sexuality—that's why you got all the weird freaking shit coming from there. it's like horseshoe theory, I guess. that is all. I hope you have a great day.


Dude has no idea what he’s talking about


Most countries are an "ethnostate" if you go by the alt-rights definition of 80 percent of the population being the same race. Heck, even Canada is an ethnostate. Now Japan is a very high trust society (Studies have shown people tend to be happier and more trusting when living around more people of their own race. A finding that horrified the creators of the study). Also, the real estate market is actually affordable and will only get more so as time goes on. I am sorry. I really don't see an issue with being an ethnostate. I know this is a very controversial thing to say. I would like to say I am not a racist or anything but at the same time don't think ethnostate are bad. Edit: I just looked up the definition of "ethnostate". And if what I am reading is correct. It seems like it means you would restrict people's rights to breed with whoever they want. I am against that. I thought ethnostate just meant 80 percent or more of the people living in a country where the same race. I am a huge supporter of personal liberty and freedoms so I would be against this. Someone pointed out I didn't know the different's between ethnically homogeneous and an ethnostate. They where right. Sorry about that.


A more accurate term is ethnically homogeneous country not straight up ethno state


97.8% of their population is Japanese. It is far from Canada's 72.9% European majority even if we disregard that Europeans themselves are made of multiple ethnic groups.


>Heck, even Canada is an ethnostate. ????? Canada is one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the planet, [and the highest in all the Western world](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_ranked_by_ethnic_and_cultural_diversity_level). In the [2016 census](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_origins_of_people_in_Canada#Evolution_from_1996_to_2016), Chinese was the 2nd most common single ethnic origin, higher than English which itself just barely falls above Indian. No offense but I think you're heavily misinformed on the definition of an ethnostate, which is a form of nationalism that **enforces** ethnic homogeneity. The OP at the top of the thread is fairly correct in describing Japan as a **soft** ethnostate, because although it does have plenty of restrictions on immigration, it isn't hardline enforced. ​ >Studies have shown people tend to be happier and more trusting when living around more people of their own race I implore you whenever you see someone referencing something like this, ask for the link to the study. Even [this study](https://sci-hub.mksa.top/10.1093/sf/soz030), which looks at the most aggressive form of immigration in our current era, asylum seekers, finds data that suggests that even though immigration does often lead to a decrease in social trust in areas affected by these asylum seekers, the overall results show that what lessens trust is **not** the diversity of immigrants, but rather the economic and political context in which they arrive. It and [other meta-analyses](https://sci-hub.mksa.top/10.1146/annurev-soc-071913-043309) even finds that with low polarization and a good economy, immigration is shown to actually **increase** social trust.


An ethnostate means ethnic purity is *enforced*.


sooo japan...they literally try and stop all foreigners from living in japan and fucking up the japanese bloodline




OP also knows nothing about fascism. basically "when everyone works a lot and doesn't have children then that's fascism". if anything having a lot of children is something fascists cared about


Must be nice to be able to think by a non stop succession of childish stereotypes.


>It’s why their population is miserable, isolated, and can’t connect with other humans enough to get into a relationship Lmao what? This is so untrue you may as well be saying this about the USA


They made a game of throwing Chinese babies in the air and trying to catch them on bayonets, but all they do is cry about getting nuked. It's fucking pathetic. At least Germany had the balls to own their past. It's ironic Japan has such a hardon about honor, considering they have absolutely none.


They saw the Chinese as subhuman, in their eyes livestock were more valuable because they could at least at them. To them the baby would be nothing more than a talking ball, it's insane to think what kind of indoctrination would lead to one thinking like that.


Oh they were eating babies alright, on the battlefield. It was quite common as well


Not just babies. Ate a lot of Filipinos too...


well filipinos do sound kinda similar to Jalapeños maybe they got confused and thought they were human shaped peppers ^/s


/s so unnecessary


never underestimate reddit


> They saw the Chinese as subhuman Not just Chinese. The fun story I got to hear was about a wounded US soldier who was captured by the Japanese on Guadalcanal and the whole squad got to listen to him scream as he was being tortured. When they retook the position at daylight, they found his corpse, missing most of his fingers and both eyes. That's what the Japanese soldiers spent the night doing, cutting off his fingers one by one and gouging out his eyes until he died in agony. I think about that story every time reddit does one of their "DAE Japanese best people EVER" circlejerks.


Fr. Reddit has such a hard-on for japan that it's funny


Because most of western Reddit thinks Anime is the perfect source of information for how Japan operates. Imagine watching the Avengers and being like "Oh, so that's what America is like."


Considering how much inhuman experimention happens in a lot of anime, you'd think they'd see the pattern...


You know that it's possible to find some aspects of Japan, like food, anime or culture good. And at the same time accept that in other aspects Japan is fucked up. The work ethic, racism, sexism, absurd conviction rate, death penalty and the elephant in the room - not feeling accountable for the messed up shit their ancestors did. This can be also applied to other countries, alot if them have corpses in their basement that are not talked about much and not thought in depth in schools.


I don't think the people of today can be held accountable for their ancestors tho. They didn't control them. The govt does, sure, but the govt is a separate entity from the people. Do modern white americans need to be held accountable for slavery and Jim crow laws?


It's about "feeling accountable" that the trajectory they were following as a state and culture led to what it led to, and making future generations aware about it Best example is Germany, how it holds the Holocaust as a national shame, and has school children visit concentration camps Atleast white americans should feel some responsibility for the huge disparity in wealth and income across race.


I visited Japan quite a few times and yeah, there's definitely quite a bit of subtle and not-so-subtle racism going on. But the younger generations are definitely moving away from what their more conservative parents are doing, luckily. So the war crimes committed by their soldiers ~~60~~ 80 (I feel old) years ago doesn't reflect on a lot of the younger generation. However, to counter my own example, I did visit the airforce base where the pilots that suicide bombed Pearl Harbor left from. It has a little museum. It wasn't *really* open to (foreign) tourists, but we made our way in anyway. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but me being the rebel I am took some anyway because I found it hard to believe: The kids (they were extremely young) that did the suicide bombings are seen as heroes there. Not a word about what they were doing being bad, no just straight up heroes. They have the letters these highly indoctrinated kids wrote to their parents before they flew off to Pearl Harbor. Most don't have English translations but Google worked well enough and boy, it's sad. So yeah, not only are they not seeing how wrong it was to bomb Pearl Harbor, ESPECIALLY in the way they did it, they're still seeing the pilots as heroes. Kamikaze. Divine wind. These people are "holy".


It's not like they were not eating humans anyway


isnt there this one story where this i think us president that is formerly a soldier got in a japanese island and like they killed and served his other comrades to japanese officers? Forgot his name though


George H W Bush is the one, and he narrowly avoided that. He was a naval aviator, and he and several others were shot down while attacking a Japanese-held island. Nine crew bailed out from their planes; Bush was rescued by a submarine, but the other eight were captured and executed, four of which were partially eaten by the Japanese.


George h w bush


Don't forget about the two Japanese officers who challenged each other to see who could get 100 sword kills first. If I remember correctly, one of them got 105 kills and the other got 106 kills. The Imperial Japanese newspaper also wrote about them and glorified it I think.


It was a contest to see who could decapitate 100 people first IIRC.


Honestly if it was sword kills in combat that would be fucking badass. I'd glorify that too if it was my country at war. But I think it was just shitty executions, which is not badass.




Do you have a source for this? I’m not saying you’re lying, but I just can’t see how that could possibly turn out into something that’s “good” enough for an anime/manga adaptation. Especially since Japan likes to pretend they did nothing wrong.


One got 105 kills and the other got 106 kills. Since they couldn't tell who got 100 kills first, they started a new competition to see who could get 150 kills first. Both of them were executed for war crimes after Japan surrendered in 1945.


Oh man, if you're pissed about Japan carrying on about being obliterated while trying to forget their *past* heinous acts, you should take a look at Israel, who are, to this day, oppressing other cultures and bombing other countries with banned chemical weapons while trying to hide behind a thin veil of oppression from the same war.... At least the Japanese cleaned up their act somewhat.


And, I might add, Japan wasn’t nuked to punish it for its war crimes. Japan was only nuked because the allies HAD to. The three options the allies had were an invasion of Japan (millions of deaths in a years long battle of okinawa style campaign), a blockade (up to a decade more war and millions dead due to starvation), or the atomic bomb (200,000 dead)




Japan didn't care enough about the fire bombings to surrender. That's a big difference.


We should have dropped a third nuke for posterity


The first two were just test runs if you read up on it. If they hadn't of surrendered so quickly, 10 more nukes where lined up and ready to go. The original plan was 12 total nuclear bombs.


What was the game




Sometimes I forget how cruel us humans can be to each other.




Fuck, thanks man now I need to go hug my son... Fuck the human race... In the ass... With a cactus...


> Fuck the human race... In the ass... With a cactus... I'm sure there's some irony in this.


And possibly a bayonet


damn, I didnt hear about this before.


I recommend the book The Rape of Nanking


Damn..Never seen this pic before. Someone should post it on other subs


NSFL Warning please


For anyone curious it's a clothed baby that's impaled through and through from what looks to be it's back on the left and coming out it's right side/flank.


Literally just that, just “fuck you chinese baby!” and they’d throw it in the air and another soldier would skewer it on his bayonet. Idk if it was super common to do but there’s a famous photo of exactly that happening


And what did it get the germans and other western nations? I think it's good when countries can acknowledge crimes committed in the past, but it seems like it is closely connected to becoming recognized as more evil than other nations and peoples and the creation of a culture of guilt and self loathing. As OP says, Japan hasn't really spoken about crimes in the past, but has a very good image globally. The same can be said about other countries like for example Turkeys genocide of armenians and greeks, which hasn't been recognized. All nations have waged wars and committed atrocities, but it seems when you start talking about it (which is mature) you get a role dedicated to your country as being evil in a way you don't get by staying silent. So taking responsibility actually seems to diminish your social standing globally. An example is slavery, which is almost always only talked about when it is about european slavery. But every civilization has had slavery, it is a human nature not something which is exclusive for the West. Examples are the barbaresque states, the Ottoman empire, the asztecz, and indigenous slavery in Africa. Edit: Also guilt isn't hereditary the japanese of today, many of whom weren't even born in the 1930's/40's, can't take responsibility for what others did. I guess what you can do is agree that it was wrong.


They literally censor their porn, they deserved to get nuked.


Jesus Christ bro


No, he’s right.


Two were not enough.


Perhaps 3?


Add a couple more zeros on the end of that and that'd be a good start


Anon is not wrong


People love Japan for the same reason why people hate China or Russia. The ruling class wills it. It's called constant propaganda. Soldiers fight and die for land and factories that they will never benefit from, under the guise of fighting for freedom or democracy or patriotism.


nahhh I'm going to say it has more to do with all of the gadgets and entertainment that comes out of japan. you take those two things away and nobody would glorify japan. look at china, they're known for shitty knockoffs and poisoning the planet, no one is going to defend that garbage except chinese bots. now if they invented pokemon, here comes the world domination.


You realise these notions of what countries are known for come from propaganda? America had plenty to benefit from Japan's post war success, which is why they were so heavily supportive


I'm basing it off my experience living and visiting china. all you have to do is live in china to understand that there is very little quality in terms of entertainment and technology. try to bring chinese dramas (or K/J dramas) to the US and see how many people you win over, then bring over some anime and see how many weeaboos lose their shit. Look at all the people infatuated with lol and genshin, you think the US government made those popular? they get everything late with the exception of computer vision devices. CV laws are incredibly lax there since the CCP support it and its become the center for computer vision/AI image upscaling, but most people aren't interested in that yet.


The weebs are the ruling class.


Not really. China and Russia are doing awful things. That's not propaganda, that's a fact.


That's.. Not true. I mean, Nintendo, Sony (PlayStation), Ghibli, From Software, Square Enix, Kojima, Akira, Dragonball, Pokemon, One Piece, ramen, sushi, just to name a few things that are embedded in the world's popular culture are from Japan and people love it. So that obviously gives some reason for people to at least check out the country that birthed a lot of these.


that "US being neutral" is a far reach...


They make cartoon porn All charge removed 😎


They gave us jav and hentai, what more do you want from them!?


Uncensored jav and hentai






\-Be Hungary \-Literally can't switch sides, because the Germans would fck us \-Try a lot of times with no success \-Allys don't give a shit about us trying to get away from Germans \-Get punished for war crimes ​ I guess it's unfair like that.


We are innocent, the war crimes never happened, but they deserved it. -classic 2balkan4you mentality


If one argument is good doing 3 at once must be even better


Horthy went with the Germans because he saw that as a chance to get back territory lost to Trianon. Of course it backfired on him and Hungary, but he could have stayed neutral (Soviets would have probably swallowed Hungary anyway tbf).


Why yes I stopped caring about warcrimes just for anime, how could you tell? I mean both the Germans and Soviets did even less and I forgave them too.


The difference is the Germans apologized for their war crimes and teach it to their kids, they acknowledge what they did was wrong, asked for forgiveness, so we did forgive them. The Japanese government even now doesn't admit anything. They haven't attempted to apologize. That's the issue, if they did we would forgive them but they're not even admiting what they did was wrong. Now it's obviously not. the fault of the citizens of Japan since they don't learn about this in school, and taking about it is banned on national press.


Except that Japan did apologise numerous [times ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_apology_statements_issued_by_Japan). But then you will just move the goalpost because it will never be enough. The Japanese government ideally should teach their citizens about their atrocities in the Second World War, but all these controversies remaining now are mostly stunts manipulated by your government for their political (and arguably practical) goals and that includes Japan. China refused war reparations from Japan in the 1972 Joint Communiqué. Japan gave official development assistance (ODA), amounting to 3 trillion yen (US$30 billion). According to estimates, Japan accounts for more than 60 percent of China's ODA received. About 25 percent of the funding for all of China's infrastructure projects between 1994 and 1998 — including roads, railways, telecom systems and harbours — came from Japan. [wiki](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Japanese_sentiment_in_China) During the last 40 years, Japan has provided China with low-interest loans, free aid and technical cooperation opportunities totaling $32.6 billion for infrastructure, humanitarian support and environmental protection, according to statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The low-interest loans helped build the international airports in Beijing and Shanghai and accounted for more than 90 percent of all assistance, based on a calculation of the statistics by the ministry. The cheap loans also electrified 5,200 kilometers of railway. Free aid without repayment obligation was concentrated on hospitals, schools, drinking water systems and other projects to improve ordinary people's well-being. [global times](https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1125161.shtml) In January 2005, the Korean government disclosed 1,200 pages of diplomatic documents that recorded the proceeding of the treaty. The documents, kept secret for 40 years, recorded that the Japanese government actually proposed to the Korean government to directly compensate individual victims but it was the Korean government which insisted that it would handle individual compensation to its citizens and then received the whole amount of grants on behalf of the victims. The Korean government demanded a total of 364 million dollars in compensation for the 1.03 million Koreans conscripted into the workforce and the military during the colonial period, at a rate of 200 dollars per survivor, 1,650 dollars per death and 2,000 dollars per injured person. South Korea agreed to demand no further compensation, either at the government or individual level, after receiving $800 million in grants and soft loans from Japan as compensation for its 1910–45 colonial rule in the treaty. Most of the funds from grants and loan were used for economic development, particularly on establishing social infrastructures, founding POSCO, building Gyeongbu Expressway and the Soyang Dam with the technology transfer from Japanese companies. Records also show 300,000 won per death was used to compensate victims of forced labor between 1975 and 1977. [wiki](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_Basic_Relations_between_Japan_and_the_Republic_of_Korea)


In reference to the first link: >Demands for an apology and compensation have been a recurring topic in Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese politics. Western nations are also demanding long overdue actions from the Japanese government, most notably through the United States House of Representatives House Resolution 121 voted in 2007. Criticisms regarding the degree and formality of apology, issued as a statement or delivered person-to-person to the country addressed, and the perception by some that some apologies are later retracted or contradicted by statements or actions of Japan, among others. >In October 2006, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's apology was followed on the same day by a group of 80 Japanese lawmakers' visit to the Yasukuni Shrine which enshrines more than 1,000 convicted war criminals.[58] Two years after the apology, Shinzo Abe also denied that the Imperial Japanese military had forced comfort women into sexual slavery during World War II.[59] In addition, Prime Minister Abe claimed that the Class A war criminals "are not war criminals under the laws of Japan".[60][unreliable source?] He also cast doubt on Murayama apology by saying, "The Abe Cabinet is not necessarily keeping to it" and by questioning the definition used in the apology by saying, "There is no definitive answer either in academia or in the international community on what constitutes aggression. Things that happen between countries appear different depending on which side you're looking from."[61] >In 2010, one comfort woman from Taiwan stated, "It's unacceptable that the Japanese government still refuses to apologize for what it did." Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou also declared, "It is the responsibility of the Japanese government to admit its mistakes and apologize ... The battle is not over yet and it is regretful that the Japanese government still refuses to face its mistakes."[62] >As of 2010, 24% of South Koreans still believe that Japan has never apologized for its colonial rule, while another 58% believe Japan has not apologized sufficiently.[63] >Some in the Japanese government have expressed exasperation at what level of apology is enough. During an impending visit in 1990 to Japan by South Korean president Roh Tae Woo Japanese cabinet secretary Ozawa Ichiro reportedly said, "it is because we have reflected on the past that we cooperate with [South] Korea economically. Is it really necessary to grovel on our hands and knees and prostrate ourselves any more than we already have?"[This quote needs a citation] >In 2013, some of the right-wing population of Japan accused South Korea of hypocrisy, because Japan had apologized and provided compensation for the sexual slavery it perpetrated during World War II yet South Korea has failed to address the Lai Đại Hàn, sexual slavery South Korea perpetrated during the Vietnam War.[64] >At the end of 2015, in response to the joint announcement by Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se to “finally and irreversibly” resolve the “comfort women” issue, some of the 46 remaining survivors expressed their discontent over the agreement. “It seems neither government cares about the victims. I don't count what they have agreed today. What we want is not monetary compensation but a legal one. We don’t want money. Those who commit crimes must take official, legal responsibility. I will fight until the day I die,” said survivor Lee Yong-soo. However, survivor Yu Hee-nam said, “I know the government has made efforts to resolve the issue within this year, so I’ll follow their decision.” But she also said the agreement was not satisfactory. "Money is not the issue. We've lived without human rights."


Post war japan has a strong anti-war sentiment and a shrinking manpower pool for its self-defence force while having to exist in close proximity with China. China has a large military that it’s trying to modernise, has an authoritarian government that is hostile to most of its surrounding states, has a territorial dispute with Japan and has a completely brainwashed populace with anti-Japanese sentiment. There were things the Japanese government could’ve done. There were things that the Japanese government did do. There were things that the Korean and Chinese government intentionally refused to disclose for their political gains. The average Japanese citizens are already anti-war without being taught the atrocities their ancestors committed. Yet, the current geopolitical situation calls for the expansion of the Japanese military, and the country cannot risk harming the little militaristic spirits it has. Regarding Japanese anti-war sentiment: The average Japanese citizens have very strong anti-war sentiment. Many post-war publications (anime/movie/writings) depicts the horror of wars, such as the Grave of the Fireflies from 1988. Although these creations generally depicts the protagonists as the victims of war (and not the horror of Japanese military committed), they still reflect the strong pacifist nature of post war Japan. The Japanese people have been fighting against the government’s attempt in expanding/deploying SDF, so much so that their troops are only allowed for non-combat duties in the [war against Iraq](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Iraq_Reconstruction_and_Support_Group). Even then, there had been great oppositions against the deployment. Alongside with an aging population and a highly developed economy, anti-war sentiments further cripples Japanese’ SDF abilities in military actions.


These comments are just "the Japanese are racist" and then they go and be racist to the Japanese


The xenophobia in here is amazing.


Judging a nation for the things it has and is doing isn’t xenophobia. Japan is super fucked up, they just slapped a fresh coat of paint on it and pretended to not be fascists.


You literally just described almost all modern countries on the planet. So you equally hate everyone then?


This is whataboutism. Try a real argument


I lived a year in japan, and Japanese racism is kinda different to the US. Japan is filled with a lot of prejudices against other cultures since they are so isolated, they don’t actually hate other cultures. I like to call it soft racism. From what I’ve noticed here in Germany and in the US, most racists just hate foreigners and people of color.


As if xenophobia isn’t prevalent across ALL asian countries. Yeah try being black in China and see how you’re treated like a walking circus act. Hakgwai


Seriously. Acting like Japan is unique in how fucked up they are. Go learn some American history, it's awful. Or the actions of any of the European empires in the Americas. Hint: More torture, brutality, rape, and genocide. Guess what everyone: Citizens != State. Fucking racists. But why should I be surprised given what sub this is?


I mean… We dropped the sun twice on them and now they got a negative birth rate, feminine dudes and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure At this point it’s like looking at a wounded and aggressive dog, bleeding out. Like you wanna feel bad, but… that shit’s leaving anyways


you're saying all three of those things like they're a bad thing


They had a good go of it up to the 80s. My parents still remember when it was the Japanese buying up property and coming in huge tour groups to Australia. It's funny because you can still see where it was popular for Japanese investors and tourists by the fact there's signage in English and Japanese.


Genocide? War mongering? Crimes against humanity? Zero punishment by the international community? Great Britain has entered the chat…


Bri'ish moment


*get nuked* Free of punishment?


Nukes at the maximum killed 226 000 civillians. The Japanese brutally tortured and killed 20 million civillians. Not to mention the war crimes were popularly published to the Japanese public like the competition where 2 Japanese generals competed on who can behead 100 Chinese the fastest. Not to mention the Japanese curriculum barely says anything about their war crimes. They deserved way more than those nukes.


Yes, ordinary citizens deserve to get slaughtered, imprisoned, tortured, dipped in radioactive lava because their leaders killed other civilians. Glad you will also offer up your life when the time comes and your leader does some horrible shit


Fuck off. What would have had us do? Invade at the cost of 1 million casualties? Sign an armistice, just to let them rearm and rebuild? Surrender? Surrender’s probably your thing, isn’t it?


The British have centuries of war crimes that no British school teaches.


Oh shit I didn't realise guilt from past generations was hereditary!


Nah ofc not but it's more the fact that the rape of Nanking isn't really in detail in textbooks, and there is apparently a bit of denial that the event even happened. It's been a while since I've researched this. But from what I remember. In Japan the massacre isn't taught too much whereas, in Germany, the Holocaust is extensively taught Edit. [article](https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21226068)


For the too lazy to read it. Here's a snippet. Its a very big article and I would recommend anyone to read it themselves rather than trust my selection of cherry picked quotes - I also remember wondering why we couldn't go straight to that period if it was so important, instead of wasting time on the Pleistocene epoch. When we did finally get there, it turned out only 19 of the book's 357 pages dealt with events between 1931 and 1945. - There was one page on what is known as the Mukden incident, when Japanese soldiers blew up a railway in Manchuria in China in 1931. - Japanese people often find it hard to grasp why politicians' visits to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine - which honours war criminals among other Japanese soldiers - cause quite so much anger.


This post (in 4chan) smells greasy American teenager. This is technically not wrong btw. But there are far more things that were kept ignored from wars.


Yeah but do civilians deserve to be nuked for crimes committed by the regime and army


A" lil bit of trolling aint that bad" by pround American 4chan anon 😎 Retard aside I think Anon's point was how Japan tries to wipe it under the rug by not teaching anything about WW2 to the younger generation and reddit just started to get racist


Ye they started talking like their country is innocent lmao Tbh its just a matter of who did it worse at this point


The only good countries in WW2 are those that did nothing lmao


If how stuff is Taught in japan. A lot of Japanese people think they were fighting a war against china and the us just randomly nuked them. Every once in a while the Japanese government will give a youtube tier apology and then go and visit the graves of the convicted war criminals.


Japan did so so so much worse than sex slaves and pows most didnt get tried for their crimes against humanity


Never forget Unit 731


You can literally reverse this and you have America. Like. This is also just America. The difference is America is the one who nuked civvies


24/7 propaganda has convinced people to think America is the greatest nation on the planet while their government is actively working against each other and letting people break into the centre of their democracy. Can't fund social programs but we can put a trillion dollars into making a new fucking stealth fighter, USA #1


America was a major factor is stopping communism and promoted global trade snd hence brought literally billions out of poverty and out of the brutal communist regimes. USA has done a lotta bad crap but considering what super powers preceding it have done USA ain't that bad. Not an American btw.


I'm with anon on this one




Everyone forgets or the US does? Ask most people from China, Korea etc and you'll quickly find out they have not forgotten what the Japanese did


Anon forgets about the firebombing campaigns towards the end of the war. Heard a statistic that more people died by fire during the first Tokyo bombing campaign than in all modern history up to that point, mostly women, children, and elderly. Imperial Japan indoctrinated it's citizens and soldiers to believe the West would "rape" the country after it's defeat, so during the Pacific Island campaign, notably Okinawa, the Japanese soldiers would kill their own families because in their eyes it was better than whatever the Americans would do to them. There were no winners in WWII, just nations that lost more than others. Japan's government should absolutely be held accountable for atrocities, but the contemporary Japanese citizen shares as much responsibility for WWII warcrimes as the contemporary American citizen does for slavery and subjugation of the Native Americans


I've always wanted to go to Japan, but alas, I am very disabled. I had this friend who was born in America but lived in Japan for her whole childhood. She told me that I should never go to Japan because, I would not be treated with respect. "If you're not capable of doing everything by yourself it's expected that you not be out in public. No one's going to help you. Theyll want you to go home." After she wheeled me out of my conversation with her father to leave me facing the hallway wall... well got a feeling those where just HER opinions on disability. Maybe I can go to Japan. Then the 2016 Sagamihara massacre happened and I was so angry at the public reaction to the murders. All but one family chose to stay anonymous. They refused allowed to use the names of the victims names in court. They didnt want anyone to know they had disabled relatives because then they'd be discriminated against. A documentary film maker had this to say >If we are made uncomfortable by Uematsu’s pronouncements, it’s not so much because we find them repugnant, but because we realize we don’t necessarily disagree with his basic position. It IS repugnant... I still kinda wanna go to Japan tho.


They are still racists btw.


I fucking hate Japan


I fucking hate you I fucking hate Japan I'm half chinese and I fuckin hate china We fled to Thailand, I fucking hate Thailand I fucking hate USA and EU I hope you all get raped by sentient dolphins


China didn't forget