If you slide the E position up the fretboard it can sound quite beautiful. Super easy for a beginner [quick vid showing what I mean](https://youtu.be/yHcjrmzOR6Q)


If the two chords are E and Am, the song is most likely in Am. Try C, Dm and G. D major may also work. The song may also be in E (and borrow from the parallel minor). In that case, all open major chords will work. A major too (for example try going E A Am). You may also try F#m7 and B7 (both have open shapes). The question here is, does E or Am sound more like the "home base"?


In E major, F#m, G#m, B, C#m. There'll be non-barre voicings or inversions for those you can do.


Thanks! Do you know where I can find the non barre versions like you said?


Google, probably. I used to have a book of chords and inversions but I've no idea where it is.


Use guitar tuna app there you can find non barre for any chord


C, G, F, Am and Em. That'll get you started.


Just adding a new alternative, you could try a "plagal" progression: E, C#m, F#m, Am, B7 back to E.


There is a system you can use in any key. Once you know your first key, you number the rest from that point. ie. 1 is E, 2 is F, 3 is G, 4 is A, 5 is B, 6 is C and 7 is D. First key is major, 2nd is minor, 3rd is minor, 4th is major, 5th is major, 6th is minor and the 7th is diminished. This does not change no matter what key you start in. Most popular music uses the 1, 4 and 5 key. Adding the 6th key is very popular. Any of these keys can be used but keep in mind a major will sound lively and a minor will add sadness. Hope this helps


Key of D, capo on 2 D, em, G, A/A7, bm (but play the bm7 because that’s an open chord )