After Mk VII was so well received they definitely threw it into the battlepass to incentivize people to just buy tiers or grind for it. Same with the original default shoulder pads.


They literally did when they reworked the pass from 120 tiers to 100, originally didn't include mk vii, assuming it was meant to be the default


If you play the game completely offline, you and all bots spawn in has a grey mark 7 with the mark 7 helmet. So definitely default.


Take me back to 2007.


The most frustrating thing is that it worked... There are so many people who paid their way through the whole BP and the game isn't even officially out yet.


0.2% of players to be exact.


That's 2000 people per million players for those wondering. Assuming it's $300 for the battlepass completely unlocked that is... 2000 x $300 = $600,000 So for every millions players on right now they jave made $600,000. (Math assumes $300 per completed battle pass etc)


That's just for paying for the entire battlepass alone. I wonder how much they made from people who paid just to start it and level up organically, along with store purchases.


Oh cash money is what they made for sure.


have you played warzone or fortnite ? , theyve been doing this for years , they make billions per years. one character skin is 20 dollars.


And you know what? I hate fortnite, but the $20 skins are way more worth it there. They are high quality full body skins, plus the game is third person so you actually get to SEE your character constantly. $20 for a skin in halo, a first person game? No way.


"SeRvErS cOsT mOnEy"


How do you figure $300 per battle pass?


at least it's in the free pass right guys? ​ ​ Guys?


The fact that it’s like in the upper level 90’s to get to the helmet is definitely reason to incentivize people to just buy the HCS team armors


What am I looking at?


The example for the visor colors show the mk vii helmet like how the reach armor shows the mk v as the example, meaning it's supposed to be the default option


A very disjointed graphic?


I can at least explain the battlepass part, originally the pass was 120 tiers and contained *all the reach cosmetics, whatever that means*. They basically gutted the battlepass, aka the golden goose, trying to make even more money




I would add they gave the Mark VII helmet away for free in MCC


And called it KEYSTONE.


I still sometimes refer to it as keystone when Playing infinite...


Yeah, for the least popular mp game on there


Well at least I have something to wear that’s not godawful ugly


All the eSports skins being locked to Mark VII as the default as well could be evidence of this.


Stupid eSports bullshit stealing my color combo


Fortunately, Rusty Orange and Purple doesn’t seem to be a teams color combo. Unfortunately, I also don’t think that color combo is anywhere near popular enough to be present as a preset. Rip my colors.


Purple and gold with triforce emblem. Since I was first able to create it that's what my arbiter was. Over time became my Spartan. And now... ??? I really doubt I'm going to get my favourite thing in this game . I've lost my uniqueness


Black and orange with a black spade on a tan background. Been my colors and emblem since I could have them. I feel you.


Rimmy Spartan


White and Blue Spartan here, mine was locked behind a $20 armor bundle that may or may not ever return lmao.


I'm still pissed about this. I bought the battle pass and cloud 9 pack because I had some Xbox credit and wanted to support 343. From all their marketing the battle pass seemed like it would be super worth it. I usually rock a black or grey and blue combo and the cloud 9 is super fresh, so why not right? I also assumed the pass came with enough shop credit to get the next pass (like every other battle pass on the planet). Then I find out how little is in the pass, how grindy it is, and the fact that I can't change my cloud 9 look whatsoever. Can't even put my platinum logo on the BR skin. The more that comes out about the design decisions based around MTX the more disappointed I am. Hoping they can turn the ship around because the game is so much fun, but still really bummed at what we got at launch.


Further support is that the base model for mark VII on the halo waypoint app has the mark VII helmet, and Yoroi on the app has the right helmet plus the shoulders from the event pass, and a red and gold coating compared to mark V and VII’s default blue.


I'm honestly excited to see how monumentally it explodes in their faces when they try to sell that Yoroi helmet.


that oblivion horse armor is not looking so bad now


And the horse armor actually did something.


That oblivion horse armor was basically a prophecy of things to come.


At this point it already exploded in their faces. I’ve seen this kind of launch so many time the past few years i can tell you that this game will not last 6 month until they do a major comeback on everything they’ve done, and i’m sure they won’t.


It seems to have become the industry standard. I'm curious to see how they rectify this, but there's likely absolutely nothing they'll be able to do in the short term to save any face at all.


Didn't they literally use the words 'this is the modern gaming industry' in the reply today or last night or whatever? they're not gonna do jack shit.


Modern gaming industry with a battle pass that has horrible progression… yeah that’s really their idea of modern fuck somebody get 343 a Kit Kat or snickers


What reply?


The tweet by Sketch


Idk if Battlefront 2 could come back from the brink, a Halo game that comes standard with every new Xbox absolutely can


Battlefront straight up turned off their store right before launch, they needed those "star wars is child gambling" headlines to stop **NOW**. If 343 was half as commited to rehabilitating their image as fucking **EA** theyd have probably slashed the store prices into something reasonable, instead they played with the daily bundles raising them right in front of peoples eyes to see if people would still buy them.


Yeah and they also had Disney's ass on the line because of it, that may have made the solution simpler.


EA didn’t choose to do that. Disney told them they’d take Star Wars away from them


Ya that’s why the BF2 argument I’m isn’t exactly a perfect comparison between the two. BF2 straight up shut the store down, 343 has basically just doubled down at this point. Obviously it’s probably too much to ask them for but it would’ve sent a huge message if they shut the store down on Halo too. Probably would’ve kept it from getting to the point it’s at now. Instead…10 bucks for pineapple skin on grenades.


Even EA doesn't fuck with the mouse.


But even though battlefront 2 came back they still eol'd it right when things got good. Then you got something like bf5 that finally started turning things around with the pacific update, only to completely destroy the weapon ttk a mere 2 weeks later. They gave the community radio silence until around feb/march and changed the ttk back when they couldn't get big christmas numbers. Later announced the game was dead. With the next and last update coming 4 months later. This wastes a lot of people's time and money. Devs, players and even eldritch horrors chilling in the board room. Obviously they'll try this the first time. But you'd think by now, both EA and 343 would have a better strategy than poke the bear and act surprised when he repaints the room.


> It seems to have become the industry standard   Cyberpunk 2077 No Man's Sky Fallout 76 Sea of Thieves Rainbow Six Siege Battlefront 2 Anthem Mass Effect Andromeda Master Chief Collection etc. etc. etc.   It's because it is. Release early, rake in the money, decide whether or not to continue supporting the game. As long as people continue supporting this by pre-purchasing games, we're going to keep getting half baked launches.   Halo is the flagship game of Microsoft, it doesn't matter how bad the launch is, people are going to buy it and play it. It doesn't matter if it leaves a stale taste in people at launch, people forget and will come back to play Halo once they've fixed the changes. This game was suppose to come out last year, I'm sure the execs aren't happy that it wasn't bringing in cash and want to make up for it.   But after all, it's a free game, play if if you want to, make constructive feedback, and see if 343i listens or not. Decide to continue playing or not.




They’ll do a major comeback on most things but the store and prices might stay the same.


I mean the problem is at this point they've dug themselves into a hole with the monetization. I'm hopeful they can decouple the issues around game modes and monetization and really get game play fixed, but the monetization is fucked. If they decided to revert and make these things they've sold in the shop available in the battlepass you just pissed off tons of people who had already bought things. Not only that but those are the people buying things from the shop so you really can't piss those people off. You could try to refund them but again, no business will make that decision. At best they can change the way they monetize season two. But this season is locked in and any revert or drastic change will piss off too many people who have spent money in the existing store.


They can refund to the in-game currency. It gives them a little buffer between their fuckup and their wallet. Honestly probably their best play. Reduce costs, give people that already bought any items some of the Monopoly money for the difference. They lose nothing meaningful but still technically refunded the difference


They can do absolutely nothing with the existing items. It will have to come through on the next batch. But they extended the season so they fucked themselves by making the content cycle enormous and completely incapable of reacting to audience unhappiness. Best thing they can possibly do is launch a massively better second battlepass and do it early. Then all new future shop items at a far lower price than existing prices. I think they've pushed everyone out of the company that isn't a complete toolbag though so I doubt that any positive changes are going to happen.


The game will survive beyond 6 months, but there will be a point where the current audience realizes that things aren't getting any better and populations/reception will dip heavily. A good example is the atrocious Avengers game, which had people holding out hope at the beginning, but has fallen so hard into mediocrity that I think most people forget it's even out. The question is whether MS will try to salvage this game, seeing as it's a huge IP, or simply move on to Halo 6.


I doubt Halo will pull a Star Wars Battlefront II.


Here's the truth tho. It literally doesn't matter. Devs don't create these horrendous monetization tactics to manipulate the common consumer, they do it to get the most out of the "whales" i.e. people with a lot of expendable cash who are more than willing to pay a lot of money for any cosmetics they think are cool. The yoroi helmet is pretty damn cool and there will be hundreds to thousands of whales happy to pay $20 for the bundle it will come in. The people who pay the most money are not the people who care about the common person bitching about how horrible the monetization is and 343 KNOWS THIS and they KNOW that the whales are going to pay, no matter what. The fact is the whales are the ones with the money and they are the ones "voting with their wallet" by giving in because they have the money, they do not care.


The sad truth of this entire situation.


Until the population dies down because of this shitty monetization, and their cash cows will stop playing since match times will be too long. Battlefront 2 basically died because of their shitty monetization scheme. The same will happen to Infinite.


Lol come one man a whale is not someone who spends $20. Infinite doesn't have any of the mtx structure for relying on whales. Whales spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on absolutely predatory gambling mtx systems. If you've played warzone or even fortnite (not as bad), you'll know $20 for a cosmetic bundle is a relatively common spend, and there's tons of people rocking them. To be clear I don't agree with it - it's too much for a cosmetic, especially for something that was potentially taken out of the game to further monetize it, bastardizing the battle pass in the process.


Eh, I agree with you that 20 bucks for cosmetics is the standard but I do have a fear that 343 is showing Activision what they can get away with. For 20 bucks in COD, you get a full costume, special emblems, weapon skins, bullet tracers, etc. In halo, that 15 dollars gets you some swords. Huge difference in value. It's insane but 343 is losing to Activision in terms of value.


Probably won’t at all, look at all the people that are like “when that cat eat helmet drops, I’m buying it straight away” and shit like that. They’ll end up making a ton from them two helmets alone, they’d actually be stupid to not put them in a 2,000 credit bundle.


As much as I’m sure this subreddit will blow up (and I look forward to reading it) I think for Yoroi the only thing that’s going to blow up are their bank accounts.


Unfortunately, I'm inclined to agree.


You can buy action figures with coatings that are either not available or are paid, and the codes you get with them don't even give you the coating. They absolutely made the coolest armors the posterchildren and then made it so you have to pay or grind. Mark 7 is literally the default helmet in lore for Mjolnir mark 7 armors and its like 80 tiers into a pass themed after HALO REACH. The yoroi has a figure coming out with a helmet and chest armor you literally can't even get.


Man and I was stoked for my Kat to come in and when it showed up, I opened the amazon packaging to be met with the box partially opened on the corner and the code missing. I am pretty furious that I got bamboozled for a skin like that. I dont even know anymore.


lol, the original default helmet for yoroi is kabuto. literally means helmet, when yoroi is armor.


I really don't understand why there's MK7 stuff in a Battle Pass themed after Reach either. I imagine when they took out the fan favourite stuff from the original 120 level Battle Pass they had to pad it out with the MK7 items and XP/Swaps. While the MK7 stuff is free ( for the most part ) to unlock and usually unlocked alongside the Reach stuff. There's one or two tiers where you get a MK7 thing only from the Paid track, like a helmet attachment for the Aviator helmet and nothing else.


I'm convinced that, at least with Yoroi, the "cooler Samurai helmet" that is in ALL the advertising and visor unlocks was the DEFAULT Yoroi helmet. They cut it to sell it later, and I'm pissed.


I think Hikeshi was always planned to be the default but the Kabuto armor was meant to be the BP set. The devil horns feel like something that, while really cool, would be a store item or an alternate armor you get in the event.


The “cooler” samurai helmet is named Kabuto. The armor core is named Yoroi. I think that explains enough as it is. If you don’t follow, “Kabuto” means helmet in Japanese, and “Yoroi” means armor. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabuto https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ō-yoroi


At this point there's absolutely no doubt they were. They tried to corpo speak their way around this but the bubble has been burst, everyone is sick of this.


When the small event took place and we got the new core you could see the helmet greyed out like it was a default or something. Yet it's nowhere to be seen. What happened to it? Did I miss it somehow?


Nobody is sure where it went, but the general consensus is that it was cut to be monetized in some other way. Very likely that it was taken out to be shoved in the store for a $20 bundle or something :(


Probably will be a bundle with other armor pieces for the same core. They might even throw in an icon or a stance or both and sell for the same amount as the Anubis bundle.


Yeah the bundles been datamined already


Yep. Another greedy lier as fallen


they havent "Fallen" until we see actual progress.


Which we won't since they have a ton of white knights, the reddits support them and gaming media picked up on the reddit being locked and, of course, ignore 343 to focus on the "toxic community" \[cause obviously a few people stepping out of line means the community as a whole is like that\].


The white knighting people are just confused, as are the people who are angry. Most people come in here immediately blaming the developers and the community managers and the people who actually built the game itself, completely ignoring the CEOs wearing lampshades on their heads to hide from everybody. Be angry at the people in charge, not the people who made this game. They're doing their jobs, it's their bosses who are the greedy motherfuckers forcing this into Halo.


this is what I’ve been on and I’m afraid of being seen as a white knight for trying to shift blame. it just seems so obvious to me that higher ups have been seeing what is monetizable and charging as much as possible immediately, which is why the old defaults are now locked behind paywalls and why the battle pass was gutted. i hope that Ske7ch and others can gather some good hard data that’ll change someone important’s mind, as it seems that there’s a deadlock for changes to ANYTHING for Microsoft’s cash cow franchise


The devs do not deserve the vitriol they've been experiencing these last days. IDC how much you think customization is important they don't deserve the hate they get. The idea the monetization is on them is ridiculous.


I'm sure 343 are going to be really transparent and tell us about the whole 120 debacle and Reach content being stripped away from the Battlepass and not stay completely silent /s


Hey now no need to be toxic bro they are doing their best when they charge you $10 for fucking pineapples.


Soon enough they'll be charging us armor slots. "Got a new armor piece and wanna wear? Oh what's that, you've run out of slots? Go to the in game store and buy it for a cheap cheap price of $15 per slot!".


Imagine how great the future of gaming will be when we have to pay $$$ every time you want to save your game. The best part is all the shills telling people to stop being so "entitled."


I mean Metal Gear Survive literally made extra save slots a microtransaction. There's already a precedent


Ive been saying this for years yet always hear the "slippery slope fallacy" as if these companies are not literally trying to milk you for every single drop of money they can every time they can.


343i employees writing this down rn


I was really excited for that piece, once I realized the reference to Psych. Then I saw the price and remembered what game I was playing...




Servers gotta eat guys Especially when they make the low sodium lobbies to protect the cosmetic purchasers /s


They’ll just blame it on “the realities of game development” and “other circumstances we can’t go into right now”. And then gaslight you into thinking you’re dumb and don’t actually understand why.


They absolutely were. Look at the app RIGHT NOW. They are the defaults for customizing your Spartan in the app.


Oh they most certainly cut them out to be monetized, it’s being done with most of the popular armors. Sad thing is this sort of stuff kills games so I really hope they fix stuff up. The current situation makes me scratch my head at how they want it to last 10 years.


All the good coatings from the flight pass are purchased now, the original default helmets were pushed ridiculously far away for mid tier “recruit” style helmets, and the bp was gutted to fill the store. Wtf


Halo infinite is cool if you have infinite money for cosmetics


I don't really think the games life is dependent on how expensive skins are but how fun the gameplay is and how often they release larger updates (maps, modes, events). They have the sales data if no one's buying them they'll lower prices, they did with gears 5.


343 is really dropping the ball on the monetization side of things. Their lack of transparency and corporate speech of “we hear you, we are with you” bullshit to try and fix it makes it even worse


It's frustrating, but its probably true. The MP developers and art team are most likely not in charge of monetization. This likely belongs at the hands of 343 and Xbox execs that wanted to present certain performance metrics to MSFT


People need to understand this. Salary paid devs do not control nor benefit from the monetization.


People will keep yelling "worst devs" instead of "worst management / execs". They don't understand because they're sadly immature, which is okay but oh well.


Dev wise, I think they did a bang up job in terms of communication, delivering on our feedback, and making the game awesome. Campaign should be epic


Which is why, understandably, everyone is upset because of decisions made by executives / management that are overshadowing these things.


Execs generally don't design engagement systems. I agree that the final decision for this may have rested with them, or that there was pressure from them to produce systems like this, but generally there will be someone or a team of someones whose job is mainly to design systems that will boost player engagement (see: get people addicted) and wring as much money as they can out of these MTX


I think it might be a "we hear you, but Microsoft says it stays" kind of situation. Or maybe I'm just not very informed on who actually makes the call on what gets cut for monetization and how much that'll cost


343 Devs are not in charge of the monetization.


It stays as long as they're making money. That's it. If they aren't making as much as they thought they will lower prices that's basic economics.


we hear you literally doesn’t mean shit until they give up the ‘pay $10 for Spartan base colour’. but i highly doubt they’re gonna make customisation like that for free because how else are they gonna make money from the whales. like ill be honest, monetising grenade or gun skins? honestly fine to me imo. monetising a fucking feature that has been free in ALL previous halo games that allows you to make your Spartan unique? and previous armour types that you could grind for free as well? bullshit.


They really should just have everything purchasable from the armory for a flat 200cr per cosmetic item. I'd buy stuff if they did that, but they didn't, so I bought a expensive meal at a local restaurant instead.


more enjoyment and better lasting memory then try to do a single one of the challenges in the game.


I agree with you 100%. 343 finally makes good gameplay and it’s basically being weaponized against us… “BuT ThE GaMePlAy Is sO GoOd”


Cutting content to monetize it out isn't justifiable. It just shows you have nothing better to offer and drains community good will.


People like to shit on CoD games for being rehashes, but they have their monetization perfect. They kept the campaign and multiplayer in tact with all of its robust progression and ranking systems that fans have come to love, including unlocking weapon skins through playing the game. Then they added a battle pass and more skins on top of that, which gives designers incentive to make really cool skins, because people have a ton of other options they can unlock just through playing. Then they added an entirely new mode that's more heavily monetized, but also free to play. 343 just decided to strip the game bare, hand us a shitty experience for free, keep the same price for the campaign sans the robust multiplayer, and then sell us back core multiplayer features piecemeal at a huge markup. They can cry all they want about how unfair people are being online and how they all worked their asses off for 6 years; the game is fucking garbage by Halo's standards and they've earned the backlash that they're getting.


PLUS ONE FROM ME! I wish I could afford to give you 10 awards. Absolute fucking poetry. Especially that last paragraph. People try to defend the devs and say, "oh it's the execs and financial directors!" but those devs are closer to the problem than we all are and they should speak up to their superiors. The devs took part in making it what it is today and the entirety of 343 is responsible for it. Just like you said, this game is trash compared to all other installments. It's fun, but it's money mongering trash.


I think monetization of comestics can still exist without 343 being so stingy when it’s comes to comestics earnable in game. Give us half decent comestics in the battle pass. Don’t armor/weapon gate color patterns. Give players a reason to buy premium comestics due to uniqueness/preferences rather than premium cosmetics being infinitely better looking than the free counterparts. And don’t overcharge for cosmetics. They have a good opportunity to capture a much larger gamer base now that it’s free to play/ cross play and the fact that gameplay is much more enjoyable this year than it’s battlefield/ call of duty counterparts.


Thats the problem with this iteration of the battlepass. One of the reasons the battlepass is so popular now is because of fortnites sucess with it. Companies see how much dough fortnite has made and continues to make and thinks the same thing will work in their game. In fornite the battlepass skins are cool and so are the store skins. Its tempting to buy store skins to make different combos etc with the already cool skins you have. 343’s iteration of the battlepass is take everything from an old game and take some of the coolest stuff out and put them in the store. Whole thing feels horrible and just discourages spending. Its so annoying to me that it discourages me from playing at all


Just had an idea that they probably took even more than the 20 levels from the battle pass and replaced what they took with challenge swaps, explaining why there are so many.


i would not be surprised. honestly the "challenge swaps" are just a waste of space. give us like 3 or 4 a week, and remove them from the battle pass. that'll be an instant increase in the happiness of players.


The only reason swaps are even a thing is because you can’t choose your mode and some of the challenges are absolute bullshit on purpose like “Get 50 kills with the Banshee Bomb”.


I mean the fact that the Mark VII was the only helmet they used to promote the game since last year is pretty big evidence.


Thank you for the shoutout. I’ll post my findings here as well: [343 gutted the BattlePass before launch. It originally had 120 levels and Halo Reach armor pieces, including those that are now missing and only available in the cash shop. There is considerably less content and only 100 levels in the current BattlePass.](https://files.catbox.moe/4009i6.png) The first image was a leak from around July that correctly quoted every bit of armor info found in the game at launch. [The Achievement for Completing the BattlePass still has “120” in its art. The Achievement is called “Battle Tested.” They never changed it. ](https://imgur.com/gallery/8UYSH1L) It’s pretty damning, but I reiterate the need to keep it civil. This is too important to get lost in the static.


I've seen this same post several times, could I actually have a breakdown of what's in this that isn't in the normal battle pass? There are twenty levels more, sure. But it seems to have relatively the same amount of padding. An overview of how many items that you get from that vs the current would be nice also. I read posts implying that the old battlepass had ALL of the Reach items and that doesn't seem possible with how it's padded out. It'd be pertinent to include more information before you copy-paste it again before more people run wild with it.


Another pointer is when your game can’t sync with your profile properly. When that happens to me I get given the mkvii helmet. Which to me makes it seem it was the default.


We need to be louder with this, until they have to respond back! This is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting that they are taking things away from us and selling us for even more money!


Halo Infinite has truly undone a huge amount of the good will Xbox has brought with its community. Things like Game Pass and Smart Delivery and backwards compat being expanded managed to make people forget Microsoft's history. For a moment truly felt like Phil Spencer was building a golden age of good Xbox performance and about a better focus for gamers. We all joked about Craig and accepted the biggest Xbox franchise having to delay the flagship game of the next gen. After all, Xbox under Phil had been trying to go a different road where the players matter and they wanted to get things right. Halo Infinite straight up feels like an EA or Ubisoft game because of how feature bare it is asides the micro-transaction store. The atmosphere around this feels very familiar to that of games like Battlefront 2 where the community felt lines had been crossed and business cannot continue as normal. Halo doesn't have an external pressure to fix this PR issue, there's no Disney wanting to avoid bad press associations. This is 343 working under Xbox for MS. It is all internal. The vocal community and hopefully vocal reporting about these issues may pressure Xbox but there's no angry phone call to an executive with demands to get this under control fast. The poor devs have clearly worked hard to make something good that has been slashed apart by higher ups so that it can be sold piecemeal at inflated prices. The game looks good, mostly feels good, and could have easily become a defining game. There's some game play issues that need some work but for a moment you feel like you're playing Halo CE as a kid again. They have made some genuinely good cosmetics that have been shown off in the hype train build up. They could have easily gotten me to buy them if their system wasn't so aggressive that it prevents me actually being able to even use the pieces I buy.


my steam profile glitched once and I loaded into a mm game as a grey spartan with mark vii. It was like a weird alternate default profile. I clipped and can share a screenshot.


You're not the only one. A guy stayed in full MarkVII until he logged out and provided screenshots.


Would be awesome to see


Taking out content that should have been included in the base game, then putting that content into a seperate paid battle pass, then taking out content that should be in the paid battle pass to individual expensive purchases. If 343 could could sell their mother they would ask can I sell her twice.


But they work so hard, give them a break. They’re new to this.


its crazy that all 3 big multiplayer games have turned out to have massive drawbacks in like the span of 3 months.


this shit's why ive been playing fortnite


Given me a good excuse to play Forza instead of Halo. At least I have fun in Forza, can see some clear progression and I'm able to colour my shit however I want.


Can earn practically everything in Forza, and you have an actual proper progression system which is account wide as well as per vehicle. It’s amazing how one company under Microsoft can get most of the shit right and then another can’t, game after game.


Which is why I don’t buy the “it’s not 343 it’s M$!!” Rhetoric. No other first party title under MS has this egregious examples of monetization and lack of content


Yeah it’s definitely 343i, I mean which other game development studio under Microsoft has the VP of XGS as their founder? None, but other than Gears 5’s launch none of them have crappy amounts of MTX.


Lmao 😂 took a break today to check out the season, usually I do every time a new one comes out


this season is so fucking good, the map looks awesome and i can finally get one of the seven


Say what you want about Fortnite, minus the Limited Time stuff, the progression of the Battlepass is pretty fair. Yeah, you can get tier progressions, but there is a challenge system and also in game performance as well. Leveling up the pass in that game isn't all that tedious. MCC had the perfect system and it felt like a testing bed for Infinite. Why they didn't simply use that system boggles my mind.


It doesn't boggle my mind. I know exactly what's going on. Corporations use all of their games as a test to see what monetization systems work well for the maximum amount of profit based on what others have done previously. They don't care about what works and makes the players happy, they literally only care about maximizing revenue. They don't care about the game and how it's structure was designed by the initial development team at all. They view games as a platform for their online store. They want to see how far they can push it before people get really fucking mad and they start to lose profits. Only problem is that cash cows keep buying shit no matter what, which means as time goes on, games get more and more predatory with their microtransactions until they finally hit that "sweet spot" of maximized profit and minimum consumer anger. Or in most cases, maximized consumer anger. The sad truth that most people deny is that good developers are being exploited by their bosses, being made the scapegoats for bad decisions, and because of their bosses' bad decisions, entire companies either get bought out, go bankrupt, or get pushed into another studio. The gaming industry you have in your head is not the reality of the situation, it's all terrible. This is why people who want to make games can't make games, or end up forming indie studios away from the triple a developers and publishers. The gaming industry isn't unionized either, so devs can be exploited in any way that you can think of. That's why shit like the Activision/Blizzard situation is as bad as it is, or why Battlefield 2042 launched as a burning pile of garbage, or why Halo has a store nobody asked for, a 60 dollar campaign, battle passes, microcurrency, and a subreddit where nobody gets along because everyone wants to defend the developers who aren't even the real people behind these terrible decisions in the first place. So I'll put it in big bold letters for the people who have been sending death threats to devs over the store being a huge scam. **The people who made the game itself are not to blame. The people above them are. The CEOs of 343 are the reason why this game is just shy of being the perfect free to play first person shooter and the first good Halo 343i has ever made without Bungie.** **If you're mad, be mad at the people in charge.**


I reinstalled Apex Legends because of this.........


A multi-dollar company.


Small indie dev company


Since they pulled the "servers cost money" card I'd like to know how much went into marketing and .... how much the servers actually cost


The "servers cost money" argument was so laughable honestly. They have Microsoft at their backs, one of the biggest tech companies on the planet, there's no way they don't have the resources to run servers. Plus if you need to milk 20 dollars per cosmetic slot per player to keep servers running those are some inefficient ass servers.


Did a company under Microsoft actually say that 'servers cost money'?


I guess the servers were just free during CE-5 and only now do they cost money which means we need 60$ for the campaign and a 1000$ for the store lmao


Personally I like the new default Yoroi helmet more, but I do agree there was some bait and switch going on.


I think the just damning evidence of the Mark 7 and yoroi being the default for their respective sets would be the visor section showing the helmets as the Mark 7 and upgraded yoroi. It's certainly possible for the Mark 7 to show up instead of the current default helmet (I cannot remember how to spell that name) because the Mark 7 has bigger visor realestate but in the case of yoroi that point cannot be made.


Yeah I instinctively bought the battle pass cause I was so hype to be playing. Wont make that mistake ever again.


They built the Mark VII around the helmet. The starter helmet looks like they pulled something out of Halo 5 as a last minute. It was going so well.... what the hell happened?


Didnt we get mk7 helmet for free in mcc? 343 must be so high they forgot. I mean why give it out for free in a old game to hype us up to pay money for it at its actual release.


It on the free pass, but you don’t get it till the tail end of the pass.


Still i think we all expected it to be our first helmet and most just payed for the competitive skins.


Playlists and Progression. Seems it totally broke the game. Halo Infinite was doing so well and totally fumbled right before the finish line.


The Mark VII was obvisouly the default helmet : design is an evolution of Mark VI, featured heavily in promotional material, used as default helmet when previewing other elements. And it sucks because while VII looks great, I can't stand to see Cavalino anymore.


what you get to post pictures like this, but I don't get to post [THIS!](https://ibb.co/Mh1Y5XR)


I mean simple colors that we have had access to since the FLIPPING BEGINNING OF TIME has been turning into a microtransaction machine. So, yeah, sure. Seems legit.


The Mk VII helmet is in the free version of the battle pass though, it's near the end so it's definitely going to take a while to obtain, but it is in the free slot.


[If you end up seeing any of these in the shop,](https://imgur.com/a/iUAYFfl) you'll likely be even more on the money. Would be interesting to see [if compared to the leaked one,](https://reddit.com/r/halo/comments/r8axcy/why_does_the_achievement_art_have_120_instead_of/hn6yoav?context=3) people could seek-out what's been taken out of the OG Battle-pass. ...If I don't get bored and do it later EDIT: Did it later! https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/r9xmuk/proof_the_season_was_ravaged/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


Synthvisor and Synthhawk are confirmed to be event rewards for now. Plans can always change.


I have to say, as someone who hasn't really paid a lot of attention to F2P titles, I'm kind of shocked by just how aggressive the monetization is in this game. Is this normal for F2P titles?


Every hour goes by, just showing how terrible the monetization in halo infinite is


I had one match where my armor and profile didn’t fully load so I was running default colors except it was using the MK VII helmet even tho I hadn’t unlocked it yet? MAy be some proof there idk


Halo 4s default helmet was going to be warrior until they changed it to recruit


Based off of mkVII's description in game, it doesn't make any sense that you don't get it by default


"Wow the fans really love this new Mark VII Helmet! What should we do with it?" "Give it to them from the start?" "Heck no, let's make them grind days/weeks for it or force them to buy a skin that has it but limits their customization" "Genius"


I really hate this so much. I'd argue however it's not directly monetizing the Mark VII. BUT what they did do is create a sense of "I look dumb, I need to buy cosmetics" cause its at level 96 for FREE so it will take ages to look cooler. They should absolutely lower the requirements for Trailblazer and Mark VII (and the Armet attachment) below level 25. Its ridiculous.


'battle passes change. They always do'


smart business move, hit us with the bazinga


This is my only complaint about the store/BP. Sure sell new armor for ridiculous prices, but if the season is about reach don’t take armor pieces out to make even more money and create FOMO


I’ll keep saying it, I’ll gladly spend more money once the monetization and customization are addressed.


Oi mates, give it back yeah?


Probably thought it looked too cool and followed in PS2’s footsteps of make the basic characters all as plain and lame as possible.


possible you say?


I’m not surprised seeing as how heavily these armor sets/cores were shown off in promotional material.


Good lord, another clusterfuck of a launch. I just don’t understand how the lesson hasn’t been learned yet.


Everything about this game points back to the stupid MTX store.


Damn that Gamestop coating is sick, too bad I didn't know it existed until now and therefore will never be able to get it. I hate store exclusive/limited time crap.




Bonnie Ross and the rest of that exec team has to go, honestly. They're complacent and the no idea what Halo is. That's why every game that has come out of 343 has been a fumble.


Also the MEDIC! achievement seems to show ODST MKV\[B\] helmet on a MKVII core


You forgot the default Yoroi armour on the Waypoint mobile app is the one they originally advertised.


The ‘coating’ they used in those preorder bonuses is essentially what they’re now trying to sell as the MLG skins right?


It's very clear that some big changes took place behind the scenes in the final year of development that led to a worse game. Just waiting on that Jason Schreier article.


This is actually just bullshit


I already stopped playing MP already and im back playing apex again. At least i can get customizations there.


I thought we already knew this


No doubt


I came to this conclusion after I got my spartan to a default state after.my connection was glitched.


So I actually played a game yesterday and after waiting a while to load in, I noticed that my Spartan wasn't wearing the armour or coating I had selected. Instead I had the default grey colours with the default Mark VII (as well as Butler as my AI) BUT I also had the Mark VII helmet. [Here's the link.](https://twitter.com/Jaymer_tv/status/1467900472992411653?s=20) Having Mark VII at the end of the Battle Pass was obviously an odd choice for 343 to make considering how much positive feedback it received and how prominent it is in the marketing etc. but it's also meant to be the default armour core anyway, so why is the helmet separate? And also in a Battle Pass that was meant to be Reach themed? Surely this is too much to be a coincidence?


I never understood it either. Why would they put the helmet advertised in all the trailers at such a high tier on the battlepass?


This is as concrete as evidence can get. Absolutely ridiculous