Even just forge and custom games browser would go an unbelievably long way toward helping infinite. Give people the tools and you won't be able to *stop* people from making their own fun.


But when you make your own fun you don't spend time grinding a shitty battle pass like they want you to


You're about to cause a monetized forge and monetized customs browser - delete this comment immediately!


Forge for Creators unlock - 20$ Forge Items pack - Human - 9.99$ Forge Items pack - Banished - 9.99$ Forge Items pack - Flood - 14.99$ (Only 1 per week available in store) Forge Map Limit Boost - 1.99$ ea (1 Hr) Forge Map Save Slot - 4.99$ ea


Holy fuck delete this right now please.


Delete Post - 19.99$


Fucking Sauron over here jfc


Please no


They make it so you have to pay money to upgrade your forge mode monitor to unlock premium features like rotation snap lol


Easy way to do that is let us gain XP in customs but have a maximum amount you can earn per match to prevent farming.


If Halo 5 had the best forge imagine halo infinites forge


It’s really hard to adequately monetize emergent fun. Funnels breed whales.


The Good Ending


I’m working on the bad ending right now gonna post it in a bit




Don't give them any ideas lol


If we gonna do a BR in Halo someday i hope is a ODST one.. Imagine doing Drop Shock Trooper Training in Zeta Halo by dropping in with your friends and going thru abandoned forreruner/Ancient Human ruins, Deserts, Winter areas and forests. And everything could be linked to campaign.. like if the Flood is released in a campaign DLC.. then the BR will add containment breached zones to explore as well.


New Mombasa battle royale, everybody drops in as ODSTs. Same vibe as Halo 3 ODST, except there are other players hunting you instead of just covenant. Have Grunts and Elites be scattered around the map to force players out of hiding. Hell, just import the ODST map and have 40 players fight eachother on it.


I can only imagine this dropping with an ODST themed season


Just have us drop pod in as our Spartans. No need to add an ODST mode.


Yeah, we'll see in 6 years lol


I'm going to bookmark this and check back next year to see where we made it to.This is my headcannon for halo infinites roadmap.


I suspected the Cringe, and was very gratified when I got the the “adds Battle Royal mode”


Honestly just want a platform for live events could care less if it’s battle royale


I don't get the hate for a BR mode in infinite at this point. before launch sure? I wouldn't want it taking development resources away from the core modes. but now? it would just be a super cool additional mode in a game that sorely needs new content at this point.


The halo fanbase is one of the most critical fanbases when it comes to any sort of change to their halo formula. Halo could do a BR pretty well, but as of right now 343 needs to seriously focus on adding things that should have been here at launch. (Forge, coop, etc. )


I wouldn't say I hate a BR mode, but to make it work you'd have to change the formula so much it wouldn't be Halo anymore. Imagine one life BTB FFA. Sounds boring as fuck right? That's Halo BR. We'd need severely increased ttk, changes to weapons, move speed, snipers/rockets wouldn't be fair at all as they're free wins, etc. Can you imagine Halo Rockets in Apex? Just obliterating a whole team in one vaguely accurate shot?


TTK is very high compared to most BRs. No need of increasing it further. Give some tiers of shield upgrades like the super shield. And super weapons would be in care packages with only two shots rocket launcher and four shots sniper rifle without ammo pickup.


Everyone has overshield levels of shields, but don't glow like a Christmas tree. Take the revive mechanic from attrition and boom you have revives. The weapons aren't nearly as big a problem as you think they are. The lack of reserve ammo currently means 1 or two mags. and then you have to switch weapons.


And one mag of a Halo sniper in Apex would kill an entire team with ease. One rocket for an instakill. You'd have to change Halo so much to make it work it wouldn't be Halo, and by then what's the point?


You say "you'd have to change halo so much" but you literally just described issues that can be adjust by changing health or damage values lol


But then once you get good enough at playing Halo BR, can you safely and assuredly claim that you would be able to seem less transition back into normal mp in, like, two matches? Likely not, because you'll be used to the slower, more methodical pacing with the same weapons that doesn't exist in an arena shooter. You'd have to change it so much it wouldn't be Halo means that the two camps wouldn't be able to play with each other very easily, if at all. If BR were a social, more relaxed mode? Sure, because people expect social games to be wacky and not like Halo's more traditional modes, but true elimination doesn't sit well in social games, and BR with it's elimination is, by nature, a more competitive mode and thus precludes it from being a social gametype. Now, a Marines/ODST themed BR could make sense, and I'd even get behind that as a separate game. But BR in Infinite? No thank you.


I'm by no means a fan of BRs anymore, but I don't see anything wrong with an insta-kill. And Fortnite has proven with its early age pump shotgun, and rockets, among other things, that insta-kills are not a huge problem in BRs, given that the matchmaking is fluid enough to get into a game quickly.


Apex isn't the only BR in existence. A sniper shot to the head still downs you in warzone same with an rpg hit. changing weapon balance slightly doesn't make a franchise unrecognizable. if you think some weapons are over powered, we can literally not have them spawn in the map. this isn't a loadout based shooter.


It needs content, not another hypetrain to follow. First we have co-op, forge, multiple game modes, more maps for multiplayer, more granular playlists. The BR sphere is saturated at this point. Remember BFV's firestorm? Me neither. They also thought they had to jump on the bandwagon, they were wrong.


I just don't see how BR can work in a competitive enough way within the Halo sandbox without such major changes that it's an entirely separate game in terms of balancing. And if you have to create an entirely new sandbox for a mode to work in a competitive manner, you might as well make it an entirely separate game, or at least a spin-off, that launches entirely separately. I could see a Marine/ODST themed one, which would thematically call for a differently balanced sandbox like with ODST. That would even allow for better lore for armors that have different defense ratings instead of just being a cool skin under energy shields. But to have it done with Spartans? I just don't see a way it can work without splitting the community into two camps that can barely play with the other because of the way they're used to playing their game. So I think it's a very **not** smart move to add BR to Halo. Edit: I'm not arguing the point that it needs new content, though. I think they had a poor idea of what was expected from them at release. And there was clearly a disconnect between what we wanted and why they felt fewer modes would be more useful, when I would argue more innovative and classic modes were needed for better player retention through the holidays. I don't think BR is a smart addition, but they definitely need more than what is currently there. That said, I think maps and custom games are the features that need to be worked on more than new/modified gametype right now.


Because Infinite just doesn’t need a Battle Royale. It wouldn’t really add anything and takes away from MP.


I’m torn on it. On one hand I could see it being pretty cool, but on the other why not just play another game that specializes in Battle Royale if that’s the type of gameplay you’re looking for? Halo (the franchise) might be better off just carving out its specific niche in the crowded FPS scene by focusing on the type of gameplay that the series is known for.


My thoughts exactly, 343 should focus on keeping its unique arena-like shooter instead of switching to what everyone else is doing for Twitch views. Plus they need to focus on forge/co-op and fixing BTB as well.


Battle royales are popular because people enjoy them, and since 343 doesn't make games yearly (or semi yearly technically) like they do with call of duty games, I doubt we would be missing out on MP content, I only really see upsides to adding one




Halo Infinite has had broken BTB matchmaking for a whole entire month and these people want 343i to do a BR I don't foresee any problems with that!


Content is going to come at a pace. So its either battle royale or actual halo stuff. I choose halo stuff.


Infinite doesn't need a Battle Royale, but if it had a well-made one then it'd probably lock itself in as top 3 most popular F2P games on the market. All the ingredients are there for an absolutely epic BR


Halo Fans when someone mentions a Battle Royal (it reminds them of Frtn*te): 🤬 Grow up


It's a shame that the fans can be more creative than the professionals.


In reality: 343 adds $20 dye and a weapon charm


20$ for a dye OR weapon charm FIFY


$20 to continue or it wipes any and all progress


They know what people want. This is their rettention plan 100%. Whatever fans want regarding features ...those were already on the pipeline. They want people to play this game 10 years. And they will implement them one by one ....slowly.... but that is the plan... i am sure of it BR is also 100% coming in the near future


Anyone who doesn't believe this, has not been gaming in the last 5 years. It's the cycle anymore. Release game, doesn't matter how shit it is, people will buy it, release immediately with MTX and then improve game over next 1-2 years, and lastly, heavily market new expansion or DLC + profit as if your game was great from the start. It's the anti-Factorio method of release, and it's fucking lame. Luckily for 343 there is very little fresh competition in the FPS arena.


You can't forget the Battle Royale part - ya gotta be as "trendy" as possible these days. And Battle Passes too. Ya just GOTTA rip off those overly simplistic progression systems.


Yes because this post was the first time ever these topics have come up


Your need to be sarcastic is getting in the way of your comprehension bud.


Your cynicism is getting in the way of common sense bud


Now your ego is coming into play. It's okay though I'll help you out before I go to bed. I never said or acted as if the ideas presented in this video were the 1st time (as you said) these topics came up, but yet you felt the need to say so. Why? My guess is that you needed to say something sarcastic to someone, anyone really.


Lmao I don’t think you understand what sarcasm is. It’s not literal mate, and yes, I felt the need to say something sarcastic to someone who said something stupid.




Lol get pooped on kid.


Not old enough to say shit? Are your parents monitoring your internet activity?


Lol poop in mouth boy.


I’m almost certain 343 has all of these ideas on sticky notes somewhere in their offices


RemindMe! 10 years


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You had me until "battle Royale mode"


Firefight :)


Haha, in a decade maybe. At this pace we’ll be lucky if we get a new game mode before season 2


Cant wait for 2031


“Like that’s ever gonna happen”


"343 Add Mutiplayer Story tied to New Battle Royale Mode with Live Events" Yeah... no. The rest gets a "Hel yeah!" from me, but I'd rather 343 focus on the core halo experience then going the route of COD, otherwise the BR mode will probably get more of attention and content, and 4v4, FFA, BTB, etc. will be left behind.


Battle royal tied to story kinda sounds more like rust/ark, and im pretty sure we could do it. No gathering though. You should earn Money in matchmaking, then use said money to build bases in story mode. Idk. That's what I imagined when I saw it


I think they're thinking more of the COD Warzone thought process. The ending of MW 2019 that teased Task Force 141 ended up being through the different seasons of Warzone. Soap, Ghost, and new characters, and a story about T-141 hunting down a Nuke was started in the Spec Ops mode and finished throughout Warzone during the MW life cycle. I don't want it to be like that. I'd much rather just have story stuff in campaign and the multiplayer being the MP. I wouldn't mind aspect of either playing into each other, but having story elements behind a BR mode is ehhh. ​ If it was more like Rust / Ark, then sure, but I don't think that is what OP meant by it.


Everything except battle royale.


Ikr, why tf did OP put that in there


I’m not going to celebrate the game returning to what it should have been on day one. I like the meme though


There's only room in Halo for one BR.


There's plenty of room for something like that... AFTER they add the things that are supposed to be there.


I'm looking forward to Infinite becoming the giant it deserves to be, but I'm just upset that nowadays games can't just be complete and proper on release. It's always "It'll be better after release". When did releasing a working product go out of style? We need to stop accepting this mindset of "fix it after launch".


Nah that’s too easy, 343 would rather have us spend $20 on charms


The dead giveaway that this is just a dream is that Firefight will never be added. The game is T rated. Either they never show up, or we get a super watered down version that ruins their design and makes them less terrifying.


Everything except the battle royal is hype and I support


I liked the whole thing till you mentioned Battle Royale and Flood return. Fuck battle royale. Fuck the Flood. The Flood are absolutely no damn fun to fight. I don't get why everyone is obsessed with them.


They’re kinda the whole point of the game.. the rings were made to destroy the flood.


Their arc is over. Time for fresh baddies. For a supposedly super dangerous, galaxy destroying entity, they repeatedly get trolled by a big green man, his alien sidekick, and their AI. Chief cucked them twice Jerome and Red team beat the Flood twice Two monke bois beat them again on the Ark.


So you have no interest in Infection making a return and having it flood themed? I don't need to see the Flood in Campaign again, because as you said their arc is over, but I want my Infection gametype and modes back. And if they want to make it Flood themed? Even better.


The point of the game is the be the most super badass in existence of all time forever, with underlying themes of human resiliency and hope paired with the rise and fall of a fun story/epic. The flood were a means to include aspects of horror and an even more insurmountable force than the Covenant was supposed to be (why you were originally on the run knCE's opening) after you and a ragtag team of squishy meat-bags kicked their ass for half a game after their overwhelming xenocidal onslaught against humans. They were something that would, moreso than the Covenant ever could, push humanity into their next stage of galactic growth, placing them as even more powerful than an ancient alien race that was on an entirely different technological scale in advancement yet had to resort to wiping the galaxy of sentient life to stop the Flood. Halo is a love letter to the power and potential of the human race. I love the flood, and they'll surely make their eventual return as all parasitic life forms inevitably do, but they have pretty effectively played their part and are not the secret hiding within Zeta Halo that should be the focus for a while before rehashing a nearly overused enemy. The flood need a cool down.


No. Fuck BR


How much of this have they actually done?


Um, no. “Halo battle royale” and “Halo I’ve always dreamed of” do not belong together at all.


Battle royale isn't fun and shouldn't take up space on this game


Hear me out, battle royale could work but it requires a bit of departure from the normal formula. The Apex Legends way might work; have guns and ammo scattered with attachments that can be stuck unto them. For example, the Battle Rifle has very high recoil to begin with and no scope, you can pick these up as you go along. Apply this to shields, and variant weapons will drop in as unique upgrades to fight over.


I don't want to play Battle Royale. I don't want it taking up an extra 20 gigs on my hard drive. Especially if there's no reward/progression for playing. I don't think Halo's combat mechanics would work well for BR.


Stay optimistic you coped up shills


Stay miserable.


Makes a perfect video... Fucks it up in seconds with his battle royale bullshit


Thought the same thing lol. How anti climactic.


Nah we don’t need battle royale.




ah yes the new game is the worst one yet and the previous game is an iconic masterpiece


Halo 5 isn't. Nobody said it is. But I doubt you care


Most critically thinking Halo fan


Halo 5 was actually pretty solid imo. Thought it was way better than 4. Besides the story the only thing I didn’t really like was the art style.


It's definitely not H1/H2/H3, but it's vastly superior to H4 and imo better than Reach which is probably an unpopular opinion, and H5 imo deserves to be low on the list just for its utterly horrific release alone.


Six years to develop the game and it’s a steamy mess at release. Then another 2 years of mediocre gameplay until we get the “Halo we always dreamed of.” Cringe. The Halo we always dreamed of was Halo: CE and Halo 3. Those were the golden years; we speak of it in past tense now. We didn’t need a Flood DLC back when the game had a meaningful story instead of some generic boogie-man, Escharum, and a random flying alien monkey Harbinger. Infinite throws characters and events at you just to see what sticks and doesn’t explain their relevance in-game. I had no idea who Atriox was or why I should care until I googled it to find out he was in Halo Wars 2, which I didn’t play because that genre of game doesn’t interest me. 343 has a jumbled mess instead of a 3-part story. The Diadact? Taken out after Halo 4. The Warden? Taken out after Halo 5. Escharum? Taken out in Infinite. 343 doesn’t seem to want to keep consistent enemy factions that grow along with us. In the original trilogy we are fighting the Flood and the Prophets from square one all the way until the end and we see their importance and progression. We also didn’t need a battle royale mode back when Halo was the trend-setter and offered unique gameplay. It’s stuck halfway between COD and Titanfall and does neither exceptionally well. That’s my rant for today.


The harbinger is more like a flying alien octopus


This was amazing lmfao


That cross-core picture looks so good tbh


That cross core picture is a poor example of why we should have cross core. That looked incredibly stupid. The whole point of the fracture armors is to break away from the Mark [x] design. That being said, cross core for mark [x] armors would be a welcome change. Leave the fracture armors by themselves


I can respect that. I personally just like the idea of mixing and matching helmets and such.


Halo really does not need a battle royale…


No battle royale please for Christ sake.


you lost me at battle royale


Had me till you said battle Royale. Begone


No battle royal please


Thanks for a funny positive post. Yes infinite needs work but if 343 keeps improving at the rate they have the game with be awesome. Look at Smite, people have forgotten how that game was at launch and it's light years ahead of where it was. Same for Warframe.


A game like Warframe didn't have a decade of past games and a whole community built up for a decade. Shit like this launch won't be forgotten.


The moment at :54 killed me lmao


We can only hope, if 343's smart they'll listen to the community and eventually make Infinite the game we've all been waiting for.


I require a list of the songs used here.


Lol i love how it just keeps going


A man can only hope. While I don’t agree with the Battle Royale idea, I really like the other stuff.




These things would genuinely make it a contender for the best shooter ever made.


Long shot, but whats the name of the song used in the 5th panel?


Robot Rock - Daft Punk


Thank you


*shrek closing happy ending book meme*


Could I ask for source on the bottom left picture in the second to last stage? It looks really cool.


Forgot playable elites dlc


i want them to add drivable pelicans in forge like the glitch in campaign


I think they added Pelicans and Sabres to Reach Forge in MCC.


but driveable!


This all need to hapen..... or 343 just say no to half of it


Halo infinite was just the friends we made along the way


Can I get a warzone firefight as well?


This was great!


Don’t forget playable elites. Maybe even brutes too.


I’m dying of happiness when coop is added and the server lags are fixed


It’s not meme Saturday


I couldn’t care less about a BR, but all the other things are what I’m praying the roadmap for this game is like. I’m a hard critic of this game but I swear it’s from a place of love for the series. I want it to live up to its potential that it’s currently falling short of


Someone at 343i is rethinking an entire roadmap because of this.


You lost me at "battle royale".


Ya had me right up until the end there….


Oddly enough... I know it seems kind of bleak right now but I absolutely believe that all of this is gonna happen one day. Optimism and Patience... That's what I'm running on.


What's the second song?


I believe ✊


I was expecting it to end with "that's because it was a dream" but at least the game won't be dead with that br mode


Good ending


I could do without the Battle Royale but everything else was amazing and I wish we had it now.


why does it say this was removed?


Yes to everything except battle royale. I get that it’s a big thing and everyone likes it but to me unless it’s built for a battle royale it shouldn’t have a battle royale


No battle royale please


Ew to the battle royal. The rest is siick


They're going to need more than 10 years to reach the goal of this timeline


The battle royale mode bit made it all worthless. There is only one BR in Halo, and it's the Battle Rifle.


Too bad this will never happen


I'm with you except for the Battle Royale part. I just don't see how that's going to be fun or entertaining for people. It's an arena shooter where everyone has shields. You're basically asking for large lobby FFA with elimination rules. Unless you made shields a separate pickup, in which case you're adding in FFA SWA- I mean Tactical Slayer rules to the mix, and non-shield play does NOT mesh well with shield play in competitive, unthemed gametypes. Shields vs no-shields works great in something like Infection, but the idea is that the infected can keep going after the humans repeatedly by respawning, something that you can't just do in Royale games without a specific requirement like in Apex. And then the armor abilities? They're all designed to have specific drawbacks in normal game modes that aren't nearly as compatible with no shields. The entire sandbox would have to be changed specifically for Battle Royale, at which point you're basically making a spin-off game instead of an extension to your existing one, since players would have to learn a whole new sandbox. I just don't see how, with the gunplay and sandbox of Halo, a Battle Royal can work, and I honestly think that type of game should exist on its own (a la PUBG or Apex Legends, where as arena shooters like PvP Destiny and Halo should ***not*** have it in addition to their other playlist offerings). TL;DR: Please stop propagating the "Battle Royale in Halo" request. It's not a good idea.


You had me until battle royal


Reminder: not everything needs a Battle Royale.


DoomGuy armor kit is something that I’d actually spend money on, not canon armor that was available for free in game for over a decade


Get your battle Royale ouf of here my dude.


Where's 343 fixing the fucking netcode?