They really could’ve given us the classic 2 color slider and then sold armor coatings with 3+ colors in the store.


That's precisely why I tried to establish a common pattern for the 2 colors to apply to. The way I see it, the best of both worlds would either be what you described, or sell coatings that function as adaptable patterns that choose the colors of. Like the Wild Kovan pattern could map the camo onto your armor, then you could make the camo blue or red or whatever. That could get more complex especially when there are more than 3 colors, so your suggestion is probably more practical. Either way, I would definitely buy coatings if they were cool enough, and it would sting a lot less than just two color combo coatings.


Either way would be leagues above what we have now. I do prefer your idea though. Having a base pattern that we could color coordinate sounds like the best option for max variety.


God, this


Honestly if 343 just copied Warframe’s color system, nobody would be upset at them. Basically a coating would determine what parts gets colored where, then people can by a wider spectrum of colors to use on any coating. Players get to have a wide customization spectrum and Microsoft can charge twice for it! Everyone would win.


Imagine being able to move and scale your emblems like WF's sigils


Now this is good, so don’t expect it to every happen in an official capacity


I mocked this up in Glimpse (free selected the regions, floated them to separate layers, then changed hue). For the pattern, I looked at the Cadet Brown armor coating, which colors sections of the belt, gauntlets, gloves, and shoulder pauldrons a slightly lighter shade of brown (also the part of the helmet that most coatings make black). So I took those sections and combined them with the leg stripe from Halo 2 and helmet stripe from Halo 3, then made them a secondary color here.


AND theres still plenty of opportunity to monetize color placements/textures/patterns… I only see this as a winwin


It's so basic yet adds so much. Also, nice colour choices.


THIS This is all I need. I wish it was the standard instead of the preset shaders.


I love it but so muddy


Hey, that’s all on the Cadet coatings. All I did is recolor some aqua sections to be green


No worries, you did a great job! Im just thinking out loud about how some coatings are filthy and others look like they’re action figures fresh out of the box lol


If only we have the options to edit the armor colors. I just want a black and dark grey armor. I know there's Cadet Grey and Shadow Sorel, but the little color details can't be edited. And I'm not sure about having a blue tech suit or that little orange on my grey.