This huge orbi my boyfriend got me🥺 I hope she doesn’t hurt me like all the other calatheas I’ve owned

This huge orbi my boyfriend got me🥺 I hope she doesn’t hurt me like all the other calatheas I’ve owned


Good luck! My orbi has been way easier for me than my other Calatheas (\*cough cough white fusion\*\*) so I am sending good vibes to you :)


Reading this as my white fusion is on its way to my home. *Sigh*


We've all been there. I'm eyeing a lush, huge White Fusion that someone local is selling for only $15. It's like that devil vs self meme where one part of me is like, *you've killed every calathea you've touched. Learn to nurse one back to health and then maybe* and the other part of me is like *doooooooo iiiiittt, it's sooooo prettyyyyyy, only $15 for THAT bush*


wow... Prices in US are really good for it! I've seen some white fusions at Lowe's for $25. Meanwhile I paid $55 (Europe) for mine and it's not thaaat bushy 😥. WISH ME LUCK GUYS! Any soil recommendation is heavily appreciated 😥 Let's make a subreddit for white fusion 😂


I’ve been using Leca for mine, when I got her she wasn’t doing to well but I think she’s happy in her home. I have her in a glass Cabinet greenhouse with other calatheas and a humidity tray


Enabling Do it!🥸


Do it.


You guys are _not_ helpful for my rudimentary attempts at self-discipline


Run back to the store and get it tomorrow!! If at first you don't succeed... try, try again! 😉




My white fusion is very happy next to a humidifier and getting distilled water only!


our apartment needs a dehumidifier. i can't keep a zzplant or snake plant alive but my calathea dottie and variegated maranta are thriving.


I live in dry AF Colorado so I can't even imagine needing less humidity haha!


i'm in california so nothing's really right in this situation but i'm making the most of it.


I am in San Diego and have had slight issues with my snake plant. I had been wondering if it’s a bit too humid in our apartment so thank you for your comment!


i've lost 2 of them to rot and i barely watered them


As someone else said, I have mine in a greenhouse cabinet that stays anywhere from 55-90% humidity and was thrilled to see she’d grown 3 big beautiful leaves while I’ve been cringing every time I look at her waiting for the crunchies. There are a few crunchy leaves too, but seeing her grow gives me hope.


Jesussss, that's even scarier!


Same experience! Way less dramatic about humidity


+1 from me. It's the only calathea of mine that's still alive lol.


My calathea is still a bit of a baby but it will only keep 2 leaves at a time!! As soon as a new one grows the oldest drops. Little picky baby!!


You are in luck! Orbifolia is one of the easiest calathea to take care of.


Oh no, I didn’t know these were difficult plants...I just got a calathea ornata I think? Is that a hard one? What does she need!


They need good amount of humidity 60% +, rain or distilled water and, despite what people think, more light than suggested. Unfortunately they are also prone to spider mites, although mine never had them. Having said all of that, they are so beautiful that the extra effort is definitely worth it. 😊


How do you increase humidity? Will spraying it a lot work or do I have to buy it it’s own personal humidifier? I don’t live in a humid climate :(.


I don’t spray my plants as it encourages fungal issues. Best option is to get a humidifier. I have a grow room with very large amount of plants so they create their own humidity which is why I don’t use humidifiers.


Well darn, thanks for the tips! But it looks like I’m in for slow painful death lol some day I’ll have my own plant room. Oh wait! I have a large tropical aquarium I wonder if I were to place it on top of that it would get some humidity from the open top?... guess we’ll find out.


I love that you discovered that you have a problem and that you already have the perfect solution all in the same thread. I've considered getting an aquarium more because my plants would like it than because I actually care to have one!


I've heard that putting them in close proximity to an aquarium works well, so I'd try that! Aquarium water can also be good to water with when the time comes.


Yes, I heard they love fish poo.


I have an ornata and about 5 other prayer plants. There is no humidifier in my home and the heat stays on for most of the day. Maybe my home is naturally a bit humid or something but the ornata is doing just fine and the only crispy edges I have are on calathea makoyana. However the ornata I have here really got etiolated compared to the others, so it seems like it needs more light than some other prayer plants. Oh and I also give them only baby water (distilled) occasionally diluted with fish emulsion.


I was told to use a pebble tray filled with water underneath my calathea to trap water vapor under the leaves as it evaporates. So far so good! I used lava rocks.


This is what I think is keeping mine happy. Relative humidity isn't that high from a reading(~30%) Even with a humidifier like right by them in the room, I think the pebble tray makes the most impact.


Fwiw I did an experiment with a pebble tray and it only raised the humidity near the foliage like 2% on average. Down towards the pot it sometimes made a difference of 5%. Not worth the extra maintenance imo


I do no extra maintenance and I definitely cant measure a numerical increase in humidity. Just the pot drains well into the tray below, it does evaporate but I cant be bothered to measure it. My orchids seem to appreciate it. The only thing I notice is that in spite of my measurements the plant is happier than 30% humidity would actually deliver. Feels bad to let distilled water evaporate but sometimes we get rainwater that I use. I have a huge pebble tray 90% built but I dont have the space inside for it so waiting til spring when I can move my greenhouse tropicals back outside. They tray may not help at all but it definitely seems to.


How did you measure that? With a standard hygrometer?


A hygrometer made for professional hvac applications, accurate to +/- 3%. I tried to be real sciencey about it and took readings at specific times of day, during specific weather, etc, for about 2 weeks prior, then added the pebble tray and repeated the process. I really, really wanted to not have to buy another humidifier, lol. I tested completely surrounding the plant with a bunch of water props too, which had better results although I don't have enough room (or enough props) to do that with all my plants. But yeah, moral of the story is you need a lot of water surface to make a difference.


This is making me wonder if my humidity meter isn't very accurate. It was given to me but I imagine it's just a cheap one you can get on Amazon. What should I look for to get a more accurate humidity reading?


In my experience, spraying causes a lot of browning in the leaves especially for Calatheas. Maybe get a humidifier instead?


a pebble tray works well apparently if you need more humidity


A humidifier(at least for winter inside). I also have a pebble tray underneath that allows water to evaporate and increase the humidity immediately around it. Considering a heating mat but im trying to not be too neurotic about it. Its happy, pushing out new leaves every once in a while. Low humidity = crispy leaf tips. I similarly have considered moving it to a bathroom, but it's at least happy enough where it is.


Do they really need this? I have one in a self-watering pot that gets tap water and whatever the ambient humidity in the room is. I've had it for 4 months and it seems to be thriving. Is it likely to keel over on me or am I probably ok if it's going well so far?


You're fine. Mine is treated like literally every other plant of mine (no humidifier, no pebble tray, no distilled water, dries out a bit before watering again) and it's thriving. I found that once I backed off (I had been babying it upon first getting it), it actually did **much** better. Started throwing out new leaves like it's her job, and just generally being pretty great. She also gets a full window of western window light, and seems to be loving it. In general, if a plant is doing great in whatever care you're giving it, then keep doing it.


Seeing this after killing two orbis....feels bad man 🥲one day I will conquer it though hahaha...one day....


Hell yeah. Its the only one I have kept and it seems to be doing ok despite what I've heard about them. Guess I just got lucky.


Good to know! I just got one of these and I've been stressed about her.


get her a little humidifer if you can - I often see them at thrift stores for under $10 if you're on a budget. grouping with other large plants will also help. especially if she recently came from a nursery, the sudden change in humidity will often cause some stress and crispy edges.


Damn! That’s a sexy plant!


Two words: filtered water


Any other tips? I just got an ornata? I think. I love it, I don’t want it to die! It says low maintenance on the tag -_-




Right?! I’d noticed that too! Their advice to give continuous water will end in root rot in no time!


No not really, I discovered the filtered water tip a little too late to save mine


Lol, low maintenance! Watch for bugs, especially spidermites. They're super prone to them. Keep humidity high.


Definitely need high humidity above 60%. You may need distilled water too. I used filtered water on my first one and it still died but I didn't have a humidifier then, so it could be either one or both.


Does Britta filtered work well enough? I just picked up one of these.


Noo I was using a barita filter, it’s different from distilled water.


I know distilled is different from filtered... That's why I asked the person who said filtered water if that would work.


I use a Britta filter for my other calatheas and they’ve been happy with that. I’m considering buying a distiller.


Good to know, thank you! I'd rather have a few crispy edges than but distilled water in plastic jugs all the time. But we do have a Brita already.


Oh I’ve got buckets of water laying around waiting to be filled up too haha


My guess is yes but I’m not sure


Filtered water has been a game changer for so many of my more finicky plants


whats a good place to get more than a gallon of filtered water at a time? also any difference between filtered and distilled for this purpose?


Both can assist to prevent brown tips. Distilled is probably better because filters can only filter certain minerals. “Distilled water is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of water remain in the original container. Thus, distilled water is one type of purified water.” - Wiki


I’m not sure a good place but there is definitely a difference between distilled and filtered


Holy hell, that's a big, beautiful lady you've got there!!


Best of luck! Calatheas hate me...


I got my first one a couple of weeks ago and I think they hate everyone.


Weeks ago?? You have a whole season of drawn out pitiful death to come! 😂😬🥺💀


Is this a type of plant that would live well in a bathroom, provided you had a window for sunlight?


They like high humidity, though orbifolia isn’t as needy as most calatheas, so probably. Just remember to give them filtered water


I showed this picture to all my plants to make them feel guilty.


I’m actively shaming mine.


My boyfriend is happy about all his new fans 🤓


What a beaut! I've had no problem with mine, but I tend to be quite lucky with calatheas, well any of the prayer plant crew in general. It's things like spider plants, ferns and most of the peperomia family that hate me 😂


My spider plants are multiplying like crazy, and taking over the house 😜 the trick is over-watering and placing them in harsh sunlight from directly south.. Basically a treatment which would kill most plants 😅


Overwater? As in overwater your spider plants on purpose? Is that to then deprive them for a while when they are drying out/photo-synthing in the sun? Or prepare them for the blast of sun they are going to receive? Anyway, I agree with the direct light thang. They are pretty hardy and can even tolerate in the warm Australian morning sun :)


Yes, I overwater them on purpose because most are in very sunny spots :) They totally can handle wet feet! I water them once a week and give them a lot. After a week they'll be pretty dry again. In winter I check the soil twice a week to see if they aren't too soggy (or too dry if they are close to a heater). It seems like I'm abusing them, but I'm getting sooo many small plants from them :O


It's gorgeous!! I'm sure it's old enough to do well in acclimating to its new home, best of luck.


Damn I hope my Orbifolia can be like yours one day


Beautiful! How can this plant hurt you?


Emotional pain when it dies!


My husband has a list they titled “Reasons why my spouse is crying”. It started when we had some really good bbq from a food truck and I burst into tears of joy. It followed with a few things like seeing a cute dog in someone’s car in traffic, taking a walk along a river at sunrise, and watching Star Trek. Today, my husband added “they saw a picture of a pretty plant” to the list.


Swans can be gay.


She remembered that swans can be gay. Again.


I remembered that Captain Jack is the Face of Boe. Again.


oh she will


Beautiful! Now I want one of these!


wow! that’s a huge one! gorgeous! congrats 👍🏻🥰i’ve never had one but maybe one day


The orbi is one of my fastest growing plants! Just give it good water and humidity. Mine gives me up to 4 new shoots and leaves every week! Faster than a pothos, philodendron, or anything I own (except maybe rhaphidophora tetrasperma)


What are you doing to it?! High light and fertilizer?!


North facing window sill for light, and distilled water. I use a 20-20-20 fertilizer every month or so :)


Where did you get that wooden plant stand if i may ask? Looking for something like that.




What a stunner! I just got a baby one in January, and I can't stop myself from staring at their leaves. I'm having the best luck with calatheas I've had so far (knock on wood) and I think the thing I was missing was not enough light. I have them on a cart with a humidifier that's placed next to a northeast facing window but semi shaded and they are finally praying and putting out some new growth! Good luck!!


Can you tell your boyfriend I want one too


Ugh! The calathea pain is so real. Good luck!!


Calatheas come in that size? Wow!


Gorgeous! Wishing you luck.


So pretty.


Omg! That's love.


Give her a humidifier, clean her leaves, don’t overwater, and she’ll do great with enough sunlight! She looks beautiful!! Good luck. I think you’ll do well. If you need any advice, the folks at /r/plantclinic are always helpful or feel free to reach out to anyone here. We’re happy to help!


This is really random, but does anyone know if the plant here is an orbi? https://youtu.be/6edbMWRCDnM I've been having trouble trying to ID it but your plant looks like it's healthy older sister!


Yeah, it looks like a sad little Orbifolia! Normally, the leaves are so much rounder and grow in a kind of spiral pattern. But yep, I'd say that's what this is (just not the best specimen)!




Woah! I...did not know they got this big.


You are SO lucky


Good luck my friend. :)


Holy crap mines a baby! I had no idea how big they could get


That is a big beauty. I’m jealous. I really wanted one of these and was only just able to find a small 6” one. Good luck.


She’s beautiful!






Humidifier right on that bottom shelf. ASAP!


PS damn I might like... need one of these...


I can feel it's suicidal thoughts


Calatheas are traitorous bitches






She definitely won’t! But, um...maybe best to not get too attached. ;)


It’s stunning


Holyyyyyu crap. I didn’t realize they got this big!! Now I feel especially bad about mine…


God speed 🙏🏼


LUCK! That is a monstrous beauty! My tiny baby is currently holding on to 2 leaves for dear life. One leaf has the slow march of yellow death spreading from the edges. I have her in a little greenhouse with 2 fittonias. 🤞🏽


Oh. My. Gawddddddddd!! It’s amazing!!!


Oh that is gorgeous 😍 wish my bf got me that instead of the succulents he keeps sending. I can barely keep those alive.


OP, I know this is off topic but what would u call that shelf? I love it and I'm trying to look it up but not having luck.


Amazon! I think I just searched plant shelf !


Gorgeous!!! 😍


Wow! That's a gorgeous plant. Will need to investigate locally.


She looks like a troublemaker.


A beauty!


She will


Mine loves my bathroom. It has a skylight so she is a happy girl.


Good luck!! its’s so beautiful😍 and your bf is awesome for it


That's the EXACT reason I haven't got one. They're gawjus but I'm still scarred by a calathea that instantly died when I 1st got into houseplants ☹️


Wow! what a beauty!!


I have a small orbi that I've somehow managed to keep alive, and it's even putting out new growth! Good luck! Question for experienced orbi owners: do you water when the soil is still a little moist? Like a 3-4 on a water meter?


I’d water when it’s less than a 3-4. More like a 2-3! But that’s just the watering routine I use for all of my calatheas and their cousins.


It gets confusing cause I know calatheas like to be more on the moist side but I'm also very scared of overwatering.


I let mine dry out a little bit more than other people provided the humidity is high for that very reason. I’m also quite worried about overwatering. I bottom water and make sure that the water drains out of the perched water table when I tip the pot on an angle to maintain “moist” but not wet.


I see people are commenting but is no one gonna talk about the painted pot on the top shelf??? So gorgeous 😍


Awww thank you! I made it!


You found a keeper! Both the plant and the bf 🪴😍


Would you be able to tell me where you got this plant stand?




Oh boy, that's crazy awesome! I hear calathea and just die inside a little ... I wanna try again since I've moved climates but I'm too scared lol


Try a humidity cabinet :)


Seconding everyone who’s saying orbifolias are easier. It’s my happiest calathea, next to my musaica. They’re both spitting out leaves and looking happy, while my other calathea have crispy tips, and some have died. :/


That’s wonderful


Those are some serious leaves. I’ve never seen that plant before


Oh my she’s STUNNING!!


Wow! I’ve never seen this type of Calathea before. It’s gorgeous!


My orbi has been so easy going. It amazes me for a calathea!🥰


She most definitely will. Unless you're a god




The only way I've kept my calatheas happy is when they live next to a humidifier that is constantly running and no direct light whatsoever


I think I’m in love 🥰


Get a humidifier. Only use filtered or distilled water. Well draining soil and pot. Keep moist. I water every few days. Bright indirect light. I've found that when the watering routine is on point I have little to no issues.


I need one 😍


That succulent to the left of it with the stripey leaves is something I've been looking for, but I don't know what it's called!!


It’s a haworthia!


Thank yoooooou!!


Cool plant.


How did they hurt you , did they die ? What’s the deal with these creatures, do tell 🤔


I’ve had one not survive spider mites when I first started getting into plants and another die for honestly reasons I don’t know 🥺 emotional pain


Ugh. I had a similar experience with a monstera and thrips 🤦🏻‍♀️. Best of luck to you !


Haha, I mean I've got the overwatering nailed, no matter how little I give it it wants to look like I'm keeping it in swamp conditions. It's currently in low light though, to the front it will go today 😂😂


So pleased I encountered this post- seems like my orbifolia needs filtered water. It had small browning edges I thought was due to low humidity but the humidifier I bought didn’t make any difference! So I shall use filtered water next. Yours is a beast! Looks like a plant I saw in Morrisons not that long ago- supermarkets sometimes come up trumps. I bought mine for half the price and it’s about a third of the size- maybe not even that.


He got it from Morrison’s!! Haha


I knew it! It seemed so familiar- I texted my friend about when I found it I was so excited. It makes me excited for my own to become as big as that


It’s gorgeous!!!


Wow so beautiful! Good luck!


Ok but where did you get that shelf? Because I bought one but didn’t read closely enough & the space between shelves/ the shelf depth is not big enough for many potted plants.


It’s from Amazon!


Humidity tray!!! Immediately!


Have you found these work? :)


Yes 🙌 For my Calathea humidifier didn’t make a difference, it was getting crispy on the edges. I then put a big tray filled with pebbles and I fill it with water, it is doing great.


That lady is BEAUTIFUL! She definitely needs a humidifier, and as much as this is going to be annoying, no tap water. Try your best to get filtered water. When I got mine, I forgot my humidifier had tap water and in 24 hours I got a brown tip.