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That was beautiful


Schools: ThE gUy iN bLaCk dIdNt dO aNyThiNg wRoNG tHe oThEr gUy iS eXpELed


More like: “we don’t care what happened and can’t be bothered to do even the most minuscule of investigative work so everybody is expelled. “


I got suspended in middle school because some kid tried to Superman punch me in the head. I stiff armed him and his head hit the door. My dad literally told the principal it was bull shit and to fuck off. He took me out to lunch and let me game all that week.


I had a similar experience. Suspended due to a district wide zero tolerance policy. Except the principal took me aside and told me I did the right thing. My parents were bassically like "enjoy your day off I guess"


Lol yeah, it really should be a case by case situation. If I'm getting attacked, I'm just supposed to let it happen?


According to the schools, yes. That is exactly what you're supposed to do. I remember being explicitly repeatedly that if a student is being attacked, fighting back makes that student just as bad as the instigator. Even as a child, I knew that was bullshit.


Yeah, honestly that's a good way to get yourself some good ole traumatic brain injury.


GeT aN aDuLt. Yeah, because kids have no idea how to block your path and force a fight.


I grew up in a different era I guess. We would get in fights all the time in elementary school. The principal would sit us down in the office and ask us what happened. After we both got to speak we were told why fighting wasn't the best response and made to shake hands and go back to class. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the 80's as a kid.


It doesnt even matter if you dont fight back. Zero tolerance means with any physical altercation, both sides are suspended. So you might as well go all out and land a few punches.


... you know, I'm glad that the US Education system doesn't make the laws


You're not supposed to be unsupervised for long enough for it to come to a fight. A teacher should have intervened when that kid was standing over the one in red, or before if it was apparent. If someone is threatening you, you're supposed to alert an adult. Unfortunately, the nonsense "snitches get stitches" child code and teachers who leave students illegally unsupervised led to the equally idiotic "zero tolerance" policy, as if it's not pretty easy to figure the aggressor. Most kids admit it readily. Source: I taught for 6 years, and I could smell a fight coming every time. The entire energy changes. I would usually just walk into the forming group and be like, "What's up y'all?" in a friendly tone. Sometimes I'd grab one of the people in the altercation and ask them a dumb question. Once I danced into an already formed circle and said, "Aw, I thought it was a dance off." It's called de-escalation for a reason--yelling and shouting and trying to bully the kids into submission ESCALATES the situation. The trick is to NOT have your head in your phone and actually pay attention. Most kids don't really want to fight, even the bullies, but everyone saves face when an overweight 34 year old (at the time) is doing the robot at them. I didn't want to get to school early (I lived an hour away and it started at like 7:15), so I made a deal with my AP--I'd do bus duty every day all year instead of morning or lunch duty for 6 weeks. They even placed me in a classroom by a blind spot that most teachers "ignored" (were scared to talk to students, I guess) to keep the peace. Note: This applies to almost all guy fights. Girl fights--that shit is scary. Silence and then attack out of nowhere. I once helped break up a fight that took 4 grown-ass men to separate 2 girls with a combined weight of maybe 210 lbs. I outweighed them both together, and EVERY SINGLE TEACHER IN THE SCHOOL was in front of them as we were playing volleyball right before winter break. Fuck, that shit was violent--our AP had to go to the ER to get arm-length scratches fixed up.


Similar thing happened to me in 7th grade. Kid had been bullying me. I told teachers etc, but what can they really do? Anyway, kid shoved me in the hall , and I'd had enough, shoved him back into the wall, he swung and grazed me , i jacked him square 3 or 4 times before teachers broke it up. Principal had us write statements out , his was total bullshit. Dad comes in the school and sits down in the office , I think I'm in deep shit. Principal proceeds to say that by rule this carried an automatic multi day suspension for both parties, he said he was counting today as one of them for me, but not for the other kid. He also looked at my dad and said I'm not trying to get involved, and then tells him that the statement is wrote is consistent with what the kids who say the fight said happened. He also says that thet have it on file i complained of him bullying me. He says it's his opinion that I was not the aggressor and 100% acted in self defense. I'm gonna date myself here....... My dad took me to the video store, rented me 2 snes games , and said enjoy your vacation


I'm old too boomer. it's okay. I miss the days of blockbuster. Still can't believe there is only one left.... and its a fucking BnB!


A Block n Buster. Nice.


The most abhorrent of these things happened to my cousin. He started dating a girl and her ex came up and stabbed him in the cafeteria. He was suspended and the stabber was expelled. Granted, he did fight back after getting stabbed.. but if he hadn't he might have been killed.


So what, he was supposed to allow the other guy to murder him? Jfc, I hated the no tolerance policies.


I’m so happy zero tolerance only exists in America. We Irish seem to love school fights


Damn, literally the same thing happened at the high school i attended. Is it a really small world or just a coincidence?...


WTF, that's such bullshit


There are some good VPs. My when my younger brother was in 8th grade he slapped the shit out of a kid that was pushing one of his friends around. My brother and the guy he slapped both got suspended, but it was the day vefore Christmas Break and she secretly let that count towards his 3 day suspension. Other kid had the 3 days after Break ended




ToLeRAnCe tO tHe zErO DeGrEE


When I was in school a dude was picking on and threatening my friend who was a third his size. Seriously the dude was huge. I said something to the bully and he sucker punched me in the face. I fought back and through his ass on the ground. I was unphased by the punch it was just adrenaline that made me throw his ass on the ground. I thew a single punch in her didn't really do much. Mostly I just kept throwing his ass down until it was broken up by a teacher. I was suspended because I threw a punch and they had a zero tolerance policy so they had to do it. The school adminstration tho literally took my aside and told me I did the right thing but we had to suspend you anyway. Basically they were like "well done, enjoy your day off."


Yeah for me some jackass shoved me against a wall while I was walking, and I got up, calmy told him to fuck off, and turned and left. He shoved me again, so I threw him against a wall (I'm a very big guy, i was surprised he could even shove me, but oh boy did he fly) and kicked him in the face and broke his nose. Because I'm the one who did the most damage I got suspended longer, but I didn't want to break my neck against a cement wall. Worst part is I was holding my pizza i made in culinary and it fell on the ground. People are a lot less mean to me after that, and the kid and I are cool now, I still fucking hate him for ruining my pizza


Ha gotcha. In my case the other guy was bigger. So I wonder if that played into the sympathy from school administration. I'm not a small guy, but the other guy was bigger.


LMAO, I down voted you for copying one of the precious comments, almost word for word. Then I checked because I hate being a dumbass and see you posted both comments. OK Upvote and...


I posted a comment that responded to someone who had a similar experience. To be fair. Fights and bullies in schools and zero tolerance policies aren't terribly unique. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that multiple people had very similar experiences.


Yep, as would be expected. It was the word for word phrasing that at first made me think of copycat. So happy I checked lol.


Was hoping for a knock out as part of the karma.


That last swing certainly was.




Bullies are cowards, so it's always satisfying to see the surprise on their faces when someone stops taking their shit and fights back


There was something like this in Ender’s Game. Ender just straight up crushed the bullies’ spirit. That what should have happened here.


You mean Bonzo? Ender killed him. His name is Ender. He ends things.


If I ever have a son, gonna name him Ender!


Better name than beginner.


If you ever have a son, I'm gonna name him steve!


I too name his son Steve.


I think he killed him


He unknowingly killed both Stilson and Bonzo.


I forgot about the first one, no way he killed him wow


He didn't just win the fight, he won all the fights.


Ender Wiggin was Machiavellian. Machiavelli gets a bad name but his strategies are ridiculously useful and successful even if they are devoid of morals. If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared. \- Niccolo Machiavelli


I was bullied pretty much all through school. One day some kid tried to steal a mates sweets. So I blocked him at the door. I believe he said something on the lines of “ move or I’ll beat the shit out of you “. Some reason I decided not to move. He start pushing me etc. I grabbed him in a head lock. Bashed his head on a table then kept punching his face while in a head lock until someone stopped me. It’s a weird rage you feel. But I didn’t get bullied again. Which was nice I guess. But all they did was bully other kids. Some kids are just bullies.


I love how he gets owned and then tries to get back some dignity by going back for round 2 lmfaoooo


Hey I give the kid some credit for going back in there, already took an ass beating but decided for another




It made me smile too but I don’t think they’d like it over there XD


Same lol






Yup, those were some painfully bad slaps but he showed that the bully does not have the will to fight.


Kid in red did a pretty good job overall, but he forgot a crucial rule in fighting a bully...if he starts the fight *you* end it. Go at him until he's on the ground and had enough, or he literally walks away. Only then back off.


Yep, there were a couple of times when a knee would have ended it permanently.


I think it's always tough being the arm chair quarterback (is that the correct term?). Making wide swings like that left him very exposed to a quick jab to the face. He is fortunate the guy he is fighting is very inexperienced. For an inexperienced fighter like they both are trying to knee someone can get you off balance if he blocks or deflects and if he falls back it could be lights out.




just one of those roundhouse punches connecting and whammo,,, out!


Does anyone have a longer video?




Can you help me find it I want to see who wins




I also enjoyed how no one came to the bully’s aid haha what a shame


No one came to the victim’s aid either 😡


Not sure he needed the help, he kicked that guy's ass pretty thoroughly lol


Sure, but I think the victim didn't need help.


He got that work..... stop picking on people who you think wont fight back otherwise you will get those hands end of story.....


There’s a literal saying for moments like these. “The most dangerous animal is a cornered one”


Windmill city 😂😂




free aircon


The ol’ Quixote-fu.


Talk shit if you want but it was effective


Haven’t seen that many since Amsterdam


Anyone saw that failed body slam?


Pretty much used a textbook defensive wrestling maneuver. Only did it for 2 years in HS but that was an important part of the match. They try to lift you, you slide down and on top of them


Yes, this technique is referred to as a sprawl.


Lmao you could wrestle for a month and you’ve already learned the sprawl. Any good coach will immediately teach the sprawl with a single or double leg takedown.


One of the cornerstone techniques


On top and then inside as much as possible.


I did


Yea, literally everyone that watched the video


Lesson learned?


Even when throwing haymakers, the follow-up punches can be just as important. Don’t pull yourself out of position. And don’t be a douchebag.


Looks like he's using luigis dash attack in the smash Bros series




I was in the same situation when i was younger - kid was slapping me getting all up in my face. Headbutted him, he will always have the scar on his eyebrow to remind himself to not be a douche.


Epic brah


That’s amazing


This is fucking bliss.


Funny how I can relate to it, though I guess I was younger. Although it was over a longer period, I once was fed up and hit my bully in the face, he was crying with a blue eye afterwards (I think it's called a black eye in English).


he slapped the bitch out of him


Not greatest fighter but stood up for himself and dished out some humiliation ... (Wouldn't say he done that before)


You can tell that red has not been in a lot of fights, and probably hasn't thrown very many punches. With that landing rate and a little shoulder->hip action he might have killed the guy


Thats a big ouf. Enjoyed it though




If you're gonna get on stage, there's a time when you'll have to pay the price


Hey lad, catch these hands!


Some say he's still making hay to this very day.




Why do people keep their head down and try to fight back. I get that he was trying to protect himself but being able to see your attacker helps a TON with this. Shove off and square up.


Probably trying to make sure he can fight back as long as possible in case the bully was stronger. If the attacker punched him in the face, he could be stunned or blinded. The human Forehead is reenforced and designed to deflect blows to protect the brain. By tucking his head , the Defender is more likely to come out of fight with minimal damage and Attacker is more likely to break their hand if they try to land a blow to the face.


No. He’s not used to being punched in the face and his natural reaction to hide his face. This is extremely common in people that have either never been punched in the face or just suck and self defense. You’re right in that “hiding” your head is a good strategy. The difference is raising your shoulders, keeping your chin near your chest and raising both fists to protect the head. Not bending over and giving the back of your head to your opponent.


True. After rewatching, His hunched stance is more of a quasi-standing fetal position. His reaction is probably more instinctive than deliberate.


Yeah true, it just seems counter productive. Protect yourself but you need to be able to see the attacker otherwise they are just going to keep attacking.


This is perfect. Not because of the fight, but because everyone around them didn't go crazy. It calms the situation down a lot quicker when the two people just fight it out. I can't stand it when everyone pulls them apart as soon as the bully starts getting it. Or the *screech* from the closest girl. It just amps the fight up.


Don’t fuck with the quiet ones. They’re simmering up a shit-storm.


This is so true...and bullies aren’t smart enough to know that.


That final punch 😱


How humiliating. Time to find a new school or learn to suck cock.


does my heart good to see a piece of shit get the shit beat out of them


Man, it's beautiful, beautiful to watch.


Yes. Close that distance, keep swinging and never let up.


And then the school comes in : yOu ShOuLd’Nt HiT hIm, YoU aRe ExPelLeD!


Haymaker time!!


We all cant see his stando powah


Just when you think it's all over... YOU WANT SOME MORE???!!!


If only he knew how to throw a punch


That push at the end was perfect


The kid in black may be a bully, but the kid in red certainly isn't a victim. He stood up for himself quite well.


Is there a sub where bullies get there shit handed to them?


I wanna know too.


Beware the Wrath of the quiet kid.


He comes back for dessert and gets a whole cake 🎂.


I love how he keeps going back for more


Damn. I gotta say what that kid lacked in being able to throw a punch he made up for in sheer relentlessness and a refusal to let the bully off the hook for being a POS. Well done.


Them arms be flappin


He needs to throw his hip into those punches


Very true. My bad


Man this was satisfying




He ain't coming back from that last hit


Neither one knows how to properly throw a punch.


If you can't take what you get back than don't be shocked when you get punched.


the bully probably thought "this makes me afraid of my dad when he does it!" so this should work for me!


He really wasn’t ready for all that smoke he was asking for


Good for you, kid! Seriously though, I hope this kid gets into boxing he's got some hella fast hands!


He was like the quiet guy in every martial arts film ever made.


this one brings joy


I love it


World class slap boxing


I bet after this nobody is gonna mess with him again


Won't someone think of the watch?


The perfect video.




Learn the lesson, bitch.




Very satisfying


Mmmmmm. So good.


I wish he knew how to throw punches. He would have seriously fucked him up. Good on him, though


Nice headshots


Wow, if red shirt learns how to aim and properly punch, the next asshat is gonna be out. Notice the first swing, if he had straight wrist jabbed the guy in the jaw, chances are the fight would be over. KO to the Red Shirt Madlad


Is there a subreddit just consisting of bullies getting beat tf up lmfao I need this


Dude in red missed a GOLDEN opportunity for a marvelous uppercut


Black shirt can take a punch though. Red shirt gonna have some broken hands when this is over.


You want some more I would have gave it to him


My son was born with cancer, is extremely short and a perfect target for bullies. So, being a good parent, I put him in karate classes early on. First day, new school, redneck land. Two kids more than a head taller than him cornered him. My kid took matters into his own hands... those kids went to the principal crying. I was ready to fight because I expected him to be suspended. I met the principal as she got to her office the next morning. I was ready!! I asked why she hasn’t called me yet. Turns out, she wasn’t planning on telling me. My kid established his reputation and that was that. Some times parents just need to stand back and clap. 😁


Swim class is in session


Never bully the inflatable wacky arm man


So neither can fight


Exactly what I’m saying lmao


This used to be how it worked most of the time. nobody went to jail. usually ended up on good terms if not friends. made decent men out of us all. but now....................


You love to see it


Seen this before, can't get enough of it


That kid couldn't dodge one punch, lol


Just sad it has to get to that point.


I am pissed at all the jerks sitting there who let the bully taunt the kid in the red shirt. Glad red shirt kicked the shit out of the bully though. If no one is going to protect you, you gotta protect yourself.


good for him man


Watch the bully will be completely fine and the victim is gonna get a suspension


It's just a suspension, I've never understood why so much noise for a simple suspension, if my son is suspended because he draw the line with a bully, I don't have problem there (obviously it's another story is he was the bully)


You know, I'd proudly accept that. Make it clear that I got suspended for beating up so and so.


Man got comboed


Sad to say, based on the bully's reaction, this won't be the last interaction.


A lot of hay was made that day.


My mans got clapped


Ma se poes


Thank you, this made my day


Random guy “Guys I think I broke my watch.”


Should have just left after that battering ffs😂


They both suck at fighting


That’s the shitest fight ever


Either those were really weak hits or that guy getting hit was pretty tough. Good for him on defending himself.


Neither of these wet noodles with heads are capable of damaging each other in the least.


Hell yeah


You know he regretted his choice as soon as red looked up at him


A scrawny guy back in the day tried baiting me into a fight. Went to walk away when he tried to make fun of me for being Diabetic, so I spun around and choke slammed him into a wall with his feet off the ground. 3 of his friends proceeded to start punching me in the back of the head while I held onto this guys throat and he started changing colour.... I got detention and none of them did...






Ha.. born to boomers. Born in 81, a xennial if you will.


I love watching bullies get beat up.


Damn...in skinny jeans too! You can never recover from that.


If he could throw a proper punch the bully would’ve died