In the week that the Hilton/Kimmel interview was widely lauded as one of the strangest pieces of television in a long time, RTÉ is running with their own radio version?


Pretty much,except you to can own this country music video!


I seen Floki Inu coin advertised on the side of a Dublin Bus during the week and I thought i was going mad It's all pure pump and dump


That's no surprise really,never heard of it and the less I know about all this shite the better. Just good to tell your family not to get caught up in the scams.


I keep up with it both out of sheer fascination but also to warn others, like you said.


NFT - the line goes up - this guy does a luminous debunk of the whole crypto circus, skip to the last chapter [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ\_xWvX1n9g&t=8002s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ_xWvX1n9g&t=8002s)


Watched it, really great. For so long the whole "it's a scam" thing has come off as overly negative, especially as the crypto bros make replies, but this is the first video I've seen that really explains it beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Heard its a great video,have to watch it yet! Cheers!


Such a good vijo


B-but you own the block chain lyyke and… it’s good cause lyyke the blockchain and the money and lyyke it’s good ya?


RTE are absolutely desperate to hang on to their business model. The idea of changing to something more agile, progressive & significantly less costly absolutely scares the piss out of them. I don't get it. The Irish people clearly would support a different model. - Axe at least one channel from broadcast - Gut a significant amount of the chaf and underperforming shows. - Review and significantly downsize the radio side. - Spend less on importing high price international shows. - Move to a more solid online or on demand platform. - Reduce production costs significantly by stepping away from the various unions that are absolutely raping them. - Pick a horse as far as advertisement, tax funded, or a voluntary subscription model & manage the finances & business model sufficiently to make it work. - Move from a "Service" mentality to a "Business" mentality.


There'd still have to be a public broadcast channel, its just rte like private sector wages but has public funding security; more reward than risk. I have no problem with rte being stripped down to an essential information service.


Just get rid of RTE 2 is what I'd propose. Plenty of room on RTE 1 for current affairs, sport, local programming etc


That would probably do, 2fm could go as well. The whole thing needs reequipping for the internet age too. We need a bulwark against misinformation like how euromyths was created specifically to correct uk media.


When you are doing well off the teat of what is effectively taxation, you’re going to see serious resistance to that kind of organisational change. For everything you’ve mentioned that should and could rightly cut, there are actors within RTE who will do everything in their power to cling to their position and salary. Institutional culture is a real thing, and even if there was an appetite for change in some quarters of the broadcaster, those seeking change have a massive hurdle to overcome to get anything meaningful done. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were certain delusions being held by the management of RTE, overestimating how much value they add to the life of an average Irish citizen. For young people who use streaming services and get most of their news online, this value is probably quite low given how poor a lot of the original programming is, but there’s a fair chance that the management of RTE refuse to confront that reality. In cases like these, it’s really only fiscal pressure that will force these changes. When the money isn’t there to fund everything and they have to make difficult decisions about what to cut and axe. The only issue is that if you leave it to that stage you don’t have the resources to make such transitions effectively.


RTE actually spends fuck all on international shows (less than 10% of its budget).


Great to hear it's down that low! Seems a bit at odds from what I had been told a couple of years ago though. My understanding was that they were caught in a loop of having to spend on international shows to get the higher level advertising in. Do you have a link or any info on the full funding breakdown? That would be a great read.




https://www.rte.ie/annual-report-2020/pub/pdf/RTE_AnnualReport_YE2020.pdf There are still quite a few holes. It's obviously quite abridged for the published report. I'd like to see the specifics of exactly how much they spend on each show on each platform. Also an income stream against timelines, showing where the most income is coming from (what advertising slots), during what shows, what time of year, day, spread across video & radio. Literally disect the thing to find out what shows aren't getting the return. I'd say there is some massive holes there. RTE do need to understand that fundamentally, the Irish people would probably be happy with it being a barebones news and national broadcast service. The Ellen show, Dr Phil, Eastenders.... There are other stations available to the Irish public for these shows if they want them. Why are they on throughout the day on RTE1?


Some people don’t have access to Free View channels Some people also aren’t able to navigate between different channel lists / boxes / streaming services


> Some people don’t have access to Free View channels Indeed. But the old mentality of RTE having to supply the nation & look after the old biddies in west Mayo should have gone out the window years ago. Roughly at the same time that RTE ceased all analog broadcast. If you are capable of receiving RTE channels on a TV, then you are capable of receiving other channels.


It depends on a variety of factors I can get Saorview channels on a Digital TV into the house I grew up in but can’t get Free View channels because we live close to a mountain (closer to a hill) that basically interferes with the gaff receiving them. We found a work around but I wouldn’t be surprised if say someone in their 60 and up who isn’t tech save wouldn’t be able to work a dodgy box or satellite box (also don’t live in Mayo or a rural area)


Fair enough... And I suppose the question then gets asked. In the current day and age, is the national broadcaster expected to be responsible for television & entertainment for the entirety of the country anymore? Especially when it's increasingly obvious that even with yearly taxation & significant income from advertising, the company is in danger of financial ruin. Personally, I say no. There are sufficient alternative options available in enough locations. Will that new shape of the country service every single option that it currently fulfills? No... no it wont. But I don't see a problem with that.


Imo to an extent yes RTE needs to change sure but people saying that its Tv dept needs to be gutted down to a single channel shell that only loops the news, weather, current events and sport are going waaaay over the top RTE could definitely pay for less and even pair back their international shows since they’ve stopped broadcasting them at 9 and now have them on at some ungodly hour but they should absolutely be investing money into producing scripted content, comedy’s and the odd movie to help promote and nurture the arts industry, at least for the sake of RTE Player something they should be throwing money at to give it a good foundation


Easiest thing to do first is get rid off 2FM as iRadio and Today FM already fill that slot. Secondly I'm curious to see RTE's staffing or more specifically the middle management and producers as there's always talk off them having way too many than what's needed and jobs for the boys culture.


Yea absolutely. Middle management & producers seem a big drain. Production cost generally seems WAAAAAYYY too high. They are being bent over the barrel by people like the camera unions. (mad stuff like needing a fully qualified & union cameraman to trail cables) Weirdly, I do know a lot of people that listen to 2FM. Particularly the morning show.


The dual funding model has been a curse since day one.


It's interesting though because I feel we need a public broadcaster and I'm happy to pay for that. If we removed the public funding it wouldn't be held to public scrutiny so wouldn't have to really fulfill as much of its current remit in terms of general interest. Equally if we removed the advertising stream then the station would need to totally reinvent itself as it would be operating on a tiny budget in comparison to other national broadcasters. A dual model works for now, but I can see the logic in removing one stream and having a new remit. The most frost step is to draw up a plan for what is expected of Rte, their mission statement must be pretty old by now.


Don't mind a few ads if it keeps the cost down. Also never watch it,but most other channels carry ads anyway so no big deal.


Not so much the principle, but that the conflict arises whether to go in competition with larger broadcasters and now streamers. It was different story perhaps when most were on the Bog 2, but now they really need to asess piblic need and how that is served.


Here's how to fix RTÉ and do away with the TV license: * Leave one channel broadcast for free, with no ads. It'd just be news, weather and items of national importance. * Make their other channels subscriber based. Do away with ads.


Sell the Montrose Campus..all of it and move production to a greenfield site. Keep a regional studio in Dublin City for interviews.


They'd run out of money again soon enough. It's a shoddy setup. A temporary cash injection won't resolve that.


You have to remember, their target audience is people over 40 who think Facebook is the same as Google. They're people who barely heard of cryptocurrency, let alone NFTs and the like.


Had to explain this to mam,she thought it was more crypto stuff, so she wasn't entirely off.


Why are you watching their shite?


Quite the name you got there.


He must be a centrist


>their strapped for cash Their strapped for cash what


Oh for fuck's sake. They didn't. No.


Leave a clue behind at least.