I understand there being religious based schools but when they’re the only option it’s not right. My town doesn’t have any non religious schools, there is a Sudbury school a little while away but having looked at the board of the school, I know some of them and they wouldn’t know a school book if you hit them between the eyes with it. The closest non denominational actual secondary school is about a 30 mins drive. My daughter is 3 and i would hope that Within her schooling life that mainstream education and religion are separated


Religion and education should be entirely separate things. Far too much time is spent on religion in Catholic primary schools.


We spent an inordinate amount of time on religion in primary school. In secondary school it was around 3hrs a week


Apparently, in the western world, only Israel spend more time than Irish schools at primary level.


I find it funny because out of my generation (im 19), I know literally two religious people. Everyone else just does it for money and shit or to go along with tradition. The people I know who are actually religious come from farming families.


Is Isreal in the western world?


They're considered Western aligned for sure. Militarily allied, economically connected, and culturally influenced by large communities of European and American immigrants.


If you want you child to have religious education it should be provided by your church, mosque, synagogue etc. Religion has no place in school.


I’m atheist and I don’t fully agree with this, I think that religions of the world should be discussed so children understand what’s going on, especially in a historical sense as so many atrocities happen in the name of religion. I had my own daughter excluded from religion in Ireland as it’s not taught like this


It's done that way in second level.


I think that largely depends on where you go to secondary school.


It depends on whether you study it as an exam subject for the J.C. & L.C..


I agree that learning about religions can be beneficial and a fundamental difference needs to occur, I think. Religion as it is, particularly in primary schools, isn't taught by discussing a religions cultural origins or historical and political influence. I think to properly do that would require a separation of school and religion so that it can be studied from an academic standpoint. The separation should be about shifting perspective rather than omitting altogether, in my opinion.


I do completely agree with this


Teaching about the historical aspects of all religion is fine but specific religious education should be removed from school.


Have you read the RSE Flourish program content? Some of the wording is actually ridiculous...I certainly wouldn't want my child being taught that from a state funded school that my taxes pay for


My blood boils reading that tripe


My schooling was a farce because of religion, and I was born in 1990! So much time spent memorising prayers and hymns when we could have actually been engaging in something productive.


I'm in my 30s for reference and I still remember this: "Here I am lord, it is I lord".


Banger of a hymn alright.


Don’t forget Bi iosa im criosa


Great memories of my 3rd class Christmas play. We absolutely belted them out


I can hear you calling in the night….


Please don't turn this into a /r/redditsings. I might have PTSD from this.


40 "I can hear you calling in the night" And I fell out with the church at 13, left when I was 18 via expatriation (before they removed ((and maybe reintroduced?)) the option) and have undergone serious religious wanderings outside of The Religions of The Book since. I can probably the entire song and with a bit of prompting any of the countless other ones they forced us to learn


"Bless us oh Lord as we sit together, bless the hands that made the food..." - completely burned into my brain while I can barely say my own name in Irish


That's a good point about Irish Vs the religious stuff we learn.


This one just popped into my head.. kinda creepy “My shepherd is the lord. He tends all my needs…”


Any school which receives state financial support should, as a matter of law, be prohibited from teaching any religion. Teaching *about* religion? That's fine. Having a world religion class which does not focus on any specific religious perspective and does not include any ritual? Fine. Teaching Catholicism? Not fine.


If ye don’t think your kids are getting enough religion in school ye can have all day Sunday.


IMO the right thing to do would be to boot the CC out of the country, seize all their assets, and use the money towards fixing some of the longstanding damage they caused to Irish society. The Church shouldn't be allowed in a public school, ever - I mean it's 2022 and we're still dealing with this shite


I agree with this completely. The fact that the state allows an organisation that has destroyed lives, families, and especially done so much evil to children, anywhere near *schools* of all places, is mind-boggling.


We don't live in dictatorship.


They owe the state billions. Literal billions. They are a criminal organisation and should be treated as such.


>They owe the state billions. Literal billions. Billions of Euro is a lot. How do you come to that number?


Religious child abuse settlements, mother and child home settlements, magdalene laundry settlements. I didn't come to that number, the judiciary did.


I’d rather they be bought out bit by bit where convenient. Seizing private property arbitrarily isn’t something we should be rushing into IMO, no matter how unpopular the party in question might be.


I dont know man. If an organisation is found out to be engaging in industrial scale child abuse, rape, and neglect to the point of death, seizing their property and shutting the operation does not seem like overstepping. Maybe you could say "but you cant blame the whole catholic church for the actions of a few members", and I would be inclined to agree with you - if only the catholic church had not tried its absolute utmost to protect those members, hush the stories, and cover their tracks at every opportunity. It is a disgusting organisation and the fact that it still holds an enshrined place in our society despite the atrocities it has committed is a stain on us.


What about protection from religion?


Did you not read the article? That's the point he's making


I'll be in the same position soon enough. Plenty of schools in my area but they're all depressingly named along the lines of "Our Lady of The Infinite Sorrow". Infuriating as a parent to think of sending a child to be indoctrinated with such horseshit in this day and age. Runs completely against the idea of education.


I'm in the same situation as yourself but I take comfort in the knowledge that I'm sending three little proto-atheist bombs into the nunnery, lol. We've encouraged them to question everything, including our own beliefs, and I think a lot of parents are the same nowadays.


Religion is primary was awful but when I did it for my jc in secondary parts of it were very interesting like learning about the different faiths and then doing stuff on morality etc. i was surprised by this because I’m not exactly a religious person