I wish there was a random option that changes the skin everytime


Yes, please! That + I wish you could favorite skins for each hero and choose Random and it'd populate a skin from your pool of favorites at the start of each match. There's so many cool ones but the process to switch is tedious in the main menu and fleeting in match.


I use exactly the same.






Same here. It looks good, but also is different than most everyone else using gold or silver and the wolf hair.


I change them all the time lol


mines the same but the other weapon combo and the blue/white


Me too! :)


Grey spiky hair and yellow dress!


Weirdly I haven't seen the grey/white hair in game once! It's very Okami Hanzo


Also my preferred hanzo skin!! Something about it 😍


Yessssss, I used it until I got Cupid Hanzo! Feels so dirty buying a skin which actual real dollars, but it's so unlike Hanzo plus the smooth jazz audio effects for his abilities make me laugh EVERY TIME I get him in Mystery Heroes. I hate playing DPS but I love the Shimada brothers and their dramatic angsty lore ❤️


Cupid hanzo was blizzard’s best decision yet!! And fr I only play support but w every deathmatch I pick the shimada bros because they’re so angsty


It's fun getting one of these skins that actually gets use! I play a little Junker Queen but probably support 70% of the time so didn't get much use out of her mythic skin or ~~🌸 flower nips 🌸~~ [Genji](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zu-xaf-nl8Y/maxresdefault.jpg). Just curious what looks people went with? None of the color options were instantly stood out to me so purple is fine, but I like the moon crown and the middle option/shorter hair and the ✨sparkly animation on heals.


I’m actually a little tired of the mythic skin by now and want to go back to Visual Kei but I don’t know if I can give up the sparkly ofuda animation 😅


I use the same one. I actually really like the yellow with the sun with the short hair, but hinotori has a similar color scheme.


I **love** Hinotori! I mentioned this in a previous comment but I really wish you could assign favorite skins and check off Random so you can see different ones you love more often without tediously manual swapping.


I use 2nd weapon, 1st head piece, short hair, and purple color


I think we have the same except the crown!


Same, but snake headdress




Almost the same thing but i use the snake/tempest crown


The commenter directly above yours has same look! ![gif](giphy|l36kU80xPf0ojG0Erg|downsized)


First weapon, Moon crown spikey grey hair, and the second color palette


The exact same one you use. It just looks the best for me


Same one, blue/purple.


The exact same as you, it's so beautiful 🥺


Yes! Her eyes in the Highlight intros 😍


For real ! If only I'd get to see more highlight intros though haha


[Well, you may enjoy seeing this!](https://dotesports.com/overwatch/news/want-more-play-of-the-games-overwatch-changes-help-you-out) Some hope for us support players 😊


Oooh that is awesome !! I'm really looking forward to it, thanks for sharing 😋


I have: Weapon N.2 because the kunais reminds me of the Electro symbol from Genshin Impact Crown N.2 because I love the moon Hair N.3 because it’s bigger and I feel more imposing and powerful Color N.3 because purple and gold are my favourite colours


That's why I picked that crown too ❤️ Your hair pick/reasoning is interesting, I was thinking minimalist/ninja vibes


anyone knows how to do the challenges to customize the skin


All the second kunai and all middle option, splash art really did it for me and its the most aesthetically pleasing combination for me.