>Now that you’ve played a team from every other major region, how has the LEC and LCS teams’ level of competition been compared to what you’ve expected from them in the tournament? >Other than the enemy Lucian getting fed in our game against Rogue, they weren’t really much of a threat. that moment when you're not relevant enough for showmaker to know your name


My poor boy Hans is giving it everything he got


Free Hans, poor dude getting lumped with the rest of his team so Showmaker forgot his name.




beo get hans out of rogue and into g2 he deserves a title man‘s been beasting now matter who the opponent is since the legendary almost win vs skt in misfits he REALLY plays like its name plates off


They were 1 smite away from winning Sadge


[The Korean casters are learning his name though XD](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYxBaFj6rC4&ab_channel=TodayonTwitch)


That is probably the best I've heard casters say Odo's name as well, pretty much 100% spot on.


Then they hit you with the Hansu-Sama.


That felt super wholesome for some reason






When being asked about western players: Canyon: They are good players individually but need to play better as a team Showmaker: Who?


Maybe he's too scared of him to say his namr.


If you say his name 3 times in front of a mirror he'll R behind you.


Wouldn't that be a Kaisa R tho? What's Lucian gonna do? Just stand still and R while you dance and take the whole R duration from behind???


Yeah, you're but an elite fighter plucked from one of multiple worlds to fight in the lol arena. Your a jabroni on Reddit, you'd take the full duration, but for to the first bullet.


Maybe he’s too scared of him to say his namr.


Maybe he’s too scared of him to say his namr.


Maybr he’r tor scarer or hir tr sar hir namr.


Volde Ssama


Maybe he's too scared of him to say hir


All but respect to Hans sama


>whenever an enemy ends up killing me, people start making fun of me in /all chat [laughter]. Everyone’s always trying to kill me in solo queue and… I’m trying my best to push through all the trolling. EUW players breaking poor ShowMaker 😭


It’s rough out there. In fact, T1 Teddy is already [completely broken](https://twitter.com/liyan3333/status/1448053398973165574?s=21).


Aphelios "MY MISTAKE??" Thresh: "... yes" ​ ahh the straw that broke the camels back.


Just imagine, a Thresh player missing their E just to flame the adc. If that were to happen every game the question should be: "Who wouldn't tilt there?"


I just laugh at them now. I just say lol and then keep playing like nothing happened. I like to think it tilts them because I'm just not taking them seriously.


In reality you both are still tilted though.


The person u replied seems to just doesn't care about people flaming


It's never the supports fault, anyone how plays adc knows this.


That broke him, this killed me. 💀


LMFAO. The all caps, you already know he wants to just start listing off his accomplishments to discredit that thresh.


No, you can tell he wants to point out all the stupid shit that thresh was doing before hand.


im just saying it must be infuriating being a worldclass adc and getting flamed by a random EU dark souls supp main lmao.


prob even more infuriating is when his thresh makes big mistakes and flames teddy and teddy cant even tell him what hes did wrong because of language barrier. Google translate and broken english can only do so much lol.


I thought Teddy's ign was "I want winner", are u sure that's him?


yes it has the same records, some pros changed theirs, Oner's changed his to "Thinking PLZ"


EUW might be the only region that needs all chat removed


After that we'd never find success again :(


the EUW special. nice!


Not working cause the man is fucking performing at worlds so far.


they are just going to take out their anger on the EU teams


Oh nonono EUW doesn’t realize they’re just further helping train Showmaker PepeLaugh


Is there a particular reason why he's been getting trolled so much? Did he shittalk EU at MSI or something?


Well it basically started when Showmaker was complaining about the EUW soloq culture when he was in EU for MSI this year. Complaining about his team never surrendering when the game was clearly lost and high elo OTPs running it down because the game didn't go their way were some of the things he mentioned The EUW high elo soloq terrorists took it rather "prideful" and started to make it a goal to tilt Showmaker and in a lesser degree other (foreign) pro players.


> The EUW high elo soloq terrorists took it rather "prideful" LOL.


Doesnt help that high profile eu people were pretty much promoting it and saying they should do it more.


> The EUW high elo soloq terrorists took it rather "prideful" and started to make it a goal to tilt Showmaker and in a lesser degree other (foreign) pro players. this is funny to me, in futbol they would call these things "making them feel like the away team" or something like that, happens all the time for generations.


Lol what no, EUW solo q banding together to tilt foreigners when a tournament is held in EU has been happening since tournaments have been held in EU. I remember reading about it on reddit years ago already, this is nothing new.


I don't want them to stop. That shit is too funny


It’s league of legends man do we really need to go further?


It's just the regular EUW experience but the trolls are trying hard to mess with pro players just to get reactions.


Some people just like to troll proplayers


Oh facts he is a demon rn


he seems very broken, like gapping everyone level of broken.


Isn't that what depression is? Tossing world class midlaners into the dumpster cause there's nothing better to do?


I wish my depression worked liked that


Insert showmakeralmostpunchingmonitor.gif


Isnt he perma typing in all chat aswel? From what ive seen on twitter he's been all chatting aswel.


[It's not him, it's the Mosquito](https://i.imgur.com/SciCcA4.png)


I think I will try "sorry. I am insect." next time I get flamed.


elosanta and showmaker so nice combo


i kinda like euw banter tbh, the flame is there but every1 tries to win for the most part. And when there are elo terrorists, theres an elo santa widepeepoHappy


it can go overboard but at least it's not them talking parents killing themselves like in korea lol it's wild how there they basically have a "mom die" ready if you fail ONE gank as a jungler


Parent dying insult is such an overused insult in korea its not even an insult anymore. And atleast in korea they can tell them what they are doing wrong but in euw they cant because of language barrier.


it takes two to tango after all


I remember playing with the pros back in 2016 when they were in NA solo queue, everyone is star struck playing with these guys that they chat nonstop in /all chat regardless if the player decides to interact or not.


It's funny because when pros are in NA everyone tryhards to impress them, in EUW they all try to impress them but negatively most of the time lol


“How cancer can I be”


"I'm just doing what comes naturally"


*The Virgin Mary has entered the chat.*


"I swear God came down and typed in my all chat"




He types "yes I am bad" and depressed stuff like that cause he was getting flamed so much in all chat.


EUW has conquered Showmakers mental.


Does he know he can turn it off whenever he wants?


Why does he even have all chat turned on in the first place? He knows people will be assholes and toxic towards him so how about he uses the function already in place and turn off all chat. This will just enforce Riot's belief that they are doing the right thing.


If people using all chat to hurl abuses at others is the default, then maybe they are doing the right thing


.. Or very sensitive people can just disable all chat like it was set to by default when they installed the game. It's literally an opt in feature.


That's a pretty reductive take on all chat. All chat is why I play multiplayer games. The good and the bad, and there's plenty of good experiences too. Sure, give people the option to turn it off, I'm completely fine with that, but don't take it away from everyone just because some people can't deal with it. It's a terrible idea and the game will suffer for it.


People don't wanna hear it, but this. The community could have stopped using all chat to be toxic at any time, instead it gets turned it into a meme, defended and normalized. No one to blame but ourselves.


I can definitely see why there's a debate about this, and I'm not someone who desperately wants /all to be turned off... but 95% or so when I see all chat used, it's negatively. "report our X" "noob unskilled champ" "500 games still hardstuck Xd" And the problem is : me choosing to disable any sort of chat doesn't do the same for my teammates, they still end up reacting most of the time, tilting, standing in lane without playing the game while chatting away entire essays of insults. The most enjoyable games are always the ones where there is as little chatting going on as possible.


Exactly. I can count on one hand how many times my opponent complimented me, whereas the number of times I've been told to kill myself by my lane opponent is significantly higher (twice during my recent placements, so 20% of my ranked games).




Just wait until Showmaker experiences NA solo q the 60 ping is just a bonus


what ping are the pros playing at right now?


20-30ish probably


Show me how you get 20 ping from Iceland. They are on 50~ ping


lol 60 ping is my connection too and I'm literally playing from Finnish Lapland, basically the furthest place away from Berlin that's still in Europe lol


would you not consider RNG a rivalry for DWK? im sure after losing MSI they would be pretty excited to get their chance to beat them




Exactly - EUW soloQ is always the fourth LEC team at international competitions vs rest of world


Imagine Faker having people griefing his games due to gambling and stuff lol


I think the reason is that he's the only one who constantly complains about it, so he gets targeted


Just disable it yourself lol


it's disabled by default


Apparently that wasn't good enough. Damn people going into settings and turning on the "I want to get flamed *slightly* harder" button.


I can't imagine what line of reasoning led to the conclusion that something was wrong with the chat channel that's off by default, can be disabled all at once or based on the problematic individuals, and still needs to be removed altogether. This is the same company that made me sit through racist comments in champ select for *10 years* before it could be disabled.


You can't imagine? Dude, it's in their report numbers. Geez.


I wonder why doesn't riot sometimes just hint to people they can do that themselves.. literally two different options to disable it Either mute all or disable all chat I want to shit on ARAM /all chat cmon..


How am I supposed to tell the enemy team to feed the poro? Riot Games has gone too far!


Huge nerf to Braum in ARAM.


Also synchronized honour flash at the start of the game by both teams


all chat is disabled by default, maybe it's different for riot accounts(doubt), but if you know how to enable it, you know how to disable it.


> I wonder why doesn't riot sometimes just hint to people they can do that themselves.. fundamentally, because it is disabled by default, thus the player must know you can turn it on in the first place.


ARAM banter is the best too, really sucks they are removing it in general, but for their "fun" game modes thats even worse. Late night ARAMs both teams usually have fun in chat.


If they were just removing it in ranked maybe I would consider where Riot is coming from, but the fact they are removing it in every matchmade game mode, including normals, ARAM, and rotating game modes, just tells me that they have no clue what the fuck they are doing and just want to *seem* like they are making a meaningful attempt to fix toxicity.


No way they are removing it in ARAM? Bro, that's almost the only thing keeping me playing this shit game. Just ARAM fun with my fellow boomers...


I’m glad ARAM has become a safe space for us boomers who neither want to dedicate the time nor sweat on summoners rift anymore


And it really is just a safe space, I have almost NO toxic encounters there. Sometimes people say GGEZ (idgaf) and sometimes there are toxic people who get mad because you don't tryhard, but it's very very rare.


ARAM can get toxic very late at night but early in the morning is the best ARAM times I've found out.


No way I'd play this game if ARAM didn't exist. No getting pigeonholed into a game for 30+ minutes when everyone hates each other. Actually a good opportunity to play champs I usually don't get to.


ARAM is the only reason I play this game anymore, call us boomers idc but I fucking hate the meta of summoners rift right now. Doesn't feel like the game I used to love at all, I get shit changes and that's okay but I fucking hate how the game feels now. ARAM still feels the same lol, just one gigantic clusterfuck where you don't care what happens. It's beautiful, and all chat is a very fun part of that.


They said it was going to be removed in all matchmade queues, meaning ranked, normals, ARAM, blind pick, URF, Ultimate Spellbook, O4A, and any future game modes


Thanks for reminding me about the ARAM banter, now i hate this change even more.


unless you have a high MMR, and aram is toxic AF, with people flaming/insulting all the time, revolving around rank mostly


I have a high ARAM MMR, people are still stupid and toxic, enemy team had 4 marksmen and an Ivern, their Lucian goes AP and does the most damage, before the game ends another marksmen is complaining that their Lucian went AP in all chat (and they were like 5 kills to 30 when the Lucian went afk), meanwhile our tanks are stacking armor items...?


I am an ARAM only, and honestly I had way more negative interactions than positive interactions with all chat. Pretty indifferent to it being gone.




High MMR in aram are all the tryhards people playing for the win lol. You won't see a 4fun player there at all.


Probably because you’re high mmr lol, the most positive interactions I’ve seen are between high or drunk people and their mmr is so low the algorithm cannot even match them to a 50% win rate. Seriously my friend has played 1000 aram games and has a 40% win rate because they are so bad drunk that the game cannot compensate lol.


I am only ARAM too, coming up on 4000 games and I'm really sad to see all chat going, the banter most of the time was really fun, definitely some people take it to far but it was rare. A highlight this year for me was asking if everyone would wait 2 mins while I finish eating my icecream because the game loaded too fast, they agreed and we all danced in the middle until I was done, stuff like that can't happen now


I wish i get those type of opponents as you do, because I never get that. The few times we actually danced in the middle is when one team crushed the other in 5 minutes. Honestly I find that boring and it sort of holds the rest of the other team hostage.


ah yes, the famous ARAM rank flaming in /all, always a pleasure


Best feeling is when someone is saying some stupid shit and when you are going to win the game you mock them back with whatever they said.


I remember when I used to play Annie mid heaps if I got first blood I'd always say "Beaten by a little girl" in /all and about 90% of the time if I ended up feeding or losing they'd hit me with it back. Made me lol errytime


People are addicted to it, that’s why riot is trying to ban it. It doesn’t solve any problems it just hides the problem but that is the reasoning behind it.


I agree I am addicted to it. Even when I fullmute my team, I get the urge to unmute them when I make a mistake and see them typing


I don't know why but I laughed so hard at this. Perhaps because I can relate.


That's how it goes for everything. That's why they want to ban alcohol, gambling, drugs and such, because people can't control themselves.


Who wants to ban alcohol?




It's severely restricted or banned across the entire world.


How does it not solve it if it cuts off the ability to engage with that addiction?


Because it relies on their self control. And I've been mentioning this a lot, but if Riot could rely on people having self-control, toxicity wouldn't even be a thing in the first place. So Riot simply has to take actions that assume that people don't have self control. I'm fairly ambivalent to the removal, but "just opt out" isn't as big-brain of a solution as people think it is.


ya'll know he is joking right? Amount of people in this thread taking this seriously is wild.


I feel like most of Showmaker's comments about EUW soloqueue are tongue-in-cheek and it goes over a lot of people's heads.


nobody on reddit clicks the link and reads it, 99% only read the title


people are actually getting angry and pulling out everything from calling him dumb for not muting and bringing out the kr racism card for a quote that is pretty irrelevant to that topic other than the broader topic of "toxicity". people are way too worked up about this topic to consider for one second maybe he wasn't dead serious and the question itself was asked with humour.


Just LEC fans needing to vent after the past week


This is what hopium withdrawal looks like. Don’t do hopium kids.


But it's all I have left.


So many people whooshing here because they're too high on copium/hopium


it's cute that he actually thinks removing /all chat will stop the Enemy team from harassing him. a guy once found me and added me on skype just to tell me he that will cum on my grandmothers grave because i stole his baron, and that guy was my teams jungler.


that's kinda on you for using skype.


The dude also accepted a random Skype request...


But there’s this random Russian chick who’s really into me…


A sequence of increasingly bad decisions


The dude also has his Skype linked somewhere online u can find via typing in his summoner name...


Finding one's Skype through one's summoner name was the most common form of DDOS in LoL back in the day, people just used the same name everywhere it was bonkers


next he'll send a scathing email to your aol inbox


things that didnt happen:


skype? what year are u in




Vent gang


Vi sitter här i ventan och spelar lite dota.


I hear you man.


Ayo put some respect on Curse Voice


Curse Voice came out in 2014, Discord in 2015, and Curse Voice died in 2016 anyway


Nah. Ventrilo wad the shiet. Good ol days.


Raidcall gang




I remember Discord replacing skype and TS around 2016ish. It's really not that long ago


The last time I ever used Skype was when someone in a normals game in season 5, just randomly all chated me my email address, my home address, my IP address, and said bye, before ddossing me. Deleted Skype and got curse voice before eventually moving to discord lmao. Fucking normals man


And Xfire before that. RIP XFIRE, you were the greatest of them All ❤️❤️❤️


We had like 5-6 seasons of League before Discord became a thing and turned popular.


Please understand history doesn’t exist in zoomer classes.


i ditched skype for gaming/personal use like 10 years ago but somehow at my it job its essential in 2021


Imagine playing with a pro player and thinking your opinion on how they play is worth bringing up.


not any pro player, this guy is a world champion


Think a lot of people don't know the pro players ign or they think it's someone imitating with a very similar name


Everyone good enough to get in a game with showmaker at this point knows who he is.hes challenger im sure.


Lol guys chill. Hes prob joking or even if hes not he can't talk shit about riot(korean culture, hes a pro player he has to be nice LOL) Also for some reason there are a lot of Koreans who agree with getting rid of all chat. Their reasoning is mostly "I don't use it anyways it doesn't matter." Well I guess this is true but that basically means there is no reason to get rid of it anyways in the first place


Wow people are actually getting upset with this meme answer? Give be a break.


Poor guy was tormented by EUW in just a few weeks meanwhile many of us were molded by it for years


Ahh you think /all chat is your ally? I was born in it, molded by it. By the time I /muted all it was nothing to me but blinding.


Look how defensive and ass mad you guys are getting cause he called out your server


idk why anyone would be defensive about it? EUW has been a toxic cesspool for years. Either you embrace it or you /mute all


I'm very proud of the toxicity of my server thank you very much, after a hard day of exploiting my employees I need a 15 year old to tell me to kill myself to really bring me back down to earth.


The principle of Equivalent Exchange right?


Also why not just make people enable all chat every game. That way it's auto off and then if you want it you have to turn it on. Like a window pops up when you spawn in "Turn on all chat? Yes / no" and then boom. You never have to hear anything if you don't want to and if you do you can.


Lmao people complaining about Riot removing all chat when junglers have been playing without chat since the beginning.


He knows he can disable chat in the settings, right?


Hes just joking around


One of the most obvious jokes I’ve ever seen too lmao what are people on???


I'm pretty sure it's off by default. He willingly enabled it.


he was just joking around


Iirc it used to be enabled by default and a lot of older players have never turned it off.


Yeah, but his account isn't an old one. He was given a new EUW account for this Worlds, so he definitely enabled all chat himself.


How many Euro's in the comments missed the humor? My god


all the crying about all chat removal is pretty entertaining there is no value to chat in League. I have no interest in making friends with randos that play LoL and the rest is nothing but players whining. if they never re-enable all chat again, then good riddance


Dude just went 0/13 on camille an hour ago


Brother Shoemaker is based and redpilled.


Funny considering Korea is the most toxic and racist server out there but I guess if you're the Korean then it doesn't bother you.