I’m just glad C9 gets to dodge Damwon in quarters. DWK are honestly too good man. They can play the early game with any team in the world as well as having the best late game macro in the world imo. I think RNG have the best chance of beating them in a Bo5, but I would still put DWK as heavy favorites.


Why RNG? EDG I would understand, but RNG plays through topside and I don't think any team has any real chances of beating DWG there. Plus the mid matchup isn't going to be pretty for RNG.


Because edg didn't look very cash money in the 2nd round robin


The other options are T1 or either LNG or Gen.G. if it's Gen.G, RNG become the best option due to just constancy and level of play. T1 and GEN.G are scary in bo5. If it's LNG you take LNG


They have a weakness though and it’s their bot lane.


They do look like the strongest team at worlds so far. I certainly hope Damwon takes it all this year. It would be a fantastic swan song to end the career of Khan. Putting him in the ranks of some of the most successful toplaners of all-time. Also, provided they do win this year, Canyon and Showmaker also start creeping up the list of the greatest junglers and mids.


If Showmaker wins this year and next, him and Canyon may start challenging Faker for all time greats. Faker definitely has the longevity and I think he would still be the GOAT after playing for 8 years and winning so many titles, 3 world championships with different rosters. But if Canyon and Showmaker manage to win 3 consecutive world championships, they are probably both top 3 players all-time.


I think for either of them to be challenging Faker, they have to show longevity. Also, on top of 3 World Championships, Faker has won MSI twice and LCK/OGN 9 times. And he is still relevant now, making LCK finals, top 8 at worlds, etc. For anybody to actually challenge his spot in my eyes, even if they don't win as many titles as him, they need to last at the top level for at least 4-5 years while winning.


fun fact, the lowest faker has ever placed at worlds is top 4


3 days ago I could refute this with "FPX has never gotten anything other than 1st" I'm still mad


Well they certainly took the 1st seed in swimming home according to most LPL fans.


Fun fact, Jankos also never placed lower than top4 at worlds


Faker vs Showmaker will simply become a Jordan vs Lebron like debate. Faker did it first though. And he was more dominant because the era allowed him to be. Even if Showmaker wins 3 worlds in a row. The gap between him and everyone else right now is not as big as the gap was between faker and everyone else. Faker was AHEAD of his time. Showmaker is an overall better player now because the entire player base is better. I think it’s unfair to Showmaker of course. He can’t do anything about how good players now. But still, Faker was just the first and pretty much wrote the book on how to mid lane. I think Faker is always number one unless Showmaker really sets himself apart from everyone else. Not just winning worlds but being the clear carry on the team every single year. and even then, it will be hard to put him ahead of Faker. I think it just becomes a 1A and 1B Thing for best player


we're really speculating hard right now. We don't know if DK would get a toplaner as good as Khan again. We don't know if Canyon can keep the gap between him and the rest of the pro scene (other than Tarzan) Maybe SM&C cap at 2 worlds wins or maybe they climb to be the first 4 times champions. Dk top chovy 2022 hopium


I still feel bad about LCK finals cuz i believe T1 could have won it. They lost first 2 games, won 3rd, and in 4th they won early game and had a lead but faker throwed that game. If they won 4th game tempo would be on their side and i believe they could win game 5. But thats just ifs and buts. Im rooting for dwg and t1 finals and faker taking it all


Thankfully T1 won't face them until semi finals, so pray that EDG HLE or MAD pull some miracle against them (yep, MAD is going thru 2nd and GENG first you saw it here first folks) Honestly... If they stick together for a couple seasons more, i can totally see them dominating like good old SKT...


Khan will retire after this worlds. Military service


If they win b2b, I think any toplaner which is good enough to win worlds would be willing to join them and replace Khan.


IMO they should get Chovy to replace him next season. Top lane emphasizes laning a lot more than mid lane which is both shorter and allows for easier roams so I really think he’d be better in top.


Pretty sure HLE would prefer to make a team around him that to just sell him like that.


The only way that would work is if they fire Kezman, the guy is a paycheck thief.


I could be wrong here but doesn’t his contract run out this year? It might not be up to them if he stays or not.


Yes, you're right. Just googled it. On the 15 Nov. Along side with Deft. And Faker. ^(hype?)


just imagine Deft over Ghost and Chovy to Replace Khan.


Idk why you're getting downvoted, it's a pretty reasonable take. People forget how quickly World champions become shit the next season and underappreciate how for the most part DWG has kept it's strength.


People don't like the idea of having another SKT


Oh yeah absolutely, bring Nuugri back when Khan goes to military service, keep Kkhoma, and they’ll probably be on their way to making the next dynasty. I’m glad T1 won’t face them yet, though I will say T1 have improved drastically since they faced Damwon in summer, more than Damwon have infact and if they meet in the semis or finals it should be a spicy match up


T1 with Gumayusi are 1-1 against DK in finals. They also beat DK in their last match of the regular season. Them and EDG have a good match up into DK I think. Best botlane vs worst botlane.


Nuguri is washed


Contracts are ending soon tho and a lot of teams are willing to pay the big bucks, especially T1 on Showmaker for midlane, since Faker only has a couple more years left before he has to go to military even if Clozer is a good backup. Ooor it could be Chovy ;D


Showmaker won’t play without Canyon though they’re very close and I don’t see T1 changing out Oner who could probably become one of the best junglers in the world within 1-2 years. But yeah there’s no way T1 don’t spend out big when Faker leaves and it’s tempting for any mid to want to play on T1 given the prestige


Showmaker is also very competetive tho and players learn/improve a lot by playing on T1, just look at the players that have been a part of the org across the years (Scout, Duke, Clid, etc.), but on the other hand, yeah if T1 want showmaker they will probably have to get Canyon to...so that's gonna be rough.


You don't buy best in the world pros because you might need them in 2 years Faker will continue to play for at least another year, so there is no need to even think about buying showmaker now Not sure how you could possibly give this so much thought and not consider that basic fact


Consider this basic fact: Faker isn't bound to T1 forever, he can leave if he wants to, the org can kick him out if they want to. You really think T1 wouldn't kick out Faker right now if that means securing prime Chovy for the next 5 years? Or getting prime Showmaker out of DK? That's naive, this is real life. T1 is a business, they have to make a lot of money, and Faker isn't gonna be here forever.


You have no idea what you're talking about You don't understand how much brand value Faker has for the T1 organization He is a literal A list celerity in korea and he is tightly bound to T1. I'm not going to read your replies any more so don't bother but just know that you have no idea what you're on about and it would be financially irresponsible / bad business sense to do anything that looks like you're dropping Faker before he wants to retire. They'd lose millions of fans in an instant. They had protests outside their building when they wanted to play a sub midlaner. Dropping Faker is not an option for their org. Not until military service - where he will still come back and be a part of T1 but he won't play


This is the reality: SKT T1 was already big without Faker. You do know their Starcraft history right? Another truth bomb: T1 will continue to be a top tier team without Faker. Don't believe me? Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. Barcelona and Lionel Messi. These teams were already huge and will continue to be without them. And they're arguably the best players they ever had. You're right, these teams lose A LOT of fans once the super star stops playing with them, but guess what, winning and being succesful always brings more fans in the long run. How do you achieve that? By making the hard decisions. Didn't you consider that basic fact?


If you think T1 kicks their franchise player who is literally an A list celebrity in Korea and partly owns the org the I don't know what to say. Especially when he's still really good, his laning stats were second only to Chovy in the LCK (more than Showmaker), his impact outside of the laning phase was far greater. Even the finals (edit: match 1) he outperformed showmaker, outdamaging him despite losing the game. They'll never get more fans by kicking Faker in the long run


In fairness SK telecom would not drop Faker now in favour of prime Showmaker or anyone. Not only will he leave on his own terms, he’s also a part owner of the team. On top of that, being the face of league and I arguably esports it would be the biggest marketing mistake in history. Given the fact that SK Telecom is a Korean company and Faker is on a similar celebrity status to BTS in Korea it would probably tank their stocks too lmao So no whatever avenue you approach it from, business or game wise they would not get rid of Faker in favour of anyone even if it meant winning the next 100 games in a row


Yes, Faker is HUGE but you have to look at the bigger picture, these fans? They're FAKER fans, not T1's, so when he retires you're gonna lose them all anyways, the T1 stock will drop, some sponsors might leave, etc, etc. It's inevitable. Faker is part owner, he knows this too. Now what? You just lost Faker, what are you gonna do? Does T1 just die after this? How do you stay relevant? Yeah, you know the answer. You have to win, win and keep winning like you have been doing since 2003. Yeah, SKT was already big even before Faker touched League. Ronaldo? Messi? These teams will continue to be succesful without them. Players come and go man, Faker is retiring sooner than later and you have to replace him with someone better otherwise the team will just fade into irrelevancy for who knows how long... What if Chovy finds success somewhere else? What if Showmaker says fuck it i want my own dinasty? How do you replace Faker then? Start praying to god so he gives you another mid prodigy for free? What would you do in their position? It's very hard in my opinion, but that's what it takes if you want to keep being number 1, right?


Hold on,I though he partly owns T1?! How the hell he can be thrown lol


By terminating his contract, that would probably cost them big money but it's possible (And ruthless if Faker doesn't want to leave, i know, im thinking of a situation where both parties kinda agree, like Perkz and G2)


I don't think it's a coincidence that the dates on this win streak line up perfectly with Damwon getting Daeny back as a coach.


T1 is the 1 in 21-1.


Hopefully t1 and damwon are on opposite sides of the bracket 🙏


We didn’t get our wish bro :(