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Fun games.




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Ghost should have gone jihn that zigs picked crippled his skills


26th from the eventual true, last comment.


Remember how reddit kept on harping on how J4 was such a bait pick and was overprioritized garbage throughout all of groups? Jiejie sends his regards.






I can really tolerate these cute le redditors when they're humbled. They be on some BS all the time and nasty asf but when they're proven wrong I appreciate the new tone. Not being sarcastic at all, y'all cute when you're in the acceptance phase. :3


It is kinda fun to see


I am from the future. Dk 3-0'd EDG. :")


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I can't find the vod for finals on LoL esports, they are all knockouts


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Hehe nope !


Dk’s weakness at ADC really bit them when their top side collapsed, did anyone even remember there was a ziggs in game 5? The most memorable thing I recall from Ghost was getting one shot by Zoe. I know everybody likes to say his style is good for DK but you really need your ADC to step up because your carries are going to have off games. For example 2015 SKT was a classic mid and top carry team, but remember Bang had like a 70+ KDA throughout most of that worlds.


so does 2018 IG




God damnit, I was going to post that but you already beat me to it 😞 Congrats homie


My husband said he wanted to bet on DK winning worlds and I told him absolutely not 😂 thank god he didn’t lmfao.


I wish I had. I had EDG winning worlds from groups.


Did the Watch the worlds final on lolesports mission count for anyone? I watched game 3-5 and post game ceremony and it didn't count for me


I got it but you can write support a ticket if it still doesn’t show up after today.


There is a bug like that but sometimes it corrects itself after 3,4 hours wait and see.


Where are my EDG Crystal Ball pickers at?? Edward too stronk!


Sup sup. Never doubted Eduardo.


Was disappointed when I found out crystal ball picks only give extra pickem points. Thought there might be an icon or something


Oh is that all? I was hoping for an icon or something. But hey it pushed me into a really high pickem tier soI guess that will give an icon.


i picked edg to win it:)


DK stans in shambles, cant put all the blame on Ghost anymore.


Unlock the sub please, it’s been long enough


Maybe, just maybe EDG has seen so many bo5 that they are really good at in game adjustments. Good win for them, great finals to watch


https://mobile.twitter.com/G2Mikyx/status/1457046487142215683 EDG winning Worlds makes this such an insane flex from Mikyx and the other McD employees haha Also it was Skeanz playing jungle this game, I thought it was Selfmade


Wait did G2 get into worlds this year?


EU's winning Worlds next year! 12th time's the charm!


Oh…yeah..as we know scrims and stage games are same


Our boys truly trained them into World champions, so proud of EU rn


Ranked queues are disabled on EUW and since despite 2 hours already passing you still can't make posts here, does anyone know what's the issue?


open the sub already ffs






Will the post-match interview and stuff also be archived/ included in the vods?


Dude I overslept and missed everything! I’m so sad.


And you come to reddit first..😂😂


Yeah lmao I don’t care for spoilers, I’m just mad cause last time I was world live was back in 2013-14 not sure so wanted to have a nostalgic feeling. Did end up watching all the matches though!


Edg learned a lot from playing against geng and watching t1 vs dk. Them losing to 100t and going to the other bracket really helped them imo. They deserved to win the finals, gg edg




Meiko the 2nd best player of all time now what a crazy career he's had


He was behind Ming in the Asian games 4 years ago. Just more evidence than supports are being underrated.


i still think its rookie but meiko is a strong shout


poor dwk. faker>shoemaker


Shoemaker is just too cocky. Like how khan used to be and he regrets it a lot now.


Yeah man. I get that he's good but remember when Faker were killing players left and right? Not a hint of self proclaimed goat. Just too humble.


Yeap. Khan probably got cursed from being too cocky before. Now khan might pass the curse to shoemaker after retiring


Shoemaker got a lesson how to be humble from EDG.


Come on, Meiko, give us a Zilean worlds skin please :( make the Zilean mains happy


It's hilarious how in the DK press conference everyone looks in pretty good spirits except Beryl. Someone's phone is getting smashed despite not being the root cause of their loss. Poor phone became the scapegoat ;(


People that did not buy the worlds pass will get only 375 worlds tokens? I finished all the missions, I think.. 375 seems weird


Yep, I just used for champ tokens.


Riot:just pay


sad i didnt get the teemo emote :(


Me neither. :( Was it not a guaranteed drop as long as you were watching the finals?


so i was told that on your rewards mission page. if you unlocked the one that says thanks for watching worlds 2021 then you will get it but you have to give it time so that it can appear on your client :)


I didn't get that reward... Maybe my PC turned off during the stream. (I wasn't at home when the Finals was happening). That's unfortunate. ;-;


What are the DK fans excuses for not winning today? There's no schedule change this time to cope.




Being the best also means performing when it really matters, like in a final.


Yes and EDG dropping games to 100T or even being brought to a bo5 by GenG is also part of variance. Same with FPX dropping out of groups. Statistically speaking, this was just an unlucky worlds performance by the LPL top teams.


and they started blue in game 1 this time


Any streamers watching Arcane today? I can't find anyone and I don't have Netflix


i think they will co-stream the first two episodes on twitch


I know IWD, LS, Emiru are watching it.




its prolly available in pirate sites as well so just watch from there


Pirate? Netflix is available in most countries now at quite affordable prices. If people can pay for skins, they can pay for Netflix.


Stop the narrative of this being some huge upset. The narrative here is people were massively underrating EDG going into and during this tournament. I get it, people don't watch the LPL because time zones + preferring the LCK. But this was NOT some massive upset, although I admit Damwon deserved to be favored going in slightly.


Damwon is so impressive and if any team was going to 3-0 the other it'd be DK winning because they're so consistent. That said the 1st seed of the LPL being an underdog is a bit of a joke. Its indoctrinated sinophobia at the end of the day as a big factor, 1000%


nah edg were heavy underdogs , even betting sites were giving them almost 3 odds


After the series of MAD Lions vs DK, I thought DK was definitely not as good as they were during the stage or how most LCK fans believed. Why they looked so good is just because every other team played like shit, especially teams like FPX or 100T. However, starting from the semifinals, the level of games becomes much better. I started to believe there is quite a chance EDG can beat DK in the final since then.


true, people always assume that if A>B and B>C then A>C but league just simply doesnt work that way


Well it’s not necessarily true that enough info was available to ppl, ppl out a lot of stock in playoff and gs performances, i guess ppl overreacted to the semifinals levels or whatever I mean watching the LPL is one thing


How about you stop the narrative that this wasn't some upset. DWG underperformed given their tournament so far (I think they looked much better against T1) and they also looked stronger throughout the tournament. EDG looked shaky against RNG who looked weak in probably the weakest group given FNC mental boom and also looked shaky against a GENG who looked very exploitable. It isn't that weird that people had DWG as favorites and I still think that if they play this B05 10x that DWG wins 7 or 8 times. That being said massive props to EDG for improving massively and beating DWG. They are the deserved champion.


Hows that copium? For all we know EDG beats them 8/8 times. Shrugs


Of course they looked much better against t1, because edg is better than t1. And maybe edg looked shaky against RNG because RNG is better than DK? You said DWG will win 8/10 bo5 against edg but you call edg the deserved champion. It surely feels like you are salty about dk's lose but you dont want people to see it..hah


>It isn't that weird that people had DWG as favorites and I still think that if they play this B05 10x that DWG wins 7 or 8 times. Thanks for proving my point. Some people will never learn.


Exactly.. Result doesnt matter to them.. Because DK will always win that non existent 8/10 bo5s in their heart Lol


You're the one making narratives based on one BO5 rather than look at the general gameplay.


Just look at what you said. "DK looked much better against T1, and they looked stronger throughout the tournament" Of course they would look better when they playing against weaker team and winning. I bet they will look even better if they play against silver players? "EDG looked shaky against RNG who looked weak in probably the weakest group given FNC mental boom and also looked shaky against a GENG who looked very exploitable." How about you stop the narrtives based on some total subjective bullshit that cant be approved at all? "It isn't that weird that people had DWG as favorites and I still think that if they play this B05 10x that DWG wins 7 or 8 times. " Next time, just skip all the bullshits and jump directly to your point please. DK is the best because I THINK they are. It is just UNLUCKY they lost 1 bo5, but i am sure they will win it all IF they played a bo7:), if not, a bo9 will do. "That being said massive props to EDG for improving massively and beating DWG. They are the deserved champion." That being said, their championship is just a narrtive based on a single bo5. In terms of "general game play", dk is the deserved champion.


> Of course they would look better when they playing against weaker team and winning. I bet they will look even better if they play against silver players? That's assuming T1 is a weaker team. They looked stronger than EDG throughout the tournament. > How about you stop the narrtives based on some total subjective bullshit that cant be approved at all? GENG is 3rd seed for a reason behind T1 and DWG. Both T1 and DWG crushed GENG in regular season. Also GENG looked super shaky in their games against MAD and TL. RNG also looked shaky against a mental boomed FNC. > DK is the best because I THINK they are. It is just UNLUCKY they lost 1 bo5, but i am sure they will win it all IF they played a bo7:), if not, a bo9 will do. Variance is a thing. >That being said, their championship is just a narrtive based on a single bo5 I didn't say that. I simply said that EDG are the deserved champion based on what they've shown today.


Sum up DK is stronger because they just "looked" stronger. T1 is stronger than EDG also because they "looked" stronger. EDG is weaker because they "looked" weaker. GenG is weaker because they are the 3rd seed and they lost to T1 and DWG in regular season(BTW, you know meta is a thing right?), and of course, they "looked" weaker. Result surely doesnt matter, it is only a narrtives based on a single bo5. A team's strength is totally based on how they "looked" in your eyes. Whatever man.


> Result surely doesnt matter, it is only a narrtives based on a single bo5. You're literally the one doing this though...


Do you even have logic? I said EDG is better than DK based on the result and you literally said i am making narrtives based on one bo5.. So yup, from what you said, result doesnt matter to you.


The worlds format is the main issue. Deciding the future based on bunch of bo1 is clearly a mistake. But riot will not change the format because league worlds is still the biggest esports tournament and will be for next two years at least.


It was not an upset based on results prior to Worlds, EDG was considered top 3 walking into it. It was considered an upset because of how Worlds developted. With LPL being underwhelming and DK/T1 smurfing.


Plus I mean its EDG


Lpl wasnt that underwhelming, FPX is just FPX problem and it was unfortunate for a 4th seed of lpl having to face first seed of Eu in play-off. RNG performs well but they had to face a civil war with EDG, hence resulting in only one lpl team in the quarterfinal


Didn't they literally finish 0-8 against the West on week 2 or something like that? How is that not underwhelming?


It was underwhelming, and I don’t even mean FPX finishing 4th. EDG lost to an NA team, RNG didn’t really look convincing despite being in the easiest group, the only one with excuses would be LNG being in the group where everything could go, but that was more of a case of Icon landing on tails more than heads unfortunately.


As I said in previous comments predicting future outcome based on bunch of bo1 is problematic. Meta was building up. Enchanters were favored more and LPL does not play around enchanter supports, they make their game plan around engage supports. During the knockouts meta is finally stable and EDG made good plays on lucian+nami so opponents did not gave the pair to them and EDG banned yummi and lee and for extra step jungle champs to clamp Canyon who is literally the vein of DK.


Yes, basing your assess of a team’s strength through a bunch of bo 1 is unstable as hell. On a great day, the rise and fall of players’ form could really close the gap between lpl and the west. Also, most of team of the likes of EDG were probably trying to keep all their secret tactics into the knock-out round so they tried to win without leaking too much secret power picks which leads to sometimes being defeated by an underdog


Tf are you talking about? EDG never performs internationally EVER. Lost to 100t and precedes to go to 5 games to Gen-G, a team that consistently gets 3oed when facing a better team. This was a huge upset and I'm honestly so glad for it. I always knew DK was overrated this year.


Can we get an EDGy Zoe skin? Guesses on the other ones?


J4 for jiejie, graves flandre


And a Zilean skin pleaaaaaase 😂😂😂


That Zilean support was a beauty to watch on semis and today.


As a Zilean main, my dick has never been harder


As a zilean main you should get a floppy dick. Zilean in pro that is good means nerfs.


So wait when is that arcane shit


[https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames/schedule?segmentID=abd04bb2-6d02-4c1d-a27a-8c473fd723b3](https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames/schedule?segmentID=abd04bb2-6d02-4c1d-a27a-8c473fd723b3) Twitch schedule says 1:30 GMT+1


Who was the MVP ? Why not JieJie ? Dude outplayed Canyon so many times.


And Meiko deserves FMVP as well, dude low key engaged so many important teamfight


Scout said he thought it would have been jj




Yeah I saw Scouts, he definitely made super important plays


RIP DK Jayce skin


[DK never stood a chance](https://twitter.com/AshleyKang/status/1428870160182505473)


So LCK wins when TSM goes to Worlds and LPL wins otherwise. TSM singlehandedly ruining NA and EU chances of ever winning worlds


Not exactly, in s2 TSM went to Worlds and neither LPL nor LCK won. It is true since 2013 though


TSM and LCK new best friends.


I hate asking this question But is Ghost really just the worst player to win worlds? I understand he has his role but off Jhin, Senna and Ashe he looks average as all hell.


Top and jungle failed miserably, even the best botlane may not salvage it.


????? He was definitely one of the best Jhins in the entire tourney and his Ashe when he won worlds was incredible. So many clutch arrows and kiting moments. Lwx is way worse by a lot. He won during a kaisa xayah Scaling meta where he didn’t do anything but be the insurance policy.


I would put s9 lwx above s10 ghost.. I may be biased tho.. I watch more lpl than lck


Khan is the worst obviously.


Khan has not won worlds


I think it's between Poohmandu in 2013, 2016 Bang, 2019 LWX and 2020 Ghost.


Well the first seasons exist... Even in recent times I think Baolan is a bigger contender for worst player to win worlds


Over Poohmandu in 2013 or 2016 Bang? Lets not forget LWX aswell


Did Riot forget to drop Surprised Teemo? I opened like 10 capsules and didn’t get it


I got it from a worlds drop, specifically “thanks for watching worlds 2021!”


so... no perfect pickems or are not leaderboards not updated?


No perfect, there were 6 perfects going into the Finals. Looks like they all went for DWG.


There was only 1 perfect pickems left going into finals


I think by Quarterfinals there were no perfect pickems already.


Oh, that's a hell of a close. Kudos to Riot for showing the actual staff (or at least a portion of them) at the venue.


[Brother Beryl](https://prnt.sc/1yk9sqx)






Dash, there is something Bird shit on your head.


Lmao https://twitter.com/AshleyKang/status/1457040133115445248/photo/1


From Khan win to Khan't win.




Not wrong, sad for Khan he had a good Worlds showing until semis/finals


Holy shit ShowMaker just said that Khan underperformed… although everyone seemed to be laughing


Khan did fine up until the last game where they got kennen. Shoemaker on ori and syndra was kinda an L sadly. Couldn’t deal with Zoe or make a play. Only that one where he got kennen but it wasn’t enough cuz they started down 1.




Scripted for stonks smh


Legendary copium take.




Uzi joins IG for the ultimate triple winning lanes and ultimate mechanical team to be created.


According to Ning a lot of korean players playing in LPL are going to come back to Korea for Asian Games 2022. It's gonna be interesting for sure. Viper and Scout back? Doinb? Rookie theshy?


That'll be cool. I'll miss the Korean brudders but that'll be very interesting to see


This guy telling bull all the time after losing his job in ig


Rookie is at the last part of his career , like Faker. Doubt they will go to Asian games. It's stupid to take them over young guns like Chovy/Showmaker who are the begining of their careers. TheShy goes where Rookie goes. Highly doubt Scout will come back after winning Worlds and investing so much into this EDG team with Meiko. It's probably newer players that have recently came. Nuguri maybe ? I hope Viper doesn't go back, to me he is like Deft, he is thriving in LPL.


Yes there will be a bunch of korean players coming back because Riot Korea obviously aren't going to pick players playing in LPL for national team as they want to encourage korean players to stay in Korea. Rookie, DoinB and Scout are basically fully integrated in China at this point - so no. But for the koreans who can't speak Chinese - yeah.




I don't know about Tarzan or Viper. But Kanavi, nuguri, aiming confirmed


Out of these guys I only see Viper that could come back, the others have been in China for so long, and there's so much competition for the spot that it would just be a gamble


Cadreal reminding us how fucking behind we are as EU and NA lmao It's true that top LPL and LCK are fucking scary and we don't even have one team to oppose them


What did he say, i missed it.