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Another one to add to the list


Has anyone actually made a least btw? Genuinely curious.


I make the least everyday


hey, I’m proud of u king 😤


Lagging on LAN, truly revolutionary from Riot


Cisco gap babyy


0 PING. Very unfortunate time by them to air this ad lol.


I believe they aired this ad during Valorant, which has the normal LAN ping (1ms). Then they just re-used the ad even though Riot needs to artificially add ping because of the LPL. This is basically Riot just throwing their sponsor under the bus for their mistake.


Well, they were not factual from the get go - 0 ping would defy physics. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


*Thanks to the reliable Cisco Network*


I think that’s the only way RIOT does something about this. Let’s shame their networking sponsor.


What do you mean every break after a game I get to watch the ad talking about how great the 0 ping msi matches are and how is sponsored from whatever company doing the network stuff I don't even remember the name but the commercial cracks me up every time talking about all the great 0 ping moments




Yeh, I noticed that as well. Seems quite unfortunate.


[Meteos was ahead of his time](https://youtu.be/iVYsMXNe-NA)






it was honestly hilarious watching redditors unironically saying fake ping was the best option for this tournament...


Yes because those redditors could’ve known how poorly it will be handled


they still say it because evrything else would be sinophobic


Imagine being CISCO and paying Riot to run those "Every zero-ping moment" ads, fucking lol




Don’t you wish this tournament had 0 ping? Well it could if they used the power of Cisco Networking


They ran the same ad for valorant masters LAN, which actually had like 1 ping. So I find this funny riot just copy pasted the exact ad for a tournament with 35 ping.


Just tag them on twitter with msi. I bet they get the situation resolved. This is all to sppease one region, this is crazy


Faker and Oner from T1, LCK Flakked from G2, LEC now Inspired from EG, LCS All major regions exception one saying pings are not stable.


Impact too


Vulcan also tweeted a few days ago that the ping feels really unstable


It’s just because he has favouritism for his national country korea, that’s why no other non-Korean player has spoken about it! Oh wait…


Did people actually say this? Holy moly


Just LPL stans bitching about anything Korean as usual, they just go silent when Koreans carry them at worlds.


They seem strangely obsessed with Korea from my observation..


You're gonna get called sinophobic by their cyber battalion.




Let us know when the government abducts you




They just don’t want to admit RNG has a massive advantage incase they lose


Yea.. I agree. Whats funny though is that they just assume LCK fans are all Korean but that is simply not true, if anything there are more non-Korean LCK fans than Korean ones.




They arent blaming Riot Korea, they are saying because of the LCK vs LPL they are only siding with LCK because theyre Korean. So like it would look better if they lose and have excuses. But so far more players from other regions have said its bad too


Why do people keep saying Tencent makes any decisions like these? Utterly clueless, they're hands off.


Wasn’t there a DFM player too?




Nah Impact and Yaharong doesn't really count, according to reddit they're nationalistic Koreans who's jealous of LPL winning MSI.


Typical, it's only hardcore sinophobes who dislike the ping and the favouritism (and therefore hate China) ^^^/s


Exactly. Who would ever want to watch a close upset from underdogs based on fair conditions? Totally ruins the viewership. True fans prefer minor regions getting massacred under biased and unfair settings.


This sub has a surreal amount of simps for China


Its the Chinese population who makes up the overwhelming majority.


Most of them don’t have access to Reddit though


There are plenty Chinese/chinese descendents all over the world, specially in America.


Yeah, like myself, and among us there’s a lot less blind support for everything Chinese than there is inside.


>among us


I'm of chinese descent and I still think its stupid lol. Let everyone play on 9 ms and rng on whatever they have


Don’t think people realizing how worrying this is, maybe when half these kids grow up they will realize


Imagine saying that when majority of comments are shitting on china?


Check literally any other threads about MSI. The Chinese army are literally everywhere, except a few threads like this one where pro player speaks up about ping.


IIRC Keria as well


Yep in the latest Korizon interview


Lol can’t wait for Chad GumaGod to be like “yeah, this mother fucker laggy as hell. Shit sucks”


He would go more like "ping is bad but i dont care"


He doesn't play with lag, the hardware is too afraid of him, so he gets all his packages directly.


Keria as well


LEC is especially relevant because we tend to have those 30ms in Germany (best ping for me is \~5ms, but EUW was a flat 32ms cap for years until they improved servers recently). So most LEC players are used to having 30-ish pings in soloqueue. For LCK, you could at least make an argument that they are just not used to it. But if LEC players think it is unstable compared to EUW - then it is not just the 35 ping, that is a problem here.


How tf do you have a 30 ping in Germany? I live in switzerland and have a 22 ping and even in italy I don't have a 30 ping


Server is in Amsterdam btw


Mostly because germany one of the few countries still using vectoring, because they still have a lot of copper cables. The german infrastructure can simply not handle the load of all the people that happen to live in germany, nobody assumed that the internet would get that popular and now that they know it likely takes another 10 - 20 years to modernize the infrastructure and bring it up to date with 2020... just that in 10 to 20 years when they finally finished modernizing the network it is likely too small already.


Depends on your baseline and where exactly you are relative to the network. But point is, if I can get 5ms to German servers but flat 32ms to EUW Amsterdam servers - I doubt that is just me.


Yeah there are other games where I can go under 20 ping to Amsterdam, League never drops below 30 for me. Edit: Connecting from Ireland


I play on 27 from Germany. ISPs matter a lot, so does local infrastructure.


As far as I remember EUW Server is located in Amsterdam and EUNE is (was? Does EUNE still exist? Haven't played in ages) located in Frankfurt (Am Main). Weird decision by Riot to place the EUNE Server in South Germany.


but you are having 30 ping directly to the server, it seems more like its 1ms to whatever node they are using 35 ms from then making it go into the game which is most likely why it doesnt feel like 35


>directly to the server Depends on what you mean by that. You aren't exactly "directly" connecting to a server via internet. LAN, sure, but with internet not exactly.


Ofc RNG are not going to say that the ping is not stable as they are not under artificial ping


tbf even if they do suffer from the same ping problems, they wouldn't think they have the right to complain. Let's not just assume the worst every single time.


All major regions except the one that is *not* on artificial ping, so every major region that is concerned said so.


All Major regions except the region that this fake ping was instituted for. Pepehmmm


Faker, Oner, Keria, Impact, Zeus, Inspired, Yutapon there was a few others too from the minor regions but I can’t recall their names


I mean RNG is not on artificial ping. edit:At least I think so, I don't know really.


Do we have any source for that? I keep seeing that comment thrown around but haven't seen anything that supports it so far, I know it's popular to clown on Riot and this tournament makes that pretty justified right now, but even for Riot it would be incredibly stupid and short-sighted not to make RNG use the same artificial 35 server ping that everybody else is on


Wasn't the point of it to even the ground considering that RNG will play at a distance so they'll have the ping anyway? I honestly don't know, I've heard people claim it both ways. I just wish riot would be more open about it.


RNG would have 35 ping because of the distance they're playing from - so Riot provides a server with an artificial 35 ping to level the playing field for everybody. RNG can still connect to that server as they're going to have a minimum of 35 ping regardless, and it makes most sense to have all teams playing on the same server with equal ping Provided the above is true and RNG are playing on the same ping as all of the other teams then it's less a question of competitive fairness and more a question of competitive quality because everybody is hamstrung with the same obstacle. I never felt like RNG were going to have a competitive edge over the other teams from the information that's been fed through to us but definitely less excited for MSI than I ever have been knowing that all of the players are playing on 35-60 ping throughout the tournament when they're normally used to no ping at all on tournament realm


Keria as well


+100 social credit for Riot


and approval to release Valorant so Riot can make billions. Most people forget this part though.


Wow it's crazy that every single non Chinese player is biased towards korea! All the above players are clearly racist towards China and lying thru their teeth, besides I play on 90 ping and I climbed out of bronze so faker should be able to do the same if he's so good!!!! /s


While I honestly take the Korean players talking about the ping with a bit of skepticism, the western players and especially the LEC player regularly play in ~30 ping. They know how it should feel like


I'm pretty sure that pros even when normally in soloq they play on 3 ping will still be able to tell the difference between stable and not-that-stable-but-riot-says-so stable ping.


KR ping is 8, EU and NA pros are definitely not at 3 ping. I have probably one of the best ping possible in europe and its around 20. LEC players while streaming are around 18 usually


20 is definitely not one of the best possible pings in Europe. I live in the Netherlands and my ping is 10.


Well the server is in Amsterdam so it checks out, most LEC pros reside in Berlin since thats where LEC studio is.


lol 20? I'm in the UK and get 20 at worst. Usually hovers around 15-17. 20 is not one of the best possible. EU pros won't be on a low ping though, no. Most of them are in Germany so probably get 20-30.


I didn't say that West pros play at 3 ping. I referenced the guy above me saying that KR pros are not as credible for those complains. I live in Europe, I know what the ping here is


Yes, in Spain ping is usually around 30-35 so Flakked must know the difference between both pings


Here is the problem: it DOESNT feel like 35 ping


Riot needs to take some fucking responsibility and say *anything*. This is League at the highest level, any discrepancies that are out of the players’ control should be addressed instantly, now we’re three days deep into one of TWO international tournaments we even have a year and there is very clearly something wonky with the ping. So either say something and disprove it, or acknowledge that this is an actual issue. Either way, no matter what happens now in my mind, there is a big fat asterisk next to every single game in this stupid tournament, with the biggest one being next to whoever wins it all. Edit: btw, the more days that go by with Riot staying silent, the more people will just assume it’s them kneeling to Tencent.


It’s ridiculous because it’s so unfair for the LAN players and it brings undeserved hate to the RNG players for just doing their job. Riot are literal clowns and as usual I don’t think they’re gonna do anything about it. Might just let it slide and after the event post some shitty message apologising and call it a day


and RNG gets the full brunt of it. The more I think about it, the more I realize that RNG prolly just should bow out in quarters. If they win the title, this'll be worse. Way worse.


Or just, play without the tool. RNG will be slightly disadvantaged to the rest but they should endure it.


Yes, it's so easy.


This should have been the choice all along.


this, it was lpls choice to not send them to korea and they have an advantage of not traveling


You're wrong, lpl wanted to not send a team but riot made them


A 30 ping difference wouldn't be a slight disadvantage. And it's hardly fair to RNG in that case either. Riot just needs to address the issue and stand by their original decision. There's no reason the artificial ping is unstable so hopefully that's an issue they can fix. But they've made the call now and they should stick it out.


That's why Riot isn't addressing the issue, RNG are copping all the flak for so they can just ignore it.


They got forced to play by Tencent/Riot apparently, so bowing out is not an option


Riot begged them to play. RNG was basically trying their hardest to say no.


That's so fucked up tbh.


RNG should bow out because of hate when none of it is their fault? They should play their game and if they win they win who cares what people think about their win.


I'd imagine all the other regions might care


so? rng is responsible for their feelings? they tried to get out of it and were told the couldn’t. if they play the game and win, it’s lame af to go on some media spree apologizing and going “woe is me, i won.” if they win under these circumstances they shouldn’t gloat, just drop the prepped social post and make it clear in interviews the focus is onto summer split and worlds. that’s how a professional handles this problem


Ya literally not rng fault at all from what I have heard nothing they can do


>kneeling to Tencent Kneeling? Riot has been deep throating China for a long time now. This year they've even spread their buttholes


I said it way back when karthus got an entire visual update to make him suitable for the Chinese market - Everything was going to become china centric. In game and out of game. It would only be a matter of time.


What Karthus visual update? From what I see on the wiki the visual changes are 100x better than what they were before for him. why is this the thing to criticise riot for


The updated visuals look better, because they're newer, but they changed his design from a spooky skeleton to a much more boring ghost design. Which was directly pandering to China's weird hatred of skeletons.


I think it was a massive improvement, he actually looks like a lich now. China was probably a good justification for that direction, but I think they would've gone that way regardless.


Its not a criticism. It's just a fact of life. Way back karthus was drawn as an undead with a skull like face. That imagery is super taboo in China so they redid his visuals to get the more spirit kinda thing we have now. This kinda shit is actually part of why the warcraft universe never really popped off hard in China. It was the first of many changes to allow the obviously wise business move to expand into china


I don't think it's that big of a deal. Karthus was changed from a skeleton to a spectral ghoul, and he got a free visual update from it. And his grim reaper karthus splash still shows him as a [skeleton](https://lol.fandom.com/wiki/Karthus/Gallery/Splash_Screens?file=Skin_Splash_Grim_Reaper_Karthus.jpg). I think the only other splash art that was changed because of this reason was Goth Annie? This is clearly such a minor issue, I don't really understand the problem here.


Type June 4th 1989 in the riot twitch chat and see what happens


Type in Ukraine or Russia and you'll get the same thing.


Yet another player mentioning the ping, and we are 3 days into the tournament. Still nothing from Riot. Incompetence at its worst...


This probably won't be addressed and Riot will just ignore it until majority of people forget about it


I doubt people will forget it any time soon. There will forever be an asterisk on this tournament in the community’s eye.


honestly i think the whole asterisk thing is overblown. most ppl dont care about it. its only the loud minority who would claim that certain victories are "tainted"


I’m not sure about that. I still see people on occasion bring up stuff as far back as season two with Azubu looking at the map vs TSM when talking about stuff riot handled poorly. People still bring up the small scheduling scandal from last year MSI with Damwon vs RNG in the knockout stage. Those are both small things in the grand scheme of the tournament and still remembered. A tourney that was laggy the whole time will definitely be remembered as such.


remembered by the sub. not remembered by the masses. you overestimate how good peoples attention span/memories are. phillipines just elected a guy whos the son of a true dictator decades ago. who ordered mass killings of nuns and martial law and stole billions and tortured even more. most ppl just forget or dont care.


I mean, imagine playing on Korean soloqueue and scrim environments to train - and then playing stage the next day with 35ms. Is anyone really surprised that players feel the difference?


Riot is a fucking joke.


Or just lpl biased to be honest


All 3 of the major regions, minus LPL, have now come out to talk about the ping and how unstable and slow it is. This MSI is a joke.


Well aren't RNG just on normal Ping rather than the fake ping? so likely they will not have issues


Yup. They also get to practice on the ping they play in the tournament. And it truly is just 35 ping with no packet loss, as opposed to the mess that Riot created to make the artificial ping.




They can play on solo que, and run custom games in the KR server, which then run soloq on all the time anyway. This will give them the 35 ping environment for their practice. If you are talking about the tournament, they are connecting directly to the game. RNG already get 35 ping due to their location. Riot clearly stated that they will be adding artificial latency as close to 35 as possible. "we will be using a network latency tool to maintain a ping as close to 35ms as possible for all teams throughout the competition" This means that RNG, who already get 35 ping, would not need additional artificial ping added. Since the problem seems to be coming from the artificial ping, then RNG does not have such problems. This is the only part that is speculation as no pro seems to know exactly where the unstable ping is coming from. As for source. [https://esportsjunkie.com/2022/04/21/the-2022-league-of-legends-msi-will-be-played-on-a-35-ping-delay](https://esportsjunkie.com/2022/04/21/the-2022-league-of-legends-msi-will-be-played-on-a-35-ping-delay) There is a quote from Riot.


>The good news is that Riot has managed to find a way for every team to play under the same conditions, so all the teams traveling to Busan and the LPL team that will be playing from either their team training facility or from the LPL arena in Shanghai will be playing on 35ms ping. > This certainly makes it sound like RNG are playing under the same conditions as others. It would make sense, and it seems very probable, that RNG too are using this tool. Otherwise, the ping would be pretty much guaranteed to fluctuate. We've heard what, 1 or 2 players from each major league team complain? With how disconnected LPL is from the west compared to the other leagues, it wouldn't be surprising if they're experiencing the exact same problems. Hell, even if they were more connected, it's not unlikely it wouldn't be caught in an interview, especially with how much better than their opponents they are anyways


[https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio](https://www.lolesportsmedia.com/A-Message-from-Alex-Francois-Global-Head-of-Competitive-Operations-Rio) Confirmation


You used a lot of words but there is no confirmation that RNG is not using any additional network software. I don't think they are, but there is no confirmation and you are trying to make it out like riot said this.


My source is that I made it the fuck up




Your username checks out.


Riot Games “I am going to pretend like I didn’t see that”


What a shitfest. The format was already absolute bonkers, its a fucking snoozefest for weeks, but this is really unheard of. At this point, its useless that we complain, it has to be the teams. The cast is bought, they'll never address it as much as they should, Jatt and Markz went on a fucking mental tangent trying to justify this as psicological and how it'd be nearly impossible to prove it. Guys: there are professional players from every fucking region except china complaining about this. You have the fucking GOAT complaining about this, what proof do you really need? We, the viewers, have absolutely zero leverage because we're not chinese numbers, so we mean fuck-all. We can stop watching the streams (i've watched literally 2 games at this point) and that still wouldn't mean much. It has to be the teams and the players.


feels like there is like 2 games a day ..


Its a joke at this point when you have players from multiple teams complaining about the ping, yet Riot still refuses to address the problem


There will be a lot of shit about this if RNG wins the tournament.


NGL even if everyone didn't play on 35 ping people would have flame RNG/RIOT if RNG win it (they play from home, no ref, they have to play on 35 ping etc)


To be fair, whatever the outcome, LPL got a lot of favors and Riot should get flamed for it


RNG didn’t even wanna play which is fucked Should have just dqed them like the team wanted


What, They were forces?




I like how your two options are the most extreme options. Yes, they get flamed for choosing the most extreme options when more reasonable, moderate options are available. Crazy.


Honestly I kinda hope RNG doesn't win purely because that's gonna be the most underwhelming trophy ceremony ever. They were already a little awkward having them in the gaming houses when there wasn't a crowd and one team there in person, it's gonna be so scuffed if they do win.


Hope it's directed at riot and not RNG then. Situation sucks and only RNG should play on 35 ping but there is nothing the players can do about it


Which is why I’m hoping T1 just stomps them into the ground in front of the home crowd.


G2 will probably take them out for you


This absolutely needs to be solved before rumble stage.


Even in 2020, LCK and LPL had MSC instead of cancelled MSI and there was not ping issue. Why in this year many players complain about the issue? Riot's management skills have just doomed and fucked players


I mean there were issues at MSC. Faker complained about it. Multiple pauses and late kindred ults. Its just that LCK got eliminated early, 3 teams played just one day in the tournament lol and it was just b01 single round robin same day all 3 games


Msc 2020 was both teams playing on servers that's why ping was fine. Here riot is trying to artificially increase ping which is creating a mess.


artificial ping was used for MSC 2020. LCK teams played with artificial 35 ping and LPL teams played with natural 35 ping. Not sure if it was this laggy at that time


So when is Riot gonna come out and say something about the ping issue. i am curious though, the difference between the ping that the teams in Korea is playing as compared to RNG in China


Riot should do something immediately or make a statement at least. The hype for this tournament is dying real quick man. Didn't wait half a year for this shit smh


"Another one" \-DJ Khaled, probably


to make it fair for everyone. Riot should artificially increase the ping to 60.


Really sucks riot need to release a statement or do something to ensure this stops the whole argument revolves around the ping being for sure 35 if its not its a big problem.


Another one


The whole interview is interesting. Kinda unfortunate that the ping comment overshadowed everything else. >EG Inspired: I mean, we played against T1 and some other Korean teams and got kinda smashed, so I can see why those teams don’t want to scrim NA teams much because they don’t learn much. I think Jojo had the most to take away from those games, he didn’t have that much competition in NA while here every mid laner is good. So he can learn from everyone and that these games aren’t a waste. >EG Inspired: I think for Jojo, the biggest takeaway was the laning phase, right? In NA, when Jojo would click forward, they would click backwards. While at MSI, when he is playing against players like Faker, he is not scared of him. So he would attack him the moment Jojo tries to play more aggressive and he will get punished for it. Excited for Jojo to smash NA mids even harder after training with Faker.


It's funny how riot addresed everything that concern RNG "no mic, no cam, no ref" etc ... But absolutly nothing about this unstable ping ...


>"no mic, no cam, no ref honestly, that alone should disqualify RNG from participating. Even with the whole ping issues, how tf can you ensure competitive integrity when the whole setup for anyone else is different? edit: just fyi the rules state that they NEED to play with 2 cams on each player when playing remote. So either that info is wrong, or they are straight up disregarding the official rulebook.


Yeah Riot should have just respected rngs wishes and dqed them lol The team didn’t wanna play anyways


When this show is done I hope the let the network architect write a cool blog how they created "artificial ping".


The only team benefited for it is the one who doesn't attending.


I like how nobody seem to bother asking RNG


Imagine being a fan and waiting six months to watch international competition with packet loss, single elim best of 1 (again), with both teams playing 10 feet apart from one another in a room you can probably hear a pin drop in.


Not a great way to represent a sponsor whose ad is about having 0 ping...


This is an absolute clusterfuck.




Let’s have a lan, but instead of everyone playing on lan environment we’ll add ping bc one big region can’t play lan due to Covid. So dumb I’d be pissed as a pro that riot thinks this okay for competitive play


Clown Tournament


they need to hurry and release another Lux & Ahri skin so they can afford to change up their strategy. /s


It’s so ironic seeing so many pros voicing their concerns and the broadcast stays mum on this 🤣 can’t make Tencent mad I guess


china numbah one


So many pros cannot be crazy. Riot has clearly fucked up. LPL favored for no reason.


So baiscally everyone is lagging except LPL, shocker!


Everyone has to suffer just so to appease China and accommodate LPL teams. It's now a yearly tradition..


This is getting out of hand, I would have preferred an MSI without LPL tbh, as sad as it sounds (specially when RNG is looking this good). I wonder, if RNG drops, do they opt to go to 0 ping on the remaining torunament games?


tbh, i dont understand why they wouldn't let other teams have 0 ping normally, and 15\~25 ping when they are facing RNG. I think RNG wont reject it.


Thing is that when they get out of groups, the team that goes against RNG will have a disadvantage because they haven't played on "35 ping".


Crazy how redditers say that there is currently a massive asterisk but if the best region currently just left there would not be one? I really need to see the logic on this.


Nice Advantage for China


RIOT really fucked up here. In the Dota 2 community we are talking about how good is Riot at tournament organization and how they handled the pandemic very well. But yeah, atleast Valve doesn't pull off this crap.


What a stark difference that Riot immediately releases a statement for RNG regarding cams & headsets but is radio silence about this. Riot is controlled by Tencent and Tencent is controlled by China, so their own interests in accommodating RNG comes first and this is yet ANOTHER example of it. Stop Cheating China.




LS didn't offer any alternative solutions though.


Probably cause it’s actually not 35 but more like 60+, which is a huge difference.


People at the time did not have the information that 35ms would feel like 60-70ms with packet loss.


They should not be working there then. Everyone who has played in various network environments know this is an issue. But their engineers didn't know it was going to be an issue?