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This is spicy, correct call by Riot, but of course there will be drama


Do we expect RNG to lose somehow with a different ping? I don't think so. They will still crush those teams.


Well PSG weren’t too far off a victory today, but that’s besides the point, the previous games gave RNG an unfair advantage, so they should be repeated P.S. I’d like to point out again how stupid it is that teams playing on stage had a worse connection than the team playing from home. Riot fucked up this MSI with their decision to include the LPL and hinder the rest of the regions




If they did that and RNG shat the bed there would be a shitstorm about making them play at a disadvantage though


Yeah, but who would be to blame? Not Riot, who even let them play this tournament.


RNG said they were fine not participating MSI, they wanted to avoid a hectic LPL schedule and be in better condition for the more important Asian Games. Riot said "nah, we need the $$$. Let's introduce artificial lag for everyone to make that happen. Oh by the way, if you still refuse, you will get insane community backlash from your own league because this workaround we've found is definitely not stupid at all or any indication of preferential treatment". RNG is damned if they do, damned if they don't because of Riot's fuck up and now the entire tournament is a shit show regardless of what happens. All this easily avoided had Riot literally did nothing. Is it unfortunate RNG could not attend? Sure, but no real sports who cares about competitive integrity suggests and implements a way to have everyone participate in an environment that deters the highest level of the game from being played in order to accommodate one the circumstance of one participant.


I thought the 35 ms ping still stands, why would a won tournament make them win on hard mode? They just have to replay 3 (?) easy games


Way I see it there were 3 options. 1.) RNG plays on 35 ping, everyone else on LAN. In this scenario, however, with a disadvantage against only their own team, RNG had stated they would rather opt out of the tournament, which loses excitement and viewership from what is by far League's largest fanbase, so it was not really an option in Riot's eyes if they could help it. 2.) Everyone plays on LAN as usual *unless* facing RNG, in which case they get an artificial 35 ping to make it fair for that match. This makes the rest of the tournament feel more legitimate, but also means that teams have less practice on 35 ping because they would want to get most of their scrims done on LAN, especially if they aren't in a group with RNG, as well as having to adjust to different ping between matches, whereas RNG's is steady the whole time. We've already heard from players that 35 ping is enough to alter what picks are viable/meta and that having extra practice and on-stage experience at 35 ping was essential to figuring out the meta of the tournament as it played out. 3.) What they did, have the whole tournament at stable artificial 35 ping for all teams, at least until RNG is out of the tournament entirely and there's no longer any chance of having to face them. This makes everyone have to practice in the same environment and, hopefully, means there are no unfair disadvantages from having to adjust to changes in ping or from having ping while others don't like options 1 and 2, but lowers the overall quality and legitimacy of the tournament significantly because an international event at 35 ping is going to be a joke no matter how you slice it, and also opens up potential for *completely dropping the fucking ball* like they did by fucking up the implementation of the artificial ping that everyone in the whole tournament is being forced to play on.


Exactly this, like one team ruins the whole latency environment for the rest? Now that's unfair.


its irelevant tho. it';s about being fair. what if they were playing vs t1. would u want that series to be played in those conditions ?


And just give trophy to Strongest team. Why do we need tournament?


There is a chance they don’t win all the games though. Even 1 game can be a big difference for the other teams. PSG could’ve beaten RNG just now if it weren’t for a 50/50 barren.


>unfair treatment I'm all in for maximum drama and chaos. Hook it straight into my veins.


This is literally turning in a massive race war. Twitch chat calling Chinese cheaters and Riot favorite child, while Chinese viewers calling Korea kr dogs. What a clusterfuck.


The racial tension between China and Korea has always been high. Between last year's sanctions, covid, and other political shit, the animosity is definitely at a peak right now. Riot ~~is being dragged into~~ has found themselves in a very messy situation.


Asian countries in general have always had a ton of racial tension between each other.


All it takes is a 5-10 minute dive into the history of the big 3 east-Asian countries to understand. The fight over power, the fight over the Korean peninsula, Western influence (more recently), etc. There is generations upon generations' worth of history and conflict that reflects why they essentially hate each other and are xenophobic.


Riot created this situation by fucking up the administration of the tournament. If they actually had 35 ping equalized from the beginning there would be some complaints and whatnot but nowhere near this degree. The way they handled this pretty much pisses off everyone and incites both fanbase's toxic sides. In a way it helps that these play-in matches are pointless stomps for major region teams vs wildcards, imagine this happens after RNG and T1 play or something.


Wouldn't say that they created it though. They performed the testing, but it turned out that their tool was flawed, which is an issue that can happen to any company. They reacted very quickly all things considered, finding and fixing the issue in two days, which is a better pace than any other game company that I know, but people are so unbelievably critical nowadays that even this was considered slow.


Then theres me, Chinese born living in NA as a Korean Faker fan lmao.


Unfair treatment the other way around: https://twitter.com/kevylxmml/status/1524999853347983360 https://twitter.com/titannlol1/status/1524978957627625484 https://twitter.com/AshleyKang/status/1525005037058940928


I mean, there is no argument that it is unfair to RNG that they need to replay three matches that they had won (and from the schedule, back to back and super late). Obviously it would be unfair to the other teams to not replay them, but this is not a zero sum game. It's a shitty situation all around and Riot is not managing this well.


Technically not wrong.It is unfair for other teams to be playing at 35ping when it is not their fault.It is also unfair for RNG to be replaying the 3 games when it is not their fault either. The scenario we have here is that,To maintain competitive integrity, one side have no choice but to take the shorter end of the stick. What we have here is every other teams taking the shorter end of the stick to accommodate RNG, while RNG took the shorter end of the stick for Riot's error in the setup. The one at fault is ultimately, Riot & Tencent, not RNG or any other teams participating in MSI, all of them are getting F over this MSI.


both teams are not at fault but the reality is that the world gave RNG an advantage they shouldn't have. now its getting fixed and they were unlucky. nothing to blame them but in a "fair" world RNG wouldn't participate at all like VCS did...


The problem is Riot's decision to do this artificial 35 ping bullshit. If RNG can't make it to the venue then too bad they shouldn't be playing in the tournament.


From what I read, RNG was ready to play at 35 against LAN ping, but well, competitive integrity. Oh and LPL also made it clear they didn't mind missing MSI in favour of Asian games, but sponsors and viewership.


IMO, better to have it be unfair to one team than for all teams to have unfair fake ping. Especially since that one team is the one that can’t travel.


people have read so much horseshit about RNG without a single source. Chinese fans didnt care about MSI. Did RNG want to attend? Who knows; they just didn't want to attend in person because coming back they'd miss a starting chunk of summer due to quarentine rules.


exactly! i keep hearing rng didnt want to attend anyway but the closest thing i know about is doinb mentioning in a stream that lpl might not attend if msi cannot be played online due to the quarantine thing.


Give a source for this claim


The only thing more unfair than having to replay a match for something that isn't your fault is getting an advantage in a match and **not** replaying it to get a more accurate result It's only "unfair" if you think that letting them keep the win is an option (It's not). It's inherently hypocritical because they're calling it unfair to play at a disadvantage yet want to keep the win where the other team played at a disadvantage. It's an admission that they only care because it's affecting *them*


That's not being unfair, that's unfortunate. This is the fairest thing that can happen with what has already happened.


But what does ja rule and reginald think about this situation




I need some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now!


i care more about what ja rule thinks than regi


I disagree, regi drama is box office entertainment and i need a whole season of it


Time to sort by controversial


*Hannibal Lecter lip sucking sounds*


Medic has a point, it’s not unfair for RNG but it definitely sucks and Riot is to blame for their incompetence


Yea riot is to blame. It seems kinda lazy that they state it was tested before and during the tournament, yet the pros feel the difference instantly. Riot did the lazy


But making them replay is the right call by riot. But MSI as whole looks like a clownfest


Yeah this has to be the most scuffed tournament in modern LoL.


A bit of a COVID force majeure in fairness


what surprises me that it took 3 days to discover. the complaints were there 1day. on 2nd you could start test so with decision and so on you could have it fixed on day 3. (except they couldn't find anything)


I'd say it took 0 days to discover and it took riot 3 days of basically every pro complaining about it for riot to actually do the proper work to fix it. I'm impressed that riot is having them redo the games that were on the ping though, that's actually a good move from them, so hats off to Riot for that.


Wait what happened I am so confused


RNG had to play MSI from China because of the current covid rules there. They get 35 ping to the servers in Busan. Riot in their infinite wisdom decided the optimal way to deal with this was to make every other team also play on 35 ping. They made a setup to artificially give the players at LAN (i.e. everyone but RNG) 35 ping. From day 1 the pros started complaining and saying it feels like more than 35 ping. After 3 days, Riot turn around and say "oopsie, turns out it actually was more than 35 ping because we fucked it up, haha". Riot decide RNG have to replay all their games because they were playing on 35 ping whilst their opponents had higher ping (once it got to the situation it did, this was clearly the fairest decision). RNG moaning on Twitter that it's unfair.


Wrong, and frankly said terrible call by the twitter management there.


Honestly I feel RNG office has to put up this stance or else their Chinese fans would call them weak or kowtowing to Korea/western management. It's just a clusterfuck either way.


This time there won't be, RNG can straight up comply and fans would still stamd behind them. As long as it's 'officially recognized regulations'


Twitter is illegal to access in China. This statement is only intended for western audiences.


I'm pretty sure a majority of people in china who regularly use a PC have access to a vpn


Okay, that’s quite cringe and disrespectful of them to say. Every other team is accomodating RNG by playing on 35 ping since they can’t attend the event in person. You really think that they would be more grateful.


Its actually ridiculous that all other teams that had to suffer because of ping issues for days now mentioned nothing about "unfair treatment" and RNG, in the first window they see, plays victim and says "unfair treatment" for something that is seemly not that unfair.


Remember when VCS couldn't make it and instead they were just told to kick rocks from MSI & worlds for years? This whole debacle is shitty.


Don't worry, when I pointed this out when it got announced, I got shat on. This shit has been unfair from the beginning


Damwon could have tweeted that they had unfair treatment last MSI when the schedule was adjusted just to make it easier for RNG and give side selection advantage to RNG but they wouldn't because they have some sportsmanship, Kkoma instead expressed his dislike to the matter with Riot directly and told them that it shouldn't happen.


I DO think it’s unfair for RNG to replay 3 matches bc riot massively fucked up on their end, but yeah it’s kinda cringe of them to come out with this weird ass self-victimising statement when imo what’s really unfair is not replaying the games when it’s CONFIRMED there was a huge ping gap between the teams


But wouldn’t having to play 3 matches with an incorrect latency be unfair to the other teams RNG went up against? I get that RNG were super favored in that group, but we should at least give the other teams a fair chance to beat RNG.


It's not unfair though. Fair in a competitive match is trying to have the playing field as even as possible so the players are the difference. If one team has an advantage, that's an unfair playing field. The reason the other games aren't getting replayed is because they're all on the shitty system. But RNG had better ping, so those games don't count. So the only way forward is to replay the games if we want ever game to be as fair as possible. It's unfortunate that they need to replay the games, but the reason they're being replayed is because it's not fair otherwise..


Also this is not unprecented situation but it is unprecented treatment. Before we had situations like VN team not being able to travel. Players being stopped due to covid/visa issues. In all those situations riot response was … well “tough luck” However when the Chinese overlords (and their viewership in particular) is at stake we will bend over backwards to accommodate it. Like just be grateful that the whole tournament is played in unprecedented settings just for you to come. Sure, riot fucked up, but the other teams did not and they deserve a fair shot.


Do you think it was possible for VCS to play from Vietnam? The ping would have been well over 200.


Riot never said "tough luck" to Vietnam. They offered online play which was impossible due to distance. They offered a private plan which didn't help since leaving the country was literally impossible. Riot fucked up big time but they would've made the same thing to accomodate to any other big region.


> Also this is not unprecented situation but it is unprecented treatment. Before we had situations like VN team not being able to travel. Players being stopped due to covid/visa issues. In all those situations riot response was … well “tough luck” Different situations, you can feasibly play from shanghai to busan, you cant Hanoi to Reykjavik, ping from shanghai to busan is 35 ms nasty but hanoi to iceland is 298ms that is traight up unplayable. And visa issues are usualyl single persons cant stop a massive tournament over one or two people. Also riot offered vietnam private flights( that alone costs in realm of 300k), and pay for hotel for quarantine after the MSI/Worlds, they had to decline because vietnam was so locked down if you left some people waited 4-8 MONTHS to get back home. Govt declined to give any leeway. Riot is rich but not yet persuade government of a country rich. >However when the Chinese overlords (and their viewership in particular) is at stake we will bend over backwards to accommodate it. MSI without china would be a sham.


At least now we can stop the delusion that regions won't complain if anything is remotely unfair to them. Does RNG think it is far that the other teams had to play with ping actually higher than theirs?


RNG also fail to realise that every other team in Busan is [travelling 90 minutes to the stadium each day](https://twitter.com/ashleykang/status/1525005037058940928?s=21&t=zCwHilvmgm41O1dDHdIWWA). Despite the 90-120 minutes of ‘dead’ time they spend replaying those matches, they still come out ahead in terms of ‘dead’ time compared to every other team.


Are there no hotels nearer to the venue? Or is it a covid thing?




I heard Jankos say that it is always Riot who books their hotels?


Two things (from Ashley Kang's tweet): 1) It's **45 minutes** each way, so /u/dead_moose_meat_pal meant 90 minutes to and from the stadium each day in total. 2) It sounds like originally, both the Group Stage and the Playoffs (or w/e the next stage is called) were announced on March 30th to "be hosted in the Bexco Exhibition Hall" which is **only 15 minutes away** from the teams' accommodations. But the Group Stages are now being played at Busan Esports Arena, which is 45 minutes away from where the teams are staying. I think it makes sense to have one set of accommodations for the entire event and not move them around (esp. considering COVID), but I guess the problem is that for some reason they could no longer (or chose not to) hold Group Stages in the Bexco Exhibition Hall as well.


Probably a cost thing because you have teams needing housing for 10-20+ people for a nearly month. Would be extremely expensive to do inside the heart of most major cities.


drop 1 ahri skin and they can house like thousands for a month


"through any unfair treatment" Bruh, you guys played with a better ping, when in fact all of this mess was made for you to have the same ping as the lan players


I’ll say this as a massive LPL fan. The ENTIRE tournament was catered towards RNG being able to play. We know this is due to the Chinese fan base and their money that essentially makes up a majority of the pro scene income. This is all speculation, not factual. Whenever you’ve got this situation, it’s going to have issues. Some minor and some major. The fact that yes, RNG will outclass EVERYONE in their group, and majority of the tournament by a huge margin, does not mean teams shouldn’t be on even playing field. At least you can have a fair opportunity to make an attempt to compete. If majority of your contestants are complaining that something feels off, it probably felt off. The fact a LAN tournament is played with these circumstances is still comical.. I just don’t see how it’s unfair treatment, when everything has been done to accommodate the one team, RNG.


Riot fucked up hard, as simple as that. Anyone blaming RNG or T1 or the Chinese or the koreans or whoever the fuck else inbetween is just trying to shit stir


THANK YOU. Honestly, its frustrating how quickly people jump to the conclusion that people are being racist towards Chinese when really, its not that. Just pointing out the facts.


-> Riot fucks up the artificial ping making ping on stage higher than RNG's -> Remake the games in favor of competitive integrity -> RNG think it is unfair -> RNG fans also go to T1's twitter to flame them (???)


To be fair, as a neutral, on reddit you see way more lck and t1 fans flaming rng and the lpl on the daily than the reverse, dont know about twitter since i dont use it. Seems pointless from both sides when the problem is clearly riot


The conclusion here is that both fanbase are fucking toxic. RNG and T1 had done nothing wrong and everyone flaming them is an idiot. Riot simply needs to do better and make sure this kind of situation never happens again.


Can’t really blame them. They’ve been pissed at LPL fans ever since Faker and T1’s social media got raided by LPL fans bc of Faker’s comment on about Chinese pros on super accounts inting in solo queue.


I think it is just because there are more LCK and t1 fans.


‘We will play our matches despite the massive advantage given exclusively to our team being reduced to a slightly less massive advantage’


Before this becomes a thing, I think unfair is more a mistranslation/translation error than anything. The situation RNG are in is ultimately shitty, with lockdown since April, and now having to play matches again through no fault of their own, while being derided and shouted out by fans for no reason. The competitively fair choice is to replay the games, but I agree that RNG are going through hell atm and don't blame them for being upset.


>Before this becomes a thing, I think unfair is more a mistranslation/translation error than anything He says "不公平的待遇" in the video, which translates pretty much exactly to unfair treatment. The English subtitles are a bit abridged but ultimately a pretty fair respresentation of what he's saying. The tweet, by being even more abridged, does make it sound a bit stronger.


> Before this becomes a thing Good effort but too late


The issue is this compounded with Gala's interview where he stated "he doesn't know why they have to do the rematches". Puts a poor light on RNG's PR of the situation to put it lightly


it absolutely is unfair for rng to have to replay the games. but it absolutely is unfair for every other team to have to play on 35 ping in the first place, and even more unfair that they were actually playing on a worse ping for the first 3 days. their complaint is so tone deaf its crazy


It sucks for RNG but you have to replay those matches. The entire tournament is on 35 ping because of the idea that the difference between 8 ping and 35 ping would be unfair. RNG was playing those matches on 35 ping while their opponents were on 60-70. If those games were fair, then RNG playing on 35 ping while their opponents play on LAN ping would also be fair.


It is unfair to RNG but it's also tone deaf to complain about it like this, I agree. I feel like people just don't give RNG the benefit of the doubt, a lot of people seem to think they're like living in this mansion just chilling and playing the tournament, when there's [good reason to believe the situation is pretty fucked for them too.](https://twitter.com/LPLfanclub/status/1525008067414343680) I can understand them being frustrated and not being "grateful", from their POV there's probably not too much to be grateful about right now. If they could snap their fingers and teleport to Busan, I imagine they would. I also understand why from the Western/Korean POV they look a bit tone deaf and entitled. It's just a suboptimal situation, I wish people could be a bit more reasonable about it.


I get that RNG's players can be tired and confused from why they have to play 3 extra matches late in the night, but the idea for the coaching staff to say to them that the arrangement is "unfair" to them and for the PR team to clip this on twitter is just asking for more backlash.


I mean, it’s fine to be upset. But what’s up with the terrible entitled sounding tweet from their official account? That’s horrible PR, and ironic too because every other team was put in a unfair situation to begin with to accommodate them


Also thing to mention is that someone from the RNG's coaching staff was saying this to the players. It could just be a strategy by the coaching staff to unify the players and try to untilt them after their games became null and void.


Nah you’re spot on. It sucks that RNG has to replay games, but to release an official statement passive aggressively complaining about unfair treatment after every other team has been bending over backwards to conform to the many accommodations Riot implemented so that RNG can compete from their own facility, it comes off as quite entitled.


Riot: RNG cant make it to msi so you all play on 35ms All teams: ok Riot: There was a ping latency issue while RNG played at the intended 35ms. RNG needs to replay the games for fair play. RNG: So unfair XD?


Also, do note because Riot decided RNG needs to replay their 3 games their fans have resorted to calling Koreans "dogs" because they really think Riot Korea made the rules lol. Also, they're calling T1 "Krdogs" on Twitter.


Even worse, some of them have taken to personal attacks on faker. ‘So what if you’re undefeated? At least I have a mother’ which is just such a vile thing to say, actually such a bad look.


Exactly, how in the world did T1 become a victim when they are playing the game with a disadvantage like all the other players? This world is too cruel.


Honestly, I could care less about racist comments because (being of Chinese ethnicity from Asia) I know how Asians pretty much hate each other due to racial tensions that stem from far back. Can’t read Korean, but I’m sure some Koreans have made similar comments on RNG/LPL on DC inside or whatever their version of Hupu/Weibo is. It’s just a given that Koreans, Chinese and Japanese hate each other and think they’re superior to the other lol so I won’t comment on that it’s just a cesspool of hate on all sides. What I absolutely cannot condone is people getting personal like this; how absolutely vile of a person do you have to be to attack someone coming from a single parent background? In Chinese, we have this saying ‘祸不及家人’ which basically means family members should never be implicated in conflicts. They really should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously, I agree that this is none of T1’s business. If you look at Weibo/Hupu, there’s no point arguing with the netizens there because they feel like it’s justified for them to hate on T1 since everyone was hating on RNG for ‘cheating’ so why should they be held on a moral high ground now? Also, some of them are trolls who are trying to stir up drama and gather more hate on RNG (RNG, like T1, is extremely popular and that obviously comes with a lot of unbearable obnoxious fans that people hate). I’d say both teams are victims here, but RNG’s Twitter post is really just adding fuel to this fire.


Wow, just wow. I have no words to express my disbelief to illiterate people like this


Clueless T1 getting unnecessary hate when they're not even in the same Group with RNG 🤡🤡


To China audience, they heard that the rematch is due to the report by Korean people. To make RNG reveal more drafting.


Thanks for bringing into light why they're behaving horribly but how did they end up believing that BS lmao.


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Holy fuck imagine the cn community reaction if this had been done for a Bo5 against T1. They'd literally be at Riot's headquarters with pitchforks. Like you're playing 3 games against minor regions that have 0 bearing on whether you advance why make such a big fuss out of it?


Exactly it not like they are making them replay against t1. They are probably gonna win regardless but for competitive integrity sake it must be replay. Bunch of babies.


Riot just screwed up man, I don’t even bother watching msi. The group stage has been unbelievably boring and with the whole ping drama I just cba. There’s always gonna be an asterisks next to this msi. Of course you’d be angry if you were rng if you had to replay 3 games due to riots incompetence and let’s be honest it’s just wasting time as we all know who’s gonna win in those rematches.


The only enjoyable games in groups are EG vs G2 IMO. T1 and RNG stomp their groups full of wildcards and both EG and G2 stomp ORD, but EG and G2 games are pretty close.


They need to do extended qualifiers for these events, we get 2 international tournaments a year and this 'group stage' and 'play-ins' for worlds are complete stomps.


I mean, they *can* be interesting. LJL beat C9 twice to qualify in 2021, and then in 2020 MAD and LGD got smacked around in play-in groups.


Yeah I don’t think this stage is usually super interesting but Worlds Play-Ins for the last few years have been pretty interesting. Even in 2019 the VCS team took a game off Damwon out of play-ins and the LCL team went 5 games with the LEC team. Plus the entirety of the OCE team got great opportunities off it. Armut also most likely got recruited off that play-in stage.


But that is usually 3rd or 4th seed major region vs 1st seed minor region. This is 1st v 1st which is incredibly one-sided.


You don't like it RNG? So why you play at MSI even if you can't be in Korea? Any problems? Back off.


Bullshit, everyone else is bending over backwards so RNG can participate, replaying a few Bo1's vs wildcards should be no problem for them... I'm starting to get fed up with the LPL's bullshit year after year.


Actually preach, now RNG wanna act like victims when everyone was bending for them


It should be known that Hysterics actually incited a huge race war on Twitter dragging in T1 into his hypothetical argument about Riot’s accommodation. I’m starting to get fed up with LPL casters talking about LCK teams in a passive aggressive manner and then playing the victim card. “T1 fans are so hurt” is a staple after they intentionally ruffle feathers. Why is it always the LPL casters? Edit: Tweet is still up. Replies are a mess with LPL fans hurling racial slurs along the lines of “krdog”. Hysterics is talking about how he doesn’t condone it but still wants to keep the tweets up and it’s adding a lot more fuel to the fire. Personally, if it were up to me he would be jobless. As a professional, you can’t be writing that type of petty shit about another region that you don’t cover. Fuck that guy. Edit: Guy posts a "I'm sorry but *enter excuse here*" tweet. What a joke of a man.


that was the most cringe thing I had seen all day, instead of explaining how rng also has it bad, he decides to compare it with something that never happened LOL, it's not like lpl casters are known for tweeting more about lck than lpl...like why the fuck would you make it as t1 vs rng now, it is sooo bad for the situation


always thought LPL casters had this mightier-than-thou attitude and looking down on other regions. I honestly hate it.


Hysterics and Munchables are the ones that I remember (Munch already striked a nerve with T1 fans with his comments on T1 performance in the finals even though he admit that he didn't watch LCK up until that final). Those comments are cringe and unnecessary. I never heard Atlus, Valdes, Chronicler, or Wolf (LCK English broadcast) shitting on LPL teams publicly, yet these LPL casters are comfortable spewing their shit, then playing the victim card after.


Because even after their region's international success, the international broadcast for LCK is blowing them away in ratings and they aren't able to cope with it. Simple as that.


Yeah honestly I lost so much respect for the LPL casters because of those tweets. They were totally uncalled for and they didn’t need to drag T1 into this. Especially since earlier in the day, there were already tonnes of comments throwing racial slurs at T1 players.


Any attempts not to lay the blame at RNGs feet (it isn't their fault its Riots) and not lash out at them just got thrown right out the window sadly. This was the worst time for them to call "unfair" with fanbses from every region but China already annoyed.


People keep saying RNG wanted to forfeit the tournament but Riot somehow forced them to participate. Can I get a source on that? People be talking out of their asses acting outraged while spewing lies and misinformation.


Well, their image just took a big hit right on the face. So ironic when you see this *"because that’s what we at RNG are all about. We are RNG"* as if they're trying to look like nice guys with such a shitty statement.


[Riot updated the official MSI banner.](https://i.imgur.com/h4YSvUX.jpg)


Damn Micky Mouse tournament!


No cams, every teams accommodate to 35ping : dead silence Rematch: this is unfair Hmm, sure?


RNG is victim, but other minor teams are also victims. Riot's horrible administration is definitely one to blame, but twitting about unfair doesn't fit in the situation.


People in this thread acting as if rng complaining on twitter somehow nulls the fact that they have to replay matches by no fault of their own


No denying that the situation sucks for RNG, but damn their response to the whole thing is so childish and unprofessional that it's actually baffling. I'm pretty sure if they weren't an org from the most profitable market, Riot would straight up boot them from all international competition for lack of professional etiquette. All of their arguments are completely weak as well. ​ >We don't have any unfair advantages because our players have to get COVID tested every day and we're restricted by our government, etc. etc. Right, but you... did have an unfair advantage due to ping. Your latency was lower than that of the opposing team. Is that in any way your fault? Absolutely not, but that doesn't not change the fact that you had an unfair advantage, even if you didn't ask for one. All of the other issues your players are facing, while unfortunate, are competitively completely irrelevant. ​ >This is only happening because Riot begged us to come to MSI, we didn't even want to. But you agreed? Riot can beg RNG all they want, but they can't *force* RNG to come to MSI. Participating in the tournament was a decision the org made. And can unmake at any time. If they feel like they're being treated so "unfairly", just forfeit all your remaining matches and exit MSI. You don't care about it anyway, right? Why continue suffering this "unfair treatment" then? The unfair treatment of being asked to replay 3 games (not even extending the duration of the tournament mind you). ​ Absolutely pathetic complaining for the sake of complaining from RNG's side. You agreed to participate in the tournament. Just because Riot really wants you there doesn't make you exempt from the tournament's rules. This isn't the first case where technical issues have resulted in competitive integrity being compromised either, things like remakes and even rescheduling of matches due to technical issues have happened before. But this is the first time an org has made such a fuss out of it because they think they're just too important to be subject to these pesky "rules".




Big up Medic for speaking up. That being said, it is 'unfair' in a way because they now need to play 3 additional matches which can be used by the teams which are actually on their level (namely T1 and G2) to antistrat and analyze them. They're obviously still expected to go 6-0, but it is an unfortunate reality of the situation. HOWEVER, since you (the org) are already being accommodated for massively and every other region had / has to make sacrifices because of a situation that only you are in (though it is mostly outside RNG's control), the *correct* thing to do here is to shut up and take what you're given. If they wanted to be sly about it, they could communicate this message (we're being treated unfairly, everyone else is out to get us and so on) internally through Weibo etc. to their Chinese audience while keeping the international message more neutral and not inciting more conflict in an event that is meant to be **FUN** first and foremost. I can only speak for myself but this whole mess has certainly tainted my enjoyment of MSI considerably.


Interesting decision from RNG PR team. They were given an advantage. Doesn’t matter that they didn’t know, this is the only way to equalize. If RNG had lost any of their games and found out it was because of inequality, I’m sure they would have wanted a rematch.


RNG gets special accomodation from all teams to compete in MSI: They take it for granted Riot makes them to play three more games to foster a level playing field: unfair treatment


When you're used to priviledge , equality feels like opression" it's all i can say about that rng comment. Jesus christ....they have the gall to be mad about this as well.....


OP cant even copy the post without removing some words....


Stirring up drama is what reddit is all about


RNG please. You had so many moments to take the high ground and you do this? After getting criticized for no cams despite some computers having webcams, they on the 2nd day remove the webcams. Riot gave them an excuse for not having headphones (why they have the MSI banners we'll have to just skip I guess). The fact that everyone is playing on an artificial ping because of them and they tweet that?


Riot did also say they thought about player cams but decided against using them to maintain a stable bandwidth.


It's definitely a bad look, this entire tournament has been shaped around allowing them to compete and now they're getting upset because they have to play an extra 3 games against wildcards to compensate.


Oh others cant play on low ping because of us,but when something goes wrong because of it why punish us? classic


I mean what the hell do they want? They are allowed to play the tournament even tho they cant actually attend it. How about that? At other times during the pandemic the VCS team couldnt attend worlds cause of their quarantine rules. Were they allowed to play remotely? No they missed the whole worlds tournament. If they cant attend the tournament directly cause of their countries quarantine rules why should the teams who can, be affected negatively?


If RNG wants to talk about unfair treatment, them even playing in the tournament is way more unfair to the other teams that have to play on 35 ping just because another team cant make it.


We can use artificial ping to hinder teams that actually showed up to the event. Surely, nothing can go wrong here.


Riot just doomed this event before it even started. What an incompetent company as far as managing event goes.


I still dont understand why the whole tournament is forced to play like this. Shitstorm was guaranteed at the moment Riot decided the 35 ping rule. In VCS, GAM refused to play due to SEA games, and they send their second place here. If RNG has any difficulty,LPL can just send other teams outside of Shanghai to play. How is there an argument of potentially no LPL representative in MSI? And the whole situation is unfair to everyone in MSI. RNG should stop playing as a victim, bad PR indeed.


Imagine if they just you know, held the tournament without them like literally any other sport or contest would do. It’s a shit tournament with a shit format, therefore it’s a sham and a joke.


I think this is fine for RNG to say in any other circumstance but the fact that every team is playing with this shit fake 35 ping changes makes it distasteful to aay out loud.


On the one hand, I agree that coming to this conclusion this late is kinda lame. However, Riot is not against RNG. They could’ve easily said “them’s the breaks” like they did with the VCS last year. But no. They found a way for them to compete. Is the situation annoying, sure. Is it against RNG? Not in the slightest.


Hot take: LAN tourny should stay 100% LAN


They shouldn't have let RNG participate remotely at all, IMO. But since Riot decided they *would*, it is still unfair to RNG that they have to pay for Riot's mistake. But not replaying would be unfair to the other teams too. Just accept it's a shitty situation with no perfect answer. That said, RNG is well within their rights to throw a bit of shade given the situation. I was expecting some malicious compliance like them saying "If another issue is found, please don't hesitate to require another round of replays - we're happy to stomp these fools as many times as is required."


Just one thing: If RNG were 0-3 and has to replay due to the pin diff, will reddit think it's fair? If not, then there's no proceducal justice here at all.


rng tryna play the victim card now? what LUL


Headphone ✗ Fair Ping ✗ Referee ✗ Cam ✗ Sportsmanship ✗ RNG ✔


Yeah totally fair that team had to play with a higher latency while they don’t I rather trust G2 who know how a ping near 35 feel than RNG




I mean…….we could have just proceeded without RNG. Letting them play remotely was a gift to begin with.


I hope RNG forfits MSI, it'll make everyone happy and way less drama


Hard agree, they shouldn't waste their time on this Mickey mouse tournament and instead prepare for LPL summer. With the durability patch the game is going to change massively.


And **THIS** is why PR 101 is important boys and girls. Whoever wrote that post or translated that to English should be fired ASAP. Whilst it is true that the situation is indeed rather unfair for RNG, that tweet just single-handedly almost make me want to not defend RNG from all of the sinophobia that has been going around. There are SO MANY ways to word that statement without offending literally everyone other than CN fanbase and sounding like entitled children, but here we are. If this is indeed word-for-word translation of RNG statement, then it shows that they only care about their CN fanbase, which is perfectly reasonable, by playing into the “outsiders are evil bastards doing everything to undermine Chinese people” narrative. Again, that narrative is somewhat true with all of the sinophobia going around but fucking hell, that is a massive slap for all of us RNG sympathizers, not even necessarily their fans cause that leads us to think that “we’re the same as those sinophobic people, nothing more nothing less in their eyes”.


A sportsman sucks it up and competes anyway. RNG pretend they don't care but yet they start drama on Twitter.


Lmao THEY think they are getting treated unfairly. Get fucking real. The whole tournament is fucked because of Riot trying to cater to them.


Having to play 3 more matches can feel unfair for them for sure but in the first place, the other 10 teams all flew to Korea and finished the quarantine there for a LAN event. If I were RNG, I would feel sorry for the other 10 teams tbh. "I didn't want to join MSI anyways" "China offers the viewership tho?" This kind of attitude won't do anything good for RNG imo. Riot messed up the whole thing so bad.


“It is unfair to us that our logistical advantage is being taken away. I thought tencent had our backs and wanted us to win :(“


you know what is unfair? that rng had like a month of practice adjusting to 35 ping while all the other teams have been playing and adjusting to the wrong ping


Well, some teams practice under 30 ping like teams in LCS and some teams play under 7 ping like teams in LCK. Blaming all teams that have scrims or soloq under 30 ping will make your words look more fair.


The only "Unfair" thing is the fact that the whole tournament is catering to one region's ping.


what a childish response from them. RNG officially lost my respect


Ha, what a ridiculous statement to make They're playing on preferable treatment, everyone else is adapting to them, and now they're mad when their preferable treatment turns out to cause harm to others I lost respect for this team indefinitely, tho I suppose one western reddit user is far less important than the millions of angry Chinese fans


This is getting actually ridiculous. From what I've seen on Twitter, now you are a sinophobe if you criticize LPL/RNG or call out Riots favouritism towards LPL.




I mean, every team already had to accomodate to them missing MSI by playing on ping. If there is an unfair advantage and the artificial ping is higher it's literally biased in favor of rng. Imo the solution should just have been that teams can attend remotely but that just means they have to play on more ping. The difference between 35 and 70 ping is much higher imo than between 0 - 35 ping. at 35 ping the game is still very playable, at 70 it's extremely laggy. however, way worse than a constant delay is packet loss where you can't forsee it. a lot of this would have been avoided had riot not done the artificial ping bullshit. that being said, RNG will still probably finish their group 1st even with rematches.


"unfair" is about that they are allowed to play remotly instead of getting VSC'd or the rematch of their games?


I feel bad for them at first but now I'm starting to get irritated. The way they play the victim is disrespectful to the other teams especially to the groups they are with and saying they had "unfair treatment" when it was discovered that they have ping advantage is irksome. Riot made the right decision this time.


it’s kind of hilarious almost mocking that some of the chinese defenders will completely ignore all the other regions also affected by the ping and blame korea and t1 for riots stance. What about all the other region pro players talking about the ping lol. Its like the asian games came early. They are same as the the korean fans wilding accusing rng for cheating.


I mean, stupid people here and there but riot is the one to blame for this shitshow.


Hysterics also splashing like a Magikarp to stir up drama just because he has nothing else to do given he's been excluded from MSI and Worlds each year. Starting to see why.


As much as I'd love to see that guy jobless, nothing will happen. As plenty of reddit users have mentioned, Riots biggest market is China, and hes a LPL caster. Hes doing this cuz he knows he has millions of chinese fans behind his back. Its honestly fucking insane


typical "not losing face" stuff.


Honestly, this is a lose-lose situation for RNG. if they win, they will be called "cheater", if they lose, people will say RNG can't even win without cheating. or something worse. IMO riot should remove fixed 35ping shit. Let everyone play with 0 pings and let RNG play with their ping


Which unfair treatment?


Unfair treatment after receiving special treatment. Lol


Unfair? Lmao RNG needs to touch some grass. The entire tournament had to play with disadvantages just to make it fair for RNG and now they complain about unfair treatment? Actually too funny. Can't believe people support an organization like this.


The correct take is: RNG got fucked over by riot. Riot still made the correct decision by replaying the games. Not replaying would have been even more unfair.


So, just getting this straight, they get to play from home, with very little supervision, and in order for them to play they have to screw every other region ping, yet they have the audacity to say that Riot is being unfair to them? FFS.


Ah yes the unfair treatment of making everyone play with ping so you can participate and on as even footing as possible. Damn rito, why not just kick LPL out of the league scene if ur gonna treat them like that.


There is nothing wrong to call it unfair from their perspective though, and it sure is not fair for their opponents, either side can call it unfair as much as they want, both sides suffering from unfair treatment doesn't make it fair anyhow. Just remember the only one to blame is the organizer Riot


I figure unfair treatment would of been not being able to come due to restrictions... VCS can relate to that.


Very unprofessional from RNG. Yes, Riot messed up but replaying the RNG matches is the best method to make it 'fair'.


Just glad V5 got spared by this drama & whataboutism.


With the situation as it is right now, I really do wonder how people may have reacted if V5 or TES were the LPL reps instead. RNG is like the TSM of China so it's definitely not helping imo


An absolute mess and shtshow of a tournament. LPL believe they’re the victims while most believe this is the only fair other teams also deserved. A LPL caster even dragged T1 into this. Unbelievable.


Its also unfair that when the VCS couldnt attend worlds due to travek restrictions no one gave 2 fucks bit as soon as Tencents precious chinese team cant participate its better to make the experience worse and unfair to all teams. RNG should stop crying lol