Grow up. That’s all. You’re fine as is.


There nothing to improve. You’re 16. You’re not a skill


I think you look fine the way you are


Stay in school, and work hard at it. Nothing is more attractive on a guy, than an education. Sure-fire way, to look hotter.


Jus grow up a little bro you look good




find a better barber. get something similar to a high-top fade while your hair is short. or Google short haircut styles for men. could grow your hair out again, but your haircut is hella generic and lacks 'style'. I think that's your biggest detriment. other than that, you're dressed decently and will likely continue to refine your taste as you get older. and start lifting weights


First off, you are perfect just the way you are. That was my honest answer as a mom. Now, as a professional stylist, get some hair product like fiber by American Crew (putty). It will add some good texture to it. If you really want to make a massive improvement, start weightlifting. But you don't NEED to....


Longer hair like 2021 suits you best i think


Huh, I think that the 2023 looks the best on him, OP has a good hairline and longer hair covers too much of his forehead, plus the maintenance is low for the shorter hair. But thats my opinion


I mean I like the 2023 look too, but think the 21 looks even better


I happen to consider the photos of you with longer hair, the best. You might skip the short hair and continue to grow your hair longer. I am not sure what you are looking for in the way of help. You look like a typical teen. Outside of the short hair that is rather distracting, and longer hair fits you better; I see nothing wrong here.


Smile! Your a cutie.


Find a shirt size that fits a little better


Better fitting clothes, a little slimmer fit and work out and you’re golden


Grow it be back out like 2021 guy. You looked fantastic then.




With age you’ll look better. You’re just in the awkward stage just try to be patient


Put on some muscle and get some traps and maybe a Chad beard


Grow out hair and get a middle part


Def stick with the haircut in the first couple pics


Try new hair or clothes styles and keep whatever you like You look alright in any of these pictures so just do what you enjoy and makes you happy.


Don’t worry about it much man, just have a good time


Long hair. Styled a bit more. Maybe more casual shoes? They look a bit goofy to me, but I’m also really into shoes. You look better than most men


You're already statuesque, just let yourself grow into that jawline!! You're going to bust hearts in college. (Also I think you looked very nice with the longer hair, it looks super soft and fluffy. People will go nuts for a guy who has good hair ;) )


Maybe try some pomade and style the hair a little.


Honestly you look great already. Clothes don't fit great and your haircut looks like it's a 3 all over home cut. Get a 3 or 4 on top next time with a short back and sides or a fade from 0 to 3 to connect with the top.


you can always try out different haircuts. A high top fade or you could even go all in on the longer hair. Even though you don’t really need it. Other than that your features are proportionate so i think you’ll be fine with whatever you choose. keep your head up dude !!


You'll change so much in the next few years, it really doesn't matter for now. I can see that you look clean and dress decently, you look like you take care of yourself and that's the important thing


Name Man, în the Last pic ur drip, Ur very hansome don't change.


Nothing to improve. You look great!


You look good man, no worries. You got this.


you’re pretty stunning my dude, i wouldnt worry about it


You look fine! I really liked the haircut from 2021. What did you tell your barber/how did you style it? I’m asking for a friend with similar hair type


Shave that pretty face clean


You are handsome I think longer hair would look really nice on you


You’re 16 grow your hair out long, lift some light weights, do crunches, rowing machine 3-4 times a week and in 6 months you will thank me I SWEAR you will be so hot in 12 months you’ll be a model


I know I sound like an old man when I say this, but try to keep a healthy(ish) diet as you get older. You’re looking good now, and I think you’ll only grow into yourself more as you get older. Don’t let a bad diet ruin it


Get older, and move out


Get shorter shorts, 5inch seams. Shop chubbies.com


Longer hair tbh


You’re a good looking dude. I’d agree with others here and suggest weight lifting to bulk up a tad, and perhaps comb your hair to the side or back, but out of your face. Maybe update your wardrobe; buy a subscription to Esquire or GQ. But other than that, just take care of yourself, stay healthy, get a degree and a good job if you haven’t yet, be good to others and yourself, and you’ll have a great life, mate. Cheers.


You sort of look like actor Nathan Fillion. U could rock any of his haircuts. He also wears it longish for most his life. Or shorter like when he played ‘rick castle’ in his tv show.


Better haircut, line up the edges and get a nice cut, also workout more and your jaw line will be more defined. If you can grow facial hair, do that too and MAINTAIN it. Best of luck brotha!


I think shorter shirts/jacket could change ur game a lot. Jacket ends at the top of ur hip instead of down by bottom of ur crotch. It would give you a very put together look. But ignore this if you enjoy your current vibe.


Throw those trainers away mate. I think a shorter, sharper hair cut would suit you better too.


I do agree your hair looks better longer! But also agree that you’re 16 so live your life! You look great.


Honestly bro I think your style is AWESOME. Maybe grow your hair out just a tiny bit more (couple inches) but you already look good bro


You look physically fit and well groomed. The haircut seems a little “boyish”. What I mean is that is doesn’t look styled at all, something more a mom would pic for a kid that makes it easy to brush and then leave it as is. Maybe think about a different haircut, but that’s it. The rest of you is fine. Continue being healthy.


You look like you have a great body. Wear clothes that are more fitted…not too tight…but show it off some. I think a medium length haircut suits you well. You are a handsome guy. Some 16yo guys still look like little kids, but you are looking good man.


Maybe hit the gym? You look good tbh


I agree with the prior lady. Focus on school, get good grades, make something of yourself. You look like a 16 year old kid, and that's OK.


Don't do drugs and don't party too much you'll age well!


You are 16 and handsome, as you get older you will become more handsome and attractive. The thing that can see for now is to let your hair grow somewhere between short and long. Good luck with your future self.


Try longer hair and wait for a beard. You can't do "much" for now, you'll get materials in a few years with a good base


Keep growing the hair, it is full and healthy and nice! Birkenstocks with that blue shirt outfit...


You should embrace the serial killer vibe