Doesn't offer everything (yet?) but you can look stuff up. I had it pinned to see if we could save any of our patients money on things but they didn't have the ones we wanted.


Looks like it just started in january so theyll prly add more as they go


When they first started (in January I think?) they only offered topamax. I just checked today, and they now have sumatriptan, rizatriptan, propranolol, topamax, and the generics for depakote and depakene, so they keep adding more! Hopefully they'll expand their selection even more soon!


It's up now. I'm already getting zofran from them. So much cheaper.


It's absolutely 'going', we use it for multiple medications. It's fast, easy and cheap for exactly the same thing we get at CVS/Walgreens, etc. Not every medication (like insulin) is available, but so many are.


Look up xubex.com too. they only do 90 day supplies, so bulk cuts costs.


I just signed up and I’m calling my doc tomorrow to get my scripts sent. Most of what I take is on their list!


I sure hope they will add nurtec to it soon!


They only offer generics so it’s gonna be awhile for nurtec


That’s the first thing I checked too!! Along with Ubrelvy. It’s generics only though, so I don’t have super high hopes that it will become available there, but there’s a section at the bottom that says to let them know what drugs you’d like to see, and your email so they can notify you if they ever get it. So it doesn’t hurt to try!


do you use the patient program from Ubrelvy? I get mine at no cost.


Alas, I am currently uninsured. I hope to try the medication one day!


Have you tried Cove? I don’t know exactly what they offer but it might be a good option if you’re needing migraine care. :hugs:


Thank you so much for the suggestion however I do have a neurologist who works with me despite having no insurance! I am on medications for migraine already, I would just love to see the CGRP meds more available (and affordable) to everyone!


Ahhh got you! I’m glad you have care, being uninsured in America with a health condition is the worst.


I have Medicaid so I get mine for no cost as long as they approve it. My Dr told me that if they would not approve it you can go to the Nurtec website and either get it for free or at a big discount. Not sure if you’ve tried yet, but I was pretty impressed that they would do that.


In like another 23 years maybe. Drug patents are 25 years before anyone is allowed to make a generic.


Patents are 20 years.


I'm so happy for my US sufferers! :D I live in Austria and I don't have to worry about getting my meds. I'm on sick leave and I get free health insurance. Usually when you work you pay for prescriptions around 6 euros. For that you get your meds. Sometimes I don't have prescriptions and my pharmacy allows me to then buy my Migraine meds privately for around 30 euros and when I bring the prescription I get the money back. That only works because the pharmacy knows me. I wish health care was everywhere like that.


He's a HERO and will shake up the money gougers in USA. I am in Australia and it's much cheaper here, so very unfair for Sick USA people! Great post ❤ My migraine pills (Triptans) are about $2AUD each (or 1.44 USD) on a concession.


[https://costplusdrugs.com/medications/categories/migraines/](https://costplusdrugs.com/medications/categories/migraines/) The biggest innovation Cuban is doing is refusing to work with insurance companies. That eliminates most of the overhead.


Honeybeehealth.com has been offering prescriptions at lower cash prices than my insurance copays for years as well. Unfortunately a lot of my meds can't be sent by mail anymore so I can't use honeybee anymore but I loved it when I could. For all I know Mark Cubans is better but they also can't offer my meds so I do not know. Personally I don't love how mark Cuban and his pr team have been marketing this as purely 100% altruistic philanthropy when they are still turning a profit. Just because the markup isn't as high as insurance, does not mean it's out of the goodness of his heart. (Which yeah I know the whole capitalist system is designed to pit people against one and other so the super rich can get super richer, but my point is I don't like how they're pretending)


I hear you. Its a start tho. Sumatriptan are 9 bucks for 30 days on this one. Ill have to check out honeybee


Sumatriptan is even less with goodrx. https://www.goodrx.com/sumatriptan?optly-test-group=bds_sponsored_listing_cwf




If you dont have insurance its incredibly cheap


For 30 a month? I am only able to get 9 a month through my insurance.


Why do things need to be absolute? Sure he’s not a non profit but he’s making extremely expensive drugs wildly more affordable. Can’t we just appreciate that rather than criticize? Cost of Healthcare has been one of the biggest pain points for average Americans and he’s at least doing something about it


>Can’t we just appreciate that rather than criticize? Not when it comes to the extremely rich who have massive influence over our economies and politics.


So you’d rather have drugs be incredibly expensive than have someone like Mark Cuban make them more accessible? Tell that to a family who can’t afford medications


>So you’d rather have drugs be incredibly expensive That does not at all follow from what I said, and it's frankly ridiculous to try and twist it that way. EtA: I'd also much rather have universal health care than having to rely on rich people's PR stunts, which probably will turn openly exploitative eventually, if they're not already secretly that.


He's not making extremely expensive drugs wildly more affordable. Other organizations have already been doing that for years. See goodrx.


Isn't that better, really? If you know his motivations and it benefits both parties, isn't this the ideal scenario?


>The whole capitalist system is designed to pit people against each other so the super rich can get super richer? Do they not teach economics in school anymore? How do you think the meds you take were developed? Or the phone you're using was designed? An efficient market adds value at every transaction.


This is true, but you guys in the states are still getting shafted on med costs. A box of sumatriptan here costs me €6


Your point is good - even if that example might not be the best. The problem tends to be with brand-name meds. Generic sumatriptan is $14/box without insurance here at Costco. Branded "Imitrex" is $293/box. An "Ajovy" injector is $509. It's also problematic that healthcare is tied to your employer here - especially for a country that prides itself on entrepreneurship. It's almost like serfdom. It makes it onerous and expensive to work for yourself. We need reform. Young people need to get involved to fix this. 39% of the U.S. federal budget goes straight to Social Security and Medicare for the Boomer generation - both of which will be insolvent in the next 10 years (and never provide any benefit to younger people). There are models the U.S. could look to fix this (including the NHS, and the FEHB) - but it doesn't help anyone if millennials/Gen Z throw their hands up and say "capitalism is designed to pit people against each other." (It's really troubling that so many people here seem to agree with this!) Without the free market, there would be no sumatriptan. It's our implementation of the market system that's the problem.


I don't understand, [https://costplusdrugs.com/medications/categories/migraines/](https://costplusdrugs.com/medications/categories/migraines/) says that you pay 230$ for sumatriptan in America, is it true? Sound like total bs.


If you don’t have insurance I’d bet it’s probably pretty close. If my insurance doesn’t cover something I use goodrx most I’ve paid so far is $12


If it costs 12$ online, where does it cost 230$ then, and why? Doesn't make any sense.


The whole racket doesn't make sense. There's a web of deals between medical providers, insurance providers, and the pharmaceutical companies that determine prices. Because of this you don't know how much it will cost until you do research or get to the checkout.


The price of treatment is concealed from the buyer by the insurance, the price of the insurance is concealed from the buyer by the employer. This double-cover creates all kinds of bullshit. But it gets worse, because insurers use their position to leverage deals on prices, so providers inflate their prices. Everyone in medicine is lying about costs, no one pays $230.


That amount on this online pharmacy is for 30 pills. ~$8/pill without insurance sounds right.


Closer to 300. Walmart has discounts that get it down to $65, the cheapest ive found, but then you have to walk into walmart. Much easier to go online for 9 bucks Edit: from all these other comments obviously our problem is were paying in dollars when we should be paying in euros and aud


230.00 -250.00 is about what I pay in midwestern US, so yes, I think this is correct.


That’s crazy! I don’t have insurance at the moment and have switched to Cove for migraine Rx. It’s $25/month for sumatriptan + $4 monthly service fee. Check it out to save some $$$$


Thanks, will definitely check it out! Learning about these options has opened an entirely new set of options for me!


Use goodrx, https://www.goodrx.com/sumatriptan?optly-test-group=bds_sponsored_listing_cwf


No, with goodrx I pay $8. https://www.goodrx.com/sumatriptan?optly-test-group=bds_sponsored_listing_cwf


The biggest problem is not pharmaceutical companies or pharmacy it is middle men who are allowed to hide books and make record profits every year. I doubt they even had less then 30 % profit in last decade


Goodrx has been doing this for years..


GoodRx is great but this is more widely applicable. Not everyone lives near a pharmacy that accepts GoodRx or has good deals with them, but anyone in the country can order from an online pharmacy like this!


This is actually a completely different business model


needs moar insulin


This is a great development. The world needs more billionaires like him, that care about humanity and want to help people with their money. Beautiful


please tell me this is true!


Sadly mine aren’t included.


this is is amazing for my zofran alone!