I spent around $1000 on tools and supplies to save $200 by making this DIY Eurorack case!

I spent around $1000 on tools and supplies to save $200 by making this DIY Eurorack case!


Upvote for finger joints!


That was my first thought. Looks good!


Eurorack in a nutshell. Next step is to spend $1500 on modules that can sound like a pair of $30 bongos.


or like an 8 bit sample of some $30 bongos! ;-)


p i n g e d f i l t e r s s s


Looks great! If you make two or three more you can sell them and cover the cost of materials :D


Yeah it would be expensive to sell. The rails and power supply alone were around $300.


Have you seen the prices of nice Eurorack cases lately? They're not exactly cheap, and your looks well made. The joinery looks great, nice job!


Thanks! Yeah the current prices are what encouraged me to make this. I think the cheapest I saw for a 6U 104HP case was around $300. If I streamlined my process and practiced a little bit, I could probably be competitive with the higher end models. Thanks for the encouragement, I wouldn’t even know how to market them though. Maybe Etsy.


104 6U for $300? Ummmm can you point me in that direction please? Jokes aside, this looks neat.


I was referencing the Arturia Rackbrute which is $360 and 176 total HP.


The Behringer Go is a 140 6u for 300usd!


The Tall Dog Simple Skiff which is a stackable case looks pretty great. Would work out a little over budget with the power but not much. https://www.ctrl-mod.com/products/simple-skiff-3u-104hp-v-2-expandable-case?_pos=10&_sid=c855f0ccc&_ss=r&variant=39381544796214


could also use something like shopify, shit maybe you could even sell it as merch on bandcamp if you have a page with them but really a lot of people do custom cases and things like this and market through social media, taking commissions from interested scrollers


Is there anything in the rules of this sub that says you can't market your own home made cases on here?


The journey is the reward! I did the same thing. Yours look nicer, though


A little more information: the body is Poplar with Purple Heart wood inlays. The inlays were actually an accident after I cut a groove for the bottom piece on the outside face by accident. I decided to cut grooves everywhere and add the inlays which turned out to look really good! Fun fact about Purple Heart wood: it is naturally a purple color, but if not protected it will fade to a brownish-purple. I think that’s cool so I didn’t protect it with a UV-resistant finish. Just Tung oil. This way , its appearance will change over time.


The county cut down a bunch of poplars nearby and I thought the discoloration in the middle was a sign it was rotten. It sounds so much cooler to call it "purple heart". The first thing I thought when I saw all the wood was "shit I need to make a modular case out of that" but with only a skill saw and a jigsaw I don't think I will have much luck. I kinda wanna make a solid body case where I chisel the cavity but that's probably masochistic and I should just buy the boards.


To clarify, the purple strips are a hard wood called Purple Heart. They aren’t a part of the poplar, but I know what you’re saying about the discoloration. Mine had some almost greenish tint to them so I embraced it and put those sides on top haha then I messed up and ended up flipping it around. You could make one easily with just 4 board pieces cut from a jig saw if you skipped the fancy joinery. You’d have to figure out how to add a bottom though.


“/spent 1k on tools to start case business” is what it looks like to me


Won't have any spare time to make bleeps!


But now you have tools forever.


And a case that will last forever


A case that can be used to store tools once you get bored with Eurorack and sell all your modules.


Never! Although when I finally got all my modules in there I felt a little bit like “all that for this?” 🥲


Looks great. 1000 dollars for learning a valuable skill and a fantastic looking eurorack case is a steal imho.


Give a man a Eurorack case, and he’ll have one Eurorack case. Teach a man how to make a Eurorack case, and he’ll have as many Eurorack cases as he wants.


looks pretty good! you taking orders?


DM me if you are really interested!


DM'd I am looking for an uncommon size skiff and really like the look of this




Pretty much saving the same with my synth diy, bought 3 different soldering tools, literally endless components I'll never use, storage solutions that are never enough, lights, shelves, PCBs in multiples I'll never use, not to mention literal days searching for info and products online...but think of the savings!


Welcome to eurorack. Where the more money you spend the less obvious of what you’re doing it becomes


I upvoted it on r/woodworking and I’m upvoting it here. Looks great. I plan on following in your footsteps later this year. Which rails did you end up using?


2x Synthrotek 104hp. They worked grewt


Apparently that dude who owns Synthrotek is a huge pro-life asshole. I used to buy his stuff but when I found that out I sourced rails/frames from somewhere else.


Oh yikes I didn’t know. They just had decent prices. I’d be interested in another source for my next one.


Yea, neither did I. Most of the good frames and rails I've found have been from the EU so there is a little bit of an extra cost since I'm in the US, but they've been good quality. [https://modularsynthlab.com/](https://modularsynthlab.com/) has been awesome! I got a 4U 104hp (1 row of intellijel) that's been awesome to have. And I got an additional 3U row to expand that case with. I've also purchased just side plates from [https://www.etsy.com/shop/DuluthRackandRails](https://www.etsy.com/shop/DuluthRackandRails) and they're great quality too. Etsy has been suprisingly fruitful for me. Momo Modular has a great shop for MI clones.


Since you have tools now, you might be able to find full length t rails and cut them yourself if you can find the right place to source them from. Cutting aluminum seems pretty straight forward.


Any recommendations?


I bought a $3000 CNC machine so I can do this and make quick custom orders based on my design and maybe recover the costs. LOL. I feel you!


I recovered the cost of my $300 3D printer by designing a cheap ass christmas ornament that holds polaroid film. Eventually shut down my shop because I couldnt keep up with demand. My advice would be to sell high value things like this and not $10 ornaments lol




Good bot




I love box joints


That's some lovely work on the joints


Thanks they didn’t look that nice before I rounded off the edges with 40 grit


You definitely belong here


I bought a 3D printer last summer so I could [print them](https://imgur.com/a/qXRyt52). The blue was my test case and I just finished the white/clear, which I’ll be lighting up with a Strange Electeonics Lightstorm module when I fill it tomorrow after the last two modules for it have arrived.


Nice they look great! I considered going this route. I couldn’t find any good models and didn’t want to spend the time CADing one out.


I used [ these](https://spillerphoto.com/the-sp1-eurorack-case-a-modular-3d-printed-eurorack-case/). It was seeing a post about that a few years back that gave me the idea, but I needed to finish my “buy a house” and “build a home studio” plans before diving into the 3D printing and Eurorack money pits so getting all that and these done feels pretty good.


Haha same! Bought my first house a couple months ago so I had to get some tools for my workshop/shed thing lol cheers and congrats


Nice! Right back at ya!


Really digging your case OP, one day I will get my wood shop back online and make something similar for myself (right now wood is to damn expensive, though I have the hardwood, it’s not the lumber for a proper bench) :) Another design to consider for those interested in printing some case space are these: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/expandable-eurorack-case-blocks I have 6U 104 Hp printed so far and really dig the design. My printer is not set up the best so I have some flaws in my prints, but they get the job done :)


Yeah! Someone else pointed that out to me a little while back. I've got a 4m 40X Pod and even with its deeper (than the non-X version) depth it's a really tight fit getting the ES modules in it and I've been planning a second one so I thin my next case-printing project will be two of those. Print quality-wise, the blue was done with a stock Prusa MK3S. Once I had the general print and assembly process worked out I switched the extruder and hotend for a Bontech BMG + Mosquito Magnum to speed things up a bit and have been pleasantly surprised to see the consistency of my prints instantly jump leagues ahead do whenever you decide to put some time & money into your printer maybe check that out. P.S. I'm the guy who shared the 3D printed cases, not the OP.


I had some elephant footing going on, I have it mostly worked out via some bed temp tweaking, and the last 104 Hp came out a lot better than the first 104 :) It's weird because prior to moving my printer it was doing good, but now it is needing a little tweaking still. It's almost there now, just needs a little more, I was in a hurry to get the rack space printed and was not to concerned with the quality at that point :)


nice tenons


But you learned something new and that half the battle. G.I. Jooooooooe!


Job looks great... attention to detail shows


That all checks out.


Just pulled up Reddit after doing a bunch of research about potentially doing the same thing and had to laugh when this was the top post in my feed. Pretty sure I'd already talked myself out of DIY-ing it, but this is an absolutely beautiful case! Stellar work!


Make a few more and it'll be worth it


You can't buy what you did for $200. You can't learn what you did for $200. You still have your tools.


But your next case will be cheap! Also nice joints




This is the way.


Oh wow! Really nice work. Pretty 🤩




That's a really nice looking case!


Worth it


Yo that joinery is sexy. .


You’re sexy


Title would work great for /r/synthesizercirclejerk


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The truth is you will save so much more in the long run with what you learned along the way. I just bought an intellijel 4U >.<


I love the joint work 🔥


Nice work 👍🏻


ngl, I’ve seen handmade cases selling for a lot more with worse craftsmanship... Probably fill half your case by selling one or two. I’m jealous


Could there be anything that captures the zeitgeist of modular better than that headline?? hahaha But it's a beauty!!! :-)


I'm planning on making my own just because none are available in the dimensions I want I also will use the tools for other stuff what supplies did you need? what roadblocks did you encounter or lessons did you learn that you'd like to share with others attempting this?


I used a table saw with a 3/8” dado stack for the finger joints. Watch some YouTube videos on how to make a finger joint jig and practice with it and get it dialed it perfectly before cutting your final pieces. I used an orbital sander with 40-220 grit to round the edges and smooth everything. The inlays were a bit over the top but I used the same dado stack for that and cut grooves on the bottom inside for the bottom piece to slide into. I bought the rails from synthrotek and it was a bit of a challenge getting the pieces + finger joints to line up perfectly but I rough cut them and made sure there was the same amount of material on the edges, as the thickness of wood. Double check it and trim if you need to. Better to have a 1/4” of wiggle room and trim it down. Finished it with Tung oil. Not much different than just making a fancy box without a top. Lots of YouTube resources helped me. Figure out what depth you want. I went with 5” I think and it turned out to be a little tall. Make sure to account for the offset of the bottom piece if you go the groove route for that. And the thickness of the power supply (tiptop from sweetwater). Best of luck! I’d love to see what you come up with


dammit, if I had room for a table saw in the garage...


I'm going to try and do mine with a skill saw, as I don't have room for a table saw didn't think about the sander, I might have to invest in one of those as well I wont be doing inlays luckily, and will probably attempt an easier joint ​ thank you, should probably be a year or so until I even attempt this, picking up the tools soon, as I need at least one of them for a project, and could practice with the others on some other stuff