Fresh Dread Legion, the strongest unique spawn in Pendor besides Eyegrim should he get fed and reach 3k+ troops or smthn, and its rightfully scary cuz of that.


I love the mods that have bandits strong enough to form feed blobs. Adds a nice jump scare to break stuff up occasionally and they are still a dynamic entity that can be dealt with. Loved playing Star Wars Conquest when the storm trooper deserter death blobs would just casually defeat the entire Empire trying to siege my stuff.


Bandits never really get that big in Pendor from what i’ve seen, instead it just spawns whole armies of this size occasionally.


That army will start taking prisoners. It’ll have 500 prisoners within the week if there are a bunch of wars going on. Eyegrim once had like 1100 I think in one of my games.


Yes ik it will, i’ve had a dread legion do that specifically, i was referring to bandit groups.


I think its partially how Warband handles bandits sadly. Star Wars Conquest aside from also being a mount and blade 1 mod, also had the advantage of the average underequiped force presenting much greater a force when backed up by 40-50 elite deserter stormtroopers, meaning they often build unstoppable prisoner armies once they got lucky and became able to take out generals. I had a game where the Empire was temporarily steamrolled by an almost wiped out rebel army early on because a random bandit army captured half the Empires leadership while they were seiging endor. I'm not sure if Warband prisoners can even be recruited by bandits.


One of my best battles in Pendor was vs a stack of 7000 army dread legion. She took out an elf lord who had thousands of prisoners, then became untouchable until the end. That battle took hours.


Eyegrim is running around at 4999 in my Pendor campaign. One of those endgame goals.




This whole screenshot looks like colored butter, makes me wanna eat the land


Playing at lowest graphics moment.


Dread legion seems an apt name


Eh, I always found the dread legion to be one of the easier spawns to deal with due to the priestess' poor armor, and the anaconda knights are pretty squishy as well. Eyegrim was for sure the worst if you let him build a stack of those demon fuckers. After that, probably the three sisters imo.


Dread Legion is the absolute hardest imo, serpent priestesses hit really hard due to their weapons and high STR, Anaconda Knights are on the same level as KO knights, even if on the weaker side of KO knights, and vanguards are stronger than most units in the game and matched only by few. Devoured are the only weak units in her army because Dread Legion Infantry is also really strong due to high STR. I just defeated Eyegrim and took relatively few casualties, Dread Legion will probably do wayy more because almost every unit in their army is very powerful, the player rarely gets the numbers and good quality units to match it alone, which means you need a marshalled stack, except a marshalled stack has tons and tons of trash factional units.


>Dread Legion is the absolute hardest imo not even imo. the devs designed them to be the strongest. they are tested to be the strongest, and are objectively the strongest. and Asp Vanguards were also carefully balanced to be equal to Noldor Twilight Knights (run a 1000 vs 1000 and they'd be dead equal), and are weaker only to one unit (obviously Demonic Magnus).


yep this is the only unique spawn that i couldnt beat in field battle, the only time i managed to beat the dread legion is when they are attacking a settlement


Wasn't the snake cults entire thing being good equipment poor stats in their troops?


That goes for the armsman and Cobra Warriors sure, not that dread legion spawns with those, however their anaconda knights have 8-7-7-7 skills with 350 profs. Far from bad. Serpent priestesses have a bit less. Vanguards have quite good gear, 10-9-9-9 skills and 500 profs.


lol huh. Three Seers doesn't even crack the top 5. if I had tested further I suspect they might not even crack the top 7. the top 5 is (current POP version): 1. Dread Legion 2. Aeldarian 3. Ithilrandir 4. Eyegrim at 1k 5. Syla Uzas I have a feeling that 6 and 7 would be contested between Rasmus and possibly even the Jatu spawns (smaller in numbers but 100% cavalry composition).


Yeah, I just meant from my own personal experience. I think it was just a pacing thing for me. I started on the Ravenstern side of the map, so by the time I had expanded my empire to the dread legion spawning grounds, I was pretty late in the game.I think that just made them seem easier because I was already setup with my sapphire rune bow, a fully decked out cko, and had crushed a bunch of qualis gem potions to max out my stats as much as possoble.


Last playthrough of mine I had a bunch of the snake knight dudes trained up from snake cultists I took prisoner or recruited, great troops for how easy they are to get.


running through tests, Dread Legion is objectively the strongest spawn by far, excluding Eyegrim since his strength varies over long periods of time, but I suspect a 2k Eyegrim is still significantly easier than Dread Legion at their typical 1k.


Doesn't matter if they're squishy if there are hundreds of them


I kite them into a Noldor army and then join in the fun.


unless you're at least 50% as strong as the Noldor army, you'd be watching that Noldor army die


Not a good idea considering the biggest counter to Noldor is good heavy, something the dread legion has hundreds of, and even if you win, theres a 100% chance you will not capture Maltise if Aeldarian or Ithilrandir arent in the fight. Though thw Noldor should win if the terrain favors them, we all know the AI isnt good enough to properly use good terrain.


How to deal with any spawn army in this mod? Kite them into a city with your personal group, then laugh as they get mown down climbing up ladders. Don't forget to have unlimited reinforcement waves so they die against those walls too.


How the hell do you even defeat them?


Sometimes these big armies attack towns, so you can take your chances at a siege defense. Even more rarely these big armies (theres many more than just dread legion) will find each other on the map and fight on the field so you can take one of their sides to defeat the other if your relations with one of the 2 sides isnt so low that it bars you from joining them, though this would almost definetly not work on the one in the screenshot. The most common way you beat these are doomstacks, something easy to do as marshal as you can just call everyone to campaign and have like 2.5k+ numbers, although there will be heavy casualties, this is the most common way these large armies are beaten.


200 ravenstern rangers perched on a mountaintop. Defeated multiple 400-800 spawns using that. Maybe you'd need 350-ish archers for this one though, or kite lords into it until it's on \~700.


Who needs ravenstern rangers when you have CKO with mettenheim arbalests.


Never played Pendor, what in tarnation is an anaconda Knight?


Take human Give human snake skin, weapon, armor and armored horse. Thats an anaconda knight, they're fairly strong.


I could see that kind of opponent giving medieval peasants some trouble on the battlefield


There are stronger units available to me, and i do have them in my army and fiefs in fair numbers, and if this was just 300 anaconda knights i'd say i could win with just my current army even if it'd be challenging, but its way more than that and anacondas arent even the strongest units in that army its the 50 vanguards that are the strongest.


I rly gotta check out modded Mount and blade someday


Mods are a lot of fun, i do recommend checking them out someday, they can bring a lot to the table.


Pendor is a pretty wild mod, with different factions. Added to that are unique spawns, i. e. mega-armies that randomly spawn from time to time and are not alligned with any of the "setteled" factions. One of those spawns are snake-themed religious fanatics. https://pop3.fandom.com/wiki/Spawns