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PJ getting Giannis' signature shoes before him is possibly the biggest sneakerhead flex of all time.


That is legitimately absurd lmao


Giannis literally gets paid got these shoes and now his teammate somehow has it before him lmao wtf


never doubt a millionaire sneakerhead


PJ working a Oceans 11 style heist at the Nike sweatshop


Smash cut to Brad Pitt munching on some Fritos while hijacking a Nike truck straight outta the factory garage


Oceans x Fast and Furious cinematic universe 2022


its a face off to see who get the loot first. but its complex. Oceans gonna charm their way in, FF gonna brute force it.


FF gonna family it


You dont turn your back on family


PJ: You son of a bitch, I’m in!


This dude Mayor (google mayor sneakers) snatched a pair of lebrons, that lebron hadn't released yet, and was supposed to wear for the game that night (or so the legend goes). PJ has a guy that has some sort of insane hookup. Supposedly it is some random dude nobody knows. Gets him shit like cheetah yeezy 2s - Like 3 exist and Kobe owned one of them


They have plugs working on the inside


100%, after all he makes them a shit ton of money I'm sure


Lol Giannis probably doesn't give a fuck and just wears whatever shoes that got sent to him per his contract.


I believe that Giannis ain't going to be wearing a prototype shoe or the first shoe off the line. Nike is going to custom make his shoes that are moulded for his feet.


I’ve never thought about this before but I’m super curious about what shoes players wear and what’s done to them to personalize them for each foot. Does anybody have any knowledge about this type of thing?


Yes. Players typically get what are called PE’s, player exclusives. These shoes are made custom for each players specific foot. Players under contract get sent shoes to wear each month depending on what is dropping. Companies encourage players to wear and promote certain styles but it is ultimately up to the player to decide which shoe to use.


Also, players shoes have less “padding” than what is sold at stores, so they’re essentially already broken in. This is because consumers need shoes that can be worn a bunch of times and can last a long time, so they have thicker material. This keeps them from wearing out too soon. NBA players get brand new shoes very often. Some every game, others every 10 games, etc. Whatever they prefer. They don’t need to worry about them wearing down, hence them being brand new and already having the feel of being broken in. So yeah, the shoes you buy at your local Foot Locker or wherever are *not* the same shoes that these guys are wearing.


Yeah I remember there was controversy a while back that Curry 6 retails had cut out outsole for more flexibility while his actual PEs had a solid outsole and was more durable than the retail. https://cdn.weartesters.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/UA-Curry-6-ICON-Traction-Update-1.jpg


Isn’t that the opposite of what that commenter said?


Lots of big men get special makeups to high versions of the regular releases. All the 90s centers played in super high models. Scottie Pippen liked zoom air better than air max so he had Pippen 1s with zoom. Probably a million more examples of PE differences.


And PJ Tucker might end up in that statistic saying former athletes go bankrupt in 5 years...


Expensive sneakers aren’t the most depreciating assets. He’ll be fine.


Giannis hasn't even seen it. Wtf lol


Honestly Giannis was shocked


250k of diamonds on your shoes not a bad flex either


Didn’t he also get carmelo’s Puerto Rico select shoe that supposedly was only given to a few people? I think he wore them the day they were given out too


I'm late to this post, but those aren't the freak 3's, they're the Giannis Immortality shoes. They're the budget model of his shoes. It's still cool he got them first though.


250k in diamonds in a damn shoe. Talk about two different worlds lol.


Talk about two different outfits though. $250k on the shoes while wearing an outfit you'd find at Hot Topic in 2004.


His shoes are from Rodeo Drive His outfit is from Flavortown


He’ll never be the mayor of Flavortown but he definitely has a key to the city.


>outfit you'd find at Hot Topic in 2004. LOL So accurate, reminds when Insane Clown Posse was real popular lmao


woop woop


Wearing disproportionately expensive shoes but trashy looking clothes is just another one of those things that only either really poor people or really rich people do


Fashion is just wack man lol That's why I can wear whatever the fuck I want cause who the fuck gonna say otherwise


thats that triple d guy fieri fit bro


Looking like Bam Bam Bigelow.


>Talk about two different worlds lol. Basically how Giannis introduces PJ's shoes too. Post-Finals game he was like "this guy is wearing a HOUSE on his feet." There's a Bucks story from a staffer that Giannis used to count every oreo in the box and kept track if anyone else ate one. Dude grew up having to be very careful about having enough food for his brothers/parents, so I think he's only half-joking when he makes fun of how much PJ spends on shoes. He also thinks its crazy.


You can also tell yannis is like, eh ok dude and doesn’t think its super cool


How did you misspell *Giannis* when it’s spelled correctly in the comment that you replied to???


Reminds me of when players were first showing up for the bubble and were acting like their 4 star hotel was Guantanamo Bay conditions in the midst of a pandemic that put a huge portion of Americans out of work and struggling to make ends meet (before the more PR savvy stars came in and shut them down). Reality is once you hit a certain amount of income, your existence is completely separated from the existence of normal people.


Cue Steven Adam’s: “Let's be clear: This is not Syria. It's not that hard ... We're living at a bloody resort,"


Right lol $250k would be life changing money for a majority of the world. This man is just walking around with them on.


I'm concerned that it might be life changing money for *him* in about 10 years. PJ Tucker does not have "$250k shoes" money, unless shoes are one of the only areas where he's spending like that.


At with his collection and reputation, he can easily leverage being a “shoe guy” into a career after he leaves the NBA, so long as the market holds. He can do a podcast, show, write articles, flip shoes, do more designer collaborations, have a store, whatever. I agree it’s ridiculous and he doesn’t have “$250k shoes” money, though.




PJ Tucker is the NBA’s biggest sneakerhead so it’s actually entirely possible it’s the only area where he’s spending like that.


Did you see what was around his neck??


Mofo probably can unload half of his collection and make a huge profit lol


Exactly. Those shoes instantly gained value the second he put them on. “Game” worn game 6 shoes.


He probably gets sponsorships because of his unyielding love for cool kicks tho, so he can pay for a few 250K diamond-studded shoes.


He does those ebay shoe commercials at least. Probably one of the fews guys that rep and product they actually use haha


Signed a 6 year deal with Nike in 2019, I think he'll be alright


Plus those shoes actually increased in value the second Giannis touched them lol


Conveniently ignoring the $10k's of jewelry he also had on in that video lol


This man could sell his sneaker collection and be a millionaire overnight just from that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMOyRZua-48


I'm concerned that it might be life changing money for him in about 10 days. Someone might see this video and decide to mug PJ Tucker.




I’d like to see who *could* mug him without a gun. Dude had to guard like Embiid size guys on the Pocket Rockets.


In the potential mugging I was referring to, the potential mugger was using a gun.


Plural muggers and guns


Dude has made 50 mil just off his contracts. He's good bro.


They were gifted to him from what I read.


Probably doesn’t even unlace them when taking them off either smh


Wearin them around like house shoes with the backs all broken from being stepped on.


mowing grass in them


Remember Giannis is the dude that would give his brothers his food at dinner so they weren't hungry because they could afford enough food for everyone. He's the guy who had to share a single pair of sneakers with his brother to play basketball. It's still got to be absolutely insane for him to see that. Also, I love PJ, but that kind of extravagance in general is so fucked up on a macro level.


I can only afford 250k of rubies in mine. I wish I could know what the bourgeoise life is like


smells like poor in here, already got KG on the horn for my black opal-studded shoes


My man, KG ain’t ever letting go of his gems. You got finessed.


It would take real consideration for me to spend $250 on a regular pair.


Dude I bought 200 euros glasses when I was like 15, saved couple of holidays to get them, wore them twice, had horrible time because I was focusing not to damage them and since then they are in a box, chilling I don't think I would ever buy shoes with diamonds on them, you cant wear them properly, you have to care all the time, I can't stress about that. Give me regular Kyrie 7 and I don't have to worry about that.


honestly i get the flex but its lowkey kinda fucked that there are people starving to pay medical bills and student loan debt and other people spending like 6 yearly salaries on a pair of shoes


Maybe those people should try growing to 6’5” and learn how to guard KD


fuck i knew i was doing something wrong


You can say its a rookie mistake


6'5" ?? shit... dyslexia screwed me over, I though it was 5' 6" Now it makes sense why KD keeps dunking on me.


Any NBA exec reading this, if you need a man to get manhandled by Lebron and KD, I'm your guy


I knew I should’ve ate my damn veggies…


It's also fucked up that 6 yearly salaries can be around 250K$


no lie, plenty of people making less than that too


I had to work almost 13 years to get 250K without spending any money and I am well paid for my job and my country (Europe)


You can lose 250k in one surgery in the US, so be happy you have free health care.


That’s over 40k a year. That’s pretty good for most of the world.


According to Pg he didn't pay for them. Just got them gifted


Yeah exactly. As I get older it's been tougher watching the NBA and seeing players casually get $10 million dollar contracts and blow it on stupid shit when that could pay for college for 20 kids and set them up for life. Or get 50 families out of debt. Or pay for health insurance / life-saving surgeries for so many underfunded medical kickstarters. Or so many other real dire needs. And when they do donate it's less than a game's pay, or showing up to an event, or throwing a kids camp. And for that little publicity they are treated like gods. Obviously, they are players like Lebron doing insane things like sending 2300 kids to college but he's the exception, not the rule. This is hella salty and negative for no reason because they get paid how much they make through the league and have no responsibility to pay that back but it just makes you feel shitty as you get older and realize how much power money actually has.


I hear you What actually pisses me off is the team owners. They buy a billion dollar franchise as a hobby, pay these guys tens of millions of dollars and often pay the luxury tax like it’s nothing, but they’re grinding normal employees to dust as they work long hours for shitty 2% raises. PJ buys $250k shoes? Someone else bought the damn Clippers because he was bored.


Buying an NBA franchise in LA is pretty good damn good move financially. Putting 250k worth of diamonds on your shoes, not quite so. There’s a reason why others have their wealth grow, and others go bankrupt when the gravy train stops.


I feel like this is all relative. Americans spending $100 on a dinner for two seems insane to someone starving in a developing country.


Ima put a Lambo on my wrist


You can see Giannis low-key shaking his head watching PJ burning his cash on bullshit purchases. It's like flexing your leased supra to your boss who owns 7 properties.


I know giannis is now wealthy enough to know it’s going to last his family several generations but when PJ told him it’s 250k on a shoe, it almost looks like giannis legit cannot comprehend that amount


250K for a shoe and I'm still trying to wrap my head around Giannis spending $64 at a Chick Fil-A.


Was probably more like $75, the minis alone were 60 bucks lol


Prolly left a good tip too


Do they even accept tips at chic fil a?


As a former employee, the company does not allow us to accept tips.


Giannis may leave quit your job tips.


Never stopped me or any of my coworkers lol


yeah any job telling me not to accept a tip can go fuck themselves.


Not if I put in your pocket. What happens in your pocket stays in your pocket.


Actually have a similar story to this. A regular of mine when I worked there was a wealthy real estate firm owner. He was known for offering $100 tips to his favorites. When he decided to give me one, he balled up a $100 bill around a penny and told me to hold out my hand. I did as I was told, and he then proceeded to drop it into my hand and drive off, leaving me no time to refuse.


Lol this is the way to do it. That guy's a real g for that shit. I always tip when I can, even though I can only afford like $5 max for tips lol.


I know that tips really did make my day, especially in fast food where they are uncommon. So thank you on behalf of everyone else.


That guy is a legend


I worked as a cashier/bagger once, and our convenience store had a policy to use shirts and pants without pockets for this reason. Even still, when I help people get their groceries to their cars, they insist on giving tips. We had a tips jar for this which is shared amongst all employees at the end of the week.


Oh oops. Well the lady taking my order in the drive through is just gonna have to accept that $5 I gave her


PJ Tucker's salary is 7 mill a year(before taxes). this dude is spending like 3-4% of his salary on a single pair of shoes.


I’m trying to imagine spending 3% of my salary on a pair of shoes and it’s still ridiculous.


I could be wrong but I don't think HE paid 250k, but that is what the shoes sell for/are valued. E.g. the designer/owner either gave him the shoes for free to wear or gave a substantial discount to wear them to Game 6/advertise those shoes, like how actresses get ultra-expensive dresses sponsored at award shows to build the brand.


I'm really interested in checking out Mirin Fader's book about Giannis. She's been making the rounds on podcasts to do press and shared some stories. Apparently in his rookie year he bought a playstation and returned it the next day because he felt guilty for splurging on himself. Also, during the same season he didn't have any money for a cab after sending his family everything he could at a Western Union. So he was jogging to their arena in just his warm-up gear and cold weather. A random women recognized him and gave him a ride to the game. He's apparently still adjusting to being wealthy, so his reaction here makes complete sense. Having 250k of diamonds in your shoes is a complete challenge to his worldview and values


I hope this makes headlines to be honest. The dude is the definition of humble and is an amazing role model. I'm glad he won this year, he really did deserve it and the world needs to see him. Brought a championship to Milwaukee, the last place you expect one.


reminds me of the pinnacle of Chris Rock comedy in the late 1990's and early 2000's. dude was making millions and his comedy show and comedy tours were legendary but he still drove his Toyota Camry he had for like 10 years already. he always said its just a car that goes from A to B, why does it need to be fancy. if only more people had that mindset.


In his mind this kind of expenditures would always be weird


hell they're weird in my mind and I am not an African migrant to Greece turned superstar


Maybe I'm just projecting, but I think if you've ever been down bad you realize the value of money. I grew up in a modest background and would waste money on everything. Then I hit a rough financial patch as an adult and even now that I'm back on my feet I watch every dollar I spend. But talking to my friends and seeing my girlfriend's finances, they blow money on bullshit and have like 10 subscriptions they are signed for but don't use.


It's really tough for me to understand how people spend so much on eating out or ordering food in. But I've cooked for myself and family since I was a kid and it's my favorite hobby. Also I've worked a long time in the restaurant industry and an average experience is basically throwing money away in my opinion. Someone else could say the same thing about my spending with shoes and clothing, so I try to keep that in mind when I'm judging the hell out of people who won't even attempt to cook for themselves.


Because he and his family lived off of that kind of money for several years not too long ago...


You are in elite company if you make 250k in 10 years in Greece as a Greek...... Legitimately ,that's like 2000 euros a month for 10 years which comes up to 240k. Few lucky people are making that type of money in Greece. Now imagine being in Giannis's situation which is the poor of the poor in Greece....yeah , it's crazy money.


No they lived off a tenth of that money for a family of five


Probably less than that to be quite honest.


A tenth of that is 25k which might be a generous estimation tio


i like when you called that guy "tio"


I know that the "Giannis sent all his money back to greece his rookie year" story is making the rounds right now, but he was earning like $30k a week as a rookie so I wonder how many times he actually had to do it considering his family was living basically in poverty before he got drafted. Hopefully not more than 2 or 3 times.


he didnt send all his money back, he just couldnt withdraw more via debit card and the taxi wouldnt take debit card so he tried to run there and someone found him.. he never went broke after his first basketball contract, let alone nba contract


They probably never totalled that kind of money. Must have been way less.


This, his reaction says it all


Seriously how does he do this? To have a signature shoe before the actual athlete is insane. He must have a person inside Nike or something.


Honda civics and family - he steals them off a truck


[They fell off a truck](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kccONko4xYE).


Thought that was gonna be the Jason Statham interview where he talked about what he did before getting famous. He said he would sell things that fell off a truck, his friend would push them off the truck but he only sold them after they fell...


F10 featuring PJ Tucker coming 2022




Well yeah he for sure has connections, and he's THE sneakerhead so he's probably always in their ear looking for shit while I doubt Giannis really cares enough to get early exclusives even of his own shoe


It's not about Giannis though. He's got a Nike contract so they'll definitely make him wear them as soon as they can. Especially during a finals? They'd jump at the opportunity. Nike probably weren't even ready to reveal it yet.


That’s not true. These aren’t freak 3’s like the title says. These are the smoothie colorway of the giannis immortality sneaker that Nike released around this time. If they weren’t sold out you could buy them right now. I have a pair of the black ones.


Giannis probably seen that colorway already, but first time seeing it realife. Hes plugged in the design process, and he probably played in the concepts last summer so they can adjust it


or he knows the mailman to Giannis's house.


I feel like Giannis has to be kidding. Maybe it’s different for players with signature basketball shoes, and only *some* signature players are involved in the design process, because they need to be optimized for performance as well as industry technology; but I think basketball shoe designs tend to be done with a level of player involvement. Whether it’s the pressure points on the shoes (I remember the KD 6’s had a flat tongue like a cleat although they’ve moved away from that), traction patterns on the sole, or just aesthetic details; it’d be kinda weird if Giannis didn’t see a shoe until there were enough samples circulating for PJ to buy one. Maybe PJ just knows someone on the design team and asked to do this with the earliest possible sample.


Tucker could probably get his hand on nuclear missile codes with his connections


[Tucker’s connections](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Nardwuar1-photo-rgb_NR.jpg)


"You're PJ Tucker, we HAVE to know!"




DOOT DOOT! *eternal freeze frame*


Nardwuar knows that your second neighbor's cousin you played baseball with at summer camp when you were 8 grew up to work at NORAD.


I fail to see what Luis Scola has to do with this.


highlight of my life was meeting this dude


If they are on sneakers


I’d trust him with them.


You say that like he doesn’t already


Giannis look on his face says it all lol


That look at the camera and laugh off by Giannis after being told it’s worth 250K could be a new gif


He’s a rich boy He don't try to hide it Diamonds on the sides of his shoes


I didn’t know Giannis was a Paul Simon fan.


Giannis is a poor boy Empty as his free throws Empty as his free throws with a championship to lose


"Well, how should I waste a shitload of money today?"


It would have been funnier if: Giannis: Where'd you get those ugly ass shoes? PJ: OH the Freak 3's?? Don't worry about it Giannis: Those mine? How's you get em before me?


those are them? they look nothing like the previews of the freak3's. the ones PJ are holding are way more smooth and white. THey also dont have the rubber on top of the shoe that the freak3 have. I think giannis is just being funny and saying that he likes the shoe. Bein funny that he is saying how did you get those, those are mine! because they look nothing like the freak3 the ones in this video are way fucking better and such a better color scheme anyone know what shoe this is?


It's the Freaks Immortality or something like that. Basically the cheaper $80 alternative to the main Freaks line. Kinda disappointing that the Bucks IG page got the name wrong lmao.


oh okay, thanks for the knowledge.


[They’re definitely some kind of Giannis PE](https://www.instagram.com/p/CRkaRKglC_Y) since they have Giannis’ name and logo on the tongues, but they don’t look like ZF3’s.


Yes they seem to be the "immortality" but in some pink/white combo. Right now there is a championship version coming out and there is a black/white version for $80. When I type in the actual name/color scheme of the shoe it only brings up kids sizes. Finding a pair of these right now seems to run at a minimum of $170, at least online. And Im in a podunk town whose sneaker stores probably dont have these. I like these a lot though.


Yeah, good call. They're the [Giannis Immortality "Force Fields"](https://www.nike.com/gb/t/giannis-immortality-force-field-basketball-shoe-t63B52)


I don't know if it's just me growing up poor and learning to be frugal, but even if I had a billion dollars, I would never put 250k worth of diamonds into my shoes.


According to Spotrac PJ has earned about $50 million lifetime. Take out taxes and agent fees and it is probably half of that net. Which means PJ put about 1% of his lifetime earnings into a pair of shoes.


I mean, it's his money so he can do whatever he wants with it. I have no issue with it. I'm just saying that's not something I would do personally.


PJ had also somewhat built up his brand as a sneaker guy, or THE sneaker guy. He might open up some future revenue streams in the future because of this. I feel like he's one of those guys who's more famous than his career would suggest.


Doesn't he have a shoe partnership with Ebay? He's definitely leaning into his shoe identity. I think it's been lifelong for him going off some articles I've seen. Pretty cool. E:[They partnered last year. ](https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/03/ebay-nba-sneaker-king-pj-tucker-content-deal-houston-rockets.html)


It’s not like those diamonds (and the value locked up in them) is going anywhere. Either they stay on the shoe and it’s a collector’s item, or the diamonds can be removed and resold/reused. Of course, there are questions of how much value a loose diamond is going to lose (IIRC diamonds bought at retail lose a lot of value if you try to flip them in the short term). But it’s not like he just set fire to a stack of cash. (I also suspect that the value of precious stones/metals in stories like this are generally calculated in the same way police calculate the street value of drugs seized in drug busts.)


PJ Tucker: Enforcer of Flavortown


this man might be on an episode of richs to rag one day lol


Imagine seeing PJ at an intersection with a long scraggly beard and wearing his championship ring while holding a sign that says "NEED $$$ 4 SHOES GOD BLESS"


I'd throw him a few bucks... XD


rich people things


When justin said he already had them...I'm surprise giannis wasn't like, "how the hell does everyone have my shit before me?"


I can 100% see PJ being one of the athletes being bankrupt like 5 years after retiring.


Plot twist diamonds are actually cubic and they were meant to motivate Giannis to get his 50


PJ gonna get paid his salary in sneakers.


Vegas odds of PJ going broke within 5 years of retirement?


Except for the fact he’s bought items that he can resale with his money. His sneaker collection has to be worth millions alone.


As a sneakerhead, this is GOAT levels of flexing. He has Giannis signature shoe before he does lol


This is why professional athletes are poor 3 years after they retire.


Although I generally agree the 250k Diamond sneakers is absurd, unlike most professional athletes, there’s a legitimate claim that most of PJ’s sneaker purchases are assets instead of liabilities. The sneaker resale market has created a lot of “self-made” (depending on how you choose to define it) millionaires.


I mean PJ can just sell his shoes if it ever gets to that point. 🤷‍♂️


Hoping this guy still have 250k in his bank account 5 years after basketball.


$250k of diamonds in his shoes and he still dresses like Guy Fieri


PJ really does too much when it comes to shoes.


Eh people have hobbies.


When I gamble away the mortgage payment - "Eh, people have hobbies"


250k on his shoe. Meanwhile I’m deciding if I should eat pb&j or ramen tonight.


Looks tacky


Yeah PJ is gonna be broke after his career is over lol


And this is why pro basketball players go broke. Not even a superstar and he's dropping 250k on shoes.


Can we all agree "All access Game 6" >Space Jam2


PJ Tucker spending $250k on some diamond shoes is an indication he is a dumb mah fuckah


When Sneakerhead goes too far


I bet you if the US government told PJ Tucker that Osama Bin Laden was a ridiculously rare pair of shoes, he would have found him instantly.