Congratulations Prime Minister Bennet!

Congratulations Prime Minister Bennet!


U.S. senator from Colorado Miguelito Bennito?


He said good things, just in the same tone as Milton from Office Space.


Rocking a digital watch... bold move.


[Finally I have an excuse to link this](https://www.reddit.com/r/BennetOrBust/comments/hyx2c2/get_ready_cuz_here_he_comes/)


That post is still accurate 🤷‍♂️


I’m sorry, why am I just now learning that there is a Michael Bennet circlejerk sub? You all didn’t think it important to tell someone???


I've been spamming it for like a year lol I am BUSTING FOR BENNET r/BennetOrBust


Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.


Hoopy Frood comment


Looks like a running watch which are actually kinda neat


Slander of the Ironman digital watch will not be tolerated


It's the objectively better tool


They’re also objectively dorkier than an analog watch.


~~50%~~ 100% 👏 OF 👏 ALL 👏 SENATORS 👏 SHOULD 👏 BE 👏 DORKS




if mods delete this they support Netanyahu 2024 (in the US)


how are Bennet's views on a potential state of Palestine?


> He is opposed to Palestinian independence and strongly supports Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians and much of the international community see as a major obstacle to peace. > Bennett fiercely criticized Netanyahu after the prime minister agreed to slow settlement construction under pressure from President Barack Obama, who tried and failed to revive the peace process early in his first term. [Source](https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/explainer-naftali-bennett-israels-incoming-pm-78255291) So that isn’t promising, but we’ll have to hope that his grand coalition will moderate him.


Was /u/Redburneracc7 asking about Naftali or Michael? 🤔


yeah i read that as michael bennet and was very confused why a coloradan would support settlements


A Colorado Democrat no less To be fair, any Republican would probably support such statements


Colorado Democrats are Center-Left I can see him having a moderate proposal.


A Colorado Democrat no less To be fair, any Republican would probably support such statements


Gotta move liberals into Boebert country




I think he was just appeasing Denver's Ultra-Orthodox community. On a serious note, the fact that an Arab party would support Bennett shows how badly the Palestinians wanted to get rid of Netanyahu.


Well this was confusing because I read that thinking it was Michael Bennet we were talking about. And that didn’t sound right at all.


His government depends on an Arab party. That will probably prevent him from making rash decisions.


Yeah it's great to see Bibi get the boot, but seeing this sub celebrate Naftali Bennet is kinda gross. Although I was shocked when I read your post as the picture is clearly Michael Bennet.


>Naftali Bennet is kinda gross. gross is a strong word


"he's a superhyperultranationalist" is all over the place




im not sure what this comment is saying


He's since softened greatly on this position as part of the new coalition, but I wouldn't expect much from such a government that's more internal facing about prioritizing Democratic reforms


Well we’re fucked.


Not surprising considering what happened the last time Israelis were ready to create an independent Palestinian state, I assume we'll have to wait a few generations before the trauma of the 2nd intifada somewhat fades away.


two state solution has been tried 3 times lol, wait a couple decades this entire issue is a nothingburger, more important things anyway


100% this, outsiders highly overrate how close we are to a 2 state solution, and also the issue of West Bank settlements.


What other issues would you say are more important? Where is Israel more wrong for such a poor reason? Something like the blockade seems like it has a stronger justification for example.


> Where is Israel more wrong for such a poor reason? Israel should prevent it's citizens from buying land and building homes on that land? Because that's what West Bank settlements are. Jews building homes "where theyre not supposed to." More important issues include strengthening economic opportunities and community development for Arabs, which is something Bennett is promising.


If that land is outside of its long-term borders then yeah, it should. If Israel planned on annexing the West Bank and giving full citizenship rights to everyone living there then that would be a different story but I don't think they do.


Israel should prevent it's citizens from building houses outside of its borders?


Yeah, when that land isn't within Israel's borders.


Israel should prevent it's citizens from building houses outside of its borders?


> strongly supports Jewish settlements Shocker, an Israeli wanting to crimea palestinian territory


What if I told you the majority of Israelis don't want that? sHOckInG. It's almost like we're not some monolith hive mind ^shocking


But it continues to happen and people who support it keep getting elected.


If that's the case, then I have to ask why it's literally impossible to elect a prime minister who wants to stop building settlements.


Because in a parliamentary goverment the prime Minister doesn't necessarily represent the majority of citizens


Because behaviour of parties in a parliamentary system can give a lot of weight to smaller parties giving majorities to governments.


Bennett is from like the 5th largest party


Sure buddy, sure. You keep telling yourself you're better than Russia, doesn't make it true


Still better than Netanyahu tbf


>we’ll have to hope that his grand coalition will moderate him That's not going to happen


Bennet would gladly welcome Palestine as the 51st state should it be the will of the Palestinian people, but is concerned about the likelihood of adding two more Republicans to the Senate.


The year is 2028. Minority Leader Mansour Abbas (R-Palestine) has come down hard on critics accusing him of using the filibuster to stall any and all attempts to pass any of President Manchin's legislation. Majority Leader Eleanor Holmes Washington (D-District of Columbia) spoke critically of this blatant abuse of the filibuster, but has conceded that any change would likely be impossible after Congress inadvertently gave statehood to Colombia first instead, who would end up electing controversial Senator Alvaro Uribe (R-Colombia) to the Senate.


\*Eleanor Holmes Norton


Hey. Amash is a libertarian now.


I feel like Israel can't be mentioned for more then 5 seconds without someone asking "what about Palestine"


That's not really whataboutism, they're intrinsically linked.


It’s almost like there’s some kind of humanitarian crisis happening there for the last few decades right?


He is far more radical than Netanyahu, he is a national-conservative lmao


I wish. Yair Lapid is unironically going to be the most Neoliberal world leader in any major country in the last decade when he takes front-stage though, and he’s already de-facto Knesset leader, Coalition leader, foreign minister alternate Prime Minister.


I would bet a lot of money that the coalition doesn't last that long.


Bennet and Lapid: "To foster the continued work of our coalition, everyone gets a mandatory get_along_shirt.jpg"


Fine, it's a bet. Winner gets one ton of bitcoin.


Infinite bitcoin :O


If it falls, Lapid will gain momentum.


It's very hard to predict how elections will go down the line.


Maybe. But if Netanyahu leaves Likud, all the right wing parties could fall in line. The split right now is religious/secular and pro- vs anti-Bibi - and they've proven themselves willing to compromise on the former previously.


Bennett is going to want to make it last long. He’s made himself rather unpopular among the right-wing bloc and would have to restore confidence in some way.




this dude has been my senator for i don’t even know how many years now and i always forget that he exists.


He would've been a great president tbh.


"This won't pass" grimaced McConnell evily as he ripped up the new Coronavirus relief bill "we will not allow Coronavirus relief to go to poor people because I hate the poor, especially the global poor. In fact, I think we should end the shut down but only for Democrats so that Democratic voters can die". The Democratic Party was in a cinch. Either they agree to McConnel's partial quarantine lift which would only effect Democrats and minorities while keeping white GOP voters safe, or they will not get a relief plan passed at all. One by one, the Democrats conceded to McConnell's evil plan, which included measures to end the shutdown in only Blue States, ban mail in voting for anyone under retirement age, would send Thomas Massie to personally sneeze on every elderly Democratic voter and would suspend elections alltogether for another 8 years. McConnell smiled at the success of his evil plan. He has 99 votes already because the cowardly Democrats and Republicans could not stand up to his plan. Just one man opposed his evil plan, and he was entering the building right now. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett was not a man of many desires. He was born in New Delhi, India at an embassy in his father's diplomatic job. His mother being a holocaust survivor. The son of a diplomatic aide a holocaust survivor turned librarian, US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had a very interesting childhood and one full of adversity. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett struggled with a child with dyslexia - he was actually held back a grade because of it. But he overcame this struggle as he does all struggles and got a JD from Yale. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett would go on to have a successful political career, coming from the most neoliberal state, Colorado, which also has great figures like /u/jaredpolis and John Hickenlooper. These three formed a secret society known as the "Cool Colorado Collective" to help defend liberalism in the Trump era. However, the CCC was now facing its biggest challenge yet with the Coronavirus. Jared Polis was busy leading an excellent response to it in Colorado and could not provide backup to US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett in his fight against. As for Hickenlooper, sadly, he was locked in a battle to the death with Cory Gardner in the CCC's effort to secure Colorado US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett was alone in his fight against McConnell. The Democratic Party has conceded and the CCC was busy elsewhere. The only American who had not given up on fighting McConnell's evil plan was US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett himself. But US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had a plan of his own. "Mr. President, may I have the floor" Bennett said to the presiding officer, Mike Pence. "You may" said Pence, twiddling his pen between his index and pointer fingers. Pence, partisan as he may be, was surprised that US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had the willpower to hold on so long. "This should be interesting" Pence mumbled to himself McConnell smirked as US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett climbed the floor. While McConnell knew that US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had incredible political acumen, he thought that there was no way US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett could do anything at this point. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett might be a king, but McConnell had checkmated him. The king had no pieces left on the board, and McConnell had plenty. "Checkmate" McConnell whispered to himself. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett shuffled his notes. He knew that this victory was far from assured, and a lot of political capital needs to be spent. It was a worthy cause though. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett opened his mouth. "This plan is bad. How about instead we just make the Coronavirus illegal" McConnell was stunned. He had not expected this turn of events. "I have the CEO of Coronavirus on the phone and have told him we were shutting him down" "NOOOOOOOO" McConnell screamed. "WE CAN'T INTERFERE WITH PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, THAT'S DISTORTION OF THE FREE MARKET" "You do not have the floor. Shut the fuck up" said presiding officer Pence. "Please continue senator" Pence said looking at US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett. "Thank you. Actually Coronavirus is a negative externality because random people die from it duh" he said, making McConnell once again look like an idiot. "Also in addition to making Coronavirus illegal, my relief bill will allow mailin voting, automatic registration, end FPTP, illegalize NIMBYism and provide low interest loans to any Mexican immigrants offering to start up a Taco Truck on a corner without one" he said McConnell knew that US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had a far superior bill, but thankfully, Republicans were too partisan to support it. The King might be smart, a lone king cannot escape a checkmate. Then US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett reached into his pocket and pulled something out. A folded up piece of paper. He turned towards Mitt Romney. "Hey Mitt, remember how when you were moving from Massachusetts to Utah in order to run for senate I helped you move your couch?" US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett said. "Yeah, you were a big help! Thanks again!" Mitt said US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett unfolded the piece of paper. The senate started murmuring in shock. There were three words clearly written on it. "IOU". Mitt Romney turned to McConnell "Sorry Mitch, he's right. I need to support his bill to repay a favor". Mitch was stunned. The king had shown his queen. But that isn't enough to overcome the rest of the senate right? Wrong. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett had carefully and meticulously helped senators out with mundane tasks and presented 98 IOUs. Mitch McConnell fell to his knees as his evil plan failed and US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett plan to make Corona illegal passed. The bill was easily passed by the Democratic majority in the House and the CEO of Coronavirus begrudgingly shut down all US operations. Joe Biden beat Trump in a landslide and John Hickenlooper trounces Cory Gardner. US Senator From Colorado Michael Bennett rides off into the sunset only to be seen again in 2024 after Biden returned. US President From Colorado Michael Bennett


If this isn't a copypasta then i'm sincerely impressed lol.


I wrote it like a year ago. Idk if you know me but I used to make a lot of these sorts of high effort shitposts on this sub, figured I had one in repository about Bennett so I searched it lol


Do you have the one about Bennet becoming president and making the world great? I remember that from a few months ago, it was awesome


I... This is true beauty


> twiddling his pen between his index and pointer fingers. 🤔




My first thought was that it was a ripoff of [this](https://onehundredpages.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/dont-make-fun-of-renowned-dan-brown/) ngl


I thought his epic rant against Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell would carry him into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, but it did not, sadly. He was among the most qualified candidates on the Democratic stage.


Would he have won? Biden’s residual goodwill from the rust belt, both from his origins and the Obama years propelled him to victory by a paper thin margin.


I can't say for certain if bennet would have won but I think he would've had the best chance out of anyone except for biden. Biden won because of the suburbs and his image as a moderate. Bennet has the same appeal. I think he could've also stymied biden's loss with latinos as he was from a heavily latino state. But thats just my opinion.


I’m pretty sure Biden’s appeal was much more than just being a moderate. Consider the fact he outperformed Hickenlooper in Colorado, Ben Ray Lujan in New Mexico and Gary Peters in Michigan. He also outperformed several house democrats more moderate than him. Voters don’t think along a linear left right axis, candidate quality and their specific positions matter.


That's not Wallace F Bennett


Rather him than Prime Minister Manchin lol


Knock knock Who's there Us Us who? :


Oh God oh fuck RUN!


Surname checks out, most English looking dude I've seen all day.


I'm still salty that Bennet didn't get more traction in the presidential primary. He is the best US senator nobody has heard of. He's just all hard work, competence, and pragmatism and zero flash, and that's not what sells these days.


Fuck I hope he runs for president one day. God tier senator


2 years till Lapid! LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


r/BennetOrBust Ok now this is epic


we really do need to get rid of our presidential system and switch to a parliament


Only if we end voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the Reapportionment Act of 1938 first. Otherwise, get ready for 30 straight years of Prime Minister McConnell.


**and proportional representation**


Yes obviously if we were able to some how rewrite the constitution to get a parliament we would do that as well.


Why? It seems to produce way worse outcomes, and is significantly less representative


You are correct presidential systems produce worse outcomes and are less representative. Those are two of many reasons why we should change to a parliamentary system.


I'd have been surprised by the tie but no jacket and rolled up sleeves is definitely an Israeli look.


This is the dream


Can someone enlighten me, please?


1. Israel just got a new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennet. 2. During the 2020 Democratic primary election, US Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet decided to run for President despite having approximately 0% chance of winning. He became a colossal meme on this sub. 3. Congratulations new Israeli Prime Minister from Colorado Michael Bennet!




He both aged and grew back his hair overnight, props to his bodyman.




greatest crossover in history


He’s already the representative on an economy larger than Israel.


Incorrect, according to 2019 numbers


Crap, I thought Israel of the Rockies would be bigger than the Israel in the dessert.


Congrats Michael!


Bravo! I just about choked when I saw this!


Don't care sadly


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Good bot.